8/31/2017 Monday Night Revolution Promos

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8/31/2017 Monday Night Revolution Promos Empty 8/31/2017 Monday Night Revolution Promos

Post by Kai Anoai on Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:30 pm

Promos for the first NCWA show are due here no later than midnight on August 28th.
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Post by Jekyll & Hyde on Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:36 pm

A very familiar voice with a thick Irish brogue is heard before the camera ever opens.

Voice: What about the worst of them all, the king of the demons, Balor? Do you know who Balor is? Do you know what he does? When his evil eye opens, the world ends. First the grass burns, then the seas boil, then the air catches fire and all of humanity falls. These are not just stories-

The voice is cut off with a laugh and the camera comes up on a posh living room, Wade Barrett sitting in front of a television where he has paused a Finn Balor promo from the young mans days in WWE. Wade is dressed in a nice fitting black suit with a red tie, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and hands clasped between them.

Wade: Oh Finn, Finn, Finn. The Irish have always been an imaginative people, but I still can't believe the moment I heard those words from your lips. These are not just stories? Of course they are! Myths and legends were used to explain the phenomenon that the cultures then could not grasp. Stories are used to keep disobedient children in line. I only see one child here and that is you. Although...

Wade stands, crossing to a bookshelf in the room and pulling a thick leather bound book from it, a wicked gleam in his eyes as he opens to a specific page.

Wade: I do suppose I can indulge in your fantasy of gods and demons and heroes. *clears his throat* As most legends often do, Balor recieved a prophecy that spoke of his grandchildren being the ones to defeat him. Balor, in an attempt to stop this, locked his daughter in the highest room of the tallest tower. Balor got greedy and stole the cow of abundance, Glas Gabhna. Cian, a hero who guarded the cow, came to Balor's home and seduced his daughter. She begat three sons, Balor drowned all but one: Lugh.

He licks his fingers, using it to turn the page before he continues with his story.

Wade: Lugh was a storm god, a youthful hero, who was a memeber of the Tuath De. The Tuath De were the gods, no different than the Olympians. Lugh gathered magic artifacts, such as a spear who could always return to him and a sling stone. Lugh went to war, to defeat Balor. And he did. Lugh. Murdered. Balor.

Wade snaps the book shut, shoving it back into the bookshelf. He turns to face the camera fully, a rogue grin across his lips.

Wade: All myths and stories and legends have mostly the same ending, good prevails over evil. That's mostly your story, isn't it Finn? You beat that dreaded demon, supposedly. You see, that's where the similarities to the stories and the myths differ from real life. In real life those who are bigger, those who are meaner, and those who are more shrewd win. It doesn't matter if you wear your face paint, crawl to the ring, or even truly believe you hold the power of Balor, I'll win. Unlike Lugh, who needed a spear to defeat Balor, all I'll need to defeat you is one well placed Bullhammer. So, come to me, Finn. Come to me as a warrior on the battlefield and I will slay you as you slew Balor.

The camera focuses on the leather bound book on the shelf and for the first time we see the title:

Forgotten Myths and Legends
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Post by Guest on Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:16 pm

The camera comes up in a grainy black and white, evoking a long forgotten memory. It is an old episode of SmackDown, way back in 2013. The ominous leader of the Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt, leads us past a chain link gate to where Luke Harper and Erick Rowan stand. Between them, with his hands chained over his head, a young man sits on the cold stone floor. A sheep mask is over his head and the word LIAR painted on his chest. As the sheep mask is removed, the face of The Miz is revealed.

Bray: There. Now ya will truly understand what it means t' follow the buzzards.

Bray laughs, swinging the lamp hanging from ceiling as Luke Harper faithfully follows. The camera fades out on the swinging lamp and into a new scene. Bray sits in his rocking chair in a room dimly lit by firelight. Behind him stands Luke Harper, the familiar sheep mask of Erick Rowan being gently handled, as a child would handle a beloved toy. Sitting in front of Bray, knelt on the floor, is Sister Abigail.

Bray: Do ya remember that Miz? Do ya remember how ah called ya out fer what ya are? A man full of lies, who parades around acting as if he is not ashamed of what he is. A boy, a coward.

Abigail laughs, Bray smirking and reaching down to ruffle his sisters hair. Even Luke Harper looks amused, a toothy smirk coming to his lips.

Bray: Ya always claimed ya were better on yer own, that ya were the proverbial Shawn t' the Marty of yer tag team partner. The beloved John Morrison. Even while he was away, living a life without ya, some part of ya told yerself that they were right. Ya lied t' yerself, tried t' keep yerself from fallin' int' that pit of despair. The only problem is, ya weren't the only one who was lyin'. Mr. Morrison...yer lyin' t'.

The shadows cast over the room by the fire light shift and move, almost as if they are alive. Bray glances at Luke, who seems to be thinking about something deeply as he clutches the sheep mask tight, before continuing.

Bray: Ya see, Morrison, ya lie t' both yerself an' The Miz. Ya tell him that ya forgive him fer the pain that he caused ya. Ya tell him that ya don't blame him for ya havin' t' leave the WWE. Ya lie t' yerself t'. Deep down, ya resent him. A part of ya always will. Ya view him not as a brother, a friend, but as that constant reminder that ya were never quite good enough.

Those words seem to awaken whatever was going on in Luke's mind and he lets out a grunt, laying the sheep mask on the mantle before speaking.

Luke: Bray proved that ah was good enough, that ah may not have been fit for a world of lies, but ah was fit fer this world. I will follow him because he will lead.

Bray looks up at him with a smirk, cutting off the mans anger with a raise of his hand.

Bray: Luke followed the path that led him t' me. The world lied an' ah gave him his salvation. But ya boys? If ya choose t' follow the path that leads t' Luke an' ah, ya will meet only destruction. If ya do not follow, maybe ya boys got some brains after all.

The shadow stretches even further, our camera focusing on Abigail's almost demure face as she lets out one last, chilling warning.

Abigail: Run.


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Post by Guest on Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:41 pm

Voice: Most girls take what they are given. Lucky for me, I'm NOT most girls. I am a force that can not be contained. I am Nia Jax.

The camera opens up on a young woman looking through a photo album, smiling softly every now and again. When she looks up, we realize it is Nia Jax herself and she is looking through photographs from her days as a model. She brushes a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Nia: I wasn't always a fighter. Once upon a time, I was a plus sized model. That world...it wasn't where I fit in. Modeling was about who was prettier and who was more of a classic beauty. I've never been a classic anything. I never felt like I fit in anywhere.

She closes the book, taking what seems to be a shaky breath before looking up with a smirk on her face.

Nia: Except the wrestling ring.

Nia clasps her hands in front of her, cracking her knuckles before she continues with her words.

Nia: My bloodline was always in the wrestling ring. My cousins rang from WWE Legends like The Rock to New Japan professionals like Tama Tonga. The first time I stepped into the ring, I caught the wrestling bug. I went to NXT, where I made a name for myself by destroying the talent they set in front of me. I took what I wanted for the very first time in my career and I liked it. I liked it so much that I set out to prove to everyone that I was not like them. I wasn't a dainty little twig, I never had been. Here I could prove that I was a force of greatness.

She stands, her frame imposing compared to that of her opponent for the week.

Nia: Usually I would complain that my opponent is a typical Barbie doll type. Surprisingly, you aren't, Vitani. You're 5'10" to my 6 even, 157 to my 272. We may differ in body type but your story seems as if it could be my own. We want to prove a woman's place is wherever she wants it to be, that you and I belong to a world where being pretty shouldn't mean a damn thing. The only difference between you and me? This Queen's strategy is to see exactly how I can break you before I walk out of the arena with MY Queen's Championship.

She cracks her knuckles again, rolling her shoulders as the camera fades to black.


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Post by Shea on Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:34 pm

The scene opens on the interior of a bar; sporting flags and imagery hinting that the place is somewhere in Dublin, Ireland. The camera slowly pans across the room before coming to rest on two men, sitting opposite each other at a wooden table. One is NCWA's Finn Balor and the other is a big, pale man in a hat, with a bright, ginger beard. Both have drinks on the table and are just finishing laughing at some sort of joke.

Finn: So, Sheamus, how's it going over in the land of 'E?

Sheamus: E? So we're calling it that now, 'ey?

Finn: Well I'm hardly going to promote it by naming it in full.

Sheamus: I s'ppose not. Would defeat the purpose of leaving. *he pauses as Finn nods, agreeing* Well I'm doing alright. Workin' with Cesaro's more fun than I thought it'd be.

Finn: *surprised* Is that so? Well that's good.

Sheamus: *as Finn takes a drink* But we're here to talk about you fella. You have your first NCWA match comin' up. Who'd they put yeh against anyway?

Finn: *shrugs, responding casually* Wade Barrett.

Sheamus suddenly looks angry and slams a hand down on the table.

Sheamus: Don't trust him. Stay far away from him!

Finn, a bit confused, raises an eyebrow at the response.

Finn: Pardon? I thought you were good pals?

Sheamus: *glaring* Did yeh miss the part where I kicked him in the face before he left?

Finn: I... did see that. But I thought it was just part of the show.

Sheamus: *after a pause* Yeah, well, it w- isn't.

Finn: So...ya won't mind if I kick his arse then 'ey?

Sheamus: Nope.

As Sheamus downs his drink, the scene is interrupted with static. It flickers a few times before cutting to a totally different scene: a dimly lit, empty room, with Finn standing in front of the camera. The Irishman is dressed in his wrestling gear, minus the paint and entrance attire. Instead he's wearing a black, leather jacket over his bare chest. His expression is far from cheerful and when he speaks, his anger is clear in his voice.

Finn: You think you're being clever, do ya Wade? Mocking someone's - No, a whole country's cultural beliefs? Beliefs which, mind you, have been around so long they predate writing in Ireland. Y'know which other set of beliefs we commonly have around here that also predates writing? *he raises an eyebrow* Want to tell me THAT Book holds a bunch of made up stuff too? Did ya know one of the stories around here is that the Tuatha Dé Danann were fallen Angels? These beings most call Fairies, were once considered Angels. During the Great Revolt however, they remained neutral from both God and Lucifer. They were too good to be damned, yet too bad to remain in Heaven. And so, they were sentenced to remain on Earth, below the ground in what we call their Fairy kingdom.

He shifts to stand with his arms crossed.

Finn: And yes Wade, there are some stories that tell of Lugh killin' Balor. I'm not stupid. You know what ya forgot though? Finn. Finn mac Cumhaill. He was a hero, who never died. He took down giants. *he gives a pointed look* He sleeps in a cave, waiting 'til the moment he's needed again to reawaken...

With a shrug, Finn turns away from the camera and the scene fades out.

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Post by Lizjay on Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:47 am

The camera fades in on a section of stadium seats before slowly moving closer to the lone figure sitting down. Moving closer shows that it's British wrestler Zack Sabre Jr., he's dressed simply, a red t-shirt with dark blue jeans and black trainers. He gives a small smile to the camera before starting.

Zack: Jimmy Havoc... Now that's a name I have a lot of history with, a long and tangled history with. We know each other very well don't we Jimmy? From all the way back at the beginning of our careers and to up till only last year when we had those tag team match’s together.

Zack chuckles softly, leaning forward.

Zack: We've had our shares of up and downs through the years, luckily mostly ups I'd like to think. We know each other far too well, inside and outside the ring. This makes our match very interesting to me... I suppose most people would think that means the match is going to come down to dumb luck, but it's not is it Jimmy?

He leans back, looking down at the area where the ring will be.

Zack: Too many factors for dumb luck, I suppose it'll come down to how much more I want this then you do. See I know how much I want this; I want to add a fourth belt to my lovely little collection. I want to show this company they've got one of the best technical wrestlers in the world; my three title belts prove it. Four belts would be a wonderful bit of extra icing on the cake, how much do you want it Jimmy? Do you want it more than me? Or are you not even focused on our match? Of course there are other things that'll tie in to the outcome, but none that feel as important as the one named.

He looks at the camera.

Zack: You better be ready Jimmy, anything less than your best means that this will be an easy match for me. Doubt that'll be a problem though, I'm sure it'll be a hell of a battle in the ring.

Zack grins at the camera.

Zack: Oh and Fergal, good luck on your match. Hope you win would love to have another go in the ring together. Been far too long since the last time we had a go at it.

He stands and stretches his long arms over his head.

Zack: Now excuse me; I've got to get something I've got to do.

Zack starts down the stairs in a light jog as the camera fades to black.


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Post by Jimmy Havoc on Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:45 pm

[ The camera is dark as the opening notes of Hospital or Souls by Bring Me The Horizon begin to play. Glitchy shots of an abandoned building flash across the screen, a bloody DIE HAVOC DIE logo on one of the walls. A tv sits on the ground in one of the abandoned rooms. No sound other than the music, but it flashes through shots of an unstable looking Jimmy Havoc who seems to be twitching as if in the throes of some sort of mental breakdown, and screaming. These shots soon fade into a highlight reel of various past matches between Sabre Jr and Havoc. Cut to the back of the building where Havoc circles a metal trash can, watching the flames inside. He holds a stack of what appears to be photographs in his hand. The camera zooms in as he flicks one into the flames. They are photos of the two together outside the ring over the last several years. ]

Zack Sabre Jr.

[ He shakes his head, throwing another photo into the flame. He gives a twisted grin as he watches it for a moment before turning his attention to the camera. ]

It seems as though Mr. Anoa'i has had a little chat with our old pal Jim, mate. Of course, he wouldn't be the first now, would he? PROGRESS, IPW: UK, The Pro Wrestling World Cup, the list goes on and on. We've done this little dance all over the world. What's the harm in one more round then, hm? From the very beginning, they've used you as some sort of measuring stick for me. They've wanted me to prove that I can go against 'the best technical wrestler in the world.'

[ He moves to put air quotes around Zack's moniker as he speaks, flicking another photo into the flame after. ]

What you fail to see here, Zack is the pressure isn't on me here. No one is expecting me to win this, and that's just fine with me. I don't need their support. I don't need their praise, their accolades. You? You crave that attention, that pat on the back to tell you this was all worth it. Another match against me is a walk in the park for you, isn't it?

But what if it isn't? What if you fail? Then you've let down all those supporters whose opinions you value so much because you can't even beat a death match wrestler. There's nothing I won't do to you, or myself. You know it, and I know it.

[ He turns back to the fire, just staring at it ]

I just hope one of your precious fans will still buy you a pint or two to numb the pain when they realize you aren't as good as you think you are...

Jimmy Havoc

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Post by Lizjay on Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:09 am

The camera fades in on a small viewing platform just off a road, overlooking the city of Los Angeles. Standing by the guardrail is Dante Westmore, the NCWA Young Lion looking out over the city. He turns around facing the camera, his eyes filled with excitement. Dante is wearing a black V-neck with a NCWA logo, blue sneakers and faded blue jeans. He smiles as he starts speaking.

Dante: L.A.... You know I never thought I'd ever be here, never thought I'd be signed so early in my career and working my first major show in Los Angeles. But here I am, living out my dream and wrestling...

He pauses, looking out over the railing.

Dante: I've only worked a few local indie shows before, all against really talented guys. Guys like me that were just trying to get noticed, eager just to get used. We were all trying to prove ourselves to anybody that'd believe in us... Believe we're all good enough to make it, especially ourselves... *his voice lowers a little* For a while I was afraid I wasn't good enough.

He pauses as a voice is heard.

Voice: Of course your good enough kiddo.

Dante looks up as a blonde male walks towards him, the blonde is retired wrestler Jay Reso aka Christian. Jay is wearing a "Hit the switch" t-shirt, black shoes and jeans.

Jay: You’re still young, but you've got real skill Dante. I'm lucky to be able to manage you and help you reach the heights I know you can reach.

Dante: *shakes his head quickly* I'm the lucky one! I'm got a manager that's willing to help me get better, to help me hone my skills and to make me even more lucky you’re a legend in the business.

Jay: *little laugh* A legend huh? Your too kind to me kid. *smiles warmly* You know, someday you could be one of the best in ring; I knew that the moment I saw your try out match. You've got some sharp edges to smooth down, but that’s what I hope I can help you with.

Dante: Is that why you asked to be allowed to manage me?

Jay: Yes it is and thankfully the boss agreed to it, so ready for the big match?

Dante: Against Ari Heyman?

Jay: And for the Young Lions title.

Dante: *nods* I think so... I watched the tapes from the ROH Top Prospect Tournament like you suggested I do and I also watched his entry promo.

Jay: Tell me what was your first thought?

Dante: He's really good; he's got good ring skills and has had some impressive matches. His match against Dalton Castle was the best out of the tapes I watched, they worked really well against each other and I mean it was just great to watch. He knows what he's doing, but... *trying to find the right words* It doesn't feel like he puts his all into it...

Jay: *curious look* How do you mean?

Dante: He started out the matches carefree; it was only after his opponents showed a lot of promise that he started using his full skill set. *frowns* But he was quick in forming a ring plan when he did.

Jay: He does seem to take after his father in regard to that last point, but it's easy to take advantage of his mindset. He's probably going to underestimate you; he's got age and weight on you for sure. But you've got the fact that he doesn't know what to expect from you. This is your first major company, its very unlikely he's ever heard of you. So all you have to do is use both of your styles to your advantage and hit him with your finisher. I'm not going to lie and say it will be a piece of cake; it’s going to be hard. Probably very hard, but I know you can do this kiddo. *grins*

Dante: *smiles widely, the confidence from his manager fuels his own confidence* Win or lose I'm looking forward to this match.

Jay: Now that's what I want to see, you're ready for this match. *pulls out a set of car keys* Now let’s get out of here, grab some lunch before we head to the hotel.

Dante: *nods* Sounds good to me.

They both walk towards a silver rental car, Jay gets into the driver's seat as Dante takes one more look out at the city and camera fades to black.

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Post by Guest on Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:28 pm

The camera opens up on footage of Paul Heyman at various points in his career. We can see him as Paul E. Dangeroulsy, as ECW's owner, as SmackDown General Managers, and most recently as advocate for the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. The images then move from that of Paul Heyman as the workhorse of professional wrestling, especially the WWE, to that of father. He's seen with a little girl in a Disney dress and a little boy in a baseball uniform, then with the same girl (now a teenager in jeans and a flannel) and boy (now a teenager in a polo and slacks), and finally with an adult version of the girl and boy.

Voice: The only thing you owe the public is a good performance.

The footage comes up on a shot of the Hollywood Walk of Fare, right in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater. In the shot we see the young adult male from the previous footage, dressed much like Paul Heyman himself. It is NCWA superstar Ari Heyman.

Ari: They used to say you didn't truly visit Los Angeles if you didn't visit the Grauman's Theater. It symbolizes class and an old sophistication that most people now a days don't have. My opponent for the week certainly doesn't.

He puts his sunglasses over his eyes as he begins to walk down the Boulevard.

Ari: Dante, Dante, Dante. Where do I even begin with what you said this week? I guess I should start with that you said about my Top Prospect work. You mentioned that I didn't feel like I put my all into it at first. Guess what? You're completely right. Then again, I didn't really have anything to try my skill against until they threw Dalton Castle at me. I could make light work of everyone else because I was light years ahead of them. When you watch the footage of this match to see where you went wrong, you'll also see that I made light work of you. You are a nothing. Just some indie kid that Kai Anoai took pity on. Kai hired me because of who I am, what my pedigree is. I was raised by my father to know how the ring works inside and out.

A couple ladies pass him and he diverts his attention, winking at them before focusing again.

Ari: I'm a Top Prospect. If I stayed in Ring of Honor, I would have been even more than that. This Young Lion's Championship is my way of solidifying my name along people like Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and CM Punk. You know, great Heyman guy champions. Well I'm not just A Heyman Guy, I'm going to prove that I am THE Heyman Guy. That I'm the only one that people should give a shit about.

The camera pans out on the crowded city street, Ari Heyman being easily lost in the throng.


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Post by Shea on Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:40 am

A news-style tune is heard as the scene fades in. Two 'director' chairs stand out on a balcony, a view of Los Angeles in the background. On the chairs' material backrests are the words 'the Dirt Sheet'.  John Morrison comes on screen and sits in the left chair; Miz entering and sitting in the other after a moment. Both are in dark coloured jeans and t-shirts, with Morrison wearing a 'Johnny Mundo' shirt and his black entrance coat. Miz has the word 'awesome' on his own shirt.

Morrison: Hello. Welcome to the return of the multi-award winning show: The Dirt Sheet. I am your host, John Morrison...

He pauses and looks over at Miz expectantly. Miz however, seems hesitant, only speaking after a gentle elbow from the other.

Miz: And I'm... The Miz.

Morrison: *rolls his eyes at the lack of enthusiasm* Is that the best you could do?

Miz: *turns to him with an irritated expression* Really? Are you going to start this already?

Morrison: *puts up his hands, palms facing Miz in a peaceful gesture* Look, I just thought you'd be a bit more excited. This was your idea after all.

Miz: *sighs, shrugging* The team is great. The show being back is great. It's just...

Morrison: *impatient, interrupts* What? What is it?

Miz: ...Our opponents.

Morrison: What? *he raises an eyebrow* You mean the dirty hobo family?

Miz: *snaps* They're more than that.

Morrison: *lets out a short, derisive laugh* You mean they're secretly the Baker family?  

Miz: No. I don't think they're virus infected. But... they're still creepy. *he pulls a face*

Morrison: Creepy? Ha! Their fashion sense maybe-

Miz: *cuts him off* You don't quite get it. You haven't been around them at all. I have.

Morrison lets out a long sigh, crossing one leg over the other before responding.

Morrison: Right. Well. Creepy or not, we're still against them and we're still going to do whatever we need to in order to win. Yes?

Miz responds with a nod and a tight-lipped smile as he tries to put aside his worry.

Morrison: *quietly* Seriously... I don't get it. Like, you love watching horror movies. Why should this be any different?

Miz: Oh, I'm sure you'll see...

Miz cringes and the two start quietly arguing as the scene cuts out.

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Post by Shea on Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:30 pm

Backstage before the first NCWA show. Out of a dressing room comes Vitani Summers. She's wearing her ring gear - a green ruffled tank top and denim shorts decorated with beaded designs and belt. Her black, laced boots reach halfway up her calf. She has little earrings that look golden, 6 petaled flowers and a beaded bracelet on each wrist; one black with a single white bead and the other is the opposite. Spotting the camera, Vitani flashes a warm smile.

Vitani: Well hello! Cutting this a bit close, aren't we? Here for my thoughts on the match?

She shrugs, standing with a hand on one hip.

Vitani: Okay; Obviously, I'm nervous. But, I'm also excited. My first match here! And it is against someone with  similar view to my own.  Nia Jax. I think if we got to know each other, she's someone I'd definitely have a lot of respect for. I mean, I already do respect her of course, I've watched some of her stuff before now. I'd have even more is what I mean. *nervous smile* Maybe even be friends?

Vitani brushes a piece of her chin length hair away from her face, shifting her feet.

Vitani: So, the match. It's going to be fun I'm sure, regardless of who wins. The fans should be in for a treat. I've never faced Nia before, so all I have to go off is video... Means I have no real idea of how this'll go. I know she's strong; definitely stronger than me. Whether she can keep up with my speed though, I am not sure. We shall see soon. Even if I don't win this though, I suspect I'll come back from the ring having learned a lot. I've never really faced anyone Nia's size before- *quickly* And NO, I don't see it as a bad thing. If she wasn't healthy, they wouldn't allow her to compete. What I mean is Nia will have a whole different style to what I'm used to.  

Looking off camera for a moment, Vitani's nervousness seems to switch to determination.

Vitani: Looks like my match is coming up; we'll have to leave it there. So. Wish me luck?

She flashes a warm smile again before skipping off camera.

8/31/2017 Monday Night Revolution Promos Vi_17_10

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