8-31-2017 Monday Night Carnage

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8-31-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty 8-31-2017 Monday Night Carnage

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The camera comes up on the inside of the NCWA ring, the crowd chanting NCWA. In the ring stands NCWA CEO Kai Anoai. Kai has his bodyguard Iokua behind him and a microphone in his hand. He waits for the crowd to start quieting down before he begins to speak.

Kai: How’s it going Los Angeles?

The crowd erupts again and Kai laughs, leaning against the ring ropes. Again he waits for the crowd to quiet down before he goes on.

Kai: I am so proud to present to you the inaugural NCWA Monday Night Revolution! I’ve tried to gather the best of the best from both independent promotions and the big leagues. I can present to you such matches as Finn Balor vs Wade Barrett, men who made their mark to people as household names, and Zack Sabre Jr vs Jimmy Havoc, men who deserve to be household names. I also hope to present amazing women’s matches like Nia Jax and Vitani Summers. Each division has a lot to offer-

As Kai is trying to talk, he is cut short by That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. Paul Heyman enters the arena first, looking extremely smug.

Paul: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and you are in for a treat tonight. As Mr. Anoai has stated, each division has something to offer and the best thing the Young Lion’s Division has to offer is my son and client Ari Heyman!

As Ari enters, smirking and looking over the top of his glasses, Kai Anoai looks extremely unimpressed. He leaves the ring as Ari enters in, waving mocking at the CEO as he is booed. Ari leans against the corner, Me Against The World by Simple Plan begins and Dante Westmore enters. The young rookie comes out with a big, excited smile. He slowly makes his way to the ring, touching hands with as many fans as he can before jumping into the ring. Dante regards Ari for a moment, who has Paul whispering in his ear. Dante turns his back and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms. This is when Ari makes his move. Ari rushes Dante, pummeling him from behind as the ref pulls him away, chastising the young man. The ref checks on Dante, who gives permission for the match to continue.

Ari Heyman w/ Paul Heyman v Dante Westmore for the Young Lions Championship
The ref calls for the bell and immediately Ari is all over Dante. The young Heyman is pulled off of Dante, holding his hands up in an almost submissive manner. Dante gets to his feet, glaring at Ari. He attempts a lock up, but Ari slides himself out of the ring. It is obvious that Ari is not taking Dante seriously. As Dante gets out of the ring, Ari gets back in and rests on the opposite side. Dante goes to get back in and Ari is immediately all over him again. It is evident that Dante’s arm is the focus of Ari’s attack. The young rookie rolls under the rope, the ref having to pull Ari away again. Dante stands on the apron, and as Ari approaches him, he launches himself over the top rope and hits Ari with a flying fore arm. Ari is down and for the first time, Dante is in control. He’s hitting Ari with kick after kick after kick. Dante is distracted momentarily when Paul Heyman starts yelling at him from the apron. Ari gets up during the distraction, coming up behind him and locking him in the dreaded Kimura Lock. Dante struggles against the lock, trying to get out of it before trying to get to the ropes. Both prove useless and he is forced to tap.
Winner via tapout: Ari Heyman

It takes a moment for Ari to let go but once he sees Paul enter the ring, he does. Kai Anoai enters, looking unimpressed, but none-the-less he hands Ari the Young Lion’s Championship. Ari clutches it to him, kneeling on the ground and tearing up. Paul clasps a hand to his shoulder before the camera switches to a view of the commentary table. At commentary sits three very familiar faces to the wrestling community: Colt Cabana, Dia Banks, and CM Punk.

Colt: I’m Colt Cabana!

Punk: I’m CM Punk.

Dia: And I’m wondering why I signed up to do this. *notices the look the other two give her* I’m Dia Banks.

Colt: As someone who has never, ever worked with Paul Heyman, I still can’t say I’m surprised to see what just happened.

Dia: Ring awareness is part of being a wrestler.

Punk: And being a dick is part of being a Heyman. I’ve worked with him. I know.

Dia: And I have seen our next competitors up close and personal. Let’s get back to the action with the Queens Division!

The beginning bars of Ke$ha’s “Stuck Up” begin as Vitani Sumers appears on stage, dancing briefly before she hands down the ramp where she interacts with fans. She waits in the ring, smiling as she does so. “Force of Greatness” by CFO$ begins, the eyes on Nia Jax’s titantron behing the very first thing we see. Those eyes transition to the eyes of strong woman Nia Jax. She smirks for a moment, watching the audience before heading straight down to the ring.

Vitani Summers v Nia Jax for the Queens Division Championship
Nia and Vitani look each other up and down, Vitani reaching out to shake her hand. Nia approaches her, regarding the hand, and actually shaking it before backing up again. The two circle, before Vitani goes on in with a forearm to the head of Nia Jax. Nia stumbles back, but not much, before she advances on Vitani. Vitani tries to circle again but is caught between Nia and the corner. Vitani kicks her once in the gut, then knees her. Again, Nia stumbles but she retaliates by grabbing a fistful of hair and dragging her to the center of the ring. She then tosses Vitani to the apron, not letting Vitani go. When Nia does break the hold, Vitani wrenches away and slips back into the ring quickly. She ends up behind Nia, hitting forearms to Nia’s back. When Vitani backs up, Nia turns around furious. Vitani raises her fists, Nia running towards her to attempt a clothesline. Vitani ducks under, attempting yet another forearm. Nia catches one arm, then the other, and headbutts Vitani before shoving her to the mat. Vitani lands near the ropes and Nia advances on her, pulling her up as Vitani lands fists. She lands one to Nia’s gut, then one to Nia’s jaw, and grabs her arm to fling her into the corner. Nia doesn’t budge, instead flinging her into the opposite turnbuckle. She rushes Vitani, who propels herself from the bottom turnbuckle, trying to go over Nia’s head. Nia catches her over the shoulder, which Vitani turns into a headlock. Nia stumbles, trying to get out of the hold, which she does by tossing Vitani over her shoulder. Nia is winded, but when Vitani gets up, she takes hold of the woman and bounces her so hard off of the mat, that Vitani rolls out of the ring. Nia waits for her to get to the ring, though when Vitani gets on the apron, Nia attempts to knock her off. Vitani knocks Nia back with a kick to the jaw, the bigger woman hitting the mat before Vitani gets back in the ring. She runs at Nia, hoping to hit her with the enziguri. Nia has other plans. She catches her with the pop up Samoan Drop, and goes for the pin. 1! 2! 3!
Winner via pinfall: Nia Jax

Nia raises her am in domination, ripping the title, her Queen’s Title, from Kai’s hands before the camera fades out to something else. The camera fades in a simple locker room, standing in front of a set of locker's is Ivelisse, well known from Lucha Underground. She's in her ring gear and looks like she's ready for a wrestling match.

Ivelisse: NCWA, supposed to be the place to be huh? Well we'll just have to see now won't we.

Someone else enters the room, a male steps behind Ivelisse. As he wraps his arms around her waist it's easy to see it Angelico, also from Lucha Underground and Ivelisse's boyfriend.

Angelico: Come of love, time for our match.

Ivelisse: Time to kick ass once again.

The couple step out of view, leaving the camera to fade out.

The scene fades in to show a man's feet in expensive looking dress shoes. The camera then slowly zooms out until the whole figure is in the frame. The man is in a finely made black suit, a neatly work bow-tie and a white shirt. He has a thin mustache and appears well fed. He appears to be i some sort of office; a large wooden desk behind him, and a filled bookcase to one side. On the desk is a black bowler hat to match his outfit, and a framed photo of the man with a younger, brown haired woman. With a small sigh, he picks up the picture.

Man: *addressing the camera* Alas, she is late. We shall have to begin without her. *he shrugs and puts the photo down, straightening his bow-tie before turning to face the camera again* I am Elijah Lawrence Bancroft. For those who are - sadly - unaware of who I am; I shall kindly explain.

He pauses to clear his throat.

Bancroft: Many years ago, I started off as a young wrestler. A adored watching the WWF and wanted one day to make it there. Alas, that was not to happen. I was injured and had to sit on the sidelines. However! The little company I worked for could not bear to lose me for even a few months. They said I was one of their best 'Promo' performers they had ever had. So! They made me an offer: to stay on as a manager while I recovered.

Pausing, he takes a couple of steps before sitting on the edge of the desk.

Bancroft: I admit, at first I was unwilling and wanted to just focus on recovering as fast as possible; but then I started paying more attention to those I had not cared much for in the past. It was then that I saw an ocean of opportunity. *he smiles a little* I soon found idols in greats like Mr Fuji, Paul Bearer and of course, Paul Heyman.

He gets up, gesturing to his bowler hat, which is quite similar to Mr Fuji's own.

Bancroft: A fire then lit inside me, and very quickly I became THE manager in a number of the Independent companies. However, I never did go to the big one, where my idols were. No, I did not want to get in the way. And besides, the Indies needed someone like them too; so there I remained until retiring a few years ago!

He raises an index finger.

Bancroft: However! That is about to change. I have been offered a job at a new place, managing a new client who is fresh out of training. One who...

A look of irritation crosses his face as the office door opens and a woman enters. It is the younger woman from his photo.

Bancroft: *sighs* One who does not knock it seems, even when they turn up late.

The brunette is dressed neatly in an expensive looking knitted sweater, a knee length skirt and dark coloured stockings with low, professional-looking heels. Her hair is tied back in a loose, wavy ponytail that reaches below her shoulders.

Woman: Oh Granddaddy! *she chuckles* I'm not that late...

Bancroft: *frowning* How many times must I remind you, Agatha, that while I may not be your boss - I will be your manager. And, as your manager I shall give you some advice: It is unprofessional to arrive late. *he holds up a hand to stop her interrupting* Would you give Championship opportunities to those who are late; or those who use 'cutesy' terms like 'granddaddy'? *he scoffs at the word*

Agatha does not bother arguing, instead, quickly working on improving.

Agatha: Right. Sorry sir. *she smiles when he nods his approval* So, you've introduced yourself already?

Bancroft: Indeed I have.

Agatha: So, my turn? *once her grandfather nods, she turns from him to face the camera instead* Well then: I am Agatha Maureen Bancroft; granddaughter of the great Elijah Bancroft. While this venture into the NCWA will be my first debut outside of training, I am confident that it will not be a mediocre run where I am forgotten in a week, like those unfortunate rookies who get single matches in the WWE, only to be squashed and humiliated.

Bancroft nods his approval and leaves the office. Once he is gone, Agatha grins.

Agatha: No, I will not be forgotten. I won't allow it. I promise you all, my debut will be... magical.

With a lighthearted laugh, Agatha skips over to the camera and switches it off. The camera switches over to a shot of the ring as Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO beings. Before Miz and Morrison come out, we can hear Colt Cabana talking.

Colt: I already love this.

Dia: Colt...I..why?

Colt: Its catchy and these two are two of the greatest tag team wrestlers in the world.

Punk: Colt..you do understand WE’RE two of the greatest tag team wrestlers in the world…right?

Colt: Not like these guys!

Miz and Morrison make their way to the stage, pretending to move in slow-motion, their sunglasses secure on their face, before they both pose. Though they are in their current hometowns of Los Angeles, they ignore the crowd as they make their way to the ring. Once they’ve passed through the blue ropes, the duo removes their sunglasses, coat and vest respectively, awaiting their opponents. Static is heard, jumbled images of dark things showing before the lights go down. The audience seemingly knows what to do because the crowd is using the flashlights on their phones as “Broken Out In Love” by Mark Crozer plays. On the entrance ramp a light from an old oil lamp shines, the outlines of three figures being seen. They come their way towards the ring, Abigail Wyatt taking her spot in her rocking chair as Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt get into the ring.

Miz and Morrison v The Wyatt Family for the NCWA Tag Team Championships
Miz decides to start off for his team, Bray deciding to do the same for his own. The two circle each other, Miz taking a hold of Bray's arm and tosses him into the corner. Bray stops himself by grasping the ring ropes, bending over backwards to do his signature taunt. Miz seems terrified, falling to his butt in the ring and shaking his head adamantly. He promptly tags in Morrison, who seems unimpressed. Morrison moves in on Bray, swiftly knocking the larger man to the mat with a hard kick to the back of his head. Morrison keeps Bray down with a flurry of kicks, rolling out of the ring. Morrison spots someone with the Wyatt sheep mask in the crowd and he yanks it awat, tossing the mask down and stomping down on it. This sets something off in Luke Harper and he charges Morrison, beginning to pummel him with a barrage of fists. Miz gets protective and comes over to help, both men beating on Luke Harper. Bray Wyatt joins the fight and the four men seem unfazed as the ref issues a double count out.
Winner: Tie

Kai Anoai signals for Iokua to help seperate the group with the rest of security. As the two groups are seperated, the camera fades to something new. The scene opens on someone's living room. It looks fairly clean, however it appears as if someone has been sleeping on the couch; a pillow at one end and a blanket messily thrown over the back. A quiet conversation can be heard from off screen, although the only clear words that are heard are 'you ready?'. After a brief silence, there's a hesitant 'yeah'.Another few moments pass before someone comes and sits on the couch to face the camera. Cody Rhodes. He glances at the other person who remains off screen, before reaching up to brush a hand through his short hair.

Cody: *clears his throat, resting his hands in his lap before speaking* Uh, it's- It's been a while since I updated the wrestling world on what I'm up to. *he pauses and pulls a face* ...Do I have to do this Casey?

Casey: *still off screen* You asked me to help you with this, remember?

Cody: *sighs* Yeah. Yeah I did.

Casey: *trying to help, prompts him, interviewer training kicking in* You said it's been a while. What have you been up to Cody?

Cody: I... almost wasn't going to update them on this. *he takes a breath to steady his voice* But I think they need to hear it.

Casey: So what was it that had you gone so long?

Cody: *his voice is quiet, but remains steady* I was at home, taking time off. I was done. I've been... depressed.

Casey: The whole time you've been away?

Cody: *responds with a small nod* It was part of why I left WWE. After 'Stardust'. After Dusty- *he blinks a few times, struggling to hold in emotions* After dad passed.

He takes a deep breath, reaching a hand up to wipe his eyes.

Casey: *softly* It's been tough, yeah?

Cody nods again.

Cody: Yeah... My brother - Dustin - has been pretty helpful, but he's got his own family to look after. *he pauses, taking a deep breath* Sorry. Can we stop a moment?

Casey: *understanding* Sure.

The scene fades out for a moment. When it fades back in, Cody looks much more calm and relaxed. He drinks water from a glass before putting it on a coffee table that sits between the couch and the camera before he says anything.

Cody: Thanks for that.

Casey: So... you aren't coming back because you're recovered? *asking for the viewers' sake*

Cody: *shrugs* Honestly? No. I'm not 100% recovered. No one truly is. But I have more good days than bad now. It's just- It's not an easy thing to admit to them. *he lets out a sharp breath* But I think this'll help. Hopefully not just me, but anyone watching the NCWA going through something similar. I think being back in the ring will really help. It's been like a second home. *he smiles a little* To me, and dad.

Casey: I'm guessing you aren't going to be playing your usual style character?

Cody: No! *he shakes his head* God, no. Not right now. Playing a Heel was fun at that point; but I can't. It's just not me. I want to do something I choose. Something that'll help.

Casey: And you found that?

Cody: *nods confidently* I did. I found it through something else that's helped me actually.

Casey: And what was that?

Cody: I had a lot of free time, being out of the WWE. Luckily for me, a beloved series I've grown up with happened to have a new game out. So I spent quite a few hours with that. It made me realise something though, as I went through all the quests: I really like helping people.
Casey: You're going to use that in the NCWA then?

Cody: I am. Too many people these days leave, or just watch or even ignore those who need help. I'm not gonna be another one of them. I'm going to help. If any of the Heels think they are gonna be able to get away with dirty tactics, they better watch out. I will not let them get away with it.

He pauses briefly.

Cody: This time, I'll be the hero.

A grin briefly appears on Cody's face before he gets up and the scene cuts out.

Backstage, Miz and Morrison are seen discussing their match and neither of them looks happy. they look like they're close to an argument, but are interrupted by NCWA interviewer Casey Johnson.

Casey: Hey guys; mind if I ask you a couple of questions?

Morrison: *snaps* What is there to ask? Everyone got disqualified. End of story.

Miz: Now get lost, blondie.

Casey: *ignoring their dismissal* Miz, everyone knows you to be more of the overconfident, cocky type; so why didn't we see that this w-

Miz: I said get lost!

Miz steps closer, trying to intimidate Casey, however they're almost even in height.

Casey: *calmly* So why'd you seem scared huh? What's the story?

Angered by the questions, Miz grabs the interviewer by his hooded NCWA jumper.

Miz: You shut up, before I make you.

Morrison: *hisses* Mike! Let him go, he's just doing his job…

Morrison trails off, quickly stepping back from the other two. Miz glances at him, wondering why he suddenly went quiet, before looking in the other direction. Quickly, Miz lets go of Casey and steps back over to Morrison as Iokua steps into the frame. He's taller than the others and looks much more intimidating than Miz had as he frowns down at the tag team.

Morrison: *after a moment* You again?

Iokua does not respond, besides crossing his arms.

Miz: *still angry, does not think before speaking* What do you want?

Iokua: *his frown turns into a glare, yet when he speaks his voice is slow, and surprisingly calm* Mr Anoai does not appreciate you starting ringside brawls on day one here. Bad impression. *he glances briefly at Casey standing to one side before turning back to the others* Nor will he appreciate you threatening his staff.

Morrison: *puts a hand on Miz's shoulder* We were just talk-

Iokua: *cuts him off* Leaving.

Morrison nods, instead pulling on Miz's arm to try get him to leave. Miz however goes to say something to Casey. Iokua clears his throat, shaking his head disapprovingly at Miz before the tag team exits the scene. The upbeat rock theme of Zack Sabre Jr starts and the young man comes from behind the curtain, popping his collar before he walks to the ring. Once there, he removes his jacket as “I Hope You Suffer” by AFI begins. Havoc wastes no time before he makes his way to the ring. He removes the black mask over his nose and mouth, smirking at Zack as he signals for the ref to start the match.

Zack Sabre Jr v Jimmy Havoc
The two circle the ring, regarding each other carefully before Jimmy extends his hand for a shake. Zack falls for it, and Jimmy almost immediately pulls the young man into an inside cradle pin attempt. Jimmy gets a two count before Zack kicks out. The two men get to their feet and Zack charges Jimmy. Havoc moves out of the way, sending Zack to his feet on the floor, while Jimmy runs into the opposite ropes and launches himself at Zack. Havoc takes out Sabre, gets back to his feet, grabs Zack, and tosses him into the corner. As Zack takes a sitting position, Jimmy gets into the ring, runs into the opposite corner, and lands a big boot to Sabre’s face. Jimmy grabs Zack, pushing him to the mat, before climbing up on the second turnbuckle. As he does, something on the entrance ramp catches his eyes. It’s Wade Barrett, dressed in his ring gear and looking smug. Jimmy scowls but proceeds with a double stomp to Zack’s kidneys. He then attempts a pin but Zack kicks out. Havoc is slowly losing his cool and it’s apparent that Barrett’s appearance has something to do with it. Jimmy lifts Zack in a fireman’s carry position, tossing him down and jarring him with a knee to the jaw. He turns his attention from Zack to Wade for just a moment and that gives Zack the breather he needs. When Jimmy lifts Zack for another knee, Zack instead uses the opportunity to take Jimmy to the mat in a triangle choke hold. Jimmy spins, getting one leg up to the ropes. Or trying at least. Wade just so happens to push Jimmy’s leg off before the ref sees, Jimmy only getting there the second time. Jimmy is furious and his lack of attention to Zack lets ZSJ hit Jimmy with the cross armbreaker. Jimmy, trapped in the center of the ring, taps out.
Winner via submission: Zack Sabre Jr

Jimmy looks furiously at Wade, eyes narrowed as he lays on his stomach in the center of the ring. Wade, however, looks pleased with himself as he hastily retreats to the back. Zack follows after him as the camera follows Zack. Zack is walking towards the locker room, a towel hung over his shoulder. Finn, dressed for his match in his leather jacket, pauses when he sees him.

Finn: Hey, fella!

Zack: *smiles* Hey!

Finn: How're you doing?

Zack: Alright, just finished my match.

Finn: I saw. *smiles* You did good.

Zack: *sighs* Would have been better without Barrett..

Finn: Aye. Don't worry, I'll get 'i'm. *he smirks*

Zack: *chuckles* I'll be rooting for you.

Finn: *jokingly* You better be.

Zack: *smiles* So how have you been?

Finn: Pretty good. Busy travelling, like the rest of us. *he shrugs* What about you then 'ey?

Zack: Been pretty well, traveling and having plenty of matches.

Finn: That's good. Er- Sorry I haven't kept up with 'em so much.

Zack: We've all been busy lately, I get it.

Finn: True. Moving to a new company tends to do that.

Zack: It does.

Finn: So you been up to much else? We should catch up after the show, 'ey?

Zack: The usual, wrestling, traveling, normally with Marty and the like. *smiles* I'll buy a round if you beat Barrett tonight.

Finn: Oh? *he grins* I'll hold you to that y'know.

Zack: *chuckles* Good luck against Barrett.

Finn: Thanks. *he offers a handshake*

Zack shakes his hand before giving a friendly pat on the back. Hearing someone call for Finn steps out of the way before continuing to the locker room. The opening piano bars of The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” stars up as the arena goes entirely dark. The lights come up in a glow of red, the outline of a man shown on top of the entrance ramp. As soon as the lights are fully up, the man turns around to reveal a grinning Wade Barrett. He walks down the ramp, haughtily ignoring the fans and heading straight for the ring, before turning to look at the ramp and wait for Finn Balor. The lights flicker before going completely black, flickering in a red light. Smoke rolls in as the the theme song of one Finn Balor begins. Through the smoke crawls a figure, wearing red and black braids, then crouches before the theme song picks up. The figure stands, the demon king revelling in all his glory. He lowers himself to crawl again, the whole sight intimidating as he poses as he lights flash. Finn heads down the ramp, snarling at Wade. Balor poses on the turnbuckle as the smoke pours in but Wade seems entirely unfazed.

Wade Barrett v Finn Balor
Wade seems ready to fight but before he can even get ready to do so, he notices someone on the entrance ramp. Turning, he notices it’s Jimmy Havoc. Unlike Wade, who was content to stand at ringside, Jimmy enters himself into the ring. Wade raises his fists, ready to fight. Instead, Jimmy turns around and slaps Finn as hard as he can across the face. The ref has no choice but to disqualify Wade.
Winner via disqualification: Finn Balor

Three things happen in the confusion. One, Finn seems offended and annoyed, not understanding why Jimmy would choose to slap him. Two, Wade looks furious because his first match on the roster, and back into the world of professional wrestling, is a loss. Three, Jimmy slowly turns around to face Wade, making sure he heard the disqualification before launcing himself as Wade. The two brawl, rolling around the ring, before Jimmy ends up straddled on Wade sending punch after punch after punch to the bareknuckle brawler. Wade pushes Jimmy off before launching himself at the man with hard fists. Iokua runs out to the ring, followed by security, who seem so very aggravated by this being the second brawl of the night. It takes Iokua to hold back Wade, Finn to hold back Jimmy and the camera fades out on the two men looking absolutely furious at one another.
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