Casey's catch up (August)

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Casey's catch up (August) Empty Casey's catch up (August)

Post by Shea on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:21 am

We've just had our very first NCWA show in Los Angeles and - wow!
Okay, it didn't go as expected, but the audience definitely got a kick out of it. I have a feeling that the NCWA will quickly come to rival the major companies out there. Not surprising really, when the CEO is from the legendary Anoai family (connected to like... almost all the Islander wrestlers over the years).

After Mr Anoai's introduction, we got to see the crowning of the very first NCWA Young Lion's Champion and... it was disappointing to be honest. Ari Heyman, son of THE Paul Heyman, won because his daddy helped out and distracted his opponent. I bet Dante's not too happy about his first match ending quickly because of a distraction.
Ari: Hey man, you ever heard of this thing called honesty? As in not ruining someone's first match by cheating?

Thankfully, the Queen's match didn't involve any funny business. Actually... it was the only one that didn't. Well done ladies.

The tag team match was a mess.
I'd barely call it a match; with it quickly dissolving to chaos over a Sheep mask. Morrison got rather protective over his teammate getting scared. His tossing aside of the Sheep got him attacked and started a brawl between himself, Miz and the Wyatts. Lucky for us, Mr Anoai seems to have hired a very capable security team, led by his very own bodyguard (why's he got one again?). The guy's known as Iokua. That's about all we know of him, but he seemed to have no trouble separating the brawl.
He showed up again afterwards when I tried to interview the doofus duo. maybe now Miz'll see he can't do whatever he wants? Idiot.

Jack Sabre Jr vs Jimmy Havoc had promise. I was really looking forward to seeing them live for the first time, but I guess i'll have to keep waiting thanks to that British snob Wade Barrett. His interruption ruined the match, but also led to him losing his own at least. Havoc retaliated against Barrett by interrupting his match, slapping Finn to force Barrett to lose by DQ. Haha.
So we got yet another security/Iokua break up as another fight broke out. I doubt this is what Mr Anoai had in mind, but it was definitely exciting!

Speaking of: Even with all those matches, we got teased with not one, but three yet-to-debut NCWA competitors.
Two Queens; Ivelisse from Lucha Underground and... another snobby Brit (Agatha). Accompanied by an even snobbier Bancroft, her grandfather/manager. (insert eyeroll here)

The third surprisingly (well until I got asked to do the interview), was Cody Rhodes. Back from months of being MIA. I think it'll be interesting to see where he goes once he debuts.
Guess we'll find out in the next show?

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