Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

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Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:51 pm

Promos are due here no later than 12:00 on October 29th.

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Lizjay on Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:36 pm

It's moments after AJ's attack on Nia Jax and AJ is now backstage, she is skipping when she sees her new boss.

AJ: *cheerfully* Mr. Boss! *skips over*

Kai looks disappointed, arms crossed over his chest.

Kai: Would you like to explain your actions?

AJ: *ignores his disappointed look, still smiling* Explain my actions? *giggles softly* I was making my mark.

Kai: Making your mark by hurting my champion?

AJ: Of course! It's what I had to do you know.

Kai: No, no it's not what you had to do. You could have left her alone to have a good match.

AJ: *tilts her head, her smile changing to almost crazed* I couldn't do that, I have to save the Queen's division... *perks up* That's why you hired me!

Kai: I hired you, Miss Lee, because you are one of the best women's wrestlers in the world. I only hire the best. However, if you try to interfere in a match that my audience wants to see again, you'll be jobless.

AJ: *eyes darken* You'd regret firing me. *changes to a pout* After I'm THE best in the world... And no one you'd hire could ever replace me.

Kai: I suppose you shouldn't test it again, Miss Lee.

AJ: *innocently* I've always test limits, after all I became the longest reigning Diva's champion by pushing past limits... *giggles* Now I've got to go Mr. Boss!

AJ skips off, leaving Kai alone. The scene changes to a few days later, AJ is talking on her phone as she sits on a bench. She's pouting as she talks to an unknown person.

AJ: I don't know why Mr. Boss was so mad! I did what anyone else would do... I made my mark! They know I'm here to stay now! *sighs* I suppose so, but I don't regret doing it at all. *giggles* It's only a matter of time before I win that pretty belt.

She turns and lies back on the bench as she continues.

AJ: I do have a match babe! I just got an email about it, supposed to fight one of the other girls. I think it's... Vitani Summers? It's my first time meeting her or seeing her. I heard she has a good resume, good in ring and she's supposed to be really really nice! *sits up again* Of course I'll win! I'm the best woman on the roster; I'll have her tap tap tapping to the Black Widow.

She squeaks excitedly after a few moments of silence.

AJ: You'll really be able to come and watch! Promise? Well now I have to win my match! Pinky promise!

AJ gets up, excitedly talking. As her excited chatter is hard to make out the camera starts to fade out quickly.

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by The Wyatt Family on Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:23 pm

The camera opens up on a bonfire in the black of night, the fire casting shadows over the trees. The shadows are an enlarged version of the sight the camera shows us. Luke Harter is kneeling by the fireside, eyes watching Bray Wyatt as he paces back and forth. Behind where Bray paces, in a black dress with a black veil over her face, Abigail Wyatt rocks back and forth in her rocking chair.

Bray: There are several different types of men in this world. There are men who dream and never make it off their couch. There are men who dream and fail. And then there are men who dream and change the landscape of this world. People like me.

There is silence for a moment, save for the murmurs of agreement from Luke and Abigail. It almost sounds as if there are others, but it is the breeze blowing through the trees. Bray stops and it appears as if he is staring straight into the camera.

Bray: What about you? That's what I want to know, John Morrison. Aren't you tired of feeling unwanted? Aren't you tired of feeling like an outcast and being stepped on? He throws words to his pretty little woman about you. You heard them yourself. He calls you bitter when he knows you will hear him. Imagine the things he whispers into her ear when you cannot. He could whisper to her, perhaps, that he is using you once again. He could be whispering that your bitterness stems from the passion that you feel deep inside for him. Passion can be a man's downfall. Passion, yes, it did lead you to beat me; but it also led to you isolating yourself from others when your passion was not returned. Your passion soured you to the world. It, as your partner has pointed out, turned you bitter. Passion is your sin.

There is a moment of silence, where it appears that Luke and Abigail share a look. Bray paces again before once more he stops.

Bray: Icarus was warned never to let his wings made of wax get too close to the sun. But pride can make even the most noble men do such things. Pride is something you know all too well, isn't it Miz? You have much pride in everything you do. In your looks, in your abilities. In your wife. Pride has cost you things that you care about. You lost to Luke because of your pride. You are losing your tag team partner due to pride. The more you take pride in your own abilities, the more and more you are losing him. Pride is your sin.

Bray clears his throat, watching Luke for a moment. Luke stands and moves towards where Bray is, towering over him.

Luke: I sinned. I sinned when I allowed my own importance to outshine you. I...I will atone Bray. I will atone for the sins that I have brought to this family. I am afraid I can't pay enough.

Bray: *placing a hand on Luke's shoulder, a dark grin on his lips* You will do your penance soon enough. Simmer down. I know what you're feeling right now, and believe me when I say it's okay to be afraid. I am the hammer that everybody fears but she...*turns to look at Abigail* She is the force that drives the nail.

Abigail stands, the hem of her dress sweeping the grass beneath her feet.

Abigail: Miz, Morrison, my advice to you is that you enjoy your world as long as you can because we are gonna take it all away. Those tag team titles will be the boys soon enough. Follow the buzzards.

Instead of focusing on the looming shadows that are cast of the trio onto the woodland backdrop, the camera shows what lies on the other side of the fire. Children. Row after row after row of children wearing the sheep mask that has become a symbol of the Wyatt family listen to Bray's words. The only adult among the children has a long red beard poking out from under the mask. The view fades, the little voices sounding almost sinister.
The Wyatt Family

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Shea on Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:49 am

The scene begins with Finn, back to the camera, staring up at a Church that stands on the opposite side of the street in New Orleans, Louisiana. He's dressed in semi-formal attire; a green dress shirt and black trousers. When he turns to face the camera, he has a cheerful smile on his face.

Finn: Would ya look at that? This, right here, is not just any old New Orleans church with its French services. No, this here is actually the Saint Patrick's Cathedral. You know why it's here? Because New Orleans happens to have quite a bit of history involving the Irish. They even do their own Saint Patrick's day parades here!

He grins and takes a few steps down the street, the building still visible in the background.

Finn: See, we Irish have history here going as far back as the 1700s. After an attempted uprising against British occupation in Ireland, many decided to leave, rather than face persecution for trying to stand up for their homeland. New Orleans happened to have cheap passage with the cotton trade and was a safe haven from the British. It also already had strong Catholic roots from the French, which was appealing to them.

He glances over his shoulder at the building before turning back to the camera.

Finn: In the 1820s, more Irish started arriving. They enjoyed the services here, however they wanted one in English, rather than French, and so Saint Patrick's was founded around 1833. The arrival of the Irish then peaked in the 1840s, the Great Famine taking a heavy toll back home...

As quick as a blink, the screen appears to flicker, before Finn continues as normal. He is however, no longer smiling.

Finn: Unfortunately, while some held jobs as mechanics, doctors, or working in stores, others were quite poor and had unsatisfactory living conditions. For some, this was far from a safe haven...

The screen flickers again, more noticeable this time. Finn's tone and expression seem darker.

Finn: Those Irish helped build many things in New Orleans; Roads, railways, canals... Most notably, the New Basin Canal.

The camera zooms in so Finn's face takes up most of the screen. He looks furious, as he did in his match against Zack Sabre Jr. The screen flickers before being overcome by static. When the static disappears, the scene has changed. It's still a close up of Finn's furious face, but it is now painted. It zooms out.
He is no longer by the Church, instead in the dark room with the throne and Finn is now in his full Balor ring gear. Red mist covers the floor around the throne as he stands before it.

Finn: *continuing in his dark tone* Thousands of Irish died working on that Canal. Many suffered diseases like Yellow Fever and Cholera while they were draining some of those horrid swamps to help build the Canal... Thousands. Died. Draining. Swamps.

The screen flickers and screams can be heard in the background. Finn is now sitting in the throne.

Finn: It seems fitting that we find ourselves in New Orleans to face off against the Swamp man himself. Bray Wyatt. *he points a finger atthe screen*  You love the swamps, don't you? Too bad. When we are done with you, you will be left suffering. You will feel the pain of the souls lost in the swamps. And we...will set them free. Your defeat Bray Wyatt, man of the Swamp, will be retribution for those we lost when they tried to rid the land of those putrid waters.

The screen goes black, but a voice is still heard, more monster-like than Finn's.

You will suffer.

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Ari Heyman on Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:32 am

The footage before us is presented in black and white. We see Ari Heyman, much younger than he is now, in the ring with an opponent wrestling in the ring of an independent promotion. He's beaming, happy, but the opponent on the mat appears to be in a lot of pain. The camera then switches to a sepia tone and this time Ari is in a Ring of Honor ring. The smile has turned into a sneer but the opponent, this time Dalton Castle, appears to be in even more pain than before. The colors switch to being dull and muddled and we see Ari with no smile on his face, the expression is one of anger, and he slaps Dante Westmore across the mouth: the footage from last show. The camera then comes to a close up of Ari Heyman. We can see every detail in bright vibrancy, in beautiful color. His eyes are a vibrant blue, soft but filled with an unmentionable roughness.

Ari: People don't get better, they just get smarter. When you get smarter you don't stop pulling the wings off flies, you just think of better reasons for doing it.

The camera pans out and we see Ari is inside of what seems to be a high school gym decorated for some kind of dance. He is dressed in a red suit with a black tie. He adjusts his jacket sleeve as he looks around.

Ari: I got my start in a place like this. After so much hard training and working, instead of being allowed to start in a place like NXT, I was told by my father that I had to start in an independent promotion here in New York. I was crushed at first. I thought that I was going to be allowed to thrive where my father worked and instead I was placed out of sight. Over time, I learned that it wasn't a bad thing. Being here, in little gyms, allowed me to hone my craft. The crowd would eat out of the palm of my hand, would watch with rapt attention. That's how I knew it was time to move on.

Ari steps onto the stage, which is decorated with two thrones for the crowning of the homecoming king and queen. Ari's hand touches the arm of the throne and he looks back at the camera.

Ari: My evolution led me to Ring of Honor. Working there gave me the chance to work in front of the cameras. I went from having crowd appeal, to having camera appeal. People began to talk about me, not just in the crowd but online. I was becoming the star I always wanted to be. I was the Top Prospect, my first ever huge win. I was everything.

He plops down in the throne, leaning against one of the armrests. He smirks as he gets comfortable, seemingly appraising the camera.

Ari: That leads me to here. The NCWA. I am the champion, the first champion to be crowned in the very first match. It was the epitome of my evolution. They say things happen in threes, which is how my evolution happened. It just makes me wonder about my opponent for our pay-per-view: Dante Westmore.

Ari seems less than impressed and he switches his position in the chair to sit more straight.

Ari: So. Dante Westmore. He comes from beginnings sorta like mine. Tiny little gyms, just without the pedigree. Then he went to...well...he came here. Straight to a company in front of the camera. He never took that step to ready him for the big time. He's a fresh rookie, which in some cases I guess would be honored. My only problem with him is that he thinks he can stand toe to toe with someone like me. *laughs* I mean, I guess it's partially because he's got Christian egging him on. Only problem is I've got someone ten times better counting on me. Dante lost to me for this title originally and he'll lose to me again. The truth of the matter is he only got the win last show because Jimmy Havoc tried to kill Wade Barrett. In a one on one fight, Dante couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

Ari looks up, the stage becoming bathed in a red light. It darkens the color of Ari's suit, making it almost look like blood.

Ari: *looks back at the camera* The low bird is not picked tenderly out of the dust by its fellows, it is dispatched quickly and without mercy. *smirks* It's your turn to be dispatched, Dante.

The camera begins to fade to black on the smirk Ari gives, the last thing we hear are his words.

Ari: A loss for a loser, Ari. A loss for a loser.
Ari Heyman

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Nia Jax on Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:07 pm

The camera opens up on the footage from the previous show, showing without sound what happened to Nia Jax. The footage is slowed down as soon as Nia is attacked, finally stopping at the sight of AJ Lee standing over the top of Nia with the Queen's Championship in hand. The camera fades to a shot of what appears to be an old prison. The grounds are full of the beauty of fall: the trees are orange and brown in their foliage, the sky is slightly gray, and there are leaves littering the empty ground. The man and most noticeable thing about the grounds are that, for a prison, it is eerily quiet. It leaves us to believe that the grounds are abandoned until we hear the rev of an engine, a car pulling into view. The car is a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury. Nia Jax steps out from the driver's side, looking unlike anything we have ever seen before. Her outfit is reminiscent to that usually seen in the 1950's. Her top is white and a button up, with the top button being undone, and the sleeves stopping at the elbow. The skirt is high waisted and the same red color as the car, stopping in a swing style just under her knee. Her brown hair is curled around her head, white cat rimmed sunglasses over her eyes, and her lips painted red.

Nia: You know, I was really looking forward to facing Agatha Bancroft during the last show. I was hoping to face her. After all, with the newness to the ring that she has, it would have been fun. *she removes her sunglasses, clipping them to the front of her shirt which reveals her eyes and how angry she truly is* Do you know what they say about hope? Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. *smirks* Maybe that's what drove AJ Lee crazy, she let herself hope just a little too much.

Nia crosses to the front of the car, sitting on the hood.

Nia: Funny thing about hope, though, is that when you have power you can make your hope a reality. As the Queen's Champion, I have power. So I went to Kai Anoai and decided my number one contender. Spoiler alert, it wasn't against AJ Lee.

Nia glances around the grounds, appraising the area she's come to.

Nia: Agatha Bancroft loves her pretty little fantasies. They are ways for her to escape, to live in a world better than her own. That's something a lot of the people who were put in places like this would have in common with her. Prisons are full of men and women who create fantasies for the sole sake of escaping their terrible reality. *smirks* I've never had to rely on fantasies. I was an imaginative kid, sure, but when I grew up I stopped pretending. I wasn't like Agatha Bancroft who hates her life so much she needs to pretend to be a fairy. I mean, I get it, she's probably so afraid to screw up her grandfathers legacy that she needs to escape from it. I've never had that fear. I was always certain I would do my bloodline proud. My family confirmed it. It was always a sure thing.

Nia stands, looking proud of herself, as she steps towards the camera.

Nia: I get it, Aggie, you probably got so scared that you just didn't want to come out for fear of letting granddaddy down. You probably heard his conversation with Barrett and got worried you couldn't prove yourself. Fear is useless in this business. It works against you. I mean, if last week scared you, then you should be terrified this week, the stakes are higher. See, Kai let me in on a secret. You lose a title shot, you don't get another until all the division has had one. It's your move, Aggie. If you decide to actually show up this time, you should bring your A game. Now if you excuse me, I have to get going. You know what they say, you either get busy living or you get busy dying.

Nia heads back to the drives seat, the camera fading to black on the front of the car, whose front grill seems to be a glaring face, the headlights acting as the eyes.
Nia Jax

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Jimmy Havoc on Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:26 pm

[ The camera is dark as the opening notes of Hospital or Souls by Bring Me The Horizon begin to play as usual. Jimmy sits on a wooden chair in the center of an otherwise empty, and dimly lit room. The bulb above his head flickers and buzzes as though it could go out at any moment. The camera pans out a bit more, and it isn't until then that the ax Jimmy is holding is visible. ]

I don't know what it is about people lately wanting to have their first go at a death match against me. I'm the king of the bloody death match! Of course, Barrett didn't exactly ask for this-- not verbally anyway. Not like my mate Mark Haskins, but that's the difference between Haskins and Barrett. At least Mark has the balls to challenge me directly. Barrett just wants to insult my entire body of work. Sure, maybe I could've handled that a little differently than I did at our last show, but let's address it now, shall we?

[ He lets the ax fall to the floor with a clatter leaning forward in his chair. ]

In almost every match for the last four months, someone has drug their fingers through the scars on my back.

[ The camera flashes first to footage of the CZW Tournament of Death in June and Jimmy's bloodied back. Then, to the promo that announced Jimmy's arrival in NCWA when he showed his scars from the tournament to the camera. Finally to footage from his match with Primate at Built to Destroy for the WCPW hardcore title in which Primate does just that, grabbing the Kent native by the still scabbed over and healing wounds while Havoc screams in agony.  ]

You think I just pay some fancy special effects artist to put those there, Barrett? I earned them, and I carry them with me every fucking day. I've been on both sides of the chaos that is a death match. I've been curb stomped through light tubes by a man I thought was my best friend, and I've poured salt into the paper cut mouth of another good friend. I've spent hours pulling drawing pins out of my skin, and I've wasted perfectly good alcohol for the sake of my opponents suffering. If I'm willing to go to these lengths with people like Robinson, Ospreay, and Haskins, people that I actually give a fuck about-- what do you think I'm going to be willing to do to someone that I can't fucking stand? Someone who has been in my fucking business from the moment that I got here.

[ Offscreen a woman's voice can be heard humming Pop Goes The Weasel. Jimmy smirks. It is the offscreen voice, Rosemary, who speaks the final line. ]

What do you think we are going to be willing to do to you, Wade?

[ They both laugh as the camera fades to black ]

Jimmy Havoc

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Stu Bennett Yesterday at 7:35 pm

The scene before us is very unnerving. The street is cobblestone and from what we can see of the nearby houses, they are historic looking brownstones. However, it is hard to see anything because of the thick fog that surrounds the area. We hear the click, click, click of boots against the cobblestone as a figure emerges from the fog, impeccably dressed. A top hat sits on top of short cropped black and gray hair, long overcoat open to show the figures black waistcoat with a gold chain from a pocket watch over a plain white shirt, his trousers also being black. The boots, the source of the figures sound, are black and painted in the toes. In the hand of the figure, we can see a cane, before the camera finally focuses on the face. It's Wade Barrett.

Wade: Every moral precept is a delusion. Even the stars are a mirage. The truth is darkness, and the only thing that matters is making a statement before one enters it. Cutting the skin of the world and losing a scar. That's all history is, after all, scar tissue.

Wade moves forward, looking pensive. He twirls the cane in his hand before resting it on one of his broad shoulders.

Wade: I know scars all too well. My body is littered with them. Some are from my years as a bare-knuckle boxer. Some are from before that. They and the experiences I have been through to get them have made me into the man I am today. And the last time I stepped into an NCWA arena, I received a new one.

Wade reaches a hand instinctively to his chest, where during the previous show, he had been busted open by a gnarly shot from a kendo stick courtesy of Jimmy Havoc.

Wade: I have suffered due to opponents before, but no one has ever surprised me quite as badly as James Mcahren did last week. *smirks* Oh, you didn't think I'd find out, did you, James? You've hidden who you truly were for so long. Before the deathmatches, before Hammerlock, you were simply little James Mcahren. James comes from the same stock that I come from. Saintly but cowardly mother, an abusive prick of a father. We even got into fighting and drinking at young ages. In another world, I could have happily called a man like James a comrade, a brother in arms. The sick fuck simply has done something that I could never forgive. The man turned fighting to survive into a bloody gimmick.

Wade scoffs, reaching a hand up to scratch his chin through his beard.

Wade: Curb stomped through light bulbs? *tsks* Come talk to me, James, when after a fight for money that you earned fair and square turns into a bloodbath because someone slices you through the arm to claim your prize. *reaches instinctively to his right shoulders* I have. And I won.

There is a pause as Wade looks pensively into the camera.

Wade: Weapons are nothing to me. I don't care what you've been attacked with. The drawing pins are nothing compared to the brute force I will apply when I dig my nails into your back. That nerf bullet to the crotch will feel like heaven after I kick you there. Repeatedly. That light bulb tube will be nothing compared to when I hit you so bloody hard that you'll wake up in your next life. *smirks* I should thank you, you know. You've set a fire in me that I thought I lost. You ignited in me the feeling of being a true fighter. And now? Now I am going to get a taste for blood.

We hear a woman's voice through the fog humming Pop Goes The Weasel as Wade smirks cruelly.

Wade: Now if you'll excuse me, James, I have something I must do.

As Wade slinks back into the fog, we hear the humming. The camera pans up to the street sign, Whitechapel, as we hear a shrill woman's scream. The location is now eerily quiet as the camera fades to black.
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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

Post by Lizjay Yesterday at 11:54 pm

The camera fades in on a small bar; in a booth in the far back is a couple. Moving closer shows it to be NCWA Queen Ivelisse and her boyfriend Angelico. Ivelisse shares a kiss with him before giving a little grin and taking a drink from her glass. Finishing her drink Ivelisse sits back against the booth wall.

Ivelisse: I did it; I did what I said I would babe. I beat Vitani and won my first match for NCWA. I showed everybody why I'm the baddest bitch in the building and I pinned her. Sadly it seems like neither Nia nor Ari noticed. Nia decided she would rather just pick up where her last match attempt left off and Ari felt the need to pick another fight with that rookie kid. *huffs* Or they are just scared to lose like Vitani.

Angelico: *chuckles* I'm sure they have more than just one reason, besides management noticed you at least.

Ivelisse: *smug* Of course they noticed me babe; they couldn't help but notice me. That's why they decided to put me in a match that'll really show off just how good I am. I'm going against wrestling royalty, the prince of the Rhodes dynasty. And I'm going to be the first one to beat him in the NCWA. He may have beat Ari the Brat, but he's not ready for me.

Angelico: He's not ready to take you on; I don't think he's ever fought anyone like you love.

Ivelisse: Of course he hasn't, his old company would never have allowed it. He's probably not even comfortable fighting a woman, especially if he's a hero like he's acting like. Unfortunately for him I've got no problem kicking his ass and I will beat him in that ring. *grins* Then let's see if I can get either champion to finally notice the real challenger...

Ivelisse lets out a laugh before kissing Angelico, the couple sharing a deep kiss before pulling away.

Ivelisse: Let's get another drink babe, the night is still young.

She slides out of the booth, standing as she waits for her boyfriend to follow and the camera then fades out.

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Re: Bad Moon Rising Promo Area

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