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NCWA Insider Editor and Staff

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Ian Blake - Editor, interviewer
Ian Blake grew up with his twin sister, watching wrestling with their cousin. Fresh out of collage Ian was asked to start and run the mag for the NCWA.

Peter Darwin - Rumors, top five
Peter Darwin isn't one to talk about himself a lot, the only thing he's shared with us is that he's a long time fan.

Remy Brooks - Top five, reviewer
Remy Brooks is no stranger to the world of wrestling, he is the younger brother of former Knockout Traci Brooks. Unable to train himself he jumped at the chance to write for NCWA Magazine and in his spare time he also writes music.

Peri Blake - Photos, covers
Peri Blake grew up watching wrestling with her twin brother, offered a chance to help with her brother's work she took it happily.

Casey Johnson - Interviewer?

Dia Banks - Reviewer
Dia Banks is a former ROH tag team champion and currently acts as NCWA commentator. As a single mother, she loves to spend time with her 8 year old son listening to music, which is why she has been chosen to help with the music report.

Annielise "Anni" Collins - Photos, covers

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