Heart of Glory Promo Area

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Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:10 pm

Promos are due here no later than Monday, Feb 26th at midnight.

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Marty Scurll on Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:59 pm

Come with me
And you'll be
In a world of
Pure Imagination

The voice that warbles out those words before the camera opens is a heavily British accented, very off key, male voice. When the camera does come up, it's in a small candy shop. Inside, in front of the counter, stands three young men. When the camera turns around so that we can see their faces, we recognize these men as The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, the blonde haired and blue eyed member of the Young Bucks, is dressed in a blue tracksuit and is chewing on a piece of gum. Matt Jackson, the brown haired and brown eyed member of the Young Bucks, is dressed in a brown vest over a white short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, a white headband keeping his hair back. Kenny Omega, the leader of the Bullet Club, is dressed in a black and white suit coat over a white button-up shirt and blue jeans. Then, behind the counter holding on to a ladder to reach candy up on the top shelf, is Marty Scurll. His outfit is as ghastly as usual, though he has replaced the normal brown fur coat with a purple fur coat. His sunglasses are nowhere to be seen, but he sports a purple top hat instead. It is revealed to be him that was singing as he continues

We'll begin with a spin
Traveling in the world
Of my creation

He jumps from the ladder, landing on his feet as he glances at his three friends.

Kenny: You got the match you wanted even sooner than you thought.

Nick: Yeah! And all it took was you attacking that Summers girl!

Marty takes a deep breath, leaning against the candy counter.

Marty: That never would have happened if she had just given me a kiss. A simple kiss for saving her from that numpty! Instead of gracing her with a kiss, I had to reprimand her for her crimes. That's when Rhodes got involved. Life would have been simpler had he not, but it's so much better that he did.

Marty rips open a package of Nerds, eating them before he continues.

Marty: Cody, Cody, Cody. I came here, to the NCWA, with the sole intention of giving you what your narrative of the hero needed, a villain. But those lines are so easily crossed, aren't they? Villains become heroes and heroes become villains. Why I can't think of a better example than Willy Wonka.

Nick: Wonka wasn't a villain...

Marty: No?

Matt: I mean, he's right. Wonka was a hero.

Marty: Heroes regularly go around harming children?

Kenny: What? Wonka never-

Marty: *pokes Kenny in the chest with the tip of his umbrella* Augustus Gloop was sucked through a pipe into the Fudge Room for his gluttony with that chocolate river! He comes out a lot thinner than when he went in, obviously pressed!

Matt: Well yeah but-

Marty: *pokes Matt in the chest with his umbrella* Veruca Salt is accosted by either squirrels or geese, depending on what version you take in, for her greed and in return receives a severe talking to from her parents!

Nick: Yeah but-

He dodges out of the way of the impending umbrella, only to have a candy bar tossed at him, causing him to lose the gum in his mouth.

Marty: Violet Beauregarde was turned into a blueberry! A blueberry! That's the worst of all the berries!

There is a silence between the four men for a moment.

Kenny: Mike Tevee and Charlie Bucket?

Marty: Ah, the two characters that sum up my opponent Cody very nicely. Mike was a spoiled lad who loved his pop culture, his movies and television mostly. He was a troublesome lad with a penchant for being so ghastly annoying! He ended up getting the stretching that he needed when he was sunk down to a much smaller level. Then, of course, you have the opposite. You have the fuddy-duddy Charlie Bucket, the hero of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Cody is a bit of both. He's a pop-culture obsessed numpty who fashions himself a hero. I'm his Wonka, here to punish the Mike Tevee in him and...well...I'm here to punish the Charlie in him too.

Kenny: Crossface Chickenwing?

Marty comes around the counter, draping an arm over Kenny's shoulder.

Marty: Only after I've felt like I've punished him enough. Broke his fingers, dampened his spirit, made sure that he's crushed physically and mentally before I make him tap out. He's going to be the first hero to truly succumb to his villain.

Nick: We'll be with you, Marty, every step of the way.

Marty: I know, love. All for of you will be. *sly smile*

Matt: All four of us? So...she...

Marty: Yes, she's coming. After all, at Heart of Glory *sings off key* What we'll see will defy explanation.

Before the camera cuts off, we hear the jingle of a bell that signals that the door is being opened. This is followed by the click of high heels on tile and a woman's voice singing

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?
There's nothing to it.
Marty Scurll

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Ari Heyman on Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:34 pm

The camera opens up on a hand, twirling a small silver ring in its grasp. We see no face but we can hear a song playing.

The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off key
The way you haunt my dreams
No, they can't take that away from me

The camera pans out to show Ari Heyman, not looking like he usually does, sitting in a small piano bar. Instead of his normal modern style, Ari is wearing a disheveled suit with an untied tie. He courses a hand through his hair, setting the ring on the bar.

Ari: 164 days. I have been the Young Lions Champion for 164 days. It's not hard for me to be proud of my work. After all, I am the longest reigning champion in the NCWA. But what good has it done me? No matter who I do beat, I'm only counted for my losses. For what I can't do. This time I have to prove what I can do.

He scrubs a hand over his face, leaning against the bar.

Ari: You've always had to be a part of a group, haven't you, Ivelisse Velez? In Shimmer it was Valkyrie, in TNA it was Aces and Eights, and in Lucha it was Son of Havoc and Angelico. You've never done alone well. I guess that's why you're so happy that this match is a no disqualification match. That way, your special little boy toy could come in and save you. Let him. Hell, you could bring Son of Havoc with you. I don't care. The only person I need is me. The reason I didn't want to fight you last show wasn't that I was 'scared'. It was because you're not worth my time.

Ari knocks twice on the bar, the bartender handing Ari another glass of amber liquid. He downs it in one gulp, wiping the remnants from his lips with the back of his hand. He fiddles with a piece of paper on the bar before speaking again.

Ari: Ive, you're going to get yourself hurt if you come to this match. You and Kai like to think the no disqualification rule favors you. Do you two not realize who my father is? The Heyman name created ECW. I know extreme possibly better than anyone on this damn roster. I was raised on tales of and by guys like Sandman, guys like Sabu, guys like Raven. I can use anything I can find under that ring to hurt you. Hell, I might even bring a few of my own favorite weapons. Bring your pretty little boy toy. I'll gladly rearrange his face. And you? I will beat you down so badly that he'll leave you. After all...love is an illusion. It's fake. Know what's real? The pain you'll feel when you not only fail to get your hands on my NCWA Young Lions Championship but when you lose the only person in your life who gives two shits about you.

Ari stands, getting up to leave the bar. As he does, we come to a shot of the bar. He has left the ring he was fidgeting with on the bar, on top of the paper which turns out to be a photograph. In the picture, we see Ari in a suit, a true smile on his face, with his arms wrapped around the little figure of NCWA Young Lion Rae James. The silver ring is engraved with her name on the inside.

We may never meet again
On that bumpy road to love
Still I'll always, always keep
The memory of...
Ari Heyman

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by The Wyatt Family on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:47 am

The camera opens up on a small old-fashioned kitchen. A silver pot is on the stove and we can hear chopping on a cutting board before we see Abigail Wyatt. She's wearing a pink sundress with a white floral pattern under a white apron. Though she is cutting carrots, her eyes are focused on the window that shows the backyard, not paying attention to the situation around her.

Male Voice: Yer eyes are distractin' yer hands from their duties, Abigail.

Abigail almost drops the knife, jumping in shock at the sudden voice. She turns her head to see her brother, Bray, dressed in a red Hawaiian shirt and white pants. He glances at the window, scoffs, then turns back to look at her.

Abigail: Bray ah didn't...ah...was just lookin'. Thought ah saw somethin' in the backyard.

Bray gives a soft hum, obviously not believing her. His hands are clasped behind his back as he walks forward, approaching Abigail carefully.

Bray: An' what is it ya thought ya saw? *steps beside her and looks at the window* I see an animal. Is that what caught yer eye?

Abigail: An animal? What animal do ya see out there? Did one of the goats get out?

Bray pushes an arm out, pointing one rigid finger at the window.

Bray: Right there, don't ya see it? Covered in black hair. Sweating in the dirt. That animal, Abigail.

The camera finally shows us what they are looking at. Outside, chopping wood while shirtless, is Luke Harper. The camera pans to allow us to see Bray and Abigail as well.

Abigail: Luke ain't no animal. He's family.

Bray: Even family is filled with animals. He is still an animal on his hands and knees in the dirt. He's not had time to evolve. He gives in to...base urges.

Abigail: Bray ah...ah'm just lookin'...

Bray: Lookin' leads t' more. Lookin' leads t' wantin' and wantin' leads t'...it leads t' more. Don't let the people think less of ya. Don't make me send him away.

The scene fades before coming up on Bray sitting in his rocking chair, Luke by his side.

Bray: Luke Harper was a damaged man and ah did what ah had t' do. Ah picked him up out of the dirt an' ah fixed him, just like ya would fix a broken toy. Ah knew that one day, ah would have t' set him free t', so that he may learn his own truth. Don't be afraid, Luke. Speak yer truth, my brother.

Luke: There was a time in life when ah didn't understand why a man like me existed, what mah purpose in life was or why I was here. But mah family found me. Bray showed me the truth an' the truth is ah am all this world's fault. Men like Alex Shelley an' Chris Sabin made me what ah am by shunnin' me. Bray saved me. Bray an' Abigail are mah family.

Bray: It always comes back t' family, don't it? Luke Harper would go through hell an' back fer me. Hell, he already has. But Chris an' Alex...they spread lies. Chris lies about bein' the savior t' Alex Shelley, but that ain't true. Good friends don't take chances away from their friends like Chris constantly did in TNA t' Alex. Good friends don't team up with known enemies like Chris did in ROH with Kazarian an' Daniels. Family don't abandon family like Shelley did t' Sabin a few years ago.

Luke: Friends don't aim t' destroy one another like Shelley did t' Sabin. *laughs* They think they are gonna take our titles, but how could they? How could two little twerps harm a god an' his disciple?

Bray: Chris Sabin claims that Alex Shelley is his brother an' that he cares fer Alex Shelley. But me? Ah say uh-uh. If Chris truly cared fer Alex Shelley, he would tell Alex Shelley that he is in danger an' that they would both be wise t' stay out of our business, turn their backs, run away, an' never look back. This is yer hill t' die on an' we will seal yer fate.

The camera slowly fades out on Luke and Bray's smiling faces.
The Wyatt Family

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Shea on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:38 pm

An animated scene from a video game - Majora's Mask - from the Legend of Zelda series is shown. It shows the young, green clad Link talking to a man seated on a wooden bench, playing a musical device. The man's words appear in an on-screen text box.

Man: Long ago, I was in an animal troupe, with dogs and donkeys and such.
Why could a...? Why could a...?
Why could a man join?!?
That's 'cause a man is an animal, too, my boy!
They were all great. But there was one thing I didn't like about it...
Why was the...? Why was the...?
Why was the dog the leader?!?
Was it 'cause something was wrong with me sir?
Oh, that dog was an amazing leader! He always had a stellar troupe no matter what animals he had to work with.
That's why I... That's why I...
That's why I stole it...
The dog's mask. I stole it.
I wanted it because it was the leader's mask. The leader was a good instructor. His members matured quickly...

The scene fades and transitions to show Cody Rhodes, dressed in a suit, with a small Triforce clip on his tie. He is standing in a ring, the arena otherwise empty of people. Behind him, outside of the ring, is a Bullet Club banner that's hung between two poles. Cody welcomes the viewer with open arms.

Cody: Well now Marty, here we are: Hero versus Villain at the Heart of Glory. *he pauses and chuckles briefly* Now, I bet you're sitting there all 'what the heck does that scene have to do with anything?' Let me explain.

He clears his throat and claps his hands together.

Cody: See, this version of the Bremen musicians the man tells - before giving away the Bremen mask to further link the story - in his version, he tells of a group he joined; where everyone quickly reaches their peak. He, simply a member, admires the amazing work the leader does, but becomes jealous and steals leadership of the troupe by stealing the mask... Sound familiar at all?

He glances over his shoulder at the Bullet Club banner, raising an eyebrow.

Cody: See? The man and his story remind me of the infamous Bullet Club. No matter who's led it over the years, no matter how amazing the leader helps the members become - both in ring or on the mic - someone always comes along and ruins it.

He sighs and shakes his head.

Cody: How many times has the leader been replaced, or the Club ended because one, or more, of the members turned on the rest? Finn himself did it, despite having started the cursed Club himself!

He paces a few steps before stopping to lean against the ropes, back still to the banner.

Cody: Yeah, I said cursed. Why wouldn't I about a Club with a record like that? So, Marty, you think bringing in a group like that is going to help you? They do, and you won't win. Our match isn't a 'No DQ'. So what then? They'll stand around at ringside while they plot their eventual betrayal against you? *he laughs* You know what? I don't even care at this point who your mystery woman is. What I care about, is justice for an innocent woman who - despite what you believe in your warped mind - did not owe you anything! YOU Marty, are not a Hero. YOU injured an innocent woman. If anything, YOU owe her, seeing as she now can't work until her arm heals!

He stands and crosses his arms.

Cody: And I owe you something too Marty. Were I a Villain, like you, I'd injure you like you did Vitani. Instead, I plan on adding to your loss tally. Just... try not to look too humiliated in front of your buddies during their first appearance on our show, okay?

Cody ducks under the ring ropes to climb out of the ring. He picks up a long object and holds it up, across the palms of his hands, showing the camera it is a sheathed sword. Drawing it, Cody then puts the sheath aside. In his hand, he holds a real, sharpened replica of the Legend of Zelda Master Sword.

Cody: *quietly* The sword that seals the darkness...

He examines it for a moment before slowly walking towards the Bullet Club banner. He stops and stares at it for a moment before a flash of anger appears on his face. Cody lashes out and swings the sword at the banner, cutting it in two.

Cody: I will break your curse.

He walks off screen, the scene ending focused on the destroyed banner. In the background, his new theme song, 'Hero of our time' plays.


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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Nia Jax on Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:13 am

I am not a stranger to the dark
Hide away they say
Cause we don't want your broken parts
I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars
Run away they say
No one'll love you as you are

The camera opens up on what appears to be a vintage circus tent. The red and white tent raises up to a point in the center and we push the tent flat back to enter the show floor. It is only a one-ring circus with bleachers to seat guests. In the center of the circus ring stands Nia Jax. She's wearing a traditional circus strong woman costume, though the colors are more modern. It is a violet unitard, with black lace towards the top, and no sleeves. For Nia, this is an equivalent to bearing her soul.

Nia: I've always liked stories of the old circus strong women. These were women who were beautiful but at the same time, they were extremely talented at weightlifting. Most were considered, well, they were considered freaks. Women were meant to be the docile little housewives back then.

But I won't let them
Break me down to dust
I know that there's a place for us
For we are glorious

Nia: If I'm going to be honest, I thought the world of AJ Lee before she came to the NCWA. I saw us as sort of...kindred spirits. She may have been small, but she was strong. She didn't stick to the stereotypes that they tried to put her in. She was 100% unashamedly her. As someone who struggled for so long to even be that, I know how tough it can be.

Nia pauses, sitting on the small box that normally the ringmaster would stand on for his show. She looks as if she's struggling to find the right words to explain how she feels.

Nia: I wasn't always like I am now. When I first started modeling, I couldn't find the person that I was supposed to be. You may be labeled as 'crazy' AJ, but I was labeled as fat. It was different. Whereas you acted in a way that led people to call you that, all I did was exist. I was use to coworkers muttering insults about me behind my back. You have no idea what it is like to be trying to make it in a field you are passionate about and being told you'll never make it because of how you look.

She looks as if she wants to cover her bare skin up, but takes a deep breath. She gives the camera a small smile before she continues.

Nia: I didn't start training until my cousin Tama talked me into it. He taught me that I didn't have to change to fit into who they wanted me to be, that my size may have been a weakness in one field of work, but in professional wrestling, it was my greatest strength. I didn't feel accepted until I walked into a wrestling ring for the first time. I know you feel the same way, AJ. You know that the ring is home, but you didn't learn the same lesson I did.

She stands up on the box, standing proud and tall as if she's trying to show herself off.

When the sharpest words wanna cut me down
I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out
I am brave, I am bruised
I am who I'm meant to be
This is me

Nia: *standing proud* You and I could have been friends. We could have destroyed everyone. You ruined that the moment you attacked me to try to get my attention, AJ. I have barreled my way through the entire roster, against everyone they put me against. You can bring your admirer, whoever it may be this month, you can bring anyone you want. All it takes for me to win is one well placed Samoan Drop. I am a champion and I am wanted by these fans for the first time in my career. More importantly, I finally love myself and that's not something you can ever take away from me.

Look out cause here I come
And I'm marching on to the beat I drum
I'm not scared to be seen, I make no apologies
This is Me

The camera fades on Nia, standing proudly in the center of the circus stage. Though she is large, the shadow that the lights cast on her is bigger than anything else, showing that she is bigger in stature than anything else at the moment.
Nia Jax

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Lizjay on Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:17 am

The camera slowly fades in as the soft chanting refrain of "Tap Tap Tap." is heard, the sunlight is blinding as the scene comes into focus. It's outside an extremely old building, but it still looks used. A lady in a doctor's coat and glasses skips into frame, it's AJ Lee. She giggles a little before putting on a serious look on her face and starting.

AJ: Do you know where I am right now Miss Champ? *looks back at the building* The neighborhood of Dunning, in the northwest side of Chicago. *looks back at the camera* The Chicago-Read Mental Health Center, the oldest center in Illinois. It's been here since 1854, under many different names and many different reasons for the name change... They say some bad things have happened here, a little cliché I suppose...

She giggles again, moving a little bit away from the building.

AJ: You must be wondering why I'm here? After all after the way everyone treats me this would be the last place someone like me would ever want to be... *tilts her head with a smile* Well I can't tell you that yet! That would ruin the surprise!

AJ takes off the glasses and grins.

AJ: But I can talk about our match Miss Champ... You know I believe we have a good many things in common, we're fearless and we do things our own way. We never give a fuck what they think about us and we aren't anything like the others here are we? You are like a war goddess among normal humans, respected and feared. Everything they say a champion should be, an amazon warrior and that’s you in the NCWA. Me? I started out the underdog, in throw away match’s that didn't mean a damn thing and on a show that was a joke... Made fun of and looked down on, I wasn't even supposed to make it in wrestling... Too short, too nerdy to appeal to fans and too tiny to realistically ever beat anyone... *gives a bitter laugh* Even told I was ugly and unfuckable...

AJ stops, a real look of pain shows on her face if only for a moment.

AJ: I turned every word into fuel for the fire, I clawed my way to the top and I proved every single one of them wrong. I worked hard to change women's wrestling for the company that fought me every step of the way; I didn't have main events handed out to me like candy. I had to work hard to even get on the card, I mostly had matches against girls that didn't deserve to even step into the ring with me. I gave real meaning to a title that had no meaning and started an interest in women's wrestling in that company. I became a wrestling queen in Chuck Taylors while fighting diva's in high heels. I earned my place in the ring and I earned the longest title reign. *deep breath* And I did it all while being Bipolar or as everyone else puts it crazy...

She pauses; the look on her face speaks just how much this match means to her. Her eyes hold a fierce and bright fire in them; she wants this more than anything.

AJ: I'm going to win this match Nia; I'm going to once again earn my place at the top. It's not going to take one Samoan Drop to beat me, if you want to beat me you’re going to have to have to work for it. You’re going to have to use every single play in your book, every trick up your sleeve and then maybe you'll have a chance of retaining. If you don't then it's going to be easy for me to walk out with that title, to claim my throne as the champion. Prove me wrong, just try and prove me wrong Nia... Because I know for a fact that you can't.

AJ tilts her head a little, like she can almost see herself with the title.

AJ: The amazon war goddess versus the wrestling queen in Chuck Taylors... *giggles* Such a strange match up we are... Similar in so many ways and yet also different in just as many ways. We both have our demons even if they are very different ones... *pauses before giggling a little* We're going to be the real main event Miss Champ; our match will steal the show.

She puts back on the glasses.

AJ: I made a statement when I arrived, I let everyone know I was here and Miss Champ helped me in such a big way. Now Miss Champ I'm going to make an even bigger statement and make you tap out.

AJ pauses, glancing back at the building before remembering.

AJ: Oh yeah! I almost forgot, I think it's time to tell you why I'm here! Well since I don't know you really I wasn't sure how you'll react to losing the match, so I booked you a room here! After all I've seen people get very mad after losing and I want to help you! I even told them that one of the things that might affect you is the sound of tap tap tap!

AJ laughs and tilts her head before starting her refrain of "tap tap tap" as she skips away off screen. The camera slowly fades out with one last look at the hospital and the sound of AJ's little chant.

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Lizjay on Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:55 am

The camera fades in on a small hotel room, quiet except for the sound of paper moving. Moving to look at bed shows Young Lion Dante Westmore, sitting on the bed and surrounded by pieces of drawing paper. Each one had what looks like drawing of cards; Dante has a wistful smile as he looks like he's remembering. He looks up at the camera and his smile turns shy.

Dante: You know there was once a time I was into card games, especially Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic. The art was usually my favorite part of them and I even drew my own card ideas, even once wanted to create my own game... *blushes* But it never happened and for a while I even forgot about it. But on my last trip home I found my old drawings and I found my folder with my designs.

Dante smiles up one of the drawings, it's a drawing of a medieval magician preforming in front of a crowd.

Dante: The Showman Mage, when I saw him my first thought was my opponent’s manager... Mr. Egan has the flair of a true showman and he works his magic on the microphone. I really hadn't expected to find a match for Mr. Egan and it got me wondering if I could find one for Seth.

He looks through the papers before picking up another; it's a knight riding in the joust.

Dante: The Raising Knight, I couldn't help it when I found this one. It reminds me of Seth, hell it reminds me of almost all the Young Lions. We're all trying to make our names and like knights that used to joust to gain fame, we're all hoping we can leave a strong impression on the fans watching.

Dante starts carefully putting away the papers.

Dante: I know this isn't going to be an easy match, but I need to try my best. I've finally starting to get a firm footing among the other Young Lions and now I need to win again to keep my footing... I'm going to try my hardest to win Seth and I hope you understand that it's not personal, but I'm going to hit you with my super kick for the win. I hope we can shake hands after the match and at least stay on polite terms.

Dante takes a deep breath, relaxing and giving a confident smile. He continues putting away his drawings as the camera fades to black.

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Lizjay on Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:17 am

The sound of old timey music plays as a black and white "Public Service Announcement by the MotorCity Machine Guns" card flashes up. After a few moments it changes to a sepia filtered shot of a room with a few doors, standing in the center is Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. There is a little banner at the bottom that says "Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, tag team specialists and future champions". The MotorCity Machine Guns are dressed simply in their ring gear and each of them has a different version of their tag team t-shirts. Chris gives a little smug smile as Alex smiles and starts.

Alex: Hi everybody, I'm Alex Shelley.

Chris: And I'm Chris Sabin. Together we make up the world famous MotorCity Machine Guns.

Alex: *sighs* And we have bit of a growing problem...

Chris: Well really our problem is with our friends. *small frown*

Alex: Our friends here used to be awesome just like us...

Chris: Hygienic.

Alex Nerdy.

Chris: And handsome.

Alex: But that was before they were sucked in by the evils of the Wyatt's...

Chris and Alex walk over to one of the doors and Alex knocks.

Chris: We didn't need to knock...

Alex just shrugs and pushes the door open, the camera quickly zooming in on the room. Sitting on a couch in the room is Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, a sheep's mask sitting between them. Both are dressed in old sweaty tank tops and jeans, also wearing fake beards.

Alex: At first we didn't think anything of it.

Chris: But then the Wyatt's proved to be very creepy.

Alex: Look at our friends now...

Chris: They're not hygienic anymore...

The scene changes to the Guns trying to give Daniels and Kazarian new tank tops, which both men resist.

Alex: They're not interested in anything nerdy anymore...

The scene chances again to show the Guns trying to show their friends different comic books and their friends ignoring them for the sheep mask.

Chris: And handsome...

Alex: You guys be the judge of that.

The camera then zooms in on the "bearded" faces of Kazarian and Daniels, before once again focusing on the Guns.

Chris: Friends and family look for the signs.

Alex And parents talk to your kids, explain the dangers of the Wyatt's.

Chris: Knowledge really is power.

Alex: *looks back at the room* Don't let what happened to our friends happen to anyone you know.

Chris: With your help we can stop this creepy cult.

Alex: And the Wyatt family is a very creep cult.

It then changes to another black and white slide that says "This was paid for by the MotorCity Machine Guns and the Wyatt's are a creepy cult foundation." It goes black suddenly before the sound of laughing is heard and the screen returns. The color is normal and the Guns plop down on a nearby couch.

Alex: We did it! *a big grin on his face as his laughter starts to slow*

Chris: We did! *still chuckling* We are so going to piss them off, but it is so worth it.

Alex: So what if we piss them off, they deserve it. Besides they fired the first shots, we're just answering back in our own way. If they can't take it then they shouldn't fire off their mouths. Besides they have bigger problems than worrying about our promo.

Chris: Yeah, sounds like Bray might be aiming to get rid of his partner sooner or later...

Alex: Which makes everything he's said about family hypocritical, talks about taking people in and accepting them. Behind his families back talks about sending someone away...

Chris: I wonder if Luke would be so loyal if he knew the truth…

Alex: If he's that brain washed then he'd probably say it's his own fault and then prove he's nothing more than just a pawn. *rolls his eyes* Can you believe they tried once again to say we're horrible friends to each other? Because that worked oh so well for them the last time? They don't know a damn thing about us and they really think they do, but they don't know shit.

Chris: Their Speaker of Words must be running out of ideas... *smiles* They are either really sold on their own idea that they can hurt our friendship or maybe they might be scared of losing their titles to go back to the same well twice.

Alex: *chuckles at the word play* They should be saying goodbye to the titles, we've been tag champions in every other company we've been in and we're going to do it again here.

Chris: *grins* We've beaten the best teams out there and now it's only a matter of time until we beat Wyatt's.

Alex: And I think that time is this match, we're taking those titles home. *stands up* Come on we owe Frankie and Daniels at least some snacks for their help, they did a great job helping with this.

Chris nods and stands up as well; the Guns chat and laugh as they walk out of screen as it fades to black.

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Lizjay Yesterday at 1:25 am

The camera fades in slowly on a small park, still sleeping trees and dull grass. In the middle of it all is a two men sitting at a small table, a chessboard between them. One of the men is Zack Sabre Jr. and the other is his partner for the show Wade Barrett. Zack picks up his first Pawn and moves it up two spaces, claiming the one of the middle spaces.

Zack: So you wanted to play chess?

Wade watches the moves that Zack makes, his eyes soft as he glances at the board. He moves one of his pawns forward only one space, taking a move on the side.

Wade: I like chess. It calms me.

Zack eyes his pieces before moving one of his knights.

Zack: Chess has a more exciting feeling for me.

Wade gives a nod, moving the same pawn once more.

Wade: Tell me. Why invite me out? I don't normally play with men who know I can't stand them.

Zack moves one of his pawns up one space.

Zack: Because we have to work together for this match, I'm not going to lose just because you might be an ass.

Wade mirrors the movement with the other pawn on the complete opposite side of the board.

Wade: I may be an ass, but I too want to win. Badly. Despite my ties to Mr. Bancroft, I want you to know I do not hold the same feelings for his granddaughter.

Zack moves one of his bishops a little forward.

Zack: Oh? You’re not friends with her?

Wade takes the bishop with his pawn and smirks.

Wade: I don't like the way she acts. I don't think that a woman who comes from one of the most highly respected names in British independent wrestling should be waltzing around pretending to be a fairy.

Zack easily takes the pawn with a knight, not looking phased.

Zack: It doesn't affect her ring work does it?

Wade pauses for a moment, thinking out his move before moving his rook forward two spots.

Wade: Has she ever won a match?

Zack moves his knight to safety.

Zack: Yes I believe she has.

Wade shrugs, taking his knight with one of his pawns. He drums his fingers on the side of the board.

Wade: I don't believe she's ever had to fight a man. It's different when we get in that ring. I'll catch her with a Wasteland and she won't walk away.

Zack takes the rook with a pawn, crossing his arms.

Zack: Right...

Wade stops for a moment, his eyes on Zack’s face as if he’s trying to see what the man is thinking.

Wade: I take it you see her differently?

Zack: She is good, not at her best yet but good. Plus Becky isn't going to let the match end without a fight.

Wade: Ah, yes, our proverbial white queen.

He laughs as he moves yet another pawn forward.

Wade: Hasn't she only one won match?

Zack: She hasn't had many matches yet.

Zack takes the pawn with another pawn.

Wade: Have you seen her WWE work? She's better than she’s letting on.

Zack: I've been friends with Becky for years; I know she's great in the ring.

Wade moves a piece to take the other pawn, before looking at Zack harshly.

Wade: I take it you won't let your emotions get in the way.

Zack moves one of his rooks almost all the way towards Wade's side, stopping just out of reach of any of his pieces.

Zack: I've always been a professional in the ring Barrett, I've never had a problem fighting a friend and that isn't going to change. What about you, are any of your problems going to cost us this match?

With very little ease, Wade takes the rook with his knight.

Wade: Problems? I'm sorry but I don't know what you're alluding to.

Zack grins and moves a pawn to the end of the board.

Zack: Promote me to a rook. You know exactly what I'm talking about, let's see it's Sheamus at your old company, Jimmy and Will here... Who else is pissed at you?

Wade curses and gives him his rook back, though he quickly grabs Zack's hand hard, applying pressure.

Wade: I invited you here as a partner and I don't mind making you leave it with a broken hand. You ever mention Sheamus ever again, I will hurt you.

Zack doesn't flinch at the pressure, he's had worse done to his hand in the past. He pulls his hand out of Wade's and put his rook on the board.

Zack: You want to fight me wait until after our match, but if you cost us the match by fighting I'll ask for the match myself.

Wade snorts as Zack takes his hands away, his gaze never leaving the one of the man in front of him.

Wade; You leave Bancroft to me. You go after the friend that you know how to fight. And after? After I'll bloody destroy you in the ring.

Zack shakes his head.

Zack: Attack me and we'll have a big problem... And unlike you I have friends...

Wade laughs and shakes his head.

Wade: I have friends. Just because you and the rest of the bloody locker room forgot that I had Martin helping me before he ever made his debut is not my fault.

Zack: You know he loathes being called that and besides despite his promo we're still the best of friends, who do you think he'll pick? Besides you haven't met the friends I'm talking about...

Wade smirks and shakes his head, grabbing his coat from behind him.

Wade: I don't have time for this. I came here to play chess and talk strategy, not to wax poetic with you about imaginary friends.

Zack just laughs.

Zack: You’re just walking out because you know I'm going to win, give me three to four moves and I win. Besides you’re the one that went on your little tangent.

Wade snorts and shakes his head.

Wade: I asked if you could fight your friend, which is who this is. Your friend. If you can't handle Lynch, don't bother to show up. I don't need you to waste my time. As for winning...I'd check again. You're two moves off from mate.

Zack: I can fight her, I know what to expect from her. But unlike you I'm not going to try and hurt her, I take care of my opponents. *grins* you forgot, the queen is the most important piece and mine is poised to check your king...

Wade looks down at the board, flicking his king over to show that he has resigned himself to the fact that he was going to lose.

Wade: Checkmate. Both for me, and let’s hope at Heart of Glory, for them too.

He holds out his hand to Wade.

Zack: That's something we can surprisingly agree on, I'll swallow my pride if you swallow yours?

Wade shakes his hand as the camera fades to black.

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

Post by Lizjay Yesterday at 1:30 am

The sound of motorcycles is heard as the camera slowly fades in; it's an abandoned street with a lit fire in a large garbage can. Two lights are seen as the sound of the motorcycles draw closer and two bikes make a slow approach, a man and woman on the sporty looking bikes. The woman get off first and takes off her helmet, it's Ivelisse. Dressed simply in black jeans and a leather jacket, she walks towards the camera. The man stays on his bike, but takes off his helmet and allowing the camera to see that it's Angelico. Ivelisse stops when she reaches the fire, she picks up a bat from the ground and smirks.

Ivelisse: Ari... Foolish little brat, you made a big mistake. You could have just tapped out like a good little boy, but you got frustrated instead and thought it was a good idea to pull your usual tricks... Get yourself disqualified and get out of the ass kicking your due, but that backfired on you.

Ivelisse holds up the bat in her hand, eyeing it with a look of delight.

Ivelisse: Now I get to make your defeat all the more sweet, I get to kick your ass and take your pretty little title. You should have thought this through better, I get to do anything I want to you and the only way it will stop is when you tap like the little bitch you are.

She laughs before bring the bat back to her side and looking at the camera again.

Ivelisse: So you want to talk about daddy's company and all the tales you got to grow up with huh? Act like hearing stories and talking to people makes you tough? Fuck that, I was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and not the fancy tourist areas. I've been wrestling since I was fifteen years old and for a good part of my teens I was living on the streets. While you were living comfortably off of daddy, I was working hard to make a living and to be able to wrestle. I earned my own path into the wrestling world and into the states, I didn't just use daddy's name to get into the door. And my hard work got me somewhere, I was the first woman to hold a title in the temple and the leader of the first Trios tag team champions. I was the first woman to challenge for the Lucha Underground title and the only woman to hold the Shine championship twice. I did those last two on my own; you've done what with daddy's help? Cheat a kid out of the title while daddy had to help?

Ivelisse shakes her head.

Ivelisse: You think I'd be scared of your little threat of beating me up? Or the weapons you want to bring? Come on brat you got to try harder than that, you sounded like you sulking not making a real threat. I've faced Mil Muertes, The Man of a Thousand Deaths. I've met creeps on the streets of San Juan that scared me more than you ever will. The Baddest Bitch in the Building doesn't get scared of foolish little brats.

She pauses with a smirk.

Ivelisse: I'm going to walk out of Heart of Glory with everything Ari, the title, my pride as a Luchadora and my loving Angel. You... Well at least you'll still have daddy right? Or will daddy walk away once you tap out right in front of him?

Ivelisse throws the bat into the fire and starts to turn to walk back to the bikes, but turns back quickly.

Ivelisse: Oh wait! I almost forgot I've got a little good luck charm for the match!

She smirks and pulls a sealed baggy out of her jacket pocket, it contains the ring and picture Ari had left in the bar.

Ivelisse: You should be real careful about where you leave things; I mean anyone could have just taken it. You left it right out in the open, luckily I've got it now and I'll be bringing it out to the ring. See you brat, keep my title warm for me.

Ivelisse puts it back in her pocket and walks back to Angelico, when she reaches him she kisses him with a deep kiss as the camera starts to fade to black.

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Re: Heart of Glory Promo Area

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