3-30-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo

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3-30-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:28 pm


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Re: 3-30-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo

Post by Stu Bennett on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:34 pm

The camera opens up in a well-furnished and beautiful study. The walls are filled with shelves of books, a desk sitting near the center of the room. A globe sits on the desk, as well as a small antique lamp. In fact, the only imperfection in the entire room is that the mirror behind the desk is cracked. Sitting at the desk, hunched over as he scrawls in a journal is Wade Barrett. His hair is graying at the sides, gray even in his beard. He stands, looking sharp in a blue three-piece suit.

Wade: Being a gentleman is about more than just acts of chivalry. The truth is, it's about dealing with man's greatest burden, his unfulfilled potential.

There is a knock on the study door and Wade opens it to reveal Elijah Bancroft. With a professional smile, Bancroft removes his bowler hat, respectfully bowing his head.

Bancroft: Hello, Mister Barrett!

Wade moves to the side, offering a seat as Elijah enters the room. Wade strides back to his seat, offering a hand but not sitting.

Wade: It's so very good to see you. And in a good mood, I hope? After all, I performed the task you set in front of me so very well.

Bancroft shakes his hand before taking the offered seat, placing his hat in his lap.

Bancroft: Ah, indeed I am. It worked brilliantly!

Wade smiles and gets into a drawer on his desk, producing a bottle of scotch and two small tumblers before sitting down.

Wade: -as he pours- I had to take my rightful pin from the hands of Zack Sabre Jr. That twit almost took the occasion from me.

Bancroft: -frowns- No, we can't have that. Why should he get the win, if he does hardly any of the work?

Wade nods as he sets one of the glasses in front of Bancroft, setting the other in front of himself.

Wade: Exactly! He and Will Ospreay act as if they are the only Brits who matter. They're wrong, of course. So very wrong.

Bancroft: -after quietly thanking him for the drink, he speaks sharply- Of course they are wrong! There are many of us on the rosters. And, if I thought they were the ones who will reach the top, I would have gone with them.

Wade: -sips his drink- Yes, well, I have to destroy Sabre. They have left me no choice. It is said that one needs a war plan that's ethical, moral, and honest. I'm sorry, but I refuse to do any of that.

Hearing that, Bancroft lets out a hearty chuckle; one hand on his chest.

Bancroft: My goodness! I never said I did not approve of doing what is necessary. -he shakes his head- No! You do what you feel you must. Miss Bancroft was a different matter.

Wade: -smirks- Good, because I prefer to break my opponents. The snap of his arm in my hands will be so very satisfactory. I want him to bleed.

Bancroft: Hm. Well, keep in mind the restrictions of your match if it's victory you crave!

Wade: -laughs and steeples his fingers as he leans against the desk- It's victory I crave, Mr. Bancroft, but it's retribution I crave. I want Zack Sabre Jr to realize how cruel I can actually be. You see, I think it's time Zack and the rest of the roster learned a very important lesson. I'm done holding back.

Bancroft: Hm. Well getting that should not prove too difficult. They already handed out a no disqualification match to Mr. Heyman and Ms. Velez.

Wade makes a sound of disapproval, pulling back to sit in his chair. He downs his scotch before slamming the glass on the desk.

Wade: No. Not for one match. My goal is to remind everyone just why I am bad news.

The camera fades out on the cruel smile on Wade's lips.
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Re: 3-30-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo

Post by Nia Jax on Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:57 pm

The camera comes up on what looks to be an old style battlefield. We see two figures. One is a red-headed woman who looks suspiciously like Becky Lynch, dressed in a set of chainmail armor with a blue cape, a sword in her hand. The other, we see, is Nia Jax. She sits on the back of a horse, dressed in a metal corset and leather pants, her brown hair pulled into a braid at the back of her head and a battle ax in her hand.

Woman's Voice: Of fourscore slaves forced to fight for our lives, knee deep in dirt made muddy with the blood of our fellow prisoners, only two survived: myself and this Goddess of Death in front of me.

The two women engage in swordplay, evenly matched with one another. The voice continues as the two women fight.

Woman's Voice: I consider her my sister. In that inescapable hell, we fought and stayed until only we remained. The next morning, we were scheduled to fight. Friend to friend, savage to savage. Sister to sister.

The other forces ease in until the screen is almost filled, but our focus stays on Nia and the woman who looks like Becky.

Woman's Voice: For a moment, we were eternal. We are every warrior forced to kill and die for a cause no one will remember in years to come, every adversary who ever felt blade cleave into bone. Every crimson-stained fighter who died for nothing.

The camera effect ripples and the view changes, showing instead a comic that resembles the scene we saw play out in comic form. Nia Jax is sitting in her hotel room bed, the comic, titled Red Sonja, in her hands. Her hair is frizzy around her head.

Nia: Pretty bad ass, huh? I was never a big fan of superhero comics, but I always preferred the sword-and-sorcery pieces and no one was ever cooler than Red Sonja. She doesn't need others to defend her and, on the rare occasions that a man was at her side, she was always proven to be far more capable than that man. Guess things aren't too different in our world here in the NCWA.

Nia puts the comic down and gives a small grin, focusing on the camera.

Nia: Becky reminds me a lot of Red Sonja, in more than just the way she looks. I mean, she's got the same small, pale frame and red hair, but there is more to it. Sonja, much like Becky, enjoys puns. All kinds of puns, though Sonja often used her puns as an attack announcement Just like Sonja, Becky's people are the Celts, though Sonja's were a fake society based on the Celts.

Nia turns to another page, a full page spread of the red-haired woman, who we now know to be Red Sonja, and a white-haired warrior woman dressed in leather armor in combat.

Nia: Sonja was tough but even she had an equal. Her name was Dark Annisia and she didn't start out a villain. When she and Sonja were younger, they were both forced into slavery to fight in front of a vile king. They were mistreated badly by the king until Sonja and Annisia were freed by a kind king. Sonja swore fealty to him, but it was too late for Annisia. The pressure that was put on Annisia from those she had murdered in the pit for the king's amusement had driven her mad. She saw the spirits, heard them pressure her to take their revenge.

Nia's head lingers on the page and she gives a small smile.

Nia: Our story isn't dead as to that of Sonja and Annisia, but I can see the parallels. Our vile king we served like slaves under was Vince McMahon. We were mistreated because we were never treated as well as the other girls. We were always seen as second choices, even during our NXT days. She was better than that, I was better than that. We were rescued in our own ways. Becky found the company of her fellow Irishmen and a few Scots, swore to make everyone happy. I took a different route, swore I'd live for me only. I may not have the ghosts of others reigning down on me, but I have my bloodline to uphold. I'm going to prove that, even after the separation of the roster, I deserve to be the champion.

Nia goes back to reading, the camera fading out on the image of the two warrior women on the front of the comic.
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Re: 3-30-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo

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