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Post by Kai Anoai on Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:20 am

1) Respect all other characters and authors. As writers, our characters will say things that we, the authors, don't always agree with. As an author, we are never to purposefully disrespect anyone.

2) The limit for characters is 5. This is to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and able to play. If you are playing a canon character, new stories and developments are great (as with every character), but their main personality should remain as close to canon as possible e.g. Kane on screen is supposed to be scary, not shy or always making jokes and characters like The Miz are talkative and a little cocky.

3) Promos for the show are due the Sunday after the card is posted. This gives him a week to get the promo done and a week for the admins to grade it.

4) If you need an extension for promos due to personal reasons, contact an admin. We will extend he deadline by two days. If it becomes a recurring issue, an admin will advise that you drop a character if you have more than one.

5) An admin should be contacted if you have any ideas for a storyline, so as not to mess with other ongoing storylines.
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