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Post by Kai Anoai on Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:43 pm

Promos are due here no later than midnight (central time) on March 24th.
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Post by Shea on Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:44 pm

A hooded figure in a mask is seen, standing, staring at the camera. There is a weak spotlight illuminating them, while there rest of the scene is a void of darkness. After an eerie silence, the figure laughs and removes the mask and hood - it is Jacen Westmore.

Jacen: *sarcastic* Scary.  

He snorts and tosses aside the mask.

Jacen: Jimmy, Jimmy - Jacobs that is. What. Happened? I was expecting better from you and your group. There have been so many ‘scary’ groups in the past, but there’s a fine line between ‘meh’ *he shrugs* and truly...unsettling.

He smirks and opens his hooded jacket to show off the Maverick’s Championship around his waist.  

Jacen: Here Remy is the difference between you and your team and...myself. Masks. Masks can be scary. Depends on the look of the mask. Depends on the type of mask. Say, for example…

He tilts his head to one side, then back again, almost like a twitch.

Jacen: Kiddy masks from a local store. A yellow bear in a red shirt. Blonde Princess version 9000… not scary. Hockey mask? Not scary, but it can be associated with scary, using the right tricks. Sparkly masquerade mask? Only if you’re from the Negaverse and she has a red ribbon in her hair… Or perhaps the simple farm animal masks, say a sheep head. Those can be scary done right. *he pauses for a moment* Truly scary masks can be a matter of opinion, however I think most people would agree the Red Dragon masks are…

He glances off screen as if distracted, turning back after a moment.

Jacen: Your little mask game Remy… it was something like the hockey mask. It could have been scary, but you were missing an all-important element: there was no spark. Nothing to really get inside your opponent’s heads. Maybe…

He tilts his head again and the screen distorts with static briefly.

Jacen: Maaaybe you should talk to Dante. Maaaybe you should talk to Rae.

He makes a humming sound, almost like a ‘ha ha’.

Jacen: Or even the brother backstage. *he shrugs* You’re missing something Remy. Are you sure you learned to tap into that darkness you talk about? I can give you a tip…

The image jumps and distorts, static interrupting again.

Jacen: See- sometimes you don’t even need a mask… at least not a physical one. Sometimes the mask is you. Things a person says or does may only be a mask to hide true intentions, true personalities…

For a moment, Jacen’s dark brown eyes show a sadness, almost as if he’s about to cry, but then the screen glitches and the look is gone. Jacen’s expression is once again cold.

Jacen: Trouble is then… which is the mask and which is real? Trouble is… even the person putting on the mask sometimes ends up unable to tell. Careful.

With another laugh, he pulls his hood back up and seems to disappear into the darkness.

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Post by Jekyll & Hyde on Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:10 pm

The sound of barbells is heard before the camera ever shows us what is going on. The camera us a gym, much different than the upscale one that would be in the backstage area of the NCWA. This is more basic, more befitting of young trainees. On one of the rusted weight benches, we see Marty Scurll lifting the weights. He's wearing a black tank top with the words Villain Club across it in white lettering with black gym shorts. The door to the decrepit gym opens and we see Wade Barrett enter, looking around with a look of disgust on his face. He is dressed in a black shirt with a familiar looking N symbol in yellow lettering and blue jeans.

Wade: My god, Martin. Why are you training in such a ghastly local? Certainly, you can do much better?

Marty: Do better? You forget your background, Barrett. Didn't you learn to fight in places like this, hmm?

Wade: Learn to fight? No. Perfected my craft? Perhaps.

Marty: See? You've strayed from the path that you used to walk. You let the lap of luxury change you.

Wade: Maybe I've forgotten where I learned it all, but my message remains true. It's the same as yours. Destroy everything in our paths and prove our dominance.

Wade takes a spot next to Marty, grabbing for two fifty pound barbells. He does his reps, taking a glance at Marty before speaking.

Wade: There is a quote that reminds me all too well of our opponents this week.

Marty: *playfully rolls his eyes* Do all well read men like to quote things or just you?

Wade: *chuckles* Touche, my friend, touche. *runs a hand through his hair* And yet the quote remains. Oscar Wilde once said, "there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about".

Marty: *laughs* That reminds you of Tommy and Lucky?

Wade: Well, yes. Look at the chatter since our last show. Everyone talking about the tag team matches is talking about one of two things. The first is your remarkable tactic with the brolly. Quite damaging and remarkable if I must say so myself. The second was that ingrate Dalton Castle tossing one of his boys as a weapon.

Marty: I have to say that bit with Boy #1 was ingenious, even if he did get disqualified for it.

Wade: The point is, Lucky and Thomas are only a footnote on their own win in the eyes of the crowd. How badly must that boil the blood in their veins! They may have won but it was only a technicality. It was Peacock Rock that made the impression, not the Warriors. *smirks* That's not the important part.

Marty: The important part is their in-ring ability. We didn't get to see much of that from their match with Peacock Rock. In fact, we barely saw anything. They saw more of us than we did of them.

Wade: They may have seen more of us, but they didn't see all of us. That's very important. We have an entire arsenal they didn't know about. They may use a brawler style, but I perfected a brawler style. I know how to do more with my fists than they ever thought possible.

Marty gives a nod, putting down the weights that he's lifting. He turns to Wade, a thoughtful look on his face.

Marty: The harder they come at me with those fists, the easier it will be for me to turn their own momentum against them. I will do to them exactly what Peacock Rock did.

Wade: Oh? And what's that Scurll?

Marty: Make them nothing but a footnote.

The camera fades out on the shared look of amusement between Marty and Wade.
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Post by Limitless Smiles on Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:49 pm

The camera opens up on the footage of Limitless Smiles winning the Syndicate Division Championships. The footage is colorful and bright at first, before getting duller and duller until going completely black and white when the team is attacked from behind by the three newcomers. The footage then ends before coming up on a small apartment, Kelani sitting on the couch, speaking into her cell phone.

Kelani: Leai se tama. O loo ou faia lelei lava iinei. E te le tau sau e aumai au.

There is a pause, Kelani letting out a small sigh. She runs a hand over her face.

Kelani: Tama! Colt, Matt, ma Keith o loo tausia lelei a’u. Na tupu lenei mea ia te oe i taimi uma.

After a moment, Kelani nods with another small sigh. She listens intently to the voice on the other end of the phone.

Kelani: Lelei lo’u tama. O le a ou va’ai ia oe I le Aso Toonai mo le ‘aiga o le afiafi. Alofa atu.

She hands up the phone as Matt, Keith, and Colt enter the room. None of the three bear their signature smiles. If anything, Colt and Keith look to be taking this hard. Keith sits on the couch next to her left, Matt to her right, and Colt in a nearby easy chair.

Colt: He’s really not happy, is he?

Kelani: It took a lot of talking to get him to let me come here in the first place. Now that this happened, he’s not too happy.

Colt: I promised him I wouldn’t let you get hurt. It’s my fault.

Matt: It’s no one’s fault, bro. That’s just how these guys work.

Keith: Not all of ‘em used to be like this and you know it.

Kelani: *frustrated* I don’t know who these guys are!

Colt: You two do seem to know who these folks are. Care to share?

Matt and Keith exchange a look as if trying to find exactly what to say.

Keith: Progress guys. Spike Trivet, the one who attacked me. He’s sorta a pretty boy, rich boy type. Death match guy, vicious and mean.

Matt: Then there’s Drew Parker, the bro who attacked me. Fierce, deadly. He’s just like Havoc was in his youth. Another death match guy.

Kelani: And I’m guessing the guy who attacked me is also a death match guy?

Keith: No. That’s the weirdest thing. Mambo is…or was…like us. Wanted fun and joy.

Matt: Bro drove around in a time traveling van for God's sake.

Kelani: So why turn into…well…this?

Colt: As someone who’s sorta walked the same path, I think I get it. Sometimes promoters don’t’ take comedy acts seriously, even if they win the big ones. If guys don’t get paid their dues, it hurts deep down.

Matt: Bro won the Progress World Cup and never got a title shot. I can’t blame him for what he did. *notices the look from Kelani* There. I can’t blame him for what he did there, bro.

Kelani: I still don’t understand what this has to do with me. I have trained and fought and worked hard to be recognized. It’s not like this was unfairly handed to us, Heathens and us were the only teams in the company and we won fair and square. *shakes her head* It’s not like we were the ones who passed them over. Had they come to us like men, I could have understood. Instead, they attacked us from behind like scared little boys.

Colt: So, you’ve got a plan, right?

Kelani: First off, I gotta watch some tapes. I know little to nothing about Mambo as a competitor. I need to know everything about him. I need to know his moves, from every simple armbar to his finisher.

Keith: It’s called Chuck You.

Colt: So it’s a pun?

Keith: It is a pun.

Kelani: Guys. Focus. I’m gonna need help. Can you guys give me that?

Matt: Bro, you know I’m here for you.

Colt: *playfully* Til the end of the line.

Keith: I let you down once, Lani. I won’t let you down again.

Kelani: Then I guess I just have to beat Mambo so hey, ho, let’s go.

The camera fades out as the quartet share a wide grin.

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Post by Peacock Rock on Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:54 pm

The sound of a sewing machine is heard before the camera opens up on what appears to be a tailor shop. Over in the corner we see a half circle of mirrors, Dalton Castle standing in front of them wearing a purple suit accented by a bright blue pocket square. It is only after a minute that we realize that, instead of standing on a stool, Dalton is standing with one foot on each of the boy's backs. The camera pans back to show Spud sitting nearby, dressed in his favorite rainbow-colored suit, appraising the look of his tag team partner.

Dalton: It does look nice but I still can’t believe that referee disqualified me! I didn’t do anything wrong! Ring of Honor understood that the boys are just boys, not outside help!

He steps down and claps twice, the Boys standing behind him. He gently grabs the chin of the Boy that he threw at Lucky.

Dalton: Does he look like he intended to hurt anyone? He’s a good boy, Spud. They’re good boys!

Spud: As we have established. The point is now that we are no longer going to be in the running for the NCWA Tag Team Championships. We lost some momentum, but we have a chance to gain some in our next outing.

Dalton: *sighs* Oh? Who did they put us up against?

Spud: The Immortal Angels.

Dalton: Dani Giacomo and Ivelisse Velez?

Spud: *nods* Those would be the ones.

Dalton: I am a very firm supporter of Ivelisse. Anyone willing to own how the fans see them and work with it is a brave soul. It also doesn’t hurt that she is a very strong woman. I’ve seen her fight men like Son of Havoc and her darling Angelico. It also doesn’t help that both she and her Angelico are extremely nice to look at.

Spud: *small chuckle* You would say that. I must say, you are not wrong about the fact that she’s good in the ring. Not many have the ability to stand toe to toe with athletes the caliber of which she faced off against in Lucha Underground. I know she’ll be a force of nature in the ring. She has a devastating arsenal, especially that wheelbarrow kick.

Dalton: Not to mention she’s probably livid! I know if that blasted cur Scurll locked me in his umbrella like that, I would also be very angry. Immortal Angels should have gone on just like we should have.

Spud: I think our best bet, even if she’s no less dangerous, is to keep Dani in the ring. She’s every bit as dangerous considering we know less about her than we do about Ivelisse, but she’s not as angry about the position she was in last week. She seems more level headed than Ivelisse. That’s not to say that I discredit Dani. I’ve watched the tapes and in a fair match such as this, she’s going to have even odds. Her Twista is a very powerful move, so we must make sure to avoid it.

Dalton smiles and turns back to the circle of mirrors to admire himself. Spud takes a glance at the watch on his wrist before biting his lip.

Spud: Make me a promise, Dalton?

Dalton: Yes, Spudsy?

Spud: Try not to get us disqualified. I’d like to win this one.

Dalton: *smirks and claps a hand to Spud’s shoulder* I’ll try Spudsy. Now, come on. Let’s go break some hearts.

The camera fades out on the reflections of Spud, Dalton, and the boys.

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Post by Do Not Resuscitate on Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:29 pm

[ The camera opens on an extravagant hotel suite. Chuck Mambo sits cross-legged on one of the beds still in his pajamas. His normally slicked back hair still mussed, while Drew Parker lays on the other with Spike Trivet seated beside him. Drew's hair is pulled back and pushed aside so that Spike can apply antibiotic ointment to the various cuts on his back from various deathmatches. Drew, too is lounging in his pajama pants, while Spike, as usual, is dressed in a perfectly tailored, blue three-piece suit. ]

Drew: Thanks for handlin' the hotel for us Spike! S'nicer than anything I've ever stayed in before.

[ Spike smirks ]

Spike: Of course. We need to be focused for the next show, not playing count the cockroaches at three in the morning. [ he shudders ] We have our first real opportunity here, lads. We have a real chance to show NCWA what we can do here.

Drew: They think we don't see the game they're playin', sendin' Chuckie out there on his own first. They think he's the weak link, think we're gonna be ready to toss 'im aside at the first sign of weakness. We don't work like that. They can play their little games if they want, but we're not fallin' for it.

Chuck: To be fair though, mate, she probably is the weakest link on their side? No' because she's a woman or any'fing, but just the inexperience? Not just in the ring though. She 'asn't seen the truth about the world yet. I used to be like them, yeah. I used to be all happiness, and sunshine, and rainbows.

Drew: And a time traveling van.

[ Chuck nods ]

Chuck: Then I saw the real'ity of it all. Being nice wasn't gonna get me anywhere. Makin' people 'appy doesn't get you anywhere. Jus' leaves you alone, in a rundown van--

Drew: Time traveling van!

Chuck: [ sighs ] A rundown time traveling van wonderin' where you went wrong.

Spike: Or they make you into one of their little puppets. Before you know it, you're wearing unicorn horns and selling sugary breakfast cereal. [ he makes a disgusted face ]

Chuck: I'm no' anybody's puppet anymore. Kelani, there's still time for you to get out before they strip you of your soul too, you just have to open your eyes to it...

[ He looks over at Spike and Drew on the opposite bed as the camera fades to black ]

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Post by Westmore on Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:57 am

The camera fades in slowly as humming is heard; it's a dark and small hallway. Sitting on what looks like a stool is Remy Brooks and he's humming the Heathens theme song. He's dressed simply in dark clothes and ignoring the camera as he looks at something on his lap. He stops humming before smiling and starting to talk.

Remy: Well once again we're going face off in the ring together Jacen, I'll admit I'm looking forward to just you and me. To see who would win in a one on one match, to see if you can make me take out like you did Rae James. Or if I can shock the NCWA and pin the brand new champ. Triple threats aren't a good way to really judge just how good one's opponent is, too much chaos going on to really see anything. But now that it's just us, I get to see just how good the oldest Westmore brother is. Shame it wasn't last week, but at least we got to see how good your little brother really is right?

Remy smiles and lifts an almost steam punk style metal mask up.

Remy: I'm glad though you decided Heathens group entrance was worth a watch, it’s nice that someone did. Though I'm a little surprised you think we're trying to present ourselves as a "scary" group, like the Wyatt Family... Heathens are not trying to scare everyone, there's more than enough of that with you and Jimmy Havoc in the company. We're not here to scare people or be heels; we're not that kind of group. The masks aren't meant to scare, they're meant as a metaphor... I would have thought you would have understood that, Heathens is here because Jimmy wants to nurture us and protect us from those who don't understand. If we come across as creepy or scary it's just because that's who we as a group are, we're different and Jimmy understands us. I thought our theme would have explained that pretty well if you were really paying attention.

He sighs with a small pout.

Remy: Shame you don't get us yet... But at least you're not afraid to talk about baby brother; honestly I'm surprised you didn't have more to say about your brother though... I mean I'd be at least miffed if my sibling took all the glory. I mean you won the first title match of NCWA history and made Rae tap out, but they all were talking about the upset of Dante beating a Japanese star like Rin Takahashi in his first match... You managed to get the dubious honor of being talked about in the rumor mill, but people care more about Dante and his boyfriend... And don't forget the worst offense... Baby brother got hired for the main division and you got put in another cruiserweight division... You've been wrestling longer, but it’s Dante they all love... Pity that it is that way, the younger brother outshining his elder brother...

Remy just chuckles as he pauses.

Remy: It's a shame you spent so much time focusing on our masks and how we're supposedly trying for a scary vibe, but I think I'm starting to understand you now. Jimmy already understands you, he understands better than anyone else. You'll see when we start phase two; I think you'll really understand. *smirks* It looks like you might just be one of us...

Remy starts humming the Heathen's theme again before getting up, he leaves the mask on his stool. He walks past the camera, moments later the slamming of a door is heard and the light is gone.

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Post by Westmore on Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:54 pm

There is the sound of traffic heard as the camera slowly fades in; it's the top floor of a park garage. Leaning against a pillar is Jaxx Karden, one of the members of the group known as Heathens. He has a beer bottle in his hands and another unopened two beside him as he looks out over the crowded city, even though his breath is visible he doesn't seem cold. He looks quite bored and a bit annoyed; he takes a drink before saying loudly.

Jaxx: You know at least back home when you couldn't see the sea you could still smell it, not whatever the hell big cities smell like.

A snort is heard as Jaylee walks towards her cousin.

Jaylee: Wha? You’re acting like your missing fucking Swansea, who are you and what did you do to my cousin?

Jaxx: *chuckles* Don't miss Swansea, just miss the sea...

Jaylee: Liar... *steals the beer from his hand* You know if you’re going to sneak out and get in trouble you could have gone somewhere interesting... Like a club or some U.S. landmark... Iechyd Da. *takes a drink of his beer* How do you stomach this shit?

Jaxx: *laughs* Like I give a shit about clubs or landmarks... I hate clubs, filled with spoiled brats and landmarks are even worse... Give me a warehouse party or the quiet of the sea and then give me a good pint.

Jaylee: I'm only saying... You could have done anything besides sit in the cold and drink nasty beer mate.

Jaxx: *steals his beer back* Iechyd Da.

He finishes the beer before opening the other two and holding out one to Jaylee, she takes it with a chuckle.

Jaxx: Besides I'll only get in trouble because Jimmy thinks I'm going to kick one of their arse before the match... Never mind I only do it when they deserve it, plus I've got caught for it just once and old Timmy deserved it...

Jaylee: Ych a fi... *wrinkles her noise* Don't say that name to me, he did deserve it... It was pretty brilliant too, just a damn shame it cost us our title match we worked hard for.

Jaxx: I'm only saying, it was only because he had an in with the promoters. *rolls his eyes* But that's beyond the point, I'm not going to attack Riddle before the match like Jimmy thinks. See I'm going to do one better, I'm going to beat him one on one in the ring and show him he isn't as great as he thinks he is.

Jaylee: *laughs* You think you can really do that? You’re the one he made tap!

Jaxx: I'm not being funny Jaylee! *gives a scowl* I'm going to beat him and this time he's the one that will to tap out. His focus will either be on bring excited about being a champion or it will be on paranoia about the new attackers. I'm going to use either to my total advantage and it's going to my match, my win.

Jaxx raises his bottle, waiting for Jaylee's bottle to meet his.

Jaxx: *smirks* To winning this match and starting our road back to the titles.

Jaylee: Iechyd Da.

They both take long drinks before Jaylee smiles.

Jaylee: Let's get back inside, you've brooded alone long enough.

Jaxx: Am I going to have to listen to you and Liv chopsing all night again?

Jaylee: *smirks* It's chopsing or flirting and I don't think she's ready for my flirting.

Jaxx laughs as he straightens up, walking away with Jaylee as the camera fades out.

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3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution Promo Area Empty Re: 3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution Promo Area

Post by Limitless Smiles on Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:20 pm

The camera opens up on the same living room that we were in for Kelani’s promo. Matt Riddle sits on the couch, baseball hat turned around and feet on the table. He holds a PS4 controller, as if he’s getting ready to sit down and play. Keith Lee enters the room with two bottles of beer, setting them on coasters on the table before pushing Matt’s feet off of the table.

Keith: Manners dude! Would you want your little ones doing that?

Matt: *playfully rolls his eyes* No sir.

Keith: How are they, by the way? Doing good?

Matt: Very good. Allison and Amy are getting so big and Zach is my little bro. You should come by, see them and Lisa.You know she’s always happy to see you. *looks towards the bedroom* Lani studying?

Keith: *nods* She’s worried about Mambo. You know how the kid gets when she gets worried.

Matt: You should be in there with Kelani, bro. She’s gonna need help.

Keith shoots Matt a look as if to implore him not to push the subject, before letting out a sigh.

Keith: Colt’s in there with her. She’ll do just fine. She’s a tough girl. Besides, you got other problems. Jaxx Kaiden.

Matt:Isn’t he the bro I made tap out last show? The bro I made tap to get us the Syndicate Division championships?

Keith: That would be the one.

Matt: Do we still not know anything about him and that creepy cult of bros?

Keith: Not really. Only new thing we’ve learned is that Jaylee and Liv don’t get along. We don’t know anything about this creepy ass cult.

Matt: I don’t like it, bro. I don’t like it at all. I mean, sure I’ve dealt with creepy ass people before. Darby Allin, Brody King, Jimmy Havoc, Penta El Zero. All bros I’ve faced off against and bros who are much more terrifying than Jaxx.

Keith: Well, yeah, but we know them. That makes them less scary.

Matt: Huh? What are you going on about?

Keith: Well, like, Darbs for instance. He may be a creepy goth inside the ring, but he’s a good man backstage. Brody isn’t really creepy as much as he is gruff.

Matt: *smirks* And Jimmy, bro? Dude bit into my foot.

Keith: Yeah, he’s an odd dude but he’s got his reasons. Jaxx is way worse.

Matt: Bro. He bit. Into. My. Foot. No reason is good enough to justify biting into my foot. *thinks* Jaxx is more dangerous in some ways. I will say that. We know that he’s a dangerous bro first hand. I just don’t think he’s creepy. Sure, we know nothing about him, but he’s just a young and scared bro. He don’t know where he is in life. That’s why him and his cuz joined up with Heathens. They think Jimmy’s got the home environment they need. Jimmy is leading them astray.

Keith: Let’s not forget about the last group of folks Jacobs led astray. They include Tyler Black.

Matt: Why’s that so important?

Keith: Sure, with the Age of the Fall Tyler wasn’t much but look at everything he encountered after. Jaxx could very well have that talent in him.

Matt puts the PS4 controller down as if he hadn’t thought about that. He leans forward and puts his head in his hands.

Matt: Oh god, I didn’t think about that, bro. This…this changes…*he looks up with a smirk* not a damn thing! Are you serious, bro? I made him tap once and I’m gonna make him tap again.

Keith: And if he doesn’t tap?

Matt: Are you serious, bro? If he doesn’t tap, I hit a Bro To Sleep and end his misery. Now, c’mon, I wanna get some Red Dead in before I gotta get home.

Keith playfully rolls his eyes and grabs the other controller, the camera fading out on the two sitting together.

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3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution Promo Area Empty Re: 3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution Promo Area

Post by Rae James on Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:29 pm

The camera opens up on a beautiful and traditional moon gate, the surrounding area looking very well managed. The figure of two women enter the moon gate to walk into the garden. The first we recognize as NCWA Maverick Division star Rae James. She’s wearing a gray shirt decorated with a symbol meshing the male and female sex signs, an equal sign in the center of the circle, and blue jeans. The girl walking next to her is wearing a cute white sundress with a pretty pink floral design.

Rae: Thanks for coming out here to Charlotte with me, Delly. It’s been a while.

Delilah: Anytime. You know that. Scar is excited to see you.

Rae: I’m excited to see the little pumpkin. Is she with your new beau?

Delilah: She is.

Rae: *chuckles* Mr. Soldier treats you good?

Delilah: He’s amazing. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Rae: Good. If anyone in the family deserves to be happy, it’s you, Delly. *thoughtfully* I wonder if your soldier knows my opponent for the week.

Delilah: So do you, but now’s not the time for that argument. *she pauses* It’s possible.

Rae takes a spot on a bench and pats it for Delly to sit next to her.

Rae: Ya know, when I first saw Marco’s promo, I was extremely interested. He’s a military guy who wanted to retire to a slight change of pace. Then he brought out the one fucking card I can’t stand.

Delilah moves to sit next to Rae, listening quietly.

Rae: I believe his exact words were, ‘bit on the fence about having a girl in there, but if she can keep up’. Can you fucking believe that?

Delilah: *rolls her eyes* Why are there still people like that?

Rae: I both expected it and didn’t. I mean, apparently he was trained by Orton, so that’s why I expected it. But the man is a soldier, he probably served beside female soldiers. Why are female wrestlers any different?

Delilah: It doesn’t make any sense, to be honest.

Rae: I mean, women have been warriors since the dawn of time. Take Takeko Nakano for example.

Delilah: Who?

Rae: Takekeo Nakano was a samurai in the 1860s. After her shogun surrendered, Takeko led the forces to keep fighting for Aizu. Even the lowers ranking much preferred to take their own lives and the lives of her children over surrender. While others retreated, Takeko and her family pressed forward. The leader of the forces they met up with only allowed them to join when faced with his own death. Stories say Takeko fought like a demon, taking down five or six soldiers on her own. Their final stands was a suicide mission and, while Takeko died, so did many more women. 660 out of 4956 killed were women.

Delilah: Wow.

Rae: So this match with Marco can go one of two ways.

Delilah: *nods*

Rae: You ain’t gonna ask what those are?

Delilah: Go on.

Rae: First way is the preferred way. First way is that I go into the ring, match him hit for hit, and eventually land the Eat My Boot. First way is a win for me, proving I really have earned my position in the division.

Delilah: Which you have.

Rae: The second way is a little messier. The second way is I go into the ring, stand toe to toe with Marco, and lose. My intention with that is simply to show him that girls have every bit of fight in them as men do.

Delilah: Either way, it’s a win in its own way, yeah?

Rae: Either way it’s a win. *smiles* C’mon. I bet your private soldier is waiting. Plus I wanna see Scarlet.

Delilah: Let’s go. *smiles*

The sisters stand before the camera fades out.
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Post by Nolee Angle on Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:40 pm

The camera opens comes up on what looks like a backstage locker room, a private one from the lack of other lockers and people. In the room Nolee Angle sits on the couch, watching the tv mounted on the wall with a look of disbelief. The door to the locker room opens and in walks Olympic gold medalist and current WWE star Kurt Angle. He looks like he has also been crying. As soon as he enters the room, Nolee springs from her chair and tosses her arms around her dad.

Nolee: Oh daddy! That’s why you called me up to Pittsburgh!

Kurt: Not the only reason but…I wanted you here for this.

Nolee: I’m here daddy. Whatever you need.

Kurt: Just a distraction. Need to get my mind off of all of this.

Nolee gives a small nod, handing Kurt his bag with a small chuckle.

Nolee: First you need a shower and a change of clothes. Then we can go get food.

The camera fades to Kurt and Nolee sitting in a diner together, a coffee cup sitting in front of them. Nolee also has a half-finished burger and some fries.

Nolee: I bet Giovanna is gonna be happy to have you at home. I know the girls are. Kody too.

Kurt: I’m going to have so much housework to do. *laughs* So how’s work going?

Nolee: *small smile* I…uh…I’m in the running to be their first high ranking champion, the World Class Champion.

Kurt: Nolee, sweetheart, that’s amazing! Who are you going up against?

Nolee: Egan Archer and Dante Westmore.

Kurt: Egan…he wrestled in WWE for a time, didn’t he?

Nolee: Yeah. Apparently, he was a cruiserweight champion? Tagged with Rey for a bit? When he came into the company, his introduction showed us a few of his highlights. Problem is, I still don’t remember him. You would think if he was as great as he thinks he is, more people would?

Kurt: Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes the greatest talents get stuck in the crosshairs. *thinks* Egan…colorful guy? Wears bright colors?

Nolee: That would be the one.

Kurt: I remember him being around backstage, even if we ran in different circles. I do remember his match with Paul London being extremely fast-paced and exciting. How are you working on catching up to him?

Nolee: Lots of cardio. I’ve been doing miles on the track, started wearing leg weight when I am. I know there’s a chance I won’t be able to catch him, but this gives me an up. I’ve been watching tapes of his stuff to try and get a feel for his moves. Lots of flips and twists and kicks. Just like Shelley, and I beat him last week.

Kurt: Don’t make the mistake of underestimating him. He’s not going to have the same set of moves, he’s not the same person. And anyone can win on any given day.

Nolee: That statement right there is the reason I’m giving my other opponent more attention.

Kurt: It’s a triple threat. Who’s the other?

Nolee: *pops one of her fries in her mouth* Dante Westmore.

Kurt: Who?

Nolee: Exactly. This is his first company. He’s never held a title, never worked anywhere else before. Compared to Egan and me, he’s green. I’m not going to take him too lightly. I mean, in his own opener he beat Rin Takahashi, the longest reigning Shine Champion.

Kurt: I know about Rin! I heard about her while in Japan. She’s amazing.

Nolee: *teasingly* Lookit you knowing indy wrestlers, daddy.

Kurt: I try, I try. *chuckles*

Nolee: Point is, a none one came out of nowhere to qualify for this match. I hear the fans talk. They’re interested to see what he can do. Hell, I’m interested to see what he can do. The problem is I have more experience than he does. I’ve wrestled for two companies other than this. I’ve been in the ring with absolute legends, current company included.

Kurt: You flatter me kid.

Nolee: It’s the truth.

Kurt: So what’s your game plan with Dante?

Nolee: Again, he’s flippy. I’m gonna have to ground him just like I would Egan. I’m gonna keep an eye on him, try to see what he does. I know this isn’t a phrase you like…but Imma wing it.

Kurt: You absolutely should not wing this.

Nolee: I know, but I am. *smirks* And when I take the World Class Championship as mine, that’s for you pops.

The camera fades out on Nolee, a gleam of mischief in her eyes.
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Post by Westmore on Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:28 pm

The camera fades in on a grand looking building, the sounds of birds heard even from outside. Standing in front of the building is Immortal Angel member Dani Giacomo, she has her arms crossed and she looks like she's trying to keep warm. She gives a delighted smile as her tag team partner Ivelisse Velez walks up to her, holding two hot coffee's and holding one out to Dani. Dani takes hers before taking a sip of the hot drink.

Dani: Grazie! *takes another drink* So will you tell me where we are and why we are here mio amico?

Ivelisse: We are outside the bird house, at the Zoo Atlanta and we are here because I thought it would be perfect place to talk about Peacock Rock.

Ivelisse heads inside, Dani and the camera following her. They walk past a few glass windows before Ivelisse finds the one she wants.

Ivelisse: Let's start here, since it'll be the easiest.

Visible through the glass window is an Indian Peacock, its tail spread out. It's a beautiful display and causes Ivelisse to grin.

Ivelisse: Let's start with the pretty obvious, Dalton equals peacock.

Dani: *chuckles and nods* Ovviamente...

Ivelisse: Everyone knows just how Dalton is like his namesake, extravagant and pompous. There could be more said, but honestly it would just be us talking in circles.

Dani: Di nuovo, ovviamente.

Dani chuckles softly before sipping her coffee, she pauses before asking curiously.

Dani: So if we are not here to look at and talk about at the peacock why are we here?

Ivelisse grins and just motions for Dani to follow her, they walk to a different window and stop. Inside is some beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet's, they chatter excitedly as they go about their normal daily business. Dani admires the birds for a moment before looking at Ivelisse.

Ivelisse: I'll have to admit it took long then I wanted to finally find a bird that really fit Spud, I wanted it to make it just right. Then I found these lovely birds, these are rainbow lorikeets. These little fellows are so colorful they just immediately make made me think of Spud, bright, bold and friendly. *smirks* Then I found out they were from Australia and it was just perfect! After all I've heard a rumor that Spud's "close friend" Egan likes Australian things.

Dani's jaw drops at her words.

Dani: Cosa!

She has to take a deep breath to stop herself from asking everything in Italian.

Dani: What do you mean? And where did you hear such a rumor?

Ivelisse: I think everyone will soon know what I just meant... *laughs haughtily* And as for who told me, well for the moment let's just say a little bird told me... He said it might just be useful for us and he heard it from someone they all know.

Dani: Are you sure you it's wise to listen to a rumor? *looks worried* And I don't know if's it’s smart to piss off our opponents.

Ivelisse: You’re worried about pissing them off? They couldn't even faze their opponents last time, we've both faced tougher than them and you know it. We shouldn't worry about pissing them off, in fact the more pissed we make them the better. Let's make them just as pissed off as we are... *smirks* Trust me on this Dani; pissing them off is the best thing we can do.

Dani frowns softly, but nods.

Dani: Bene... *pauses* You have some sort of plan, don't you?

Ivelisse: *grins* I always have a plan.

Ivelisse then walks off, leaving Dani still standing there. Dani looks at the birds one last time before following her tag team partner as the camera fades to black.

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3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution Promo Area Empty Re: 3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution Promo Area

Post by Westmore on Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:25 am

The camera fades in on a small coffee shop, it's very quiet and only a few tables have people. Sitting at a table in the back is Lucky Carson; he's checking his phone and sipping on a half-filled coffee cup. After a few moments Tommy Hart hurries over to the table, a worn paperback book under his arm and GPS in his hand. Lucky chuckles as he looks up at his friend and tag team partner, Tommy just lets out a huff and sits down at the table.

Lucky: You're late brat; let me guess you almost forgot your GPS? *smirks* I swear you have the single worst sense of direction I've ever seen in a person.

Tommy: *mumbles* I only got as far as the hallway... I don't need a good sense of direction to find your ass and kick it Lucky. *rolls his eyes* Besides you only sent me a text a half hour ago, so you can't say I'm late. You didn't even tell me why we had to come here to talk about the match; we could have just done it in our hotel room.

Tommy sets down his book and GPS, smiling at the young waiter who brings over a cup of coffee that Lucky had ordered for him.

Lucky: Because we need to take this seriously and you usually behave in public, besides the coffee at our hotel sucks. *eyes the book Tommy brought* Why did you bring that old thing? I know you've read that one at least a half-dozen times brat.

Tommy: *smirks* I brought it for when I get too bored talking about Jekyll & Hyde, even a book I've read before is more interesting than talking about them.

Lucky: *chuckles* Of course you would, but we do need to talk about this match Tommy.

Tommy: Of course we do, we're going for the titles and we need to win. *frowns* This match is just as important to me Lucky and I'm not going to mess it up, those belts are ours.

Lucky: *thoughtful nod* Did you watch the match they had with the Angel's yet?

Tommy: Yeah I watched it a few times; have to admit they are good at cheating. *smirks* Dalton could learn a few things from them; they might have even gotten a pin attempt if he had managed to get away with it. But let's be honest, we would have won that match anyway. We weren't even working up a sweat out there and it was only a matter of time before we hit the Match Ender.

Lucky: *just frowns* And did you watch the promo from Jekyll & Hyde?

Tommy: *sighs* Yes I watched their promo as well; I watched it a few times as well. *chuckles* Have to say I'm surprised that Barrett didn't burn all of his N shirts when he left WWE, but maybe that's just me. Scurll's shirt at least points to a high point in his career.

Lucky: Tommy! Be serious about this, they weren't totally wrong when they said Peacock Rock were the ones to stand out. That moment is what everyone is talking about, not that we were that dominant during the match and it's eating away at me.

Tommy: *laughs* Good! Let it eat away at you; remember the fact they think we're just a footnote and every other condescending thing they said. Because that feeling is something we can use to beat them, so when we're in the ring with them remember everything. *grins* Trust me; I'll be doing the same. They maybe think they have the upper hand, but I know we've got a few surprises of our own Lucky.

Lucky finally gives a soft chuckle before grinning.

Lucky: You really are taking this match seriously.

Tommy: Of course I am, like I said this match is important. *picks up his book* Now are we done taking about them? They are really starting to bore me.

Lucky: You and your mouth are going to get in trouble someday brat... *shakes his head* Well worse troubles than you normally get into.

Tommy snorts and lifts his book up.

Tommy: Sorry, can't hear you over my book. *lowers his book a little* So are you going to talk to Dalton again?

Lucky: None of your damn business brat...

It's quiet for a tense moment before the two burst out laughing, the camera fading out quickly.

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Post by Shea on Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:31 pm

Egan is seen dressed in his colourful ring gear, this version with a bit more green to it, and an Eddie Guerrero t-shirt. He of course, has his signature grin and hands on his hips. In the background is a training ring, where a trio -two females and a male- seem to be practising.

Egan: Hullo. Did you all miss me? Did you all see my incredible victory? Jimmy Havoc’s a tough guy - and a bit tricky too - but I didn’t let him get me down. No-o! Better luck next time, hey Jim?

He chuckles and crosses his arms.

Egan: Shame we couldn’t go at the title together, but not to worry! You can always have a go at it once I win, hey? Bit of harmless fun.  

He glances over his shoulder at the group in the ring before looking back at the camera.

Egan: Now! The more important thing right now is that I AM in the Championship match! World Class! Against Dante Westmore and Nolee Angle. Exciting, truly exciting. There’s going to be speed, and strength...and a lot of amazing high-flying moves all from myself of course. I...suppose the other two will have some talent. They have to have SOME to be able to make it into the match don’t they? The Angle girl could be difficult, trying to prove she’s worth sticking around for after they see the Angle name. Dante? Well...he’s probably going to be distracted with the crazy brother, the scared brother and whomever the other guy backstage was. *he shrugs* So I’ll just wait ‘til he’s good and distracted by his own thoughts and- Welcome to Paradise!

He claps his hands together, grinning.

Egan: The girl however, I don’t see her giving up too easily. Firey spirit that one. Angle’s a great guy, and a great wrestler; it’ll be tough to live up to...but she has potential to be great too if she’s really an Angle- In talent I mean, not suggesting anything against Kurt. *he quickly shakes his head* Now, speaking of potential, I need to check on this lot…

He gestures behind himself before turning and heading towards the training ring. Now that he’s moved, Casey is visible, busy typing on his phone. Egan climbs up into the ring as the trio stops practising and greets them, shaking hands with the orange-haired male as the scene fades out.

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Post by Shea on Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:23 pm

Marco is seen sitting on a crate, in what appears to be a corridor backstage. He is dressed in his military-styled ring gear, looking lost in thought. His hands are clasped together at first, but after a moment he releases them and simply rests his hands on his legs.

Marco: About time you showed up. I was starting to think you’d forgotten. So, here we are, not long before my first match here. I spent some time having a look at my opponent, Rae, watching matches and promos to get an idea of her. She seems fairly competent in the ring, I’ll give her that. But- Why call yourself a star Rae? Are you aware how many bad luck stories are related to stars? A simple one for example; should one try to count the stars, it’s said they’ll die once they reach 100. There are old tales of an evening star, low in the sky, that means a poor harvest. There are some that suggest the appearance of the bright Sirius will bring drought. Some even suggest that pointing at a star will bring bad luck, because you’re pointing at their God, who thinks you’re being impolite.

He shrugs his shoulders before continuing.

Marco: Even in some countries, the precious shooting star is considered bad luck; being associated with the death of someone, so even wishing on a star isn’t all that nice. So, do you really want to call yourself a star Rae? Besides...they say it takes so long for a star’s light to reach us, that they’re dead before we even see them…

He raises an eyebrow.

Marco: Regardless, I’m rather looking forward to this match. It should be...interesting.

He gets up and walks off-screen as the scene ends.

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Post by Westmore on Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:30 am

The camera fades in on an unusual sight; a grinning Alex Shelley is sitting in a folding chair. He's leaning back, his feet sit on another chair and he is completely blocking a door marked Gym. His grin grows as his confused trainee; Dante Westmore walks over to him and asks his mentor in a soft voice.

Dante: Um... Mr. Alex?

Alex: Yes Dante? *chuckles*

Dante: Why are you blocking the door to the gym?

Alex: Because I've gotten a special request from your handsome fella for you to have the day off for some fun. I'm also expecting you to properly introduce us when he gets here you know, no fair on introducing me last kiddo.

Dante: *blushes hard* I can't miss a day of training... And I was going to introduce you soon...

Alex: Kiddo you need a day off, after all the stress from being outed by the rumor mill and the stuff with your brother...

Dante quickly shakes his head, and cuts Alex off.

Dante: No! I need to train; I can't miss a whole day!

Alex: Dante...

Dante: I can't afford not to train! I need to win, need prove to them... I have to win at the show! I can't lose...

Alex stands up and goes over to his trainee, gently placing a hand on his shoulder.

Alex: Dante... What's wrong?

Dante: They... You saw both of their promos; neither of them thinks I'm a real threat in this match. Mr. Egan thinks I'm easy pickings because of Jacen and everything else, he thinks it'll be easy to beat me. He was more interested in fighting Miss Nolee... And while Miss Nolee wasn't as dismissive she still just sees me as a rookie, a rookie with no experience. She believes she has the upper hand because of who she's fought before. I want to prove to everyone that I'm not just nobody... That despite being young and new, I can win.

Dante looks down as he swallows.

Dante: And my family... Especially Arty, I can't let them down by losing. I want to make them proud of me...

Alex: Dante... *smiles* Your family is proud of you, your brother Artemis has sneaked in to a few of your practices and every time he's watched he's just had the biggest smile. He's told me that your parents taped your match against Rin and showed it to all the family friends. They are all very proud of you, win or lose it doesn't matter to them. And I've got a surprise for you too; I got a ticket so Artemis can sit in the crowd for your match.

Dante: *looks up* Really?

Alex: Yes really, he's going to get to watch from the crowd. *grins* Now don't pay any attention to what Egan and Nolee said about you, just focus on what their promos say about them. Egan's puffed up and full of himself, use that to your advantage in the match. Let his ego make mistakes and then you can capitalize on them. Nolee thinks she knows how you’re going to wrestle, use both of your dual styles to full effect and she'll find it difficult to keep up. If she tries to ground you then just use your technical skills, show her you're not just a flier. You can beat both and become the first champion, I know it.

Dante bites his lip as Alex continues.

Alex: Now you are going to take today off, no arguments. One day off isn’t going to hurt and in fact I think it's going to help you, you need time to relax. Tomorrow we'll start training again and you'll do even better. Now how about you come sit with me while we wait for your date to arrive.

Alex pulls a blushing Dante over to the chairs.

Alex: He should get here before too long. *after a moment* You haven't had any trouble after the rumor mill have you? Are you okay with being publicly outed kiddo? And has Jacen tried contacting you?

Dante: *shakes his head* No troubles, a lot of people have been pretty supportive about it. It's not like I was hiding it or anything like that, it just hadn't been brought up. *smiles* Besides it wasn't as bad as the first time people found out I was gay, in front of my whole high school. But even that wasn't so bad; I met my best friend during that whole mess. *pauses* Jacen's been quiet; I'm still not sure what to think. He's had issues in the past, but never against family... He's not attacked me yet, so I don't think he's going to hurt me.

Voice: You will be careful though, right?

A young man steps towards them and it's the young man from the rumor mill picture, Garthen. Dante smiles shyly and stands up, blushing again as Garthen kisses his cheek.

Garthen: How hard was it to get him to agree and take off sir?

Alex: Very hard. *grins* Almost super hard, now go on and get out of here. *leans back in the chair* Enjoy your date kiddo!

The camera starts to fade out as Garthen wraps an arm around Dante, as they walk away the camera goes black.

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