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Post by Westmore on Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:54 am

Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Rumor_10

Well I suppose I should be polite and say welcome to Peter's Rumor Mill, the place for juicy secrets and gossip abound. I've been told to warn that unless I bring proof to say that it's only what I've heard, but I tend to bring some proof thanks to my network. But your honestly not here for boring talk like this, your here for the good stuff.

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Lets start off with some flirting happening backstage, Dalton Castle of the losing Peacock Rock has been seen engaging in flirting. Supposedly a little in the locker and a lot as seen in his last match. The big question will be how the main target of the flirting, Lucky Carson will react and if any interest will be shown. Dalton has also voiced his disapproval of our young Referee Leo James's call, saying it wasn't fair at all. Leo has refused to comment besides saying he made the right call and it will stand.

Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Index10
Next is an interesting little rumor about our newest member Marco, its said his mentor in wrestling in none other then the Viper himself Randy Orton. My contact seemed very sure but he can't confirm yet.

Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Blank10
This next part was supposed to be about the surprise group that attacked the new Syndicate champs, but so far they've avoided me...

Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Jaylee11
Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Liv110
We might have had a cat fight within the Heathens group, no one saw what happened. But there was at least some shouting between the female members of Heathens, of course if there was a fight my money would go on Jaylee over Liv. Manger vs Wrestler, always put money on the wrestler.

Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Jacen810
Next we have a surprising rumor about our Maverick champion and contender for king of creepy Jacen Westmore. Its said he's musically gifted and may be in a band. My network is still working on what type of music and if there is anyone else of note in the band. but I'm sure they will come through soon. Makes one wonder what other secrets he's hiding from us.

Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Dante410
Peter's Rumor Mill 1 Garthe10
Speaking of Westmore's and secrets, we have quite the interesting bit of info about the youngest Westmore. Dante Westmore didn't just go to see his big brother after his win, he was also seen with another member of the backstage staff. A young man named Garthen, who works in the production truck. Now my contact first just thought they were friends, a excited hug after a match win, but apparently you don't kiss friends like that. According to contact they waited to try and find a privite spot, so it makes me wonder if Dante's family doesn't know yet...

Well this is more then you all really deserve for my first Rumor Mill, so please leave some comments so I have something to read tomorrow.


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