3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution

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3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution Empty 3-25-19 Monday Night Revolution

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A trim woman, dressed in a tight, but elegant outfit is shown. Her heels click asshe makes her way down a corridor, clutching a clipboard in one hand. She pauses at a set of glass doors, watching the small group training in the ring in the next room. On the ring apron are two women, one with her blonde hair tied back and the other, smaller and dark haired.
They too are watching as Egan Archer demonstrates a moonsault off of the turnbuckle (landing on his feet) to the younger, ginger male in the ring who Egan had greeted in his promo. The ginger looks uncertain, although he seems to pick up after exchanging words with Egan, who then steps aside as the ginger climbs up onto the turnbuckle. He hesitates for a moment before performing the moonsault, nailing it until he lands, stumbling a bit. Still, Egan claps and encourages the young man.
The woman watching from the door smiles before finally entering the room. She glances down at the clipboard before grinning at the group, fluffing her short, dark waves with her free hand.

Egan: -smiles politely when he sees her- Hullo. You must be the manager? Miss Earle, I believe?

Odessa: Mhmm. Odessa Earle. I appreciate your help training them. You do look...rather tired though.

Egan: -waves a hand dismissively- Just busy. I have my own matches to train for too.

To avoid any other questions, he climbs out of the ring, muttering to himself.

Odessa: -eagerly turns to the three others, who are now all stood in the ring- Right! As you all heard, I'm Odessa and I'm here to help you three.

The blonde frowns slightly as she looks at the older woman, arms crossed.

Odessa: Something wrong miss...?

Aileen: Aileen Taylor. -she huffs- What makes you qualified to manage us?

Odessa: -purses her lips- I'm trained in management dear. And have spent a few years now working alongside Mrs Levesque.

Aileen: As in...Stephanie? Or her mother?

Odessa: The younger. But does it matter? -she glances at the other two- And who would these darlings be?

The ginger steps forward, brushing a hand through his hair.

Ted: Ted Jordan Ma'am. -he gestures to the dark haired girl- And this is Serena Evans, a bit shy. We're glad to have the help, thank you.

Odessa: -flashes a smile as a mother would while watching her beloved child- So polite! -she turns to Serena, taking her hand- Don't worry dear, we'll work on that. We'll have you all Champion material in no time.

Serena responds with a warm smile, the four of them quietly talking as the scene fades out. The camera then switches to Ian Ricaboni sitting with broadcast partner Casey Johnson. Ian seems to be regarding his broadcast partner lightly, a kind smile on his face.

Ian: As always I am Ian Ricaboni and this is my broadcast partner Casey Johnson and you are watching Monday Night Revolution! We have such a show here for you tonight! In our main event, Egan Archer takes on Nolee Angle and they take on Dante Westmore in a triple threat match to determine our very first NCWA World Class Champion!

For a moment, Casey is frowning, but realizing they’ve started, he quickly puts on a convincing smile.

Casey: Oh, it’s going to be a busy night, I’m sure. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out at as our champion.

Ian: And it’s not the only championship match we have tonight! In our first bout, we are going to crown our new tag team champions! -looks at Casey- Are you okay? Is everything alright?

Casey: -calmly- Of course. -without missing a beat- We also have some newcomers tonight, having their debut matches for the show.

Ian: Without further ado let’s go on with this show!

The camera switches to a shot of the entrance ramp as the lights go down, “Jekyll and Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch beginning to play. Marty Scurll makes his way out to the entrance, followed by Wade Barrett. While Wade moves in front of Marty to crouch, Marty stands tall with his signature umbrella over his shoulders. Wade shrugs off the jacket he wears while Marty removes his sunglasses. Wade stands, moving to the side, as the duo walk to the ring with confident smirks on their faces. They ignore the boos as they get into the ring, a smirk on their faces. Marty confidently gestures around his waist, as if to point out where he believes his new tag team championship will go after the match. Their music ends as “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons beings to play. Tommy Hart and Lucky Carson come out, side by side, cocky grins on their faces for all to see. The duo pound their fists together before heading down the ring, climbing into the ring and picking turnbuckles to pose and taunt on. We are treated with a shot of Wade scowling at the duo, Marty lounging in the corner as if he couldn’t be less interested.

Jekyll & Hyde v Warriors

Wade shouts to Marty that he’s going to start the match, glaring over at his opponents. He demands Lucky get into the ring and, for a moment, it looks as if Lucky is going to agree. Instead, Tommy gets into the ring. Wade moves in to grab Tommy but the other man ducks under his grasp and goes for Wades legs, trying to get the big man off his feet. Wade turns, landing a hard punch to Tommy’s head. Tommy rolls onto his back in the ring and Wade tries for an elbow drop, only for Tommy to roll out of the way and get to his feet. Wade quickly gets up but Tommy is behind him and gets Wade off of his feet. He grabs Wade’s arm and wrenches it back, trying for a tap out. Wade gets to his feet, backs Tommy against the ropes, and tosses him into the ropes on the opposite side. As Tommy bounces back, Wade tries for a hip toss. Instead of landing on the mat, Tommy lands on his feet and sweeps Wade’s leg to take the big man to the mat. Tommy tries for a pin but Wade kicks out at one.

Both men get to their feet, Tommy grabbing hold of Wade’s arm and trying to wrench it, but Wade lands a heavy hit to the side of Tommy’s face. It drops Tommy to his knees, Wade grabbing the other man’s head to land a headbutt. Tommy reaches for Lucky but Wade gets in the way, grabbing Tommy and tossing him outside to the apron. Wade comes at him with a heavy forearm, which Tommy catches and lands a hit of his own to Wade’s jaw. It looks like Marty is going to come at Tommy but doesn’t even get halfway across the apron before Tommy has a foot up, ready to strike. Wade comes back at Tommy, who jumps over Wade from the top rope. Wade catches the other man before he tan tag in Lucky, landing a hard sidewalk slam. He goes for a pin but Tommy kicks out at two, Wade using his grip on Tommy’s leg to drag him to his own corner where Marty tags himself in.

Wade holds Tommy’s leg so Marty can land a stomp, referee Leo James getting in a two count. Marty lands a kick to Tommy’s chest as the man tries to pull himself to his feet. Tommy does get to his feet, only for Marty to chop him back down. Marty smirks and grabs Tommy’s hand, signaling for the audience to be quiet. Tommy defiantly flips Marty off with his other hand before Marty snaps the finger he has in his grasp. Tommy screams in pain and rolls. Marty moves back in, pressing the heel of his boot against Tommy’s jaw, Leo James getting in a two count. Marty stands, trying to go for a suplex before Tommy counters it into a pin attempt. Tommy gets a two count and now Marty is livid. He lands a hard clothesline to Tommy, going in for a pin attempt of his own, only to get a two count. He picks Tommy up, carrying him back into his own corner to tag Wade back in. Marty is hammering away with hard hits to the chest as Wade enters and kicks Tommy, Marty getting back into the ring. Leo James yells at Wade, getting him way from the corner and the now seated Tommy. Wade moves back into the corner, wrapping an arm around Tommy’s head and dragging him to the center of the ring. He again tries the same suplex as Marty but Tommy rolls through for a pin attempt.

Wade kicks out at two, Tommy backing off. Wade is furious and rushes Tommy with a vicious clothesline. Wade circles Tommy, wrapping his arms around the other man’s neck and bringing him hard against his own knee. Tommy struggles but Wade shows no sign of backing off. Lucky yells from the corner, itching to get into this fight. Tommy stands, elbowing Wade in the gut to get him to break the hold. When Wade does let go, Tommy lands a hard fist to the face followed by a kick to the calf and one to the chest, alternating between the two. He goes for a kick to the face but Wade ducks, lifting Tommy and sending him straight to the mat. Wade then goes for the pin.

Tommy barely kicks out at 2 1/2. Wade lifts Tommy, yet again dragging him to the corner where Marty waits with a headlock. Marty tags in while Wade still has the headlock applied, grabbing Tommy from behind and delivering a hard forearm to the head. Tommy drops, draped over the second rope, and Marty wraps his hands around Tommy’s neck from behind pressing Tommy into a choke out hold. Leo James tries to get Marty away, Marty pulling away at the count of three. Tommy stands and Marty grabs his arm, tossing him at the opposite ropes. Instead of Marty being able to grab Tommy, Tommy goes through Marty’s legs. Marty turns only to be met by a kick to the gut. Tommy now alternates feet as he kicks Marty in the gut, Marty fighting back with a kick of his own and then a hard slap that drops Tommy. Marty turns to taunt Lucky, hoping that Wade will attack Tommy as Leo James is distracted. Instead Marty turns around to get hit by a well placed spear, Tommy having dropped Wade on the outside. Tommy then tags in Lucky, letting the man kick Marty in the rib, effectively executing the Match Ender and going for the pin.

Winner via pinfall and new NCWA Tag Team Champions: Warriors

Lucky grins as he turns to Tommy, who gives a tired thumbs up, having spent all of the match in the ring. As the two head up the ramp, they are met by GM Kai Anoai. He hands Tommy his title first, asking if the man is okay and laughing when he is met by the exact same thumbs up that Tommy gave Lucky. He then gives Lucky his title. The two stand on the ramp to pose for a moment before heading to the back. The camera switches to show Nolee Angle in the backstage area. She looks to be waiting on someone and the camera shows backstage interviewer, Aiden McVeigh.

Aiden: Once again I am here with one of three competitors for the NCWA World Class Championship tonight, Nolee Angle. Now, Miss Angle, how do you respond to the statements made by your opponents?

Nolee: Did they really make a statement about me? Did they? -chuckles- What, Alex Shelley thinks he can catch me off guard with a little show of a different style? And Egan, what exactly did he say? Ah. Yeah. I had a lot of potential.

She rolls her eyes, taking the microphone away from Aiden to look into the camera head on.

Nolee: Dante. Egan. I don’t give a damn what the two of you think about me. What I think is all that matters. And tonight? Tonight I think I’m going to walk out of here with the NCWA World Class Championship around my waist.

Nolee glances away as she sees NCWA World Class Division star Rin Takahashi come into focus. The two women regard each other before Rin gives a light smile and heads out of the frame, leaving Nolee curious and bewildered. The camera shoots to a shot of the ring. As “Confident” by Demi Lovato plays, Rae walks out onto the entrance ramp. She smiles wide at the audience before running into the ring, taking a knee as soon as she’s in. She pops the collar of her jacket before standing, removing the jacket and rolling her shoulders as she waits for her opponent. Her eyes are trained intensely to the ramp as 16 Volt’s “Useless People” plays, the lights slowly pulsing as the opening guitar riffs play, sounding almost like a warning siren. As the main guitar riff starts, Marco walks out onto the stage. He stops near the main stage, saluting a group of young men and women who wear US Army hats. The group salutes back and Marco turns to head down the ring ramp with a focused determination. He pauses on the steel steps, looking around at the crowd, flashing a charming smile at a woman in the crowd before turning to give Rae one that says exactly what he thinks of her. He raises a fist into the air before climbing into the ring. Rae doesn’t seem impressed by the whole display and keeps her eyes on him as if seizing him up.

Rae James v Marco Ellis

Rae and Marco stand toe to toe, Rae not backing down even though Marco has seventeen pounds and five inches on her. They back up into opposite sides of the ring. Marco stays in the corner for a moment, seizing her up, before they both circle the ring. Rae reaches out for a handshake, Marco ignoring her hand. The two lock up and Marco gets the upper hand, twisting Rae’s arm methodically. Rae flips under to break the hold, rolling to apply that same pressure to Marco’s arm. She gets behind him, wrenching his arm behind his back. Marco squats once to break the hold to no avail. Marco squats again to break the hold to no avail. On the third squat, he brings up a foot and pushes Rae away, keeping a hold on her wrist to wrench it. Rae bends to go under his arm, hitting a hard elbow to the jaw. When Marco bends over, Rae again elbows the jaw and dips beside him to lock in a side headlock.

Marco uses his superior strength to lift Rae, but she holds fast and when he puts her down, Rae breaks the hold to run into the opposite ropes, only for Marco to hit a clothesline as she bounces back. Rae is on her back as he runs the ropes, Marco stepping over and Rae flipping to her stomach on the canvas as he comes back at her. She stands, moving behind as he bounces off the ropes again, flinging herself at Marco only to get pick up for an attempted slam, to which Rae provides a counter by tossing Marco across the ring. She stands first, Marco following suit. Rae rushes him and as Marco chops her, she drops to the mat. Marco goes for his first pin attempt, barely getting a one count before Rae is to her knees. Marco comes at her and Rae swings for the legs, Marco jumping over them. As he comes back down, Marco locks her in a side headlock. Rae flings them both backwards onto the mat to break the hold, rolling away from Marco. She gets to her feet, attempting to throw Marco to the mat with an armdrag. Marco has other ideas and uses his strength to pull her up, mid-toss, and fling Rae into the ring ropes.

Rae bounces off the ropes, catching Marco for a hurricanrana. Again Marco has other ideas and instead of falling to the mat lands on his feet. He stands, looking cocky for just a moment, before turning to Rae. She’s not impressed and tries for a kick, but Marco catches her leg. He attempts to kick her in the jaw instead, but Rae drops under his kick and as he turns around, Rae wraps her arms around him from behind to attempt a move very reminiscent of a lollipop loving lothario’s Ballsplex. Marco does not look to be comfortable with that and raises his leg to go over the top of Rae, lifting her up to try for a back breaker. Rae moves back before he can do it. She kneels in the corner, glancing up at Marco defiantly. Marco smirks, raising his thumb and forefinger to let her know just how close she was to the move landing. Marco backs up, back turned to Rae. Rae stands to catch her breath, Marco letting her do so. Rae comes at her only for a very unsuspecting Hades Descent to find its mark and for Marco to land the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Marco Ellis

Marco looks extremely smug, using his boot to step on the side of Rae’s face. Referee Leo James pulls him away but Marco still seems smug about the victory as the camera fades to a shot of backstage. Rockstar Spud is seen, trying to find someone in the back as he comes around a corner. He finds his quarry, NCWA color commentator Casey Johnson. He puts his hands on his hips, meant to be a confronting gesture but not coming across as one.

Spud: What was all that about in Dani and Ive’s promo?

Casey, on his way back from catering, pauses when he sees Spud, raising an eyebrow.

Casey: Excuse me?

Spud: Oh come off it. I know the only other person who knows…knew…about Egan and I was you. I didn’t tell them. Egan didn’t tell them. So why did you?

Casey: -hesitates for a moment before shrugging- I wasn’t in the best of mood when I did that. Still not, but whatever.

Spud: -kindly- You’re our friend Casey. If there is anything at all I can do for you, please let me know. That being said, I’m still rather upset by the fact that you didn’t ask us first.

Casey looks conflicted for a moment before he responds.

Casey: He’s um…not particularly happy with me right now but…that’s my own fault. -he shrugs-

Spud: Look, whatever is going on in your head, it doesn’t have to affect the friendship between you and I.

Casey: -admits- I got too friendly with him while we were waiting to meet the group he’s been training. -he looks away- He did nothing, besides reject me, as he rightly should have.

There is a moment of hurt on Spud’s face, upset that he is only just now finding out about this. He takes a step back from Casey, asking softly.

Spud: Did you kiss him? Did you kiss my fiancé?

Casey: -shakes his head- No. He caught on quick and was very clear about how that’s not going to happen.

While Spud does look a little more relieved, there is still a tinge of hurt in his eyes.

Spud: Look. I don’t have time to do this now. I have to get ready for my match tonight. You and I will talk later about how I don’t think you should be around Egan on your own if you think it’s okay to attempt to kiss him.

Casey: Fair enough. He said pretty much the same, in a much less polite way.

Spud hesitates, as if to say something else, before turning and heading up the hallway. The camera cuts to a shot of the ring as “Everything is Awesome” by Tegan and Sara starts to play. Kelani enters the entrance ramp first. She dances for a moment, looking happy as she is soon joined by Matt Riddle, who enters with a wide grin on his face and rests an elbow on her shoulder. They glance to the right where Keith Lee enters, looking between themselves, Colt Cabana not joining on the other side of Keith as he usually does. The quartet makes their way to the ring, Keith getting to one of the turnbuckles to pose, Matt getting to the other, and Kelani staying on the ring apron. After the group poses, the boys sit on the ropes to hold them open for Kelani. Kelani looks nervous as she stands inside the ring, both of the boys getting to the outside. “I’m Scum” by IDLES begins to play as Chuck Mambo enters first, a barbed wire two by four slung over his shoulder. Spike Trivet and Drew Parker enter at either side just a step behind him, a weapon over each of their shoulders: a barbed wire bat for Spike and an axe for Drew. Spike’s hand rests on a walking cane with a silver ball on the top to match his suit and Drew carries his bottle of champagne for him. They get down to the ring and Mambo gets into the ring. He looks mockingly at Kelani, the other two standing behind him on the apron. The ref tells the other two to get down and they begrudgingly do so.

Chuck Mambo w/Drew Parker and Spike Trivet v 1/3 Syndicate Division Champions Kelani Johnson w/Keith Lee and Matt Riddle

Kelani clearly has the size advantage here, even though she is shorter by a few inches, she is built. However, Kelani seems nervous and rightfully so. Though not in the match, Drew and Spike seem ready to get into the ring at a moment’s notice. Kelani moves in for a tie up, Mambo throwing a punch but Lani ducking. He goes around her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders from behind. Lani takes hold of one of his arms, twisting it, trying to use her strength advantage for her benefit. Mambo ducks under her arm, reversing the hold so that he’s the one applying pressure. Lani flips onto her back on the mat, raising a foot and hooking it behind Mambo’s leg to take him down to the mat. She locks in a crossface, standing and turning it into a headlock. Mambo raises a foot of his own, placing it on the back of her knee to force her to kneel. Still, Lani does not break the hold. Mambo roughly pushes her onto her knees, Lani bracing herself as the hold is broken and Mambo torques her right arm. He goes for an inside cradle early pin attempt, Lani kicking out at two. She rolls out of the ring, Keith going to her side to pep her up.

Lani gets to the apron, Mambo smirking as he lets her back into the ring. She holds a hand up for a test of strength and Mambo takes it. She lifts a leg over the lower arm, spins, and drops Mambo to the mat. Lani grabs his right leg and holds it as she delivers a leg drop to his neck, wrenching his leg back as she does. Kelani grabs his leg again, setting him up in a figure fourish position. Instead of being a traditional figure four, one of Mambo’s legs is bent, his feet on the ground and Lani’s foot pressing against his knee as she stretches back. Mambo sits up and sneers, reaching a hand out to try and jab her in the eye. Kelani catches his hand, standing so that his leg is still being bent and standing over Mambo. She grabs him by the throat and lifts, his legs still locked around one of hers. Mambo now has both the leg submission and a headlock locked in on him. Kelani pushes him back to the mat, looking confident and hitting the same basking pose Keith often does. On the outside, Keith and Matt jokingly fan each other off. This seems to irate Drew and Spike, who instantly jump Keith and Matt with their signature weapons. As the ref is distracted by this, Mambo has grabbed his signature barb wired two by four and lands one solid hit to Kelani’s head. Kelani drops and, as the ref turns back to action, Spike has tossed the weapon and goes for the pin.

By some miracle, Kelani manages to kick out. Mambo looks furious, as do Drew and Spike who have Matt and Keith down. The trio gets into the ring, Kelani pushing herself to her feet. She looks nervous as the three circle her. She barely notices that Colt has joined her from backstage, but even that isn’t much to stop the onslaught, because Colt got involved, both members of the match get disqualified.
No winner on a double disqualification

Spike and Mambo have beaten Kelani down and grin as they force Lani to her knees, Drew tossing Colt to the mat. Spike and Mambo tie Kelani up in the ropes before they, along with Drew begin a vicious beatdown on Colt with their signature weapons. The assault ends with Spike cracking his signature champagne bottle against Colt’s skull. Matt and Keith finally manage to get up and into the ring, the trio leaving. Keith cradles Kelani, looking furious, and Matt looks just as mad as he holds Colt as the ringside medics come into help.

The cameras come back from commercial to see chief medic Charlotte James backstage with Kelani sitting on one table. Colt Cabana is nowhere to be seen, having been taken to a medical facility. Kelani has a bandage on her head but she looks more upset than she does hurt.

Kelani: I have to go out there. I have to go out there for Matt, Charlie.

Charlie: I can’t let you do that Lani.

Kelani: -softly- Look, Charlie. I have to. It’s not a want, it’s a need. Matt and Keith need me out there in case those cowards attack again.

Charlie sighs softly, leaning back on her walker.

Charlie: I get that you want to protect them, but I can’t in good faith let you just walk out of here.

Kelani: So here’s what you do. You look any way but where I’m at and I will crawl or wheel out of here on that wheelie chair. Okay?

Charlie: You know it isn’t that simple, Lani…

Kelani runs her hands over her face, looking back up at Charlie with a look of determination.

Kelani: And if I just did it anyway?

Charlie: Security will stop you.

Kelani: So let me get this straight. Security will stop me from simply going out to stand by a friend but they didn’t do jack shit about the way Colt was treated? -bitter laugh- Maybe tama was right…maybe I shouldn’t be here…

Charlie: -sighs softly- It’s my ass if you go back out there and get hurt.

The thought of her friend risking everything if she goes out there seems to calm Kelani and she sits with her head in her hands, as if trying to get up the courage to decide.

Kelani: Fine, fine. sighs I’ll stay back here, in here with you. Would that make you feel better?

The older woman smiles softly, sadness evident in her eyes still.

Charlie: Please.

Kelani hesitates, almost as if she’s afraid to ask.

Kelani: And…and Colt will be fine…right?

Charlie: I’ll be keeping my eye on him. I’ll take good care of him. He’ll be fine, I promise.

The camera focuses on Kelani’s determined look before fading to a shot of the ring. “Immortal” by Eve to Adam begins to play as Dani and Ive come out side by side, with their normally confident grins, Angelico following behind just like normal. The trio get down to the ring with just a little interaction with the fans. Dani gets in the ring quickly and poses on the turnbuckle, soaking in the fans. Ivelisse is stopped by Angelico when he grabs her hand and turns her around to face him before kissing her hand with a smile. Ivelisse pulls her hand away before climbing into the ring, posing on one of the turnbuckles. When Ive turns around, Angelico is right there and steals a kiss with a grin, Ive kissing back passionately before pushing him away. The duo wait in the corner, Ive sitting on the top rope with Dani standing behind her. “Stand Out” by Jonathan Young plays as Dalton Castle’s Boys are the first out. The boys have their fans spread in front of them to obscure the arrival of Dalton and Spud, making it more glamorous as the two show up in their brightly colored gear and sequins. The duo struts to the ring, shaking fans hands before they reach the apron. The Boys get down on their hands and knees as Spud takes Dalton’s hand, helping him stand onto The Boys backs instead of using the ring steps. After Dalton is on the apron, Spud rolls onto the apron and the two get into the ring together. The Boys then rush to get into the ring, fanning off both Dalton and Spud. Spud removes his brightly colored jacket while Dalton steps out of his peacock inspired robes. The duo look at Dani and Angel, Dalton giving a charming grin and wave at Dani and Ive.

Immortal Angels v Peacock Rock w/The Boys

Spud decides he’s going to start off the match, Ivelisse deciding to get in his head on this. She shouts at him, asking him why Egan isn’t out there to support him as she offers Spud a hand for the test of strength. Instead of actually letting Spud take the hand, Ive slaps it away to which Spud replies with a kick of her shin. Spud then grabs her arm and pulls it down for a drag and twist. Ive kicks Spud in the hip as he attempts this, grabbing Spud’s arm and pressing it against his back. Spud tries for an elbow but Ive is too low for it to work. Spud turns in her grasp and Ive slams him down to the mat. Spud goes to all fours, trying to land a kick to Ive’s ribs only for her to catch his foot. Instead of letting this deter him, Spud kicks his other foot up in the air for a handstand, only lowering when Ive stomps on one of his hands. She tosses Spud away and he somersaults, turning back to try and hit a knee to Ive’s jaw. Ive ducks under and Spud launches himself to the top rope, flipping over Ive and landing on his feet. Ive runs back at him and catches Spud for a hurricanrana. Spud dashes across the ring as soon as he realizes he’s in Dani’s corner to his own corner and tags in Dalton.

Dalton immediately rushes Ive, only to be immediately tossed with an arm drag. He lands in Dani’s corner, Ive chopping him across the chest before tagging Dani in. Ive holds Dalton by the arm and tosses him into Dani, who wraps her legs around Dalton’s shoulders and bounces him off of the top rope before pushing him back with a kick to the head. Dalton falls to the mat in a sitting position. He rubs his lower jaw, a look of adoration in his eyes. Dani glances at him with a calm smile, waving gently. Dalton points to his lips, as if wanting a kiss, grinning at Dani. Dani slinks over, as if going to kiss Dalton, but instead lands a missile dropkick. As Dalton is down, Dani attempts a standing moonsault. It connects and Dani pins Dalton.

Dalton kicks out at two and dives to tag in Spud. Spud launches himself off the top rope at Dani, landing a dropkick. Spud rolls through and stands. Dani rolls into an opposite corner and Spud lifts her, landing a punch across her jaw before taking her arm and trying to launch her across the ring. Dani reverses and tosses Spud into the corner instead. She comes at him with a hard slap across the face. Spud looks furious and comes at her, only for Dani to do a backbend to escape from his forearm. He intends to come at her again but Dani crab walks towards him and Spud looks petrified that she can move like that. He finally does come at her and Dani raises a foot to kick him in the face from that position. She attempts a pin but Dalton comes in to break it up. Spud rolls out of the way and Dalton grabs Dani’s foot, only to be kicked away. This has given Spud the chance he needs to land the Five Stone Spud Splash. Instead of being able to go for the pin, Angelico pulls Dani out of the ring and onto the ground to give her some time to recover. Dalton doesn’t seem to happy about that and goes on the outside to confront him. Ive gets in Dalton’s way and the two brawl before Spud rolls out of the ring to try and break it up. This time Dani gets in his way and the two brawl, referee Leo James managing a ten count to get both teams out.

No Winner, Double Count out

The brawl has to be broken up, Sebastian and Iokua getting between the two teams. It looks rather comical as Iokua has to hold Dalton back, who is threatening to throw his Boys at the much larger man. Spud, on the other hand, lifts a hand to his partners shoulder and gestures for Dalton to come to the back with him. The camera switches to a shot of Artemis Westmore,  wandering around backstage, obviously looking for someone.  He has a plastic garment bag hung over one arm,  with some sort of clothing in it.  He turns a corner and grins when he finds who he is looking for.

Arty: Dante!

Dante is talking to Alex, with Alex giving him a pep talk. He turns when he hears his name before smiling happily when he sees his brother.

Dante: Arty!

Alex: -smiles- Hey.

Artemis responds to Alex's greeting quietly,  giving a small smile before holding the garment bag out to Dante.

Arty: I finished it.

Dante: Really? -beams before hugging his brother- Thank you Arty!

Artemis chuckles and hugs him back with one arm.

Arty: Of course,  it does help to have your gear for your match.

Dante: Thank you again Arty.

Alex: Can we see it?

Arty: It's fine,  it's what I do. -after a moment looks up at Alex- I... guess so?

He holds it out to Dante.

Dante: -takes it before hanging it on a nearby box and unzipping it, he smiles and shows it to Alex- It looks great Arty!

Alex: Really good work. -smiles at Arty-

Artemis smiles, nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

Arty: Thanks. -to Dante- Don't you leave it 'til last minute to get ready.

Dante: I won't Arty.

Dante picks up the bag.

Alex: Here's your seat ticket -holds out a ticket to him-

Dante starts to move away, wanting to get in his new gear. He pauses as something catches his eye, he starts walking towards the area.

Arty: Good. -as he takes the ticket- Thanks Alex...

The movement turns out to be Jacen,  who realising he's been spotted, quickly turns to leave.

Alex: I'm happy to help, I know this means a lot for both of you. -smiles-

Dante: Jacen? -takes a few steps forward-

Arty: Of course. I'm always happy to support my little brother.

Jacen, still in dark jeans and black t-shirt with a backpack hung over one shoulder, pauses. He looks much less intimidating than usual. He turns to look at Dante but doesn't speak. He does hear Artemis further down the hall though, expression growing dark at the words.

Dante: Jacen wait! -swallows softly- I'm not sure if you got my text, but I wanted to tell you congratulations. I was so happy when I saw you win the title.

Jacen looks as if he's going to walk off,  taking a step before stopping,  reaching a hand up to his bag,  where he's presumably carrying his title along with his gear.

Jacen: -slowly- You...were?

Dante: -smiles softly and nods- Yeah, I'm so happy for you Jacen.

At first Jacen looks like he doesn't  believe Dante, but then he frowns, looking confused.

Jacen: That's...not what I-

He stops, staring off past Dante before glaring at him.

Jacen: Funny how you lot only pay attention now...

Dante: -gives a confused frown- Jacen?

Jacen: -sharply- What?

Dante: -softly- I'm sorry about whatever I did...

Jacen: Whatever you- ? -he pauses, clenching a fist as if struggling to hold in anger- ...perhaps you should ask your other brother where the funds for your training really came from.

Dante: -takes a small step back at his brother's anger- What?

Jacen: You heard me.

Without another word,  Jacen turns and leaves.
Dante frowns softly as he watches his brother leave, Alex notices him just standing there and hurries over.
Back in the main area “Everything is Awesome” by Tegan and Sara starts to play as Matt enters on the entrance ramp. He looks furious, not giving his usual smile and moving slowly as he comes out to the ring with Keith following. Kelani is not with them, having followed Charlie’s orders and stayed in the back. “Heathens” by natewantstobattle begins to play as Heathens comes out through the crowd from different spots and slowly meets up until they are all together in front of the ring. Jimmy sits on the ropes and Liv stands close to him, letting Jaxx get into the ring. Jaxx smirks and gestures to where Lani should be, as if to ask where she is with a condescending smirk on his face.

Jaxx Kaiden w/Heathens v 1/3 Syndicate Division Champions Matt Riddle w/Keith Lee

Matt is showing the effects of Spike Trivet’s attack earlier on in the night, which has slowed him down. Jaxx is quick to come at Matt, trying to hit him in the jaw. Matt moves aside, wrapping his arms around Jaxx from behind to land a suplex. Matt is quick to stand, lacking his usual smile. He stands, wrapping his arms around Jaxx’s waist and lifting him for yet another suplex. Matt rolls through, not letting go of Jaxx for a side suplex. And a third and fourth, after which Matt lets go. Matt goes for a pin, only for Jaxx to kick out at two.

Jaxx rolls into a sitting position on the mat, Matt kicking him from behind. Jaxx is now on his back int the center of the ring and Matt goes for a back drop which connects. He goes for another pin, Jaxx kicking out yet again. Jaxx pushes himself to his hands and knees, Matt grabbing the back of his neck to lift him. Matt hits two hard elbows to Jaxx’s face, kicking him back against the ropes. Jaxx bounces off the ropes, Matt chasing after him. Jaxx bounces off against the opposite ropes and Matt tries for a clothesline. Jaxx ducks under Matt’s arm, gets behind him and leapfrogs over his shoulders, before dropping to the mat on his back and trying to land a kick. His feet wrap around Matt’s waist, Jaxx grabbing Matt’s arm and tossing him with an arm drag. Both men get to their feet, only for Jaxx to drop Matt to the ground with a hard clothesline. Matt rolls onto the apron and gets on the outside for a breather. Jaxx leaps through the second and bottom rope, landing a flying shoulder to Matt on the outside. Jaxx rushes into the ring only to do the exact same leap. Jaxx yet again gets into the ring and leaps over the top rope to splash onto Matt. Jaxx grabs Matt and tosses him into the ring, Jaxx climbing up onto the turnbuckle. He jumps off at Matt, before rolling Matt into the crossface.

Matt reaches for the bottom rope to stop from tapping out. Jaxx growls, obviously frustrated. It takes a moment for everyone to realize that they aren’t alone. Spike Trivet, Drew Parker, and Chuck Mambo have entered through the crowd. The trio immediately jump Keith, Matt furiously getting out of the ring. He runs to try and protect Keith but Spike turns and cracks his cane across Matt’s gut, Jaxx getting disqualified.

Winner via disqualification: 1/3 Syndicate Division Champions Matt Riddle

Though Jimmy Jacobs looks furious that this cost his protégé a win, he does look pleased that Matt and Keith are down on the outside. He crosses over to Drew Parker as if he has kind words for the leader of DNR. However, Drew doesn’t look pleased. In fact, he immediately swings with the barbed wire baseball bat that he carries. It catches Jimmy in the stomach and, though Jaylee and Remy rush to defend their leader, Spike and Mambo stop them with their own weapons. The beat down is completed with the two turn on Jaxx and leave him down in the ring. DNR stands tall in the ring, the different members of both factions laying on the ground as the camera cuts to commercial.

Egan, waiting for his match, is seated on the floor backstage. He's in the middle of doing stretches when he pauses and sits up straight, hearing footsteps approaching.  

Egan: ...hullo?

Rosemary laughs as she and Jimmy make their way toward him. Neither says a word.

Egan: -rolls his eye- I'm rather busy,  if you don't mind...

Jimmy: Not too busy to run for fuckin' mouth though, were you?

Egan: Oh that. -he waves a hand dismissively- It was a joke.

Jimmy: Is that what I am to you? A fuckin' joke?

Egan: -slowly starts getting to his feet- That's...not what I said.

Jimmy: Sounds that way.

Egan: Look,  it's just what I do. I joke. -does not seem to realise he's really pissed him off-

Jimmy: I don't care. I'm not your fuckin' punchline.

Egan: You know,  I'm probably not the only one who found it funny. -smirks-

Rosemary: The shadow most certainly did not.

Egan: The what?

Jimmy: You heard her.

Egan: I'm not scared of the dark. -he shrugs-

Rosemary: -laughs- It's not the darkness you should be afraid of.

Egan: No? What is it then 'ey?

Rosemary: what is in it.

Egan: -tries not to laugh- The monster under the bed?

Rosemary: You will come to understand.

Egan: Right...  

He looks at them as if he thinks they're mad.

Jimmy: If you ever get past that sickening innocence.

Egan frowns, looking irritated.

Egan: Did you really come here just for this? If you don't mind,  I was actually busy.

Rather than going back to his stretches, Egan slowly steps back before turning and walking away. The camera comes back on the ring where Remy is now up on his feet, leaning in the corner to support himself. Remy’s eyes gaze intently on the ramp as Jacen makes his way to the ring.

Maverick Division Champion Jacen Westmore v Remy Brooks w/Heathens

Jacen seems disinterested in this match, keeping his eyes on the outside as he paces. He gets close to Remy and uses a hand to push Remy away by the face. Remy looks furious and launches himself at Jacen with a flurry of fists. He lands knees to Jacen’s face as he backs Jacen up into the ropes, slamming fists into his head as he attempts to get Jacen in the corner. Jacen responds by pushing Remy to the mat. Remy rolls backwards and through, standing only to get taken back down by a clothesline from Jacen. Jacen poses, getting behind Remy and kicking him in the back. Remy uses the second ring rope to pull himself to a kneeling position. Jacen comes at him and lifts him by his head to land a headbutt as Remy fully stands.

Jacen wraps an arm around Remy’s head and drags his face across the top rope as he heads to the corner. He lets go of Remy with a cruel smirk. Remy rests across the opposite ropes and Jacen approaches him. Remy throws another flurry of punches, backing Jacen into the center of the ring. He grabs Jacen’s arm with the intention to throw him into the ropes, Jacen reversing it and tossing Remy into the ropes. Remy bounces off and lands a crossbody, knocking Jacen to his back on the mat. Remy delivers a third flurry of punches, kneeling over Jacen. He breaks away, standing, as Jacen stands and backs into the corner. Remy shoves a shoulder into Jacen’s gut, then delivers kick after kick after kick. Jacen is now sitting on the mat and Remy has not taken a break from the kicks. The ref gets between the two and Jacen pulls himself up on the ropes. He moves out of the corner and as Remy comes closer, Jacen delivers a stiff uppercut to Remy’s face. This doubles Remy over and Jacen grabs his arm, trying to toss him into the ropes. Remy turns in his grasp, and drops Jacen with a clothelines. Remy then goes for a pin, which is barely a one count. Jacen gets up, Remy helping him with a firm grip of his neck. Remy tosses Jacen into the corner, wrapping an arm around Jacen’s head to drag Jacen’s face over the top rope as had been done to him.

Remy drapes one of Jacen’s arms over the top rope, smacking Jacen in the face before backing up against the opposite set of ring ropes. He bounces off and lands a missile dropkick to the chest. Jacen drops and rolls out of the ring. Remy jumps over the top rope at him but Jacen catches Remy and slams him against the edge of the apron. Remy grabs his shoulder in pain and Jacen sees his chance. He tosses Remy back into the ring and applies the Crucifix.

Winner via tapout: Maverick Division Champion Jacen Westmore

Jacen stands, looking at the downed man in front of him. Instead of heading to the back, Jacen pulls up a chair to sit at ringside for the next match.

Egan Archer v Nolee Angle v Dante Westmore for the NCWA World Class Championship

Egan, Nolee, and Dante seem to share a look at Jacen before then glancing over at each other. Egan seems to be goading Dante to attack him. Egan then, as if mockingly, shoo’s Nolee away. Nolee purses her lips but backs up, allowing Egan and Dante to try and set up for a test of strength. Nolee moves in closer and Egan bats her away before turning to look at Dante. Again they look as if they are going to lock up but Nolee instead moves in for a kick to Egan’s chin. Egan goes down in the corner and Nolee goes after Dante. She has him in a side headlock, using the move to toss the younger man into the ropes. Dante bounces back at her and knocks Nolee to the mat with a hard shove. Dante bounces off the ropes again, leaping over Nolee, who turns to her stomach on the mat. She pushes herself up as Dante bounces back. Nolee leads over the top of Dante, who slides behind Nolee. As he stands, Nolee turns to give a hard chop. Dante staggers, Egan getting up in the corner.

As Dante hits his knees on the mat, Nolee turns to Egan who lifts her. Dante moves in to lift her legs and they attempt to throw Nolee. Nolee has other ideas and locks her legs around Dante’s head for a hurricanrana. She uses so much force with it that Dante rolls out of the ring, leaving Egan and Nolee. Nolee is in the corner, Egan runs at her. She is barely able to get over him as Egan stops in the corner. Nolee runs at him and her feet connect with Egan’s back in a missile dropkick. Egan hits the mat and Nolee takes a moment to gloat, Egan laying behind her. Nolee turns, running against the ropes as Egan stands. Nolee thinks she has another hurricanrana but Egan gets her to the mat. He holds her leg as Dante, who is now in the ring and in the corner, comes at the duo. Egan delivers a drop toe hold and pulls Dante on top of Nolee for a duo single leg Texas cloverleaf.

Nolee and Dante work towards the ropes, both grabbing the lower one. Egan stands over his downed competitors, focusing on Nolee. He goes to grab her leg again but Nolee kicks him away and stands. She charges Egan who grabs her yet again for a slam to the mat. Egan grabs both of her legs as soon as she is on the mat and quickly stands, cradling Nolee between his legs with a hold on her hands as well as ankles. Dante has now gotten to his feet and chops Egan across the chest to make Egan let go of his hold. As Egan gets to one knee, Dante charges him. Egan quickly stands, grabbing the foot that Dante intended to kick him with. He lets go before turning to spring off the second rope and hit Dante with a knee. Egan is now on his feet and wraps an arm around Dante’s head. He points towards the top rope, bouncing off of it and behind Dante. Egan wraps his arms around Dante from behind to try and land a suplex but Dante elbows him away.

Egan backs up towards Nolee and she lands a kick to his face. It sends Egan out of the ring and onto the apron. Dante launches himself off the bottom rope to kick Egan in the face and knock him to the ground. Nolee doesn’t wait for Dante to turn around and locks him in the AngleSlam before going for the pin.

Winner via pinfall and new NCWA World Class Champion: Nolee Angle

Nolee sits up and puts her hands over her mouth in bewilderment. She stands, taking the title and wrapping her arms around it. She is very emotional as she drops to her knees, bursting into tears as she kisses the title. She stands again, raising the title as the show ends.

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