Casey's commentary 3-25-19

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Casey's commentary 3-25-19 Empty Casey's commentary 3-25-19

Post by Shea on Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:36 pm

Casey Johnson is shown, sitting in a squashy looking armchair. He is dressed in jeans and a Fozzy t-shirt. To one side of him is a small tv screen, which is currently blank.

Casey: G’day mates! Casey’s commentary is back - but no longer just restricted to a tiny Melbourne promotion where next to no one outside of the city will find it. Nope, this time I get to cover the fast-rising NCWA and there’s no shortage of material here! -he chuckles- Now, first off, here’s this asshole.

He gestures to the screen, where a picture of Egan appears.

Casey: This stupid, smug bastard is lucky he hasn’t had his head bashed in by any number of people yet - Jimmy Havoc especially. Doesn’t seem to have any real sense of the trouble he’s dragging himself into…

Casey trails off, looking up as someone walks on screen, the Miz.

Miz: Hi, I’m the special guest!

Casey: Yeah, I know, but you're early-

Miz: -cutting him off- Hold up, what even is this?

He gestures around the whole set, shaking his head. With a click of his fingers, the scene changes. Now, there are two, director-style chairs in front of a dark purple curtain and a much nicer looking screen. In between the two chairs sits a small table with two mugs on it.

Miz: Much better!

He sits down, Casey looking confused as he does the same in his new chair.

Casey: What the hell did you do to my set?

Miz: I improved it.  

Casey: -he picks up a mug, turning it so that a logo is visible, reading ‘the Dirt sheet’- This looks awfully familiar…

Miz: -quickly- You’re imagining it.

He snaps his fingers again and the scene jumps slightly. The logo bearing mugs are gone, replaced with glasses of water.

Miz: -casually, as if nothing happened- So, this Egan Archer guy with the horrid colours! Wears a coat to the ring, poses, thinks he’s better than everyone…

Casey: Didn’t you used to tag with a guy like-

Miz: -ignoring him- Sounds like a real LOSER.

Casey: He’s very loyal though, it seems...although a bit secretive.

Miz: -scoffs- You know what else is that loyal? A dog. Besides, he’s with a guy who’s named after a damn potato!

Casey tries not to laugh, putting a hand to his mouth.

Miz: -looks at him with a soft smile- I’m sorry, I took over your show here. I was talking to Kai Anoai the other day and he mentioned there was someone starting a show much like one I used to run. I found some of your older ones by the way. Awesome.

Casey smiles for a moment before a look of confusion crosses his face. He shrugs it off though and continues.

Casey: So the last show didn’t quite go as I thought. I was expecting the fancy British gentleman to win the tag titles to be honest.

Miz: Yeah, well Barrett’s hardly been bringing his A-game from what I’ve heard recently. He slipped further and further downhill once the Nexus ditched him. Marty Scurll’s been doing pretty decent though, I guess.

Casey: I thought Nolee Angle and that Jacen guy’s wins were pretty impressi-

Miz: -cuts him off- Really? Really? -he scoffs and shakes his head- In my opinion ...which is awesome… the show’s full of B-grade talents at best. With the exception of Havoc, who I’m inclined to say is great, because I’m not a total fucking moron who wants his teeth kicked in!

He looks pointedly at Casey, who looks embarrassed and turns away, brushing a hand through his blonde hair.

Miz: Did you know..

He stops and waits until Casey turns back, to look at him.

Casey: -cautiously, eyes narrowed as he watches Miz- Did I know what…?

Miz: I’m going do it. I’m going to join the show. For its own good. It needs me.

Casey looks relieved and lets out a sigh.

Casey: Oh! Well I’m glad you weren’t just waiting to throw out a lame pun or something…

Miz: It’ll be koala-tea entertainment. -he smirks- Get it?

Casey: -curses under his breath- Yes.

Miz: Because I’m quality entertainment, and you’re Australian so…

Casey lets out a frustrated groan, raising his hands in defeat as the video ends.

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