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Post by Shea on Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:10 pm

Stable Name: Team Trouble
Stable Members: Ted Jordan, Aileen Taylor, Serena Evans, Lara Alkan
Height: Ted- 5ft7 (175cm), Aileen- 5ft8 (177cm), Serena- 5ft3 (162cm), Lara- 5ft6 (167cm)
Weight: Ted- 155lbs (70kg), Aileen- 153lbs (69kg), Serena- 130lbs (58kg), Lara- 148lbs (67kgs), Together- 586lbs
Age: Ted- 30, Aileen- 35, Serena- 33, Lara- 30
Hometown: Ted- Witchford, England. Aileen- Reims, France. Serena- Birmingham, England, Lara- Grand Turk Island
Manager: Odessa Earle

NCWA Accomplishments: To fill out when you win a title or major match.
Non-NWCA Accomplishments: Has your stable held titles in other companies? Any individual titles that the members of your stable are proud to have held?
NCWA Win-Draw-Loss Record: Ted Johnson: 0-0-3
Serena Evans: 0-0-2
Lara Alkan: 0-0-2
Current NCWA Feud: Updates each time your character is in a feud.

Face, Heel, or Tweener: Tweeners
Style of Wrestling: Technical, Serena and Lara however use a few more High-flyer moves
Gimmick: They tend to be a bit like siblings. Ted is the leader, however he tends to doubt his own abilities at times. Aileen can be a bit hot-headed and show-offish and Serena is the peacekeeper between them. Lara is closer to Aileen, being more hot-headed, but more graceful than Aileen when it comes to losing.  

Womping Willow (Shoot kick, spinning knee combination. The attacking wrestlers are the on opposite sides of an opponent (front and back). The wrestler facing the back (either Aileen or Ted) executes a Shoot kick to the back of the opponent's knee then from the front, Serena, or Lara then executes a spinning knee to the opponent's head, using either Ted or Aileen on their hands and knees as a step for extra height.)
Rocket Launcher (Serena or Lara ascends the top turnbuckle. Ted and Aileen then stand below and reach up, taking hold of Serena who then performs a flying body splash, with her partners throwing her, thus increasing the range, height, and impact.)

Ted- Night Night(Gamengiri /jumping high kick)  
Firebolt (Fisherman DDT. After applying a front facelock, the wrestler hooks the opponent's near leg with his other arm, lifts them up into a vertical position, and falls backwards on to his back, driving the opponent's head down to the mat. Ted will struggle with opponents much taller/heavier than himself.)

Aileen-  Taylor made (One-handed bulldog. Run up from behind their opponent, grab the opponent's head with one hand and leap forward, slamming their face into the mat.)
Flipendo (Springboard Bulldog.The wrestler applies a headlock on the opponent then runs towards the ropes and bounces off, driving the opponent face-first into mat as they land.)

Serena- Sabre Strike (Spinning knee)
Barrel Roll (Cartwheel splash)

Lara- Last Revelation (Kick to the gut, followed by a hard Spinning knee)

Appearance: Ted wears black pants with a gold-coloured design, featuring a badger within a shield shape, a gold line running vertical along his legs, with a break for the symbol. He also wears simple, black elbow sleeves and wrist bands.

Aileen wears shorts and a long sleeved top that shows off her middle. The gear is a sherbet orange type colour with gold trimming. Her boots are white and reach a bit below her knees.

Lara wears a short, ice skating style leotard dress in dark blue, fading into lighter blue at the end. She has fingerless gloves in the same dark blue, ending just before her elbows. Her boots are white lace-ups that reach a short distance above her ankles. Her hair is worn in two frizzy braids.

Serena wears dark purple, galaxy printed pants and top, which is similar to Layla's single-sleeved piece. Her black boots are worn over the ends of her close-fitting pants.

Entrance: Together they enter to the We Came As Romans "I Knew You Were Trouble" cover.

Introduction Promo:
A trim woman, dressed in a tight, but elegant outfit is shown. Her heels click asshe makes her way down a corridor, clutching a clipboard in one hand. She pauses at a set of glass doors, watching the small group training in the ring in the next room. On the ring apron are two women, one with her blonde hair tied back and the other, smaller and dark haired.
They too are watching as Egan Archer demonstrates a moonsault off of the turnbuckle (landing on his feet) to the younger, ginger male in the ring who Egan had greeted in his promo. The ginger looks uncertain, although he seems to pick up after exchanging words with Egan, who then steps aside as the ginger climbs up onto the turnbuckle. He hesitates for a moment before performing the moonsault, nailing it until he lands, stumbling a bit. Still, Egan claps and encourages the young man.

The woman watching from the door smiles before finally entering the room. She glances down at the clipboard before grinning at the group, fluffing her short, dark waves with her free hand.

Egan: -smiles politely when he sees her- Hullo. You must be the manager? Miss Earle, I believe?

Odessa: Mhmm. Odessa Earle. I appreciate your help training them. You do look...rather tired though.

Egan: -waves a hand dismissively- Just busy. I have my own matches to train for too.

To avoid any other questions, he climbs out of the ring, muttering to himself.

Odessa: -eagerly turns to the three others, who are now all stood in the ring- Right! As you all heard, I'm Odessa and I'm here to help you three.

The blonde frowns slightly as she looks at the older woman, arms crossed.

Odessa: Something wrong miss...?

Aileen: Aileen Taylor. -she huffs- What makes you qualified to manage us?

Odessa: -purses her lips- I'm trained in management dear. And have spent a few years now working alongside Mrs Levesque.

Aileen: As in...Stephanie? Or her mother?

Odessa: The younger. But does it matter? -she glances at the other two- And who would these darlings be?

The ginger steps forward, brushing a hand through his hair.

Ted: Ted Jordan Ma'am. -he gestures to the dark haired girl- And this is Serena Evans, a bit shy. We're glad to have the help, thank you.

Odessa: -flashes a smile as a mother would while watching her beloved child- So polite! -she turns to Serena, taking her hand- Don't worry dear, we'll work on that. We'll have you all Champion material in no time.

Serena responds with a warm smile, the four of them quietly talking as the scene fades out.

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Welcome to the Syndicate Division, Team Trouble!
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