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Post by Kai Anoai on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:28 pm

The camera opens up with a shot of General Manager Kai Anoai as he flips through the issue of NCWA Magazine that just came out. Instead of wearing his normal jeans and t-shirt, Kai is all geared up for Halloween. He wears a long gold and blue military looking jacket with a tan vest and white shirt with ruffles. The pants are tan with brown boots. He looks like a soldier straight out of the Revolutionary War.

Kai: Welcome to Bad Moon Rising, the first NCWA pay-per-view!

The crowd cheers and Kai waits for them to calm down before he begins to speak.

Kai: I hope you all are enjoying your Halloween weekend and I can promise you that this show will pack as much entertainment. *smiles* In our main event, The Demon King Finn Balor has chosen to defend his title against Bray Wyatt. There will be lots of tricks, maybe some treats, so I wish you all happy hauntings!

The camera switches to a shot of the ring as "Light It Up" plays. AJ Lee skips out onto the entrance ramp before pausing only for a second, then she continues to skip all the way to the ring. She climbs into the ring before skipping around it briefly, then sitting on the middle turnbuckle with her arms over the second rope. Ke$ha's "Stuck Up" plays as Vitani appears, dancing on the stage briefly before heading to the ring, occasionally interacting with the fans along the ramp. The two women look each other up and down as the bell rings.

Vitani Summers v AJ Lee
Before they lock up, AJ Lee rolls out of the ring and goes over to the audience where we see Dolph Ziggler. She kisses him and they whisper for a moment before AJ giggles loudly and heads to get back into the ring. It looks like Vitani wants a handshake and, for a moment, it seems as if AJ agrees. Instead, AJ tosses Vitani to the mat, shrugging her shoulders. She picks Vitani up and hits a neckbreaker before picking her up and hitting another. AJ goes for a pin but Vitani kicks out at 2, which AJ answers by picking her up and slamming her face first into the turnbuckle. Vitani props herself up at the second rope, AJ kicking Vitani once in the chest before pulling her up by her hair and tossing her to the mat, locking her in a chin lock. Vitani struggles and gets out of it by getting to her feet and punching AJ in the gut. Vitani gets out of the hold, rushing to get what appears to be a clothesline. Instead of a clothesline, Vitani hits the Insiguri. AJ seems surprised by the attack, falling to the mat where she rolls her up for a pin.
Winner via pinfall: Vitani Summers/b]

Vitani seems surprised that she won and rolls out of the ring before AJ can attack. The newcomer looks furious, screeching at the referee as the camera fades in on a small room, standing right in the middle is the well-known tag team the Motorcity Machine Guns. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, both have grins on their faces and the ROH tag titles on their shoulders.

Chris: Well Alex once again the Motorcity Machine Guns are at a new company.

Alex: A new company and a new tag division, the perfect place for us to once again prove why we've been the best for years now.

Chris: TNA, New Japan, ROH and more.

Alex: And now we'll be part of the NCWA, right Chris?

Chris: Right, so the other tag teams better be ready.

Alex: We're here to win and it won't be long until we're champions.

The camera then cuts out, ending the promo. As the camera fades out, it is met by static which signals the arrival of The Wyatt Family. "Broken Out in Love" by Mark Crozer plays as the stage is filled with the light of Bray's lantern. He looks eerie, followed by Luke Harper and Abigail Wyatt. Luke and Bray both kiss the top of Abigail's head as she sits in her rocking chair. LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" begins to play as Miz and Morrison walk out on the stage, doing their traditional slow-motion act. They head to the ring, Morrison blowing a mocking kiss to Abigail. She looks offended, but Luke Harper looks furious.

The Wyatt Family w/Abigail Wyatt v Miz and Morrison
As the bell rings, Luke Harper furiously rushes Morrison and barrages him with fists. The ref drags Luke away and the big man stands in the corner looking furious. He paces as the ref checks on Morrison and asks if he's okay. Morrison nods and, as Luke charges him again, lands a solid kick to the back of the head. Luke stumbles back, Morrison taking kicks to the big man's legs to down him. Luke drops to one knee and Morrison locks him for a neckbreaker. Luke hits the mat, face first, and Morrison runs against the ropes, trying to hit a leg drop on Luke. Luke instead rolls away and Morrison is forced to hit the mat. Luke pulls himself up and lands a few hard kicks to Morrison's side. Luke backs into his and Bray's corner, who whispers darkly into his disciple's ears. Luke's vacant eyes light up and he crosses to Morrison, grabbing the man's long hair and pulling it to get him to his feet. He tosses Morrison into his and Bray's corner, landing fist after fist to his gut. The ref hits a five count and Luke tags in Bray. Bray does the same and when he hits the five count, laughs and turns mockingly to Miz. Miz tries to get into the ring, which the ref tries to stop. Luke takes this opportunity to kick Morrison in the ribs over and over again. Before the ref can turn around, Luke stops. Bray gestures to Abigail to hand him something. The young girl stands and produces a sheep mask. Bray takes it from her, smirking at Miz, who seems frozen for a moment before a grin takes his lips. This confuses Bray until he turns to get hit with a hard kick from Morrison. He leaps at Miz, tagging in his partner. Miz enters the ring quickly, stomping on the sheep mask to crack it before pulling Bray to his feet to toss him into his and Morrison's corner. Miz smirks, mocking the usual expression on Luke's face and doing fists to Bray's chest, before tagging in Morrison who mocks the expression on Bray's face before hitting his own fists. He tags Miz back in, who drags Bray to the center of the ring. He looks like he's going to go for the SkullCrashing Finale before the lights go off. When they come back on, the ring is surrounded by children wearing sheep masks. Miz gets wide-eyed, looking for any sign of Morrison. When he sees him, he wishes he hadn't. Morrison is tied to Abigail's rocking chair, wearing a sheep mask of his own. When Miz turns back around, Bray hits him with a Sister Abigail and a pin.
Winners and new tag team champions via pinfall: The Wyatt Family

Bray laughs as he is handed the championship, glancing at Luke who looks proud. Both men hold their newly won championships proudly as the camera fades to black and we hear a woman's voice.

Woman's Voice: Soon. We gotta lay low for a while. Then we can come.

Despite the words that we hear, from what appears to be a very familiar voice, when the camera opens up we see Marty Scurll looking at the camera with a smirk on his face.

Marty: The NCWA hasn't been around for very long, but it already feels like a fairy tale, doesn't it? We have young knights trying to prove to their families and to themselves that they belong here, like Dante Westmore. We have beautiful faeries like Agatha Bancroft. We have evil princes of dynasties, just like Ari Heyman. We even have a hero. *chuckles* A good, dear friend of mine once made a very decent quote about heroes. If there has to be a hero, well, there has to be a villain. *gestures to himself* Look no further for your villain, ladies and gentlemen. I've come with a very serious task. I've been sent on behalf of the greatest tag team in professional wrestling to secure this company for what it should be.

The camera pans out to show he's in his Villain Club version of the Bullet Club t-shirt, his signature fur coat, and a pair of blue jeans. He slips his sunglasses from his coat and laughs, a mocking tone.

Marty: Your hero is going to fall. I am going to end them.

The camera fades not to black, but to the Bullet Club logo. The camera comes up on a shot of the announce team, Phil and Colt looking at Dia accusatorily. Dia, on the other hand, looks nonchalant.

Colt: That voice sounded awful familiar.

Phil: *suspiciously* I know who that was...

Dia: *looking unphased* Must be someone from another company. Ring of Honor or something. *clears some papers* We just named the new tag team champions and next is a match I am vested in.

Colt: See, she's changing the subject!

The camera switches to a view of the ring as "A Hero Comes Home" by Idina Menzel begins and the crowd erupts into cheers. As he comes out on to the stage, Cody raises a hand in greeting to the audience, waving to them. He then walks down the ramp, shaking hands with some of the fans. He enters the ring up a set of the steel stairs. Once in, Cody waves to the crowd again before climbing up onto one of the turnbuckles where he poses. One hand is curled into a fist, held close to his side, while the other is raised up high in the air as if he's raising a sword. "Problem" by Natalia Kills starts up as Ivelisse Velez makes her way to the ring. Her boyfriend, Angelico, is a few steps behind her. He grabs Ivelisse's hand and turns her around to face him before he kisses her hand with a smile. Ivelisse pulls her hand away before climbing into the ring, posing on one of the turnbuckles. When Ivelisse turns around, Angelico is right there and steals a kiss with a grin, Ivelisse kissing him passionately before she pushes him away.

Ivelisse Velez w/Angelico v Cody
Cody seems to appraise Ive before he rolls his shoulders, ready to fight. Instead of a lockup, Ivelisse reaches in and slaps Cody hard across the mouth. For a moment he looks mad, but it is soon gone. Cody leans in to lock up with her and quickly tosses her away. Ivelisse gets mad and moves back for a lock up but Cody backs her into a set of turnbuckles. He accidentally has a hold of her hair and when he lets go, he goes in for a chop but Ivelisse quickly moves out of the way and hits one of her own. Cody doubles over before Ive sets him up and hits a second. She yells in his face, then lands a third chop. Grabbing his arm, Ive attempts to toss him into the opposite set. Instead, Cody reverses it and rushes her, only for Ive to lock him in a head scissors and flip him onto the mat. Cody gets to his feet, but Ive lands a hip slam, before landing a second, and when he gets back up, takes him down with a dropkick. Cody rolls out of the ring and Ive comes after him. She runs at him, but Cody steps out of the way and Ive's shoulder collides with the steel post. Cody rolls into the ring as the ref begins his ten count. Angelico looks worried as the count hits six and tosses her into the ring. Instead of helping, Cody hits her with the Beautiful Disaster kick and covers her for the three count.
Winner via pinfall: Cody

Cody helps Ive up, but she only shoves and yells at him before storming past Angelico and to the back. The camera fades to a four-screen view of young women. On the top left, we see a plain looking raven haired woman wearing a white pantsuit over a pink button-up shirt with her hair laying loose on her shoulders. On the top right, we see a woman wearing bright and bold makeup with her hair pulled into a tight topknot whose clothing looks like something out of a rock video: leather and bright colors. The backdrop behind the woman in the suit is that of an office, complete with boring little gray and white cubicles. The backdrop behind the woman in the leather is a concert, loud music and bright lights. On the bottom left, we see a young woman with a child on her hip but no makeup and her hair is messy. On the bottom right, we see a young woman curled up in bed next to a man who looks suspiciously like WWE's Enzo Amore, a content look on her face.

Woman's Voice: Men categorize women in one of four ways. Mothers, virgins, sluts, and bitches. None of the above is suitable for the modern businesswoman. But you can create your own image by selecting pieces of each archetype that work for you.

We see the mother alone, sitting at a table and doing the taxes for her family.

Woman's Voice: The wisdom of the mother.

We go back to the split screen, now only showing three images: the woman in bed, the woman at the concert, and the woman in the office. The camera then shows us the woman in the office, showing that even though she's one of the only women, she's not willing to back down during an important business meeting.

Woman's Voice: The integrity of the virgin.

We go back to the split screen, now only showing two images: the woman in bed and the woman at the concert. The screen pans in on the woman laying with the man who looks a lot like Enzo Amore, watching him as he sleeps. She looks gorgeous, the white sheet of the bed framing her.

Woman's Voice: The sexual attractiveness of the slut.

The camera then shows the young woman at the concert, and it is just now that it hits us that these were not images of different women. There were images of the same woman. She wraps her arm around Enzo Amore who stands at her side, leaning over to kiss his cheek. She looks confident, a large grin across her lips. She grins and turns to face the camera.

Woman: This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. They are forced instead to take you seriously. *small smile* My name is Rae James. Young Lion's Division, take note, I want you to be taking me very seriously. I'm one of you now, and you are going to respect me.

"What I Like" by Bruno Mars begins to play and Paul Heyman enters the arena, looking extremely smug.

Paul: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and unlike your previous winner, your Young Lions Champion doesn't need to fight girls to ensure a victory. I present to you my client, the reigning and defending Young Lions Champion, Ari Heyman!

As Ari enters, smirking and looking over the top of his glasses, Paul looks very impressed by his son. Ari struts to the ring, waving mockingly at the fans as he is loudly booed. "Me Against The World" by Simple Plan begins and Dante Westmore enters, followed by his mentor Christian. The young rookie has a big, excited smile on his face. He slowly makes his way to the ring, touching hands with as many fans as he can before jumping into the ring. He and Ari stare each other down before the bell rings.

Young Lions Champion Ari Heyman w/Paul Heyman v Dante Westmore w/Christian for the Young Lions Championship
As the bell rings, the two men circle each other before Ari rushes Dante. Dante takes him to the mat but Ari stands and side slams him, staying on top with a tight grip around Dante's waist. After getting to the ropes doesn't break the hold, Dante turns to try and attack. Instead, Ari drives him into the turnbuckle, before Dante fights back to the center of the ring. Dante wraps his legs around Ari's neck and uses a spin to take Ari to the mat. He keeps Ari wrapped into his pseudo submission head scissors, which Ari fights up out of and tries to land a pin. Ari only lands a two count before Dante hits the same head scissors takedown again. This time Dante attempts a pin but only lands a one and a half pin. Ari gets up uses his shoulder to drive him into the turnbuckle before dragging him to a second. Ari takes Dante to the mat with a headlock, Dante standing up and trying to toss Ari into the ropes. Ari comes back at him but Dante takes him back to the mat with a hard shoulder. He rushes over Ari who lays on the mat but jumps over Ari when he stands, locking the man in a kneebar when he comes down. Ari struggles to the bottom rope, the ref forcing the hold to break. Ari rolls out of the ring to try and regroup, Paul trying to talk him up. Dante jumps to the top rope, trying to land a knee but Ari moves and Dante gets wrapped up in the ring apron. Ari uses this to beat on Dante, hammering away as the ref counts. The only thing that makes Ari stop is when he sees Christian head over. He backs up for a moment before tossing Dante back into the ring. Ari attempts a pin but only lands a one count before Dante kicks out. Ari pulls Dante to his knees, landing an elbow on the back of the neck before Dante falls again. Ari pulls Dante to his feet and punching him in the jaw, then hitting clubbing elbows to the neck. Dante runs against the ropes, flipping over the top of Ari before pulling him down and locking him into a Boston Crab, then locking Ari's arms and standing to apply more pressure. Dante then lowers him and bends backward, locking in a Muta Lock. Ari crawls to the bottom rope, forcing the hold to be broken. Ari groans as he sits up, Paul yelling at him. When Dante gets closer, Ari pops up as if he was playing possum and locks Dante in the dreaded Kimura Lock for the tap out.
Winner and still Young Lions Champion via submission: Ari Heyman

Ari grabs his title and then grabs Dante by the hair, practically shoving Dante's face into it. Paul gets in Christian's way, but a young woman runs out from the audience and pulls Ari off of Dante. Ari looks as if he has seen a ghost and quickly leaves the woman to check on Dante. As the camera gets closer, we can see it's new Young Lion Rae James. The camera fades to commercial.

The camera opens up to "Na Na Na" by My Chemical Romance playing as Seth makes his way to the ring. He pauses to pose on the stage, his manager Egan spinning before he poses. The duo makes their way to the ring before posing again. The upbeat rock theme of Zack Sabre Jr starts and the young man comes from behind the curtains, popping his collar before he walks to the ring. Once there, he removes his jacket and watches his opponent for a moment.

Zack Sabre Jr v Seth w/Egan Archer
The two lock up, Zack getting the upper hand and backing Seth up against the ropes. He locks a leg around Seth but the ref forces him to break the hold. Zack backs up and the two circle before Zack locks up with him again. Zack backs him up against the ropes Zack is trying to wear him down, locking him up in a neck lock. The ref breaks the hold again, the two circling again. On the outside, we can hear Egan shouting encouragement to Seth. Seth wraps his arms around Zack, trying to take him down to the mat. Zack flips the hold, instead taking a hold of Seth's arm to take him down to the mat. Zack applies pressure until Setarmbars and reverses the hold into an armbar at first, but then taking Zack to the mat in a headlock. Zack rolls onto his back, under Seth, then bridges and turns so that Seth's headlock is in the front. Zack then flips and turns it into an armbar, applying pressure until Seth taps.
Winner via submission: Zack Sabre Jr

Zack smirks, holding his arm up in success as the camera pans to him, and Zack helps Seth up, telling him how well he did. The camera pans backstage to NCWA Interviewer Casey Johnson is standing backstage. He is wearing a t-shirt with a cartoony image of Seth and Egan on it. He grins when he sees the real version of the duo approach, Casey briefly hugging his cousin before speaking.

Casey: Hey guys! Enjoying the show?

Seth: Well, it's certainly been... interesting.

Egan: Just 'interesting'?

Casey: *huffs* Asking questions is MY job.

Egan: Sorry. *he pats Casey's shoulder, getting a small smile from the blonde*

Casey: Right. he turns back to Seth So why 'interesting'? Good, or bad?

Seth: Good? Observing the competition mostly. They put on quite a show, hey Flash?

Egan: Yeah.

Seth frowns at the unusually short answer as Egan moves off screen for a moment before reappearing, wandering around in the background.

Seth: ...Ari Heyman is quickly making himself known to everyone, don't ya think cuz?

Casey: Too right. Not necessarily a good one though.

Seth: Comes across as a bit of a tool to me.

Casey: *tries not to laugh* You mean a spoiled brat. Just wants attention from his daddy, I think. after a moment Think you have a chance at winning the title off him?

Seth: Of course! I'll win it first go - you betcha. So, if any of the ladies would like to date a Champion, they can go ahead and start lining up...

He smirks and goes to start speaking again, but stops when a string of curse words is heard. He and Casey both turn to look at Egan pacing in the background.

Casey: Is he -?

Seth: Better go check.

Casey nods and the scene ends as they head over to check on Egan. The camera switches to a shot of the ring as "Force of Greatness" by CFO$ begins, the eyes of Nia Jax's titantron being the very first thing we see. These eyes transition to the actual eyes of strong woman Nia Jax. She smirks for a moment, watching the audience before heading straight down to the ring. She has her Queen's Title over her shoulder, smirking as she waits for Agatha Bancroft. "Touch the Sky" by Julie Fowlis begins and Agatha makes her way out to the ring, followed closely by Elijah Bancroft. Nia gives a pitying look before the bell rings.

Queens Champion Nia Jax v Agatha Bancroft w/Elijah Bancroft for the Queen's Championship
As the two approach each other, Nia pushes Agatha and she stumbles back into the ropes before coming back at Nia. She attempts to lock up with Nia, but the larger woman picks her up and rams her into the corner. When Agatha gets out of the corner, Nia takes a hold of her hair before spinning her around and picking her up to ram her into the corner again. Once Agatha is in the corner, Nia rams her shoulder into her gut twice. The ref separates them and Nia turns to pace. When she turns back to Agatha, Agatha lands a solid fist to Nia's jaw. Nia stumbles back and Agatha gets to the top rope. Nia, to prevent the attack, hits a heavy forearm to the head. Agatha falls to the outside and Elijah checks on her. Nia gets out on an opposite side and comes towards Agatha, growling as Elijah gets in her way. From behind Elijah, Agatha kicks Nia in the head and then launches herself around Elijah to lock Nia in a headlock. Nia struggles for a moment before driving Agatha into the ring post, Agatha instantly letting go and dropping to the floor. Nia is not impressed by Agatha, in fact, she is getting angry, and takes hold of Agatha by the hair, tossing her against the barricade back and forth, once on the left then on the right and then again on the left. Elijah is screaming at the ref to do something, and Nia gets frustrated enough that she tosses Agatha at Elijah's feet. Nia backs off at Agatha crawls to the barricade to pull herself up, then Nia rushes her and takes her through the barricade. Nia tosses Agatha over her shoulder as she stands, tossing her into the ring. When Nia gets in, she then delivers a Samoan Drop and a pin.
Winner and still Queen's Champion via pinfall: Nia Jax

The camera follows Nia as she gets her championship and heads to the back.Nia is coming backstage after her win, title high in her shoulder and she sees Iokua waiting in the back.

Nia: Does the GM want to congratulate me?

Iokua shakes his head before replying.

Iokua: No- He probably does, but that is not why I am here.

Nia smiles, a mischievous look.

Nia: So you do speak. *chuckles* So tell me, what is it you need?

Iokua: When necessary. *after a moment* I heard you spoke to a relative of mine...

Nia suddenly looks very serious and he crosses her arms over her chest.

Nia: I hear I talk to a lot of your relatives.

Iokua: Hm. Not that hard to do really...

Nia: *looks unamused* Look, I'm not going to say anything but you need to tell him.

Iokua: I know. *hesitates* ...I am not sure how.

Nia: You open up. Stop being the sulking moody one.

Iokua: *frowns* I am not 'sulky'. Just quiet.

Nia: Point is, open up to him.

Iokua: *he responds with a small nod* Right...

Nia: He deserves to know.

Iokua: I know.

Nia hesitates, wanting to say something else before shaking her head

Iokua: I will sort it out.

Nia: You better. Or I will.

Iokua crosses his arms.

Iokua: I will do it.

Nia watches him for a moment before walking past. The camera comes back to an empty ring as "Prelude 21/20" followed by "I Hope You Suffer" by AFI plays. Jimmy Havoc, an ax in hand and his outfit pristinely white, wasting no time before he makes his way to the ring. He removes the white mask from over his nose and mouth, snarling and looking worried as he paces the ring. The opening piano bars of The Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" starts up as the arena goes entirely dark. The lights come up in a red hue, the outline of a man shown on top of the entrance ramp. As soon as the lights are fully up, the man turns around to reveal a grinning Wade Barrett. He walks down the ramp, haughtily ignoring the fans, and heading straight to the ring. Neither man has a mic but as Jimmy moves toward him, we can hear an exchange.

Jimmy: Where is she!? Where is my Rosemarie!?

Wade simply laughs and backs up, the bell ringing.

Wade Barrett v Jimmy Havoc in a Death Match
As soon as the bell rings, Jimmy catches Wade off guard with a hard punch to his jaw and grabs Wade's arm to try and toss him into the ropes. Wade reverses the toss, Jimmy coming back at him to be hit with a hard clothesline. Jimmy gets flipped over, trying to sit up, but Wade lands a hard kick to the small of his back. Wade then turns and hits him with a hard kick to the chest. Wade smirks at the audience, not noticing a heavy board that was laying at ringside. When Wade turns back to Jimmy, he is met with a hit of the board to his stomach and then his head. Wade falls, struggling to get up only to be hit by the board again. Jimmy snarls and climbs out of the ring, lifting up one of the ring aprons to grab a yellow bag. Once back in the ring, he opens the bag to reveal a frying pan. Wade comes at him, but Jimmy hits him hard in the face with it. Wade immediately goes down and Jimmy attempts a pin, only to get a two count. Wade kicks out, rolling onto his hands and knees. Jimmy lands a knee to Wade's neck and he goes back down. Jimmy lifts him by the neck before flipping him into a sitting position and hitting a hard boot to the back. Jimmy then places his boot on Wade's face to grind him into the mat. Jimmy climbs the ropes and flies at Wade from the top to land hard boots to the chest. Jimmy then goes for another pin and only lands a two count. Jimmy growls, going back to the bag and pulling out a laptop. He snarls before taking it across the face of Wade Barrett. Jimmy then grabs the cord, wrapping it around Wade's neck and pulling it tight. After Wade starts struggling as much, Jimmy goes in for another pin. Wade, however, has a different idea. He grabs the discarded frying pan and smacks it across Jimmy's head. He moves Jimmy off of him and gets out of the ring, signaling for someone in the back. New World Class division star Marty Scurll comes out, pushing a rather large black trunk down to the ring. Marty opens the trunk and Wade reaches down, pulling up a young woman by the hair. Her hands are bound, her mouth has tape over it, but she still looks as if she could kill with just a look. Wade pulls her fully out of the trunk, Jimmy screaming in anger. Wade gestures to the ax and then at the woman, shouting something we can't make out to the man in the ring. Jimmy holds up his hands in defense before laying down on the mat. Wade places the woman just out of arms reach before coming into the ring and pinning Jimmy.
Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett

Wade jumps to his feet, kicking Jimmy for good measure, before he escapes the ring, having to be supported by Marty on the way out. The camera fades to a young man standing on his own under a light, it's the Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay. He looks at the camera with almost a bored look before starting.

Will: You all know who I am, you all know what I can do. You've got no hope to stand against the Aerial Assassin, not even your champion's. We're here now... *grins* You thought I was comin alone?

Bea Priestley steps into the light, moving to stand by him.

Bea: Now Will dear, let's not give them too much of a warning. After all, if they're not ready it's their own fault.

Bea takes Will's arm and guides him away from the camera, letting the light switch off and leaving the screen black. When the camera shows the ring again, Bray Wyatt is already pacing it. The lights flicker before going completely black, flickering a red light. Smoke rolls in as the theme song of one Finn Balor begins. Through the smoke crawls a figure, red and black braids in his hair, that crouches before the theme son picks up. The figure stands, the Demon King reveling in all of his glory. He lowers himself to crawls again, the whole sight intimidating as he poses as the red lights flash. Finn heads down the ramp, his eyes devoid of their usual mischievousness. There is no Finn Balor standing before Bray, only The Demon King.

World Class Champion Finn Balor v Bray Wyatt w/Luke Harper and Abigail Wyatt for the World Class Championship
Once the bell rings, Bray rushes Finn only to get hit with kicks to the legs. Finn locks Bray in a headlock, before moving only to hold Bray by the head and deliver swift kicks to the gut. When Bray goes to his knees, Finn locks him in a headlock. Bray pushes himself up and Finn moves so that Bray almost hits the turnbuckle. Instead, he stops with a hand on either rope, bending backwards. He had obviously spooked Finn for a moment but as he launches himself at Finn, Finn ducks and turns just in time to chop Bray in the chest. Bray kicks him in retaliation and Finn stumbles into the corner. Bray rushes him again and Finn jumps over the top rope, hitting Bray with a hard kick. When Bray backs up, Finn jumps to the top rope. Bray hits a hard hand to Finn, causing the man to fall to the apron. Bray picks Finn up and tosses him back into the ropes, knocking him over with a hard clothesline. When Finn gets up, he and Bray trade hard forearms. Luke Harper stands on the apron, distracting both Finn and the ref for a minute. When Finn looks back, he is hit with the Sister Abigail and the pin.
Winner and new World Class Champion via pinfall: Bray Wyatt

Bray falls to his knees as the ref hands him both of his title, the camera focusing on the triumphant Wyatt family in the center of the ring as the show ends.
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