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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Kai Anoai on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:56 pm

Promos are due here by December 28 at midnight!


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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Shea on Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:12 pm

Casey Johnson and Egan Archer are seen sitting on a metallic framed daybed, both looking tired, but Egan more worse for wear. In the background is the proper sofa, coffee table, television living area; where Seth can be seen pacing back and forth as he speaks on a cell phone. His conversation cannot be heard clearly from where the other two sit. There is a small table beside Egan's side of the daybed, which holds just three items: a small potted fern, a half drunk glass of water and what looks to be a plastic medication bottle. Casey is wearing a dark purple hooded jacket, and jeans. Egan is wearing black housepants and a 4th Doctor t-shirt. In the background, Seth is neater looking in a business shirt and dark pants.

Casey: *softly, watching Egan with concern* So... it's been bothering you the last couple of nights since the Pay-Per-View, but you only called us last night. ...Why?

Egan: *raises a hand to his mouth briefly as he yawns before resting it in his lap* You should know me well enough by now to now why.

Casey: Stubborn? *he narrows his eyes* Terrible time to want to be stubborn.

Egan: I didn't want to be, I just-

Casey: *guessing* Hoped it'd go away?

Egan: *nods* Well, yeah. *after a pause* It hasn't been a problem like this since... since...

He pulls a face as he struggles to recall, Casey waiting patiently. Behind them, Seth sounds like he is in a heated conversation on his phone.

Egan: I think the last time was when he started talking to Anoai...

Casey: *after a moment, having to work it out* So, almost a couple of months now? Before he and I officially moved up here?

Egan: *nods* Yes. Longest break I've had in a while.

Casey: *with a small smile* So the training is helping in more than one way. That's good. Really good.

Egan: *huffs* Hardly. Isn't helping me now, is it?

Casey: Hey! Don't run yourself down like that. *he puts a hand on Egan's shoulder* C'mon, when you first started the training, you struggled to even stay at the end of the ramp.

Egan: *sighs* True...

In the background, Seth finishes up his phone call and lets out a sigh before coming over to the others, standing behind the daybed, one hand on the frame.

Seth: How you doing Flash? Any better?

Egan: *shrugs with one shoulder* A little better. Any luck getting a hold of Elliot?

Seth: Eventually yes. Bloody reception and their holds. Same worldwide apparently. He can see you tomorrow.

Egan: It would seem so. *with a small smile* Thank you.

Seth: *smiles* No problem mate. Why don't you try get some rest?

Egan responds with a small nod as Casey gets up so that he's able to lie down. Seth prods Casey's shoulder and motions for him to follow Seth away to where he'd been pacing earlier. The camera then switches position to show them up close, with the daybed facing away from the camera now, showing that it faces a large window and sliding door out to a garden. They both stand quietly for a moment before turning to speak to each other.

Casey: You think he'll be alright to do the next show?

Seth: *brushes a hand through his short hair as he considers it* Hopefully. Still got a bit of time before then. Won't push him to if he isn't up to it though.

Casey: Who are you up against?

Seth: A new guy? Well- new to NCWA. Pretty sure he's got more professional experience than I do. Marty Scurll. Sounded like he's already got some backup, whoever they are. Could be trouble.

Casey: *nods* He seems to have a thing against others on the roster already, and he hasn't even debuted yet.

Seth: Yeah, I noticed. Sounds like he'll bring something interesting to the show, for sure. Villain Club? While I'm not in favour of villains, it'll certainly create a stir. That coat of his though... *he pulls a face*

Casey: Not a fan of it?

Seth: No! Of course not. That thing's horrid.

Casey: *laughs* It's not the most appealing of coats. Could you imagine wearing that thing in an Aussie summer?

Seth: Not happening. On a more serious side; this Scurll is labelled as a 'brawler', so I imagine he hits hard and isn't afraid to do so. And being a villain as he says, I'm sure he's not above dirty tactics with that silly umbrella either. Or help from the woman. Which would be bloody terrible timing at the moment.

Casey: *frowns and nods* Hopefully, they don't pull any of that crap.

Seth: They better fucking not. Or I may have to - briefly - go Heel on them. If Flash comes and Scurll messes with him, I'll shove that damn umbrella right up his snobby-

Casey: Seth! *he raises his hands in a calming gesture* Settle. *he glances behind them* You'll wake him. I get it. If I had training, I'd come myself. But then, surely I already come across as biased enough without doing that. *he chuckles*

Seth: Probably. *he shrugs* So what if you do? What else would they expect from family? Not like we hate each other.

Casey: *rolls his eyes* Well, not anymore.

Seth: Well- No. *after a pause* I'm sure the match will be fine, I just-

Casey: You worry.

Seth nods, managing a small smile when Casey hugs him briefly.

Casey: We'll get through it. We always do... *he smirks* and then soon, you'll be the Champion.

Seth: *laughs* Well eventually. Once I'm more used to competing out of a tag team again.

Casey: Alright, alright.

Seth: Now you get some rest too, after staying up so long to keep an eye on Flash!

Seth gently shoves Casey before walking off screen as the scene ends.

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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Rae James on Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:20 pm

The camera opens up on a beautiful stained glass window, depicting a woman in front of a church and holding a baby. She is dressed in the robes that usually signify the pope. The camera pans back to reveal we are not in a church, but instead in some sort of museum. Standing in front of the creation is a young woman in a crushed red velvet top and blue jeans. She looks happily up at the window before she looks back down, realizing she's on camera.

Rae: Cool, isn't it? It's supposed to be Pope Joan. Story is in 856 CE, during a procession from St. Peter's Basilica to the Lateran Palace, the pope popped a squat in the middle of the road and had a baby. The male pope was actually a woman who wanted to make it in a male-dominated field. Some say she did it for a love. Some say she did it for the kicks. There's only one thing most everyone seems to agree on.

Rae sits on a nearby bench, leaning forward onto her knees.

Rae: She wasn't real. *chuckles* She was used to discredit the Catholics by the Protestants. The worst thing that could happen in Catholic society was a woman making it in a male field. So, I guess I'm the worst thing that could happen to you boys in the NCWA.

She laughs and watches couples walk by before she continues.

Rae: Like Joan lying her way to the top, I have a huge task in front of me if I want to prove myself. Cody Rhodes. *low whistle* Rhodes is a huge name to live up to. Dusty Rhodes was such a hero to a lot of people. Me included. My sisters and I watched wrestling growing up and no one was cooler than The American Dream. In the ring he could fight, out of the ring he could talk. I...he was one of the men I wanted to learn from. Due to some...well...a stupid choice I made early on in my career, I never had the chance. Cody...from what I've seen...your dad has every right to be smiling down on you. I just have one tiny issue.

She stands, hesitation on her face. She looks like she's trying very carefully to choose her words.

Rae: You aren't much of a hero, are you? I mean, you are a hero. Some kid out there probably looks up to you in the same way I looked up to your dad. But...well...this is a case of what have ya done for me lately? Who here have you been a hero to? Nia Jax? No, you stood by and watched as AJ Lee attacked her. Dante Westmore? Other than giving him kind words, where were you when he needed you? I was the one who drove my...who drove Ari off from attacking him. You didn't even show up.

Stopping with her back to the stained glass window, she takes a deep breath and crosses her arms over her chest.

Rae: Cody, you're great in the ring, but I don't want to fight a self-perceived hero. I want to fight a Rhodes. I want to step into the ring toe to toe with a Rhodes. Cody...I really want to beat a Rhodes.

The camera fades out on Rae, who looks back at the stained glass portrait.
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Post by Guest on Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:25 pm

The camera opens up in black and white on what looks to be a ring for some independent promotion, a familiar face fighting in the ring before the man climbs up to the top rope for what is supposed to be a magnificent move. Instead, the opponent flings the man out of the ring and the man is not able to roll to protect himself. There is panic before the screen flashes in a rainbow color. The scene has changed to a home office, the fire crackling in the fireplace casting shadows over the room. In a high-backed chair, a book on his lap sits Marty Scurll. He is wearing his Villain Club t-shirt and blue jeans, a wide smirk on his lips.

Marty: What's that old adage? Pride cometh before the....fall?

He cackles before leaning back in his chair, snapping the book shut.

Marty: I suppose Kai Anoai put me against Seth as sort of a punishment. After all, I'm on the underside of the card against a man who very few even know. *laughs* This isn't a punishment for me. Please, give me someone like Seth as opposed to real talents such as Will or Zack or even Jimmy.

He opens his books again, his eyes lighting up with mischief.

Marty: I'm going to tell you a story, Seth. It's called Humility Among the Animals. *clears his throat* There was once a kangaroo who became an athletics champion, but he let the success make him arrogant. He spent a lot of time making fun of others. *he looks up from his book* Kangaroo? Like from Australia? Hmmm, who do I know who is from Australia who spends a lot of time making fun of others?

Marty gives a knowing look, chuckling and looking back down to read.

Marty: His newest target was a little penguin who very rarely competed. The fox who organized the races, however, let the other animals know who his favorite to win the next race was: the penguin. The kangaroo laughed and laughed and began to mock the penguin even more. Why he even mocked the poor penguin's coat! *makes a face as he looks up* That stupid kangaroo had no sense! Not everyone is from a hot climate! The coat protects against the cold up in the civilized society that isn't entirely populated with criminals!

The anger is definitely in his eyes, directed towards his opponent for the week. It takes him a moment before he calms down, eyes glancing back down at his book.

Marty: When the group of animals arrived at the race, the kangaroo quickly saw the folly of his ways. It wasn't a race. It was a swim competition. The penguin annihilated the kangaroo! *smirks* You think you're walking into this match with just anyone, Seth? Nah, ya numpty. You are about to walk into the ring across from Marty Scurll. I'm not like you. Sure, getting into that ring to put on a good show is fun. When I have an opponent I respect, I like to have a bit of fun. The problem is, Seth, I don't respect you. I don't respect Egan. The only person I truly respect in this company...well...you probably have a guess. I'm not here to have a good time. I'm not Party Marty. I'm "The Villain" Marty Scurll. My intentions are to make sure that neither you nor Egan walks away from this fight. Though...after all...I don't think that making sure your manager doesn't walk away is a lot easier.

Marty laughs and closes the book, blowing a mocking kiss at the camera. The camera fades out on that smirk until we can see nothing but hear the same familiar woman's voice.

Woman: Pleasant dreams, boys.


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Post by Guest on Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:54 pm

The camera opens up on a crowded little street cafe where Queens Champion Nia Jax is enjoying a cup of coffee. She looks around as if she's waiting for someone before she sips her drink again. Ivelisse enters the cafe, looking around. Spotting Nia, she then makes her way towards the table. Taking the chair across from the champion she sits down, crossing her legs as she lounges.

Ivelisse: You asked me to meet you?

Nia watches the other woman for a moment, seemingly not thrilled when she nods. She sets her coffee cup down, her eyes meeting Ive's.

Nia: I wanted to talk about our tag team match.

Ivelisse: Against Vitani and that new one, Becky Lunch?

Nia: Yes, against Vitani and Lynch. I think we've got our work cut out for ourselves, Miss Number One Contender.

Ivelisse: *gives a small smile before catching herself, a delighted look remains in her eyes though* Number One Contender huh? Finally ready to face a real opponent? *her look is more pleasant now and she sits up* Always figured you were one who liked a challenge.

Nia: I've blown my way through the rest of the women's roster, I thought that you might be an actual challenge for me. *smirks* So which of the two girls would you like to focus on?

Ivelisse: I want to take on the new girl, I've already beat Vitani once, though I suppose we both have beaten her before.

Nia: I beat her to become champion, actually. And I've never really gotten the chance to have an actual match against Agatha. I mean, she wasn't much of a challenge. If you can throw Becky around as easily as I did Agatha, we'll have no problem at all.

Ivelisse: I can do better than throw them around, I can make them tap out in pain. Submissions are a specialty, being a Luchadora can be very conducive to other styles you know. But what about the other opponent? Lynch, have you ever faced her before?

Nia: I've faced Lynch a couple times in a different company. I wasn't half of who I am now, I was just someone they thought could never stand with the others. chuckles I know I can beat her. I'm a champion. I'm the only champion that matters.

Ivelisse: Do you know how to wrestle a submissionist?

Nia: I've faced a few. I've fought Asuka. I know how to wrestle to where my opponent never gets a chance to try and lock me in a hold.

Ivelisse: you'll have to be careful, it only takes a moment for hold to be locked in.

Nia: I literally threw Agatha Bancroft around like a little baby. I've beaten every opponent they've given to me, I'm almost certain I'm one of the few who can say that. Do you doubt me?

Ivelisse: I'm being cautious, I've wrestled all types and sizes. One of our opponents is someone not everyone has had a chance to fight. Plus if you're improved then it's likely she has as well.

Nia: Becky may have improved, but that would only make her half as good as I am. Are you, whose faced the likes of Mil Muertes, really worried about them?

Ivelisse: They are nothing compared to Mil Muertes, but I do want this match to end in a win. *leans back* Worry doesn't apply to them, we should be able to win easily enough. But I want this match taken seriously, I don't want to lose because of a cheap move and I'm sure you don't either.

Nia: A win is a win, I just prefer to win by physical dominance.

Ivelisse: Then let's get that win.*grins*

Nia smiles and lifts her cup in a toasting manner as the camera fades to black.


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Post by Westmore on Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:09 am

The camera fades in on a man standing at a window, his back to the camera. He's wearing black dress pants with proper suspenders and a crisp white dress shirt. He turns around and it's Will Ospreay, NCWA newest star. He smirks at the camera before looking annoyed as he starts.

Will: Jimmy fucking Havoc... Brand new company and here I having to face you again... We have quite a history don't we Jimmy? You remember don't you Jimmy? Of course you do, you always remember... I've got a few good scars from you.

Will begins messing with a tie, getting half way done before looking at the camera again.

Will: Of course I tend to always win against you, well mostly. *grins* And I'm going to do it again, it doesn't even matter if you bring your girl because I'll be bring Bea with me. You know even out the playing field.

He stops talking and finishes with the tie. He smiles as Bea enters with his suit jacket, she smooths out his tie as he slides on the jacket.

Bea: Looking handsome my William, are you ready?

Will: Of course, the Arial Assassin is always ready. *looks into the camera again* See you in the ring Jimmy...

Will offers Bea his arm, walking off as soon as she takes it and leaving the camera to cut out on the empty scene.


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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Westmore on Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:12 am

Sitting on a turnbuckle in an empty arena is AJ Lee, her hair is pulled into two low pigtails and she's in her normal ring gear. She looks like she's in a bad mood and as she starts her voice sounds very annoyed.

AJ: I didn't think my short time here would already be a joke... I sent a message to the champion my first night that I'm here to shake things up and she's chosen to act like I don't exist... Mr. Boss didn't like my handy work at all, even though it was beautifully done... Then that Vitani girl decided to lie and say I'm demanding title matches! All I wanted to do is show that I'm better than any of these other girls! I don't need a silly, but very pretty belt for that! I prove it in the ring every time and nobody can prove me wrong! They all just can't handle the fact!

AJ jumps off the turnbuckle, pacing for a few moments before looking at the camera again.

AJ: Then EVERYONE has been calling me crazy! Behind my back I hear them! I hear every single one of them! *angry growl* And some are even dumb enough to say it to me face, I AM NOT CRAZY!

She stops, closing her eyes as she turns her back to the camera. After a few moments of deep breathing she turns around again, she's calmer now and she starts again.

AJ: And now to top it off I'm facing the Fairy Princess herself... *rolls her eyes before saying mockingly British* Agatha Bancroft. Granddaddy must have been so disappointed at how fast she was defeated by Nia Jax. Surely a Bancroft should do better in the ring? Or were her fairy powers just not working that night? *laughs* I don't even remember her hitting a single move either, do you? Well she's not winning this match either, little Agatha isn't ready to face me. I am the longest Diva's champion in WWE history; I am the best in women's wrestling! I'll have her tapping out so fast she won't know what bit her; they all tap out to the Black Widow sooner or later. All of these so called Queens better watch out, a Black Widows bite is very painful... *smirks* But maybe she's won't even have to feel my bite just yet, after all she bailed on her first match with Nia and maybe she'll do it again...

AJ walks towards the ring ropes, stopping to give her final thoughts.

AJ: I find it very funny you know... She thinks she's a fairy and yet I'm the one that's called crazy...

She lets out a laugh as she skips away, leaving the camera to fade away.


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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:19 pm

The camera opens up in a split screen of the match Ari Heyman had at Bad Moon Rising against Dante Westmore and the match that Finn Balor had at Bad Moon Rising against Bray Wyatt. The footage of Finn starts going dim until it shows him being pinned by Bray while the footage of Ari starts getting brighter until the screen goes white at his win. When we can focus on the sight in front of us we see a gleaming shot of the Young Lion's Championship. As it pans out we see that the title is on the shoulder of Ari Heyman. He looks proud in his three-piece suit. Instead of being in a fancy nightclub or doing a photo shoot, he is simply in his locker room.

Ari: Ninety-seven days. I have been the Young Lions Champion for ninety-seven days. By the time that the next show hits, it will be one hundred and nine days. I am the longest reigning male champion in the NCWA.

He adjusts the title proudly on his shoulder before taking the sunglasses off of his face.

Ari: Finn Balor was the champion for thirty-five days. Thirty-five. By the time show after next hits, I will have tripled that. Isn't Finn supposed to be a living and working legend? He built the Bullet Club from the ground up, he was the WWE's first Universal Champion. And he's supposed to have some sort of old Irish demon inside of him? Please, the only demon he has inside of him is the demon of sloth. He's lazy, he didn't even try against Bray Wyatt! He spoke a big game but when it came down to it, he choked.

Ari pats the title on his shoulder, grinning back at the camera.

Ari: But me? I proved that Dante Westmore was nothing. Drink it in, Finn, this is what a real champion looks like. We don't play with Legos, we don't work on little art projects. We devote our time to winning our matches, to being champion! *smirks* So, bring your little game of make-believe if you want. Pretend to be a little demon. I'll beat you bad enough that you'll never want to be a demon ever again. Hell, I'll beat you so bad that you never want to step into the ring ever again.

He hesitates for a moment, staring at his reflection in the title.

Ari: No one is going to take my championship away from me until I am damned good and ready to give it away. I've worked hard to make myself something, make myself a name worth knowing. I'll never give it up. Never.

The camera fades out on the reflection, his gaze harsh.


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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Shea on Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:29 pm

A scene is shown - an animated, blonde haired female, in a white dress. She clasps her hands together in front of her chest. Her voice is accompanied by a text box with her words, and her name: Zelda.

Zelda: May I ask- Do you really remember me?

The scene fades and changes to one where Cody Rhodes is seen sitting on the steel steps of the NCWA ring. He is dressed in a dark suit with a black tie that's decorated with golden coloured spots. He leans forwards and rests his elbows on his knees, hands clasped together.

Cody: Tell me something Rae; does he? Does Ari Heyman remember you from somewhere? Because when you showed up, he looked like he'd seen a ghost. Not my business, of course, but there's no crime against being curious is there. Maybe he was just expecting someone else to stop him, like myself?

He lets out a deep sigh.

Cody: While I appreciate the words about my father, I do not have the same feelings about your 'what have you done for me lately?'.

His hands clasp tighter together, eyes narrowing. He is quiet for a moment, where he closes his eyes and seems to relax before speaking, rather than lashing out as others might.

Cody: I'm sorry, but did you miss my match with Ivelisse, where my intention was to help give you women the credit you deserve for your skills? Like many others by the way, I too am getting rather tired of the younger Heyman. I had every intention of coming out to stop his post-match Kylo Ren tantrum, you however Rae, were already on top of it.

He unclasps his hands and sits up straight.

Cody: After seeing your intro promo, I thought it was best not to get in your way. You seem like the kind who's more than capable of handling things yourself, and I didn't come here to get caught in a game of 'I don't need help from men'. *he holds up his hands in a calming gesture* Not saying you will do that, but I'm not going to push it. So please, don't criticize me for respecting your ability to do things for yourself. I want to help people who really need it.

He pauses, shrugging his shoulders.

Cody: Sometimes, like in Dante's case, encouraging words are all that are needed to help. I'm not here to fight people's battles for them; that's not helping. Sometimes, people simply need to find the courage to step up to their own challenges and encouraging them can help do that. If I stepped in and took over every time sometime was mean, well that's going to make the person feel incapable of helping themselves, and that's not what I want. What I want...

He gets to his feet, camera following as he walks a bit before stopping to look up the ramp towards the stage.

Cody: ...is like what I said before; and what I said when I was up against Ivelisse. I want the women to be respected for their talent and true strengths, rather than simply being showcased for looks or put in yet another love storyline like in certain major companies. I want you to all be able to be yourselves, as all of you here in the NCWA have expressed you do. I want to help people gain the courage they need to face challenges, whether personal or professional. *he hesitates for a moment, his voice quieter when he speaks again* Like I wish someone had helped me do. A hero who helps inspire - as you said I do - not one who takes over everything to steal the spotlight. That's hardly a hero, is it?

He turns back to face the camera.

Cody: So, Rae. I look forward to our match. Where you too, can be a hero. Bring your best and help me continue inspiring those watching, like the American Dream did for you. Don't be 'the worst thing that could happen' to the boys; be women little girls dream to be because you refuse to let others get in the way of your own dreams.

With a smile, he puts a hand to his black and gold tie as the scene fades out.

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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Westmore on Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:48 am

The camera fades in a on a small diner, it's brightly decorated for Christmas. It's mostly empty; only one booth has people in it. The camera moves closer and it becomes clear it is Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, the newest tag team of the NCWA. Both have mugs of something hot in front of them and a plate of cheese fries between them.

Alex: *picks up two cheese covered fries* Whelp we had another successful title defense and now our first match for the NCWA is coming up.

Chris: Yep, out first match there. *picks up his mug* What do you think about our new co-workers and boss?

Alex: The boss seems alright, he seemed like most of our other boss's. Our Co-workers are a little more interesting, so many different guys and I guess girls that we've never had a chance to wrestle before. A good number from the British scene and a good number of former 'E guys. *takes a bite of his fries*

Chris: Like our opponent’s, Miz and Morrison.

Alex: *rolls his eyes* Miz and Morrison huh? Man this is a team we never thought we're face, I mean Miz was a strong 'E guy for a long time and Morrison has been in very different companies from us. *pauses* They work well together... But honestly do they work as well together as you and I do? I mean they hadn't even been in the same company until the NCWA started and that’s been years.

Chris: True, even when we weren't tagging or working in the same company we still shared our apartment and were working in the band.

Alex: Well we're best friends. *grins* Always have been and always will be. And we work together better than any other tag team out there.

Chris: We have the ROH tag titles to prove it too! *grins*

Alex: We'll beat them easily; we're the Motor City Machine Guns!

Chris: *chuckles* Always so cocky Lex.

Alex: *smirks* Maybe, but nothing wrong with being cocky when I'm mostly right about it.

Chris laughs and takes a drink from his mug.

Chris: Let’s just make sure we win this, see if we can earn a title shot.

Alex: If we put on a good enough match we'll easily earn a chance and knowing us we'll put on a great match

Chris chuckles before pausing as a waitress sets down two plates of food, he and Alex give a quiet thank you as she leaves then with their food.

Chris: And we'll try to put on another great match this time, now let’s eat Lex. Smells too good to let the food get cold.

Alex grins and picks up his fork, the camera fades out as the two chat and eat.


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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Westmore on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:22 am

The camera fades in on the scene of a quiet park at dusk, the trees lite up beautifully with colorful Christmas lights. Sitting on a bench is Zack; he's wearing a warm hoodie and scarf. He's looking at the trees, enjoying holiday lights. He glances over and catches sight of the cameraman; he sits up before addressing them.

Zack: Somehow you always manage to catch us by surprise, you'll have to tell me your secret someday.

He chuckles before putting his hands in his pockets.

Zack: It's so pretty out, but one does have to contend with the cold to in enjoy it. I think it's worth it though...

Zack smiles as he looks at the lights almost wistfully, reflecting on the holiday season.

Zack: But you’re not here to talk about Christmas lights right? You are here to get my thoughts about my match. *looks back at the camera* My match with the new NCWA Champ and founder of the Wyatt family, Bray Wyatt... I'll be completely honest with you, Bray is very fucking creepy. He's a cult leader with loyal followers and he's very much buying his own goods that he's selling. *laughs* It's strange to think that Jimmy isn't the creepiest person I work with anymore. But then again Jimmy has never had his own cult before and cults are scary if you really think about it. Listening and obeying without any freewill, having someone else be in charge... Luckily I'm not the type that would fall into a cult, never have been. I question others too much, a habit I've heard that would get one in trouble in a cult. So they would never want me thank goodness.

Zack pushes his hands into his hoodie pocket.

Zack: Bray Wyatt may be creepy, but he's nowhere near my level when it comes to the ring. *little cocky grin* After all I'm The Technical Wizard; I've wrestled some of the hottest names in the business and beat a most of them. This will be a piece of cake.

Zack pauses and lets out a laugh.

Zack: I can tell what you’re thinking, your thinking I'm being too cocky or that I'm not taking Wyatt seriously. You’re wrong though I am taking this match very seriously, but I know I can beat him. You're thinking that Wyatt's twice my size, but I've wrestled guys twice my size before and won. You're thinking that I'm down playing Wyatt's wrestling skill, I'm not though. He's good in the ring, but I know I'm better and I'll prove it in this match. After all is it being cocky if I prove I'm everything I say I am? *smirks, almost playfully* I think it would be called being right and I know even if I do lose I'm still one of the best in the wrestling world. After all I'm going against the NCWA Champ, win or lose I'm still Zack Sabre Jr. and I am The Technical Wizard of the NCWA.

Zack stops, giving a soft smile.

Zack: How about I buy both of us some coffee, warm us up? After all I owe you for making you come out on a cold evening just for this; I know a quiet little shop just around the corner here.

Zack stands up, looking at the lights one more time before stepping out of view from the camera. The camera focuses on the light covered trees before fading out to black.


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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:54 pm

The camera opens up on a man's voice humming, the dark room filled with only one source of light. We see Bray Wyatt sitting in Abigal's rocking chair, the NCWA World Class Championship sitting on his lap. He stops rocking, just staring at the title for a moment.

Bray: *singing* He's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole wide world in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands. *laughs* Never, ever have those words been more true than they are right now. Ah have truly got the whole world in mah hands. Ah have destroyed The Demon, drove him out from Finn Balor, just as easily as ah have taken the title. Mah title.

He laughs again, stroking a hand down the center plate of the championship. His eyes are filled with mirth before, just as quickly, the look is one of rage.

Bray: But not everyone sees me as the savior ah am. Some greedy souls believe they are destined t' take this title from me. T' usurp me. Take mah opponent this week fer example. Little Zack Sabre Jr.

He laughs as he rocks, his face growing cold as he rests.

Bray: Best technical wrestler in the world, eh? Ah have fought men like ya. Daniel Bryan was like ya. Ah bet that boils yer blood, don't it? T' know ah have faced a man like ya. Ya like t' pride yerself on the fact that there ain't no one like ya. That ya are the best in yer given field. It's funny...ah don't even think yer a stand out amongst the British stars. After all, what have ya done? What makes ya stand out? Ya ain't brutal like Jimmy Havoc. Ya ain't even as good as Balor was an' ah dispatched of him easily. Ya are a fly headed straight fer the spider's web.

He pauses, looking into the camera with a sneer.

Bray: Pride, one of the deadliest sins. *smirks* The Lord Almighty has a day in store fer all the proud and lofty, fer all that is exalted. God opposes the proud but shows favor t' the humble. Let not the wise boast of their wisdom or the strong boast of their strength. *laughs* Ya are set t' fail, Zach, fer ya boast an' boast of whatever ya can? An' ah? Oh ah have got the word and power of the lord coursin' through me. The Lord powers me an' God willin' he will help me smite the wicked. In HER name.

The camera fades to dark on the deep smirks across the face of Bray Wyatt, the last thing we hear being that chilling laugh and the humming that follows.


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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Shea on Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:45 pm

The upbeat violin tune of Lindsey Stirling's 'Roundtable Rival' comes on in a darkened arena. A single spotlight comes on, lighting up a woman onstage, holding a fan in front of her face and the other hand on her hip. She is dressed in a red, corset-style top, and a black, layered skirt that ends just below her knees. She folds up the fan, grinning as she reveals herself to be Vitani Summers. She twirls and dances briefly on the stage before standing off to one side, where she puts her free hand to her forehead and looks across the stage. Vitani then looks up and watches as Becky Lynch descends from the rafters on a thick rope, landing on the opposite side of the stage to Vitani. The two women nod to each other before quickly turning and pointing towards the ring. On cue, two cannon-sounding fireworks go off. Becky and Vitani both jump and cheer before heading down the ramp. They both skip around to different sets of stairs, which they climb to enter the ring. Once they're in, the two skip around briefly before receiving microphones from stagehands, whom Vitani gives her fan to. They stand in the center of the ring before speaking.

Becky: *enthusiastically* Evening House show crowd, what's the craic?! How're you all doing?

She grins as the crowd cheers, returning her enthusiasm.

Becky: Hoo-boy, a whole lotta energy. I'm liking this place already.

Vitani: Told you you'd enjoy it here.

Becky: Oh yeah. I'll have a kraken good time. *she smirks* Get it? Like 'craic', but a kraken. Because Steampunk.

Becky laughs, however Vitani keeps a straight face as she tries to hide her exasperation.

Vitani: Yes, I get it. Lovely Becky.

Becky: Hey! Y'know what else is lovely? *she grins and gestures to them both* Our outfits.

Vitani: *smiles and nods* I do quite lie the style actually. And the entrance was pretty fun.

Becky: And y'know what else'll be fun? Working as a team and winning matches of course!

The crowd cheers in response as Vitani nods, agreeing.

Vitani: It certainly will be.

Becky: *excitedly* I'm gonna fight them! I'll fight Nia Jax and Ivelisse Velez!

Vitani: *chuckles* Yes, yes. A friendly fight of course. We have nothing against them.

Becky: Oh sure we do!

She glances at Vitani, who gives a questioning look.

Becky: They don't seem to think much of the match. Almost like they thought we'd be pushovers, simply because you've lost a match. They're ridiculous!

Vitani: Well we aren't. Why the heck would anyone bother signing up for the NCWA if we were pushovers?

Becky: No idea, but we certainly aren't. Nia Jax should at least know I'm not!

She brushes her hair behind her shoulder and shrugs.

Becky: Never mind. We'll show 'em. They'll see we aren't an easy win, no matter how big they are, or how tough they talk. We'll fight, and we'll win!

She raises her microphone free hand, fist in the air. After a moment, Vitani does the same as the crowd cheers.

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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Shea on Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:17 pm

A news-style tune is heard as the scene fades in. Two 'director' chairs stand out on a balcony, a view of Los Angeles in the background. On the chairs' material backrests are the words 'the Dirt Sheet'. John Morrison comes on screen and sits in the left chair; Miz entering and sitting in the other, much like their very first NCWA promo. Morrison is in his ring gear, complete a with faux-fur coat and sunglasses, along with a Johnny Mundo t-shirt. Miz is wearing dark suit pants, a red business shirt and a suit vest. Unlike their first attempt though, both look much more into the whole thing; with their usual smug attitudes.

Morrison: Hi, I'm John Morrison, and I am really not a fan of dirty hobos.

Miz: *pulls a face, nodding his agreement* And I'm THE MIZ!

Both smugly raise their heads, posing briefly.

Morrison: And speaking of things I don't like, rocking chairs are another. Also people who steal my fashion style.

He scoffs at the idea, gesturing to his coat.

Miz: *turns to look at him* What are you going on about?

Morrison: My fashion style.

Miz: *sighs* Yes. I got that part.

Morrison: It was stolen.

Miz, totally lost, stares blankly at him.

Morrison: Did you not see the new guy with his stupid video at the Pay-Per-View? That Marty Scurll guy stole my coat style!

Miz: He didn't steal yours. He just has a similar style!

Morrsion: Whatever. *rolls his eyes* Anyway. They are't our concern this time. Finally, dirty hobo is someone else's problem. This time, we get to see the guys who don't know what they want to do in life. *he scoffs* Are they wrestlers? Are they a band? Are they two guys who never grew out of the High School garage 'band' phase? Who knows? I certainly don't.

Miz: *after an exaggerated shrug* Me either. They also don't seem to be sure if they're people, or weapons. Motorcity Machine Guns? Really? REALLY? *he laughs at the name*

Morrison: Look. I'll give them credit for at least being a decent team... *after a pause* Okay, a good team. They're fairly amusing, at times. But that doesn't mean they'll magically win just because of that. WE are the greatest tag team, of all time- *they both pose, heads smugly raised* -despite our recent difficulties.

Miz: But they're passed now, so who cares? Good teams work out problems, rather than deny there are any, or treat the other teammates as mindless followers. Good teams help each other, even if they've come back together after a while apart. *he smiles as Morrison nods*

Morrison: Right. It's going to be an exciting match, that's for sure. Those guys are known as pretty energetic-

Miz: And? Their so-called 'high flying' is probably nothing like your parkour. WWE was stupid for not letting you use it, unlike Lucha Underground.

Morrison: *smirks* Well, that is true... Lucha was pretty damn good about letting me use it. And here is too. So this'll be fun.

Miz: No, it'll be... *he pauses dramatically* Awesome. *he grins* Because we will win.

Morrison: Well- Even if we don't, their arrival means we're free for now of the dirty hobos. Their turn to deal with the creeps after this match. Someone other than us has to have a go at those tag titles after all. I'd rather wait 'til these guys get them before going anywhere near that competition at the moment... *he shudders at the memory*

Miz nods in understanding and briefly pats his shoulder.

Miz: Forget about them for now. Focus on beating these guys for now, yeah?

Morrison: Right.

He lets out a deep breath, muttering something about their last match as the scene ends.

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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Jimmy Havoc on Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:19 am

[ The camera rises to the familiar scene of the abandoned mental institution and glitching televisions as seen in the previous promo packages. However, Hospital For Souls isn't playing in the background as usual. In its place is the distant sound of a female voice humming Pop Goes The Weasel. The main camera feed cuts out suddenly leaving only the audio remaining. ]

Rosemary: You weren't expecting us, were you, dears? [ She laughs maniacally as the camera feed suddenly cuts back in to reveal her standing in a room of the old hospital at the foot of a rusty bed where Jimmy lays staring blankly at the ceiling. ] Or, maybe you were. It doesn't matter. James...Jimmy is a bit out of sorts at the moment, and it is our responsibility to step in when he needs us most. [ She moves to the edge of the bed to sit down beside Jimmy, brushing a bit of hair from his face, and Jimmy sits up slowly staring emotionless at the camera before his mouth contorts into a scowl. ]

Jimmy: You honestly think that I'm fuckin' worried about you, Ospreay? Fuckin' really? I'm the whole goddamn reason you can't set foot in PROGRESS anymore. Remember that, Will? Does the missus remember that; because we do. [ He turns to Rosemary, taking her hand. ] I wasn't worried about you back when you were whinin' and cryin' to Jim for opportunities with the big boys, and I'm not worried about you now that you think you're some big shot over in Japan or what the fuck ever. Rose and I, we've got much bigger fish to fry than you and Beatrice, sweetheart. Go back to making your cute little cat shirts and let us get back to the important things, yeah?

[ He pulls Rosemary into his arms, and she continues to hum her song as she wraps herself around him. The camera cuts suddenly to static, and then nothing ]
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Jimmy Havoc

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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Shea on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:23 pm

The scene opens to a view of the stars; many more of the twinkling lights than what would be seen in cities or suburbs. The camera slowly pans downward to show the familiar scene of Agatha's rose-bordered garden, lit only by a small lantern on a small stone table, placed by a blanket spread on the grass. Agatha comes out from behind the camera, moving to sit kneeling on the blanket, followed shortly by Casey.

Agatha: See? How much nicer is it?

Casey: I love it! Reminds me of the wetlands area back home. Only, they locked the gate to get in after about 8pm, so you'd never get to see so much. But this- *he stares up at the sky with wide eyes and his mouth open*

Agatha: *chuckles* I see. I don't have to worry about that here. I can see this whenever I want- uh as long as I'm actually at home, rather than travelling. So... less so at the moment.

Casey: *nods* It gets like that.

Agatha: Must be even harder for you guys, right? Your family's even further away and we barely ever travel that way. I've at least got granddaddy.

Casey: Well, yeah, but I have Seth and Egan. *he shrugs* So who are you against this show?

Agatha: *sighs* Aj Lee. I suppose it isn't all that surprising really. But It'd be nice if they gave me a bit more credit. But then, they all like to rip into Dante too for being fresh from training, don't they? I thought this company prided itself for being above the pettiness that the other so-called 'professional' companies have?

Casey: I believe that was the idea. Some seem to confuse the kayfabe with real life though and start hating on each other for real though. I don't get it.

Agatha: *she shakes her head, disappointed* Me either. But I'm already getting rather tired of it. I mean- trashing me and my abilities because I thought to seek advice and management from my Grandfather, who has experience? How does that make me stupid, or weak? They may not say those things directly, but that is certainly how their comments feel they are intended to imply. And they criticise me for having an imagination? *she rolls her eyes* Oh gosh, how dare I? How dare I kayfabe as a fairy girl, when there's the supernatural characters like Kane and the Undertaker out there? I mean, really- I'm hardly the first to do this. *she takes a breath* And- dismissing me because I wasn't able to do a match, because AJ Lee attacked my opponent? How exactly is that my fault ladies? A bit unfair if my skills are being judged by- by a match the officials cancelled because some ...bitch, excuse my language, decided to interfere. How is that, in any way fair? Or because I lose A match? Hello! Everyone loses at some point. And uh- last time I checked, you can still learn and improve from a loss. So it'd be nice if they all just backed off and behaved like mature ladies, and held off their judgement until I've been given a bloody fair chance to prove myself!

Relieved to get all that out, Agatha lets out a deep sigh.

Casey: ..better now? *he gives a small smile*

Agatha clears her throat and gives a little nod.

Agatha: Yes, sorry about that.

Casey: It's fine. You don't need to be sorry.

Agatha nods again, the scene ending as they begin talking about the stars again.

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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

Post by Shea on Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:42 pm

A street in Olympia, Washington is shown, decorated with Christmas lights and decorations. A couple of people pass by, dressed against the cold weather, before Finn Balor appears. He too, is dressed warmly. Thick coat with knitted green gloves and hat. Despite the weather, he grins at the camera.

Finn: Hullo! Bit chilly, but it's lovely, isn't it? *he glances over his shoulder at a large Christmas tree display before speaking again* Y'know...the Christmas lights remind me a bit of stars. *he grins* Or, well, the other thing they call 'em is 'fairy lights' isn't it?

He looks back at the lights with a grin before walking slowly, camera person following.

Finn: I s'ppose everyone's wondering what's happening with me now, because I lost to Bray, hm? He made a big deal about beatin' the demon an' all that. Well... perhaps he did. *he chuckles as the person behind the camera gasps* Yes, I'm serious. I think maybe it's time to let Balor go for a bit. He's great for intimidation and all, but I don't need to be doing that to friends, do I?

He shrugs and pauses to sit on a wooden bench.

Finn: Anyway. I'm rather looking forward to my new challenge. Demon-free match against none other than our long reigning Champ, Ari Heyman. *he lets out a low whistle* Boy, has that fella made a name for himself. The kid knows what he's doing. That's obvious. Everyone knows who he is. He's a damn good heel, without even trying really. Natural talent. Not totally hated though, still able to get a bit of sympathy on the family issues. And, like I said, the longest reigning Champ. Well done to him.

He smiles a little.

Finn: But he's still gotta face me. I'm aware I'm not the best in the world. I mean- who can realistically make that claim? No one has fought every wrestler in the whole world to test this. But I'm still a challenge for most. Yeah, I made a mistake with Bray, and it cost me. But I'm not gonna sit around being sore over it. I'm just moving on to focus on other things. Like this match with Ari. Fella's going to be a tough one. So, lucky for the fans, they're gonna get an amazing show. More of one at least. We always have amazing shows...

He lets out a breath, which turns frosty in front of him. He rubs his hands together and gets to his feet.

Finn: Alright, it's getting too cold even for me out here. I'm gonna go find a library, or a bookshop. *he grins* Or maybe somewhere that sells Lego.

He waves a hand in farewell and walks off screen.

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