Casey's catch up (October)

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Casey's catch up (October) Empty Casey's catch up (October)

Post by Shea on Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:17 pm

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It seems after Bad Moon Rising, that this is the case for a number of NCWA stars.
After an intense few shows, the rivalry between the teams of the Wyatt family, and the duo of Miz and Morrison has come to a possible end. The Wyatts, with a rather disturbing scare tactic, defeated their rivals. I'm sure Morrison isn't too happy after the ordeal - but I couldn't find him to ask. Miz however, was furious.

Speaking of furious, surely Dante Westmore is by now? Unable to defeat Ari Heyman for the Young Lions' title even after his earlier wins. To be fair though, well... Ari was hardly playing fair again, was he? Pretending you're more out of it than you really are is hardly an honourable tactic. He might want to watch out for Cody Rhodes then.

There was quite a bit of drama in the matches followig Seth's unfortunate loss, AND backstage it seems.
What is it that bodyguard Iokua isn't telling our boss, hm? Whatever it is, Nia seems to know.

And is this feud between Wade Barrett and Jimmy Havoc over? Wade may have won, but the method he used to do so will surely just aggravate Havoc further... We shall see, I suppose.

And we have even more people joining our roster! So many new faces to potentially spark new rivalries, or alliances. Tag Teams, Villains, a bird man and some more of those amazing, strong women we seem to be attracting to the NCWA. It's great to see the company growing!

To end the show... we had more spooky Wyatt. Perhaps Finn Balor underestimated the man's ability to compete in multiple matches? I don't think he was expecting to lose his new title already. I did try to ask him about it afterwards, but he quickly shooed me away as he hastily removed his Balor 'mask'. That look he had about him when he 'switched' to Balor against Sabre Jr in the last show certainly wasn't there when I saw him...

I meant to write more on all this, however I've been busy with more important things since the show. Helping friends is more important than gossip.



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