12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Show

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12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Show Empty 12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Show

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The camera opens up on Kai Anoai on the phone with someone, he seems very engulfed in conversation before the camera pans back to reveal Iokua waiting for him.

Kai: Iokua....you need to talk to me?

Iokua hesitates for a moment before nodding.

Iokua: I do

Kai: Is everything okay? It's not a problem is it?

Iokua: That... depends how you look at it.

He hesitates again before pulling a letter out of a back pocket.

Iokua: I have been trying to work out a good way to explain, but I thought it'd be best if /she/ did...

Slowly, he puts the letter down on Kai's desk. Kais eyes glance down at the letter in front of him before reaching out to grab it. He reads through it, eyes getting wider and wider.

Kai: So...you... we're...

Iokua: *nods* Your- *he clears his throat* Our mother kept it quiet. She only told me when she heard I was coming to work here.

Kai: Kris doesn't even know this...er...we have another brother by the way. *rubs the back of the neck* Is this the part where you tell me you hate me?

Iokua raises an eyebrow.

Iokua: Why would I do that?

Kai: *deep breath* It would be the way my life is going right now. I...I want to help any way I can. I've viewed you as a close friend since we met, now I'm glad I get to call you brother.

Iokua's usual, serious expression slowly turns into a small smile.

Iokua: Thank you. ...you have Nia to thank that I didn't put this off longer by the way.

Kai gives a small nod before he hands the letter back.

Kai: The exchange at the pay per view?

Iokua: *nods* Yes, that.

Kai chuckles, leaning back in his chair.

Kai: We'll face this. Now go make sure we're okay for the night.

Iokua: *nods again* Yes sir.

Kai: Just Kai from now on.

Iokua: Sure. he smiles, properly this time

The camera fades to the upbeat violin tune of Lindsey Stirling's 'Roundtable Rival' comes on in a darkened arena. A single spotlight comes on, lighting up a woman onstage, holding a fan in front of her face and the other hand on her hip. She is dressed in a red, corset-style top, and a black, layered skirt that ends just below her knees. She folds up the fan, grinning as she reveals herself to be Vitani Summers. She twirls and dances briefly on the stage before standing off to one side, where she puts her free hand to her forehead and looks across the stage. Vitani then looks up and watches as Becky Lynch descends from the rafters on a thick rope, landing on the opposite side of the stage to Vitani. The two women nod to each other before quickly turning and pointing towards the ring. On cue, two cannon-sounding fireworks go off. Becky and Vitani both jump and cheer before heading down the ramp. They both skip around to different sets of stairs, which they climb to enter the ring. "Problem" by Natalia Kills starts up as Ivelisse Velez makes her way to the ring. She comes down to the entrance ramp before "Force of Greatness" by CFO$ begins and Nia Jax heads down to the ring, the Queen's Championship on her shoulder. Nia gestures for Ivelisse to stay out of the ring, which she does. Nia stands across from Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynce and Vitani Summers v. Ivelisse Velez and NCWA Queens Champion Nia Jax
Becky comes towards Nia, who doubles her over with a kick to the gut, before tossing her to the mat. She then knocks Vitani off of the apron with a hard forearm. Becky is pulling herself to her feet in Nia's corner and the champ comes towards her and lands double fists to the back. She then grabs Becky by the hair and holds her against the ropes for Ive to kick in the face. The ref pulls them away and, when Becky gets to her feet, Nia scoops her up and tosses her back to the center of the ring. Nia goes in for a pin and Becky kicks out at one. Nia backs off for a minute before grabbing Becky by the hair and lifting her before knocking her back to the mat with a hard punch. Again, Nia pulls her up by the hair, this time flinging her into the corner. Nia charges her, splashing against her in the corner. Nia tries it int the opposite corner but Becky moves, getting the moment they needed. Becky crawls to the corner, trying to tag in Vitani. In the opposite corner, Nia tags in Ivelisse. The two charge each other, Vitani knocking Ive to the mat. As soon as Ive gets up, Vitani knocks her right back down. This time she charges into the corner and knocks Nia to the floor. She turns, catching the foot Ive tries to kick her with and pulling her in only to send her staggering with a punch. Vitani backs up against the ropes before pouncing on Ive with double knees. She gets a two count before Nia breaks the pin. Becky then ends up in the ring, tossing Nia to the outside. As soon as Becky turns around in the ring, Nia grabs her legs and pulls her out of the ring and slams her into the barricade. In the ring, Ive uses the distraction to ground Vitani. She puts her into position for a running bulldog but instead, Vitani brings her towards the turnbuckle. She flings to behind Ive and brings her down with the double knees to the back. She waits for Ive to stand before hitting her with the Insiguiri. Vitani then goes for, and lands, the pin.
Winners via pinfall: Vitani Summers and Becky Lynch

On the outside, Nia looks pissed. She grabs her title from the ref, turning her back on Ivelisse as she leaves. Vitani and Becky celebrate, the fans cheering loudly. Dante is sitting in catering, his travel bag beside him. He looks uncomfortable with some of the looks he is getting. He stands up, leaving his bag at his table and walking towards the door. Just as Dante is reaching the door, Cody enters, pausing when he sees him.

Cody: Oh. Hey.

Dante: *nervously* Hey...

Cody: What are you up to?

Dante: I was just sitting in catering.

Cody: Oh? Looks more like you were leaving. *raises an eyebrow* Something wrong?

Dante: *quietly* Wrong? *nervous*

Cody: Well you look like you were leaving, without your stuff. *he points over at Dante's table*

Dante: I was just leaving for a moment.

Cody: *curious* What for?

Dante: I... It's uncomfortable after the last rumor mill...

Cody: Why?

Dante: It... What it says about me...

Cody: *shrugs* It's a rumour mill. Those things are usually full of lies.

Dante: Then your not weirded out by my being gay?

Cody: *shakes his head* No. What matters is if they're a good person or not.

Dante: *quietly* Thank you.

Cody: For what?

Dante: For not freaking out about what the magazine said.

Cody: *admits*...I havent seen it.

Dante: Oh....

Cody: Does it matter?

Dante: *shakes his head* No it doesn't.

Cody: Look. Don't worry about what the others say. Just keep up the good work. *he smiles*

Dante: *smiles softly and nods* Thank you.

Dante turns and walks back to his bag, pausing when he notices a small card with a H on his bag. When the camera comes back up, it comes up on a shot of the ring. As "Confident" by Demi Lovato plays, Rae James walks out onto the entrance ramp. She smiles wide at the audience before running into the ring, taking a knee as soon as she's in. She pops the collar of her jacket before standing, removing the jacket and rolling her shoulders as she waits. "A Hero Comes Home" starts and as he comes out onto the stage, Cody raises a hand in greeting to the audience, waving to them. He then walks down the ramp, shaking hands with some of the fans. He enters the ring up a set of the steel stairs. Once in, he waves to the crowd again before climbing up onto one of the turnbuckles, where he poses. One hand is curled in a fist, tucked close to his side, the other is raised high in the air as if he's raising a sword. He gets off of the turnbuckle, looking at Rae. He offers a hand to shake and Rae nods, smiling as she shakes his hand.

Cody v Rae James
Rae rushes Cody, attempting to knock him down. She runs the ropes and climbs to the top, all the while holding Cody's arm. She crosses the top with a good balance, locking him in a tilt-a-whirl neck breaker. She goes for an early pin, Cody kicking out at two. Rae kneels as Cody stands. She attempts a belly to back suplex but Cody pulls her through his legs. Rae pushes him away, Cody attempting a kick to the face. Rae ducks and when his back is turned, successfully lands her belly to back suplex. She goes for the pin again and this time it is a two count again. Rae turns towards the ropes before turning back for Cody to hold her by the hair. Rae wraps his arms around his neck and pulls him down in a jawbreaker. While Cody is on his knees, Rae backs up against the ropes to run at him. Rae is downed by a hard shot to the mouth. Cody picks up the dazed Rae, tossing her against the ropes and when she comes back at him, Cody knocks her down with a hard forearm. Cody goes for his own pin, Rae only kicking out at two. He argues with the ref for the moment, when he turns back, Rae tries to land an inside cradle pin. She only gets a two before sending herself away, only to turn and get hit with the Disaster Kick. Cody, confident this time, goes for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Cody

Rae looks surprised as she gets up, staring at Cody. Instead of getting mad, she gives him a half hug before heading to the back. She is surprised to see Dante Westmore waiting for her.

Rae: *chuckles* Can't win 'em all, right? *she grabs a towel and wipes her face* What's up?

Dante: Um congrats on a good match. *looks down at something in his hand uncomfortably*

Rae: You okay? You don't seem to be feeling alright?

Dante: *swallows quietly* Oh well... *pauses before changing what he was going to say* The recent rumor mill... *looks at his hands again*

Rae: No. No it's not the rumor mill. Not what we talked about in private. You keep looking at your hand. I'm not stupid.

Dante: *bites his lip but looks up at her something* Was put into my bag....

Rae: *tries not to pale, but her voice is a little shakey* A...a black card with an H?

Dante: So you got one too?

Rae: *nods, doesn't look at him* Thought it was a prank or something. I...

Dante: Well until you got it I thought it was.... a bashing thing, but since you got it, yeah it has to be a prank! *his eyes still look worried*

Rae: Bashing? H isn't what you would leave for that. pats his shoulder We have nothing to worry about.

Dante: *flush* I don't know, people are weird... But yeah *little smile* your right

Rae: *nods* Hey, I'm just gonna pack up my bags. You want to get something to eat?

Dante: Sure, sounds nice.

The camera follows the two as the camera switches to a view of the locker room of Seth Johnson and Egan Archer. Seth is nowhere to be seen but Egan is seen sliding on the jacket of his suit. There is a knock on the door and he opens it to reveal Dia Banks, a microphone in her hand.

Dia: Can I ask a few questions, Mr. Archer?

Egan freezes for a moment before responding with a nod.

Egan: er- sure? I figured you would be looking for Seth though.

Dia enters the room, a smile on her lips.

Dia: Hoping to get a few words with you actually.

Egan: ...why?

Dia: Just curious about what Scurll said. You did hear what he said, didn't you?

Egan: *narrows his eyes* Of course I did. Why?

Dia: Just curious how you plan on handling it. After all, you took such a nasty fall and I know you relive it a lot. Scurll, he's the kind of guy who plays on that.

Egan: He is, huh? *he rolls his eyes* Well thanks for the warning. As for how I’ll handle it... well what can I do? I’m just a manager. I know Seth’s pretty mad about it though.

Dia: You know, Colt and I went up against Scurll once. I was managing Colt. And Scurll? Well, he grabbed me and dragged me into the ring. You think you'd be okay in the ring?

Though he chuckles, Egan looks rather tense.

Egan: Well- I’ve been in there for promos with Seth.

Dia notices the movement and shakes her head.

Dia: But not in the heat of a match. Take my advice, Scurll is a dick. Stay back here. I'd hate for you to have another accident.

Egan: ...so you’re suggesting I abandon my friend? *he frowns*

Dia: He would understand. It's for your own good, your own sanity. Scurll would hurt you again.

Egan: It doesn’t matter if he ‘understands’. That doesn’t make it right.

Dia: Even if it's not right, it's what's best for you. Unless you like falling from ring posts. Marty would hurt you.

Egan: I don’t plan on climbing one.

Dia: You may not plan on it, but if Seth gets knocked out, Marty will make sure you end up on one. You couldn't fight back.

Egan: *crosses his arms* And how do you know this, hm?

Dia: I spent time in ROH with the Bullet Club. I watched Marty Scurll and Hangman Page try to hang Colt. I know what he's capable of.

Egan: *huffs* Right. Well- thanks for the warning. I guess.

Dia: I tried to warn you...have a nice trip out there, Egan. Hope it's not your last.

Egan: *trying not to snap at her* You- you realize that can be considered a threat, right?

Dia: I don't mean it as one. It's an honest hope.

Egan: Right. Well, it certainly comes across that way.

Dia: I know the sort of guy Scurll is. I know how he can be. Just..know the danger you're getting into.

Egan: Alright! Fine. Whatever.

He waves a hand dismissively and turns his back to her, hiding a worried expression as he mutters a few curse words.As Dia turns to walk away, a cold smirk crosses her lips with her back to Egan.

The camera opens up on Seth Johnson, his face set in a grim expression and we pan back to see he is in the ring but Egan is nowhere to be found. He rolls his shoulders, eyes cast on the entrance ramp. "One True Villain" plays, Marty Scurll coming out to the entrance ramp wearing his signature sunglasses and fur coat, holding his umbrella over his shoulders. He reaches up to take off his sunglasses, yells into the air, then stores his sunglasses into his pocket. He gets onto the ring apron, looking over the audience with a sneer, before getting into the ring and raising his umbrella over his head like a storybook villain. he leans against the three ring ropes with fans on the other side, yelling into the crowd. He points towards Seth's corner with the umbrella, then mouths "where is he". Seth attempts to rush him but the ref stops him, trying to calm him down. Marty uses this time to remove his coat.

Marty Scurll v Seth Johnson
The bell rings and the two men circle each other, Seth looking to the outside before snarling at Marty. The two lock up, Marty going behind and locking Seth up for a back slam. Seth hits the mat and Marty locks him in a headlock. Seth rolls over but Marty regains control of the situation. Marty rolls them again but Seth counters with another roll. He turns the roll into a pin attempt but when Marty kicks out at barely one, Seth pulls him up in a headlock. Seth sneaks behind to attempt a back suplex but Marty grabs his arm. Seth overpowers Marty and takes him down to the mat, trying a pin which Marty easily breaks. Seth backs up, glaring Marty down and listening to the fans cheer. Marty looks angry as the two men circle each other again. Marty raises his fists as if he's egging on Seth, but the two men lock up again. Seth keeps a hold on his arm but Marty turns it into holding his wrist and fingers as Seth lays on the mat. He signals with his free hand for everyone to be quick but before he can go for his famous finger break move, Seth kips himself up to the mat and lands a solid kick to Marty's ribs. Marty staggers back into the turnbuckle, feigning his ribs being hurt. Seth attempts to hit Marty, but the ref is checking on Marty. The ref turns and chastises Seth, but Marty runs to the top rope, runs across it, and lands a solid and hard kick to the head. He then catches Seth for his cross-face chicken wing, tapping Seth out.
Winner via tapout: Marty Scurll

Marty takes his umbrella and coat, shooting the commentary table a wink as he does. The camera flashes to a shot of the table, Colt Cabana and CM Punk both glaring at Dia.

Colt: So...that interview...

Punk: I swear to all that is good if you're doing this on purpose...

Dia: *shakes her head* It was an accident, boys. I was just trying to impart some wisdom I learned the hard way.

Colt: *huffs* Well we still have some great matches here tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin whoop some butt. And somehow Jimmy Havoc can move after his loss to Barrett and will be facing Will Ospreay.

Dia: Up first we have some women's action!

The camera switches to a view of the ring. "Touch the Sky" by Julie Fowlis begins but instead of the fairy dance to the ring, Agatha enters followed by her grandfather. She looks very confident and listens to Bancroft before climbing into the ring. "Light It Up" plays as AJ Lee skips out onto the entrance ramp before posing for only a second, then she continues to skip all the way to the ring. She climbs into the ring before skipping around the ring and then sitting on the middle rope with her arms over the second.  She breaks away, regarding Agatha lightly.

Agatha Bancroft w/Elijah Bancroft v AJ Lee
AJ Lee looks furious as she goes to move in but she is interrupted by "Force of Greatness" playing. AJ turns angrily, watching as Nia heads towards the ring. AJ is completely distracted by Nia that she doesn't notice Agatha behind her. When AJ does turn around, it is too late. Agatha catches her with the Wrath of the Fairies before rolling her up for a pin.
Winner via pinfall: Agatha Bancroft

Agatha gets up, looking confident but strong. As soon as Nia enters the ring, Agatha backs off. Nia places a foot on AJ's chest, looking fierce as she raises her title, letting out a war cry. It's black as a voice starts singing slowly, then clips start flashing on the screen. Clips of an alleyway, flashing lights and what looks like a rave.

Voice: All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse. All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse.

The screen then changes to show the feet of someone standing with a cane, the shot stays on it as the singing goes to the second verse.

Voice: We don't deal with outsiders very well, they say newcomers have a certain smell. Yeah, trust issues, not to mention, they say they can smell your intentions. You're lovin' on the freakshow sitting next to you, you'll have some weird people sitting next to you. You'll think "How did I get here, sitting next to you?" But after all, I've said, please don't forget.

The camera then changes to stylized H as the voice sings the chorus one last time.

Voice: All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse.

It quickly fades to black.

12-18-2017 Monday Night Carnage Show 26175810

"The Man" by The Killers begins as Ari Heyman exits to the ramp. He has his Young Lion's Championship on his shoulder and a smirk across his lips. He looks as confident as ever before he enters the ring, kissing the title before handing it over. The lights go dim but instead of the demon that usually Finn would come out as, this time it is just Finn in a black leather jacket. He still does his arm pose, but his movements are much more even as he enters the ring.

Young Lions Champion Ari Heyman v Finn Balor
The two men circle each other but as Finn goes for a lockup, Ari rolls himself out of the ring. He watches from the outside for a moment before getting to the apron and then slowly getting into the ring. Finn doesn't look impressed and he slips behind Ari, wrapping his arms around him and landing a side slam. Ari gets to his hands and knees on the mat which gives Finn enough leverage to wrap him in a headlock. He stays on Ari but turns the headlock into a pin. Ari kicks out and Finn locks him in an armlock and pulls him to his feet. Finn is wrenching Ari's arm behind his back, Ari counters with a hard elbow to the face. Finn stumbles back into the ropes and Ari comes at him with a hard kick to the gut. He poses and preens before grabbing Finn's arm and tries to toss him into the ropes which Finn counters. He tries to land a shoulder, Ari flips over Finn and tries to roll him up for a pin but Finn rolls out of it and kicks him in the face. Finn is on his feet first, Ari holding his face. Finn heads towards the young man, landing a hard forearm to his face and a kick to the gut. Ari drops to a knee, Finn grabbing his arm and pulling her up to toss Ari into the ropes and land a dropkick to the chest. Ari is down, Finn goes for a cover, but Ari again kicks out at 2. Finn looks surprised, Ari trying to get up. He pushes Finn into the corner turnbuckle and rushes him, but Finn moves too quickly. He is over the top rope on the apron, Ari goes for a hard forearm, but Finn counters with a hard kick to the temple. This drops Ari and he crawls to the opposite ropes on his knees, leaning against the second rope. Finn knocks him over the top rope, Ari landing on his back on the outside. Finn grins, getting an idea, and he himself gets out of the ring. He rushes Ari, who has brought himself to his feet and dropkicks him into the barricade. Ari screams in pain, doubling over as the ref gets to a count of three. Finn tosses Ari into the ring, climbing to the top of the turnbuckle before hitting the Coup de Grace and going for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Finn Balor

Finn smirks and gets to his feet, rolling outside of the ring and heads back to the back as the camera fades to commercial.

LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" plays to signal the arrival of Miz and Morrison. On stage, they pretend to move in slow motion- both in sunglasses- before they both pose, then they ignore the crowd as they make their way to the ring. Once in the ring, they show off before removing their sunglasses, coat, and vest as they wait for their opponents. "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade begins, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin heading down to the ring. They look very confident, standing across from Miz and Morrison.

The Miz and John Morrison v The Motor City Machine Guns
Morrison decides to start it off for his team and Alex Shelley decides to start it off for his. The two men lock up, Morrison pushing Alex into the turnbuckle. The ref pulls him away for a grip of the hair but Morrison tries a punch. Alex ducks under his fist and when Morrison turns around, he gets hit with a hip toss from Alex. Alex locks his arm in a hold, applying pressure before rolling Morrison into a pin attempt that only measures two. Alex goes back in for the armbar, but Morrison counters it by getting into a standing position. Alex grabs Morrison's arm and drags him into the corner where he tags in Sabin. Sabin launches himself off of the top rope, sending Morrison to the mat. Sabin tries a pin but only gets a 1 count before Morrison kicks out. He lifts Morrison by the arm, attempting to toss him into the opposite ring ropes, but Morrison counters. As Sabin comes back at him, he slides under Morrison's legs. When Morrison turns around, he hits Sabin with a hard kick to the gut. Sabin stumbles back but Morrison grabs his arm and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Sabin pops up by grabbing the ring ropes on either side, but Morrison catches him and tosses him across the ring. Sabin rolls, Morrison grabs his arm, dragging him over to tag in Miz. They lift Sabin for one of each of their knees to the gut. As Sabin pushes himself to his hands and knees, Miz lands a hard kick to the ribs. He pulls Sabin into a sitting position and rains hard elbows to Sabin's shoulders. He locks Sabin in an upper armbar, stretching his ribs. The ref asks if Sabin wants to give up and he denies. He fights himself into a laying position on the mat and kicks Miz in the head until he has no choice but to let go. Instead of Sabin being able to get away, Miz stomps on his back, grabs his arm, and flings him into the turnbuckle where Morrison waits. As Miz rushes him, Sabin raises his legs to kick him in the face. He launches himself at Miz, wrapping his legs around Miz's head, using his weight to take him back down. Sabin attempts a pin and, with Alex protecting him when Morrison enters the ring, Sabin pins Miz.
Winners via pinfall: The Motor City Machine Guns

Alex and Chris escape, both looking proud and mocking Miz and Morrison who argue with the ref in the ring. The camera fades to  Agatha seen backstage in her fairy ring gear. She's looking in a small, handheld mirror, as if checking her face for bruises. She hears footsteps approaching and quickly puts it aside on a table, beaming as Finn enters the scene.

Agatha: Oh! Hello!

Finn: There you are lass! I've been looking all over for you. he smiles You got my message, yes?

Agatha: *nods* I did.

A little nervous, she fidgets with her a bracelet on one wrist.

Agatha: I um- The idea sounds good, but...

Finn: *frowns slightly* But?

Agatha: Well... My Grandfather. I doubt he would approve of the idea.

Finn lets out a sigh.

Finn: So what? He wants you to open up and be more confident in the ring, yes?

Agatha: ...yes.

Finn: Then he should let you do it if it's something you'd be happy with. If not- You're an adult. It's your choice.

Agatha hesitates for a moment before smiling and nodding.

Agatha: Yes. You are right. she chuckles I would love to do it.

Finn grins and takes her hands.

Finn: Brilliant. Trust me, you'll love it.

Agatha: What exactly was the plan...?

Finn: *smirks* Do yourself a favour and read up on 'Finvarra'.

Agatha nods and Finn lets go of her hands, patting her shoulder before leaving. The camera switches to a shot of the ring as "I Hope You Suffer" by AFI begins and this time, Jimmy Havoc isn't alone. Walking beside him is his paramour, Rosemary. She looks confident, though the expression on Jimmy's face doesn't exactly match. They don't take much time to get to the ring but instead of Jimmy removing his own mask and jacket, Rosemary gingerly does it for him. Rose presses her forehead against his, whispering to him. The two are interrupted by the theme song of one Will Ospreay. Will is accompanied by Bea Priestly as they make their way to the ring. Bea kisses Will, keeping an eye on Rosemary and Jimmy as she does.

Will Ospreay w/ Bea Priestly v Jimmy Havoc w/ Rosemary
Will smirks and extends his hand for a shake. Jimmy looks at Rosemary for guidance and then refuses to shake his hand. The two men back into their respective corners before the two men lock up. Will ends up behind Jimmy but Jimmy gets his arm and twists it behind his back. Will looks to be in pain, first on his knees and then in a standing position. He flips in that position so that Jimmy holding his arm turns into Will holding Jimmy's. Jimmy spins under the arm, turning ito into a standing headlock. Will turns under the headlock, lowering Jimmy to the mat to get behind him for a side slam, rolling him in a headlock afterwards. Jimmy once again goes for the armbar, applying hard pressure, before headlocking him. Will pushes Jimmy into the ropes, the ref forcing Jimmy to break the hold. Jimmy slowly lifts his hands, arms outstretched to either side, with Will's hands on his chest. Will slowly backs up, rearing his hands back to hit Jimmy's chest, but instead gently patting it in a mocking manner. When he backs up, Jimmy looks furious Will poses mockingly, to which Jimmy replies with a hard kick to the gut that doubles Will over. Jimmy tosses him into the opposite set of ropes, but when Will bounces back at him, he flips Jimmy over his hip. Jimmy tries to hip toss Will but he bounces back off of the rope and Will uses the momentum to instead flip Jimmy. When Jimmy stands, Will does a tilt-a-whirl with his legs and when Jimmy once again stands, Will does a dropkick. Jimmy rolls out of the ring and Will acts as if he's going to launch himself over the top rope. Instead, he bounces off of it, and poses in the center of the ring. On the outside, Rosemary is whispering in Jimmy's ear. He rolls himself into the ring, attempts to hit Will with a clothesline but Will rolls under it and hits Jimmy with a hard chop. Jimmy is lifted by Will who wants to give Jimmy an uppercut, but his attention is pulled away by something happening on the outside. Rosemary is rapidly approaching Bea, the ref's attention pulled to the outside. With the ref's attention pulled away, Jimmy slips a pair of brass knuckles from his pockets. He hits Will with a very hard low blow and then a punch to the jaw. He hides the knucks again as the ref turns around and goes for a pin.
Winner via pinfall: Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy escapes the ring, mocking doing the same pose as Will did int the ring once he and Rosemary are safe on the stage. The camera follows the two backstage, stopping when they come face to face with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Abigail standing behind him.

Bray: Pity. Ah was expectin' more.

Rosemary: More? How so?

Bray: Distractin' Ospreay by goin' after his woman. Sorta low, ain't it? Don't think I didn't notice the knuckles Jimmy used.

Rosemary: William shouldn't bring Beatrice with him if he doesn't think she can handle herself.

Bray: *purses his lips* That won't get him noticed by myself fer mah title.

Rosemary: Oh, you think this is where our plan ended? This is just the beginning.

Bray: The beginning, hm?

Rosemary: Only the beginning. [ she laughs ]

Bray: Ah look forward t' what ya think ya can do. Ah know many men an' women are afraid when they look int' mah past.

Rosemary: You don't scare us, Bray. None of us.

Brays eyes cut to the silent Jimmy Havoc that stands by her side.

Bray: Mayhaps she should learn to speak for herself. Not for ya.

Jimmy: [ he speaks lowly ] Rose, we hafta go. They'll be calling lights out soon. I'm not goin' in tha' bloody padded room again.

Rosemary: We'll get there James, don't worry.

Bray laughs mockingly waving goodbye as he turns to head to the ring. The camera follows Bray to the ring, Abigail and Luke following confidently. Luke carries his half of the NCWA Tag Team Championships on his shoulder, mirroring how Bray wears his half. Bray's World Class Championship is around his waist and he gives it to Abigail as she sits in her chair, Luke knelt next to her. Zack Sabre Jr.'s theme hits and he makes his way out to the ring, popping his collar as he comes down to the ring. He glances at Luke and Abigail as he removes his jacket, eyes cutting to Bray.

NCWA World Class Champion and 1/2 NCWA Tag Team Champions Bray Wyatt w/Abigail Wyatt and 1/2 NCWA Tag Team Champions Luke Harper v Zack Sabre Jr.
As soon as the bell rings, Zack rushes Bray and keeps him in the corner with hard and impressive jabs to the gut. Bray pushes him away, rushing him with a hard forearm to the chest, Zack doubling over. Bray grabs his arm, flinging him into the opposite ropes. Zack knocks him down with a hard forearm. Bray hits the mat and rolls out of the ring. Zack follows him out of the ring and Bray runs from him. Zack gets back into the ring, kicking Bray when the other man tries to re-enter the ring. Zack gets to the apron, attempting to jump at Bray with a hard forearm. Instead, Bray hits him with a hard jab to the gut as Zack comes down at him. Bray grabs Zack by the back of his neck and headbutts him hard, Zack resting against the barricade and Bray rolling into the ring. He rolls back out of the ring as Zack tries to roll in, Bray grabbing the Brit by the shoulders and pulling him so that his shoulders and head are on the apron. Bray rains a punch to his head before Zack rolls out of the ring, Bray bounces the Technical Wizard's head off of the barricade. Zack responds with a swift kick to the gut and a jab to the face, grabbing Bray by the head and rossing him against the barricade. He then pulls Bray by the head and arm, dragging Bray over to throw him into the steel steps. Bray writhes in pain for a moment, pushing himself to his hands and knees as Zack approaches. As Bray stands, Zack jumps from the steel steps to land a hard knee to Bray's chest. Zack stands, grabbing Brya nd landing hard punches to the back of his head. Zack grabs him to pull him up, but Bray pushes Zack way to stumble near the ring post. Zack is able to stop himself but as he turns back around, Bray knocks him down with a hard shoulder. Bray tosses Zack into the ring and when the Brit stands, Bray lands a Sister Abigail and the pin.
Winner via pinfall: NCWA World Class Champion and 1/2 NCWA Tag Team Champions Bray Wyatt

Bray kicks Zack out of the ring, Abigial and Luke joining him in the ring to pose as the show ends.
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