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Post by Kai Anoai on Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:15 pm

Promos are due here by midnight on January 28th.
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Post by Guest on Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:42 pm

The camera opens up with a glimmer of the NCWA Tag Team Championship and as we pull back, we can see the feminine hands that hold it. Sister Abigail sits in her rocking chair, looking at the title before glancing at its owner. Dressed in a white tank top and jeans, his black hair pulled back into a ponytail, kneels Luke Harper.

Abigail: Yer a champion. Ah am so proud of ya boys. So very proud.

Luke: Ah did it fer ya, Miss Abigail.

Abigail: *demure smile* Luke...

Luke moves to place his hand over hers, the two simply staring into each other's eyes. Luke wets his lips, eye flicking to hers before they are interrupted by someone clearing his throat. Luke turns his head to see Bray Wyatt, the NCWA Tag Team Championship draped over one shoulder while the NCWA World Class Championship is draped over the other. Luke quickly stands, almost looking guilty, before crossing over to Bray. The two embrace, before Bray crosses over to Abigail, standing next to her.

Bray: Ah am so very, very proud of ya. After all, a leader that does not glorify the triumphs of his family is no leader at all. Our victory has brought forth a glorious new era, an era in which the Eater of Worlds was crowned champion of all those desperate little needy souls that he had to trample along the way. And yet...

Bray turns to light the oil lamp hanging on the wall. Abigail moves to let Bray sit in his rocking chair. Abigail kneels at his feet and Luke sits next to her.

Bray: Ya got nothin' in this world if ya ain't got power. Without power, we would all just be tiny little mice trapped in the jungle runnin' fer our lives from tigers. Power...power can be so addictin'. Ya need power. Ya crave power an', well, ah just so happen t' hold power. The titles that Luke an' ah wear around our waists symbolize true power as a tag team. When one power-hungry group falls, another comes t' take its place. While we slayed Miz an' Morrison, we have another group steppin' int' our sights.

Luke: *snarls* Motor City Machine Guns.

Bray: Very good, boy. *nods* Alex Shelley an' Chris Sabin. They've wrestled all around the world. From Japan to small companies in the states, ya've been a duo who worked hard. Very hard. *smirks* Ain't that right, Alex Shelley? Spendin' four hours every day in a gym, isolated from others. Is that hard work payin' off or is it simply yer mind showin' ya things that ain't there? Do ya know that yer not treated the same way ah am with yer delusions? Oh, they love t' throw anger an' hatred on mah name fer the things ah say. Yet men like ya, well, at least ah stand up fer mahself. Ya never quite did that. No...ya've always remembered where yer loyalties lie.

Those words seem to call back to something that Alex once told someone else. He rocks for a moment in the chair, a smirk on his face.

Bray: Which brings me t' Chris Sabin. Always there fer his dear friend an' yet...ya never could save him. God knows ya could never save him from Austin Aries. Ya had t' stand by an' watch as Austin Aries treated Alex poorly. Couldn't ya do anythin', boy? Couldn't ya get Alex away from such a cruel man? Or did ya simply watch as Alex ran towards Austin with a lovin' heart time an' time an' time again? Even worse, can't ya save him from himself? He's waitin' fer ya t' save him. Ah've been wonderin' t' mahself how it is that ya, Chris Sabin, plan on savin' Alex Shelley when ya can't even save yerself. Ya can think yerself a savior, Chris, but ya ain't really a savior. Ya never will be. Ya will always be the silent, stoic friend at his side. Not his savior.

Luke: There is only one savior. One person who has so selflessly risked everythin' just t' make the one who truly saves us happy.

Bray gives a small smile, cupping Abigail's face.

Bray: Our savior. Our precious Sister Abigail.

The camera fades out on Abigail's small smile.


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Post by Guest on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:02 pm

The camera opens up on a black and white grainy footage of two young men. Both seem oddly familiar, though we do not see their faces. From behind, we see them holding the IPW: UK Tag Team Titles. The camera then shows these two men in the ring of the indy promotion Progress fighting against each other, not too long ago. One of these men is shown as Zack Sabre Jr while the other is still obscured by the camera. The shot goes to color as it changes to a shot of "The Villain" Marty Scurll. He's dressed in warm clothing, a black puffy coat, and blue jeans with a Bullet Club beanie on his head. He's sitting in front of a window, gazing out at the snow-covered landscape.

Marty: There were once two children who lived very close together. They did everything together and were completely devoted to each other as if they were siblings. One day, one of the children saw the beautiful but deadly Snow Queen. She caused shards of this magic mirror to warp the boy's soul, to make him see the world as ugly and disgusting. *smirks* The way the world truly is.

He removes his hat, stuffing it into his coat pocket.

Marty: Zack Sabre Jr. I have had the misfortune of knowing Zack since before I was the Villain. Back when I was just Marty. *smirks* I suppose that he's one of the few people in this damned company that I respect or even give two shits about. He's a good man, but that gets you nowhere in this world. Where did it get him last show when he faced that creep, Bray Wyatt? Where did it get him when he faced Finn Balor for the NCWA Title? I'll tell you where it bloody got him, nowhere.

Marty removes his coat, revealing a black t-shirt with the words I LIKE TO PARTY on it in bright pink. He looks back out the window before shaking his head.

Marty: Zack was always my conscience. He helped me develop a sense of me, both in that ring and out of it. The only problem is I evolved. I've become more, much more, than he ever was. He may be a friend, but it feels like I can never bloody get rid of the numpty. One way or another, we always wind up in the ring together. Sometimes its together as tag team members, but mostly it seems we're against each other. That's fine with me. Fine, because I've learned what to expect from him. Zack doesn't evolve. Zack stays stagnant. I'm fluid. I change.

He laughs again, though the light casts a shadow on his face that makes him look as if he's in a deep state of thought.

Marty: A lot has changed since the days where Zack and I were the same. I finally found my niche. I'm meant to be the villain of this story, of any story. And I've found me a nice little group with which I can spread my chaos. I may look like I'm alone, like my friends aren't with me, but you of all people know the truth, Zack. In fact, I think your smart enough to see the world for what it truly is, magic mirror or no.

The camera focuses on the reflection that Marty casts through the icy window and, for a moment, it's almost as if we can see four faces above him. The camera fades to black, the same familiar woman's voice being heard.

Woman: Pay attention, Sabre. Pay attention.


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Post by Rae James on Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:32 pm

Laughter is heard before the camera opens up in an intimate living room, a small group of people sitting at a table. We recognize one as Rae James, wearing a black shirt with the Bolton house sigil from Game of Thrones on it and a pair of blue jeans. To her left sits her husband, Enzo Amore. A far cry from his usual clothing, he's dressed in a black hoodie and jeans. In an easy chair by himself at the head of the table, dressed in a green tee with gold filigree around the collar and blue jeans, is Mustafa Ali. Across the table from Enzo and Rae sit Tony Nese and Drew Gulak, both dressed in matching shirts with the others last name on it. On the table sits the board for a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Rae: Alright. Stafa, Zo and the boys and I picked your final question to see if you can win. Ready?

Mustafa: *with a smile* As I'll ever be.

Rae: Which rule of the Massagetae people defeated and killed Cyrus the Great in 530 BC?

There is barely a pause, but Mustafa grins wide.

Mustafa: Tomyris.

The entire table groans, Tony Nese puts his head in his hands and Drew looks angry.

Drew: Rae, you said he wouldn't know!

Rae: How was I supposed to know he would! *she leans against her husband* He wins. Again.

Enzo: *chuckles* You know he always wins. We play it enough he knows every answer. *grins* Now if we had gone with my game choice-

Tony: Shots is not a game.

Mustafa: You know the deal, bottom three make the soda run.

Rae: That's you, boys. *kisses Enzo* I'll finish making the dip while you're gone.

Enzo: *kisses back* Fine, fine. *evil grin* But maybe it'll be diet soda we come back with.

Enzo fakes an evil laugh before kissing her cheek and leaving. Rae stands and Mustafa follows her into the kitchen.

Mustafa: Saw your match against Cody Rhodes. You may have lost, but you did great.

Rae: I was proud of myself. I mean, I stood toe to toe with a Rhodes and did decently. *opens the fridge to get into it* This week I'm not too sure on.

Mustafa: Must be someone big. Is it Havoc? Balor?

Rae: *smiles* Westmore.

Mustafa: *wrinkles his forehead in thought* I don't think I know Westmore. He's the one who you saved from Ari, isn't he?

Rae: Yes, yes I did. *smiles* He's amazing. I mean, he's a rookie, but everyone was at some point. Dante has proved that, on an even playing field, he's just as good as someone like Ari, who's had experience. I firmly believe that there is so much he's going to do and prove.

Mustafa: *playfully nudges her as he's helping to open cans to make the bean dip* Maybe those rumors were true?

Rae: *rolls her eyes, raising her hand to flash a very simple wedding ring* I'm happily married. *chuckles* No, I just know talent when I see it. I'm not going to deny the kid that knowledge. He woulda fit right in with us all on 205 Live. But...I gotta beat him. Almost have to if I want to prove I belong in the Young Lion's Division. I...I lost to Cody. My first match and I lost. Dante may be my friend, but I'm going to beat him. Friendship means nothing in the ring. I'm sorry, but it's true. I won't be too cruel, I'm not too fierce, but I'm not going to take it easy on him.

There is a silence between the two, comfortable as Rae and Mustafa fix the bean dip.

Mustafa: And the H?

Rae: I'm not one for threats. Tell me, how did Tomyris meet the threats of Cyrus the Great?

Mustafa: *rubs the back of his neck* Well, uh, it's gruesome.

Rae: Try me.

Mustafa: When they went to battle and she kicked Cyrus' ass...she uh...filled a wineskin with human blood, cut off his head, and then stuffed it into the wine sack.

Rae stops what she's doing, looking at Mustafa with wide eyes.

Rae: Jesus. I was gonna say I'll do that, but no. Damn, that's bad.

The two friends laugh as the camera fades to black.
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Post by Shea on Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:41 pm

A darkened room. The floor is covered with a thick mist. A dim light comes on, revealing the sihlouettes of two figures. A female - the shorter of the two - appears to be in a long, flowing gown. The taller, a male, seems almost as if he has horns. As the light becomes brighter, the man is shown to be Finn Balor. No longer is he in his demon attire though. Instead, he wears a crown of twisted wood, which has given the appearance of horns. He has a long, sleevless coat which is similiar to that of 'Broken' Matt Hardy's, however it is a deep green, decorated with dark celtic designs.
The female has long, wavy brown hair, loose over her shoulders. On her head is a tiara, decorated with more twisted wood designs, along with a carved stag head. Her eye-shadow matches her deep green dress. Though she has her arms wrapped around one of Finn's she seems to be being careful about how close she stands to him. After a moment, a familiar nervous look appears on the woman's face. It is Agatha Bancroft.

Finn: A new King has risen!

He lifts his free arm into the air, hand outstretched before gesturing to himself.

Finn: Hail Finvarra, High King of the Daoine Sidhe and King of the Dead!

He smirks before reciting in a dark tone:

Finn: Goblin with your ugly face,
Leave here now with good grace.
Don’t bother coming back at all,
Or a nasty fate you will befall
I banish you now in the name of the Faerie Queen!

Agatha then smiles in a way she normally wouldn't, echoing Finn's dark tone. She speaks much more confidently than in previous appearances.

Agatha: Come fairies
take me out of this dull world,
for I would ride with you
upon the wind and dance
upon the mountains like a flame.

She lets out a cold sounding laugh, stepping closer to Finn.

Agatha: Now, this Goblin you speak of...?

Finn: Yes. My next opponent. Often pushed aside because of his 'ugly' side. Jimmy Havoc. Shunned for his different ways. Poor, tormented soul. Some would have said in the past that he was not 'normal' because he was not actually a human, but a Changeling fairy who had been put in the real child's place. I don't think that's the case here though.

Agatha: *looking up at him* No?

Finn: No. He just needs someone who understands. Like his Rosemary. Or, perhaps...

He pauses, looking contemplative.

Finn: Or perhaps there is more to him than we realise.

Agatha: *curiously* How so?

Finn: *smirks, a dark look in his eyes* See, across the UK - England, Ireland and Scotland - there are various stories about Fae, or fairies, as we all know. But there is one in particular that Jimmy Havoc reminds me of. There's a creature known as Redcap.

Agatha: A what?

Finn: Redcap. The name sounds fairly innocent, but I'll tell you know lass; they're anything but. They're often described as carrying a pike or a scythe and known for, of course, their red caps. *he chuckles* But- the red colour isn't simply a red fabric dye. No, the Redcaps are known for attacking and killing wayward travelers and then dipping their caps in the blood.

Agatha: *looks horrified* Oh gosh! That's horrid.

Finn: Aye. But who else do we know of who enjoys the messy side of things; the bloodier side of wrestling?

Agatha: *understanding* Oh. Jimmy!

Finn nods.

Finn: And these Redcaps also happen to be classed as Goblins, so my little poem before is rather fitting. Especially now I HAVE a fairy queen by which I can banish such creatures.

He turns then, to Agatha, gently lifts one of her hands and kisses it. Agatha smiles, trying not to look embarrassed. Finn then turns back to the camera, seeming a bit more like his usual self.

Finn: History or not Jimmy Havoc, with the demon gone, something new has risen and I will be using it to cleanse the NCWA of evil things, like yourself; Redcap or not. Those Wyatts think they landed a victory by banishing Balor, but no. They are wrong. They gave way to something more powerful, and they will regret it.

The two of them both laugh coldly, heads in the air. They then lean close, whispering quietly to each other as the scene fades, leaving words on the screen:

Goblin with your ugly face,
Leave here now with good grace.
Don’t bother coming back at all,
Or a nasty fate you will befall
I banish you now in the name of the Faerie Queen!


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Post by Guest on Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:58 pm

1-29-2018 Monday Night Revolution Promos Youngl10

The camera opens up on that graphic before switching to a view of Ari Heyman in warm clothing, a backpack on his back. The area around him is that of a nature trail, slightly covered in snow. Next to him walks a young woman in a leather jacket and green skull cap.

Ari: I can't believe you talked me into hiking in Montana. In the middle of winter. In January.

Woman: It's good for you, Ari. Plus when do we ever get to see each other any more?

Ari: You're right, Geena. I should see my sister more.

The two keep walking, Ari slightly behind the other woman, who we now know to be Geena Heyman, Ari's little sister. The two seem extremely close, making it seem as if the two don't seem to hate each other. They get to the top of the hill, a beautiful scene overlooking the top of the nature park.

Ari: You were right, G. It's so worth it.

Geena sits on the edge of the cliff, far enough back that he legs dangle off but she is in no danger of falling.

Geena: Sit. Talk to me.

Ari sits next to her, eyes out over the landscape.

Ari: Dad does miss you.

Geena: I doubt it. He only misses having no say in my life.

Ari: Sis-

Geena: I wish you could see him for what he is Ari. We...I mean...he likes it when we are under his thumb. He's manipulative. I mean, he's your manager, right?

Ari: Right and he does-

Geena: He only shows up for title matches, Ari. Only when the gold is at stake and he might lose the chance to present champions. *hand on his shoulder* I don't want you to end up miserable and lose everything just like you lost h-

Ari: *shrugs away* Don't, okay? I don't like talking about it. About her.

The two sit in silence for a moment, before Geena clears her throat.

Geena: Sorry about that loss to Finn Balor.

Ari: *runs a hand through his hair* I tried. I honestly did, but I lost. *sighs* But...I've got an easier opponent this week. Ivelisse Velez.

Geena: I know her! I've seen all her Lucha Underground stuff. She's not afraid of anything, not even Mil Muertes. And that's saying something.

Ari: She's been...well...I can say she hasn't won a lot. I mean, you would figure someone with as much experience as Ivelisse would have a good win-loss record. She just doesn't. I mean, she's only beat one person in one match. How could she hope to beat a champ?

Geena: You gotta keep an eye on-

Ari: On who? Her boytoy Angelico. He's literally only here to be something pretty for Ivelisse to look at when she inevitably loses a match. I mean, she can beat him, right? You've seen Ivelisse pin Angelico?

Geena: Well, yeah?

Ari: So I most definitely know that he won't give me any problems. I'm totally going to pin her, beat her, and maybe send her packing back to that second-rate show Lucha Underground.

Geena: You gonna stand by that?

Ari: You know me, G, I'm always up for standing by the truth.

The camera fades out on Ari's smirk.

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Post by Westmore on Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:38 am

The camera fades in on a dark room with a single light providing any light, a slow almost mocking clap is heard as two figures steps out towards the light. A woman wearing a black jacket with the hood up and a taller man with a baseball cap. When they reach the light it becomes apparent that its Ivelisse and Angelico, Ivelisse continues to the center by herself. She locks her eyes to the camera and scowls.

Ivelisse: Ari Heyman... The brat champion of the Young Lions... And my latest target.

She pauses and her scowl slowly changes into a smirk.

Ivelisse: Little Ari has been talking some shit lately, I mean first he was worried I'd break nail, then he was talking about how he thinks he'll beat me and even send me back to Lucha Underground! *she throws her head back and laughs loudly* He really thinks I'm scared of him? He's too scared to even talk back to daddy! I mean we all know Paul doesn't give a fuck; he's not even going to be here for our match is he Ari? Not like my Angel.

She glances back with a wicked smirk.

Ivelisse: I believe you called him my boy toy? I mean my Angel is very pretty like you said, but he's dangerous when he wants to be. Now if I can beat my Angel then just how dangerous do you think I am?

Her glance turns back to the camera.

Ivelisse: You talk about wins and losses, funny considering you've only won two matches and both were against the Westmore kid... And even then you needed daddy to distract both times. You’re not even worthy to be the champion, it's only because of daddy you are one. Everyone knows it, even you deep down inside.

Angelico steps forward towards Ivelisse, his usual smile is nowhere to seen and his arms go around her waist.

Angelico: Ivie doesn't need my help to beat you, but if you even think about attacking her after she beats you I will make sure you regret it forever.

Ivelisse: Poor little Ari, you thought you’re getting an easy match... Your up against the Baddest Bitch in the Building, you’re not ready to face me. You’re going to lose again Ari and you’re going to get your ass kicked. *chuckles* I might end up breaking a nail, but it might just be broken off in your skin...

With a final smirk Ivelisse kicks over the camera, causing it to go black with a loud pop.


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Post by Westmore on Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:55 pm

The camera fades slowly on the top level on a parking garage, it's quiet and it takes a moment for the camera to find a figure sitting on one of the cement bumpers. Sitting cross legged is AJ Lee, she's dressed in her usual ring gear and she tilts her head slightly when she looks at the camera. Her face looks calm, but her eyes are telling a different story.

AJ: You know I'm beginning to think that I've been too nice lately. I mean I've tried my hardest here, but everyone is against me. *giggles softly, it doesn't sound right at all* Fairy princess Agatha decides she's going to go low to beat me, using Nia to do that! And miss champ herself decided she needed the ego trip and put her foot on me when she didn't do a damn thing to me! Such a rude thing to do! Of course she needed it after failing to even win that night...

She slowly unfolds her legs and moves to the edge of the bumper.

AJ: But it's not time to talk about miss champ and fairy princess, I'll be taking care of them sooner or later... This week I have to talk about the liar. *giggles again, looking angrier* Vitani Summers was spreading lies about me last time! Spreading vicious lies about me and nobody defended me at all! I didn't do anything she said about me last time!

She stops and takes a deep breath; her face picks up a big smile as she calms down.  She hops down off the bumper before starting again.

AJ: But I've got a chance to take care of her this week this... And I will take care of her, this time I'll make her tap out. I'm going to beat her and if miss champ thinks about coming out again I'll take care of her too. *giggles* Maybe I'll even be ringside seat for her match as well!

AJ gives a twisted smile before skipping off camera.


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Post by Jekyll & Hyde on Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:56 pm

The sound of waves is heard as the camera opens up on a hotel room balcony overlooking a beautiful beach, though the scene before us is gray and rainy. We hear footsteps before Wade Barrett comes into view. He's dressed rather nicely in a gray polo and brown khaki pants.

Wade: *smiles* January 1st. The day of New Year Resolutions. Most people want to lose weight or save money. I obviously have no need for either of those, but I do have a few resolutions of my own.

The Brit takes a second to sip a mug of coffee that sits on the table, a calm smile on his face.

Wade: My resolution comes in a very layered step. First of all, I would like to win more. That starts this week when I face off against Will Ospreay. *smirks* That's quite a name. A worldwide name as it were. Lots of the other United Kingdom stars have had the honor of facing off against each other. Will has faced Zack Sabre Jr, Jimmy Havoc, even faced Finn Balor I believe. But William has never faced me.

Wade smirks and leans back in his chair, eyes filled with a mischevious mirth.

Wade: When the lad was just getting starting in 2012, I had already done my time in bare-knuckle boxing, had been IWC Champion, OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, FCW Florida Tag Team Champion, and had won the very first season of NXT. I mean, sure, the lad has a very impressive resume. He's been a two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champ and a Progress Champ, and an ROH World Television Champion, but it's all so...uninspiring.

He laughs, raising his hand before tightening it into a large, beefy fist.

Wade: I don't care if he's an aerial assassin, a hit to the gut or to the temple will ground him. I'm not about playing these stupid games, putting on the visual spectacle that Dave Meltzer is so fond of. No. This is going to be a two hit fight. Hit one is going to be me landing one of my punches to Will Ospreay. The second hit is going to be Will hitting the mat. I mean, how does he think he can defeat the man who not only outsmarted Jimmy Havoc, but beat him at his own game?

Wade puts his hands on the table, calming himself before sipping his coffee again.

Wade: That would lend me to the second part of my New Years Resolution. Work my way up with wins until I defeat everyone and become NCWA Champion. Actually being champion, well, that's part three.

The camera fades to black on the smirk of Wade Barrett.
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Post by Westmore on Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:31 pm

The camera slowly fades in on a plain room, it's dimly light and not much is in it. Standing to the right of camera is Chris Sabin and to the left is Alex Shelley, the Motor City Machine Guns. Chris is dressed in a long sleeved shirt and a pair of black jeans. Alex is wearing a doubled layer shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Alex crosses his arms as Chris starts.

Chris: The Wyatt family... *frowns* I admit we don't normally pay attention when you ramble on and on, but this week we couldn't help listening closely.

Alex: I mean they are the tag team champs and with them dragging out such personal info to the fight how could we ignore them?

Chris: We couldn't ignore this promo at all Lex, they decided to make it personal.

Alex: I mean it's not like they didn't decide to bring up my ex and my body issue, two topics I normally like to leave out of the ring... Because they don't affect my ring performance at all, I still wow and dazzle crowds. I'm still winning matches and titles; I kept my personal life away from what I do in the ring. I always have tried too, after all I'm a professional... *gives a frustrated sigh* Yes I have Body Dysmorphia, but it's something that I've struggled with and in the end I've worked through it. Yes I've had been with an asshole who treated me like shit, but I've moved on and Aries now is the one that can't move on. Yeah it took time, but I did it and Chris was a huge part in helping me. *frowns* But then they have the nerve to act like Chris hasn't been a good friend... *looks at Chris* Like you didn't help me finally leave him for good, or that you just watched him hurt me! And another thing how the hell did they find out?

Chris: *shakes his head* It doesn't matter Lex, they don't know the truth and they don't care. They don't care that they brought up issues that anyone could have, they didn't even care if anything they said was true or not. Hell they probably don't even know half the story and as for who told them I think we both can guess who... But that doesn't matter because they just wanted to get under our skins and distract us from the most important thing.

Alex: *looks at the camera again* The tag team titles, the titles they are going to lose to us sooner or later.

Chris: Exactly Lex. *grins* They know we're more than able to beat them for the titles and they're trying to get a mental advantage on us.

Alex: *grins as well* And it's not going to work, we're still going to take those titles from you. Wyatt's your looking at the future tag team champions!

Chris: Your about to fight one of the best tag teams in the world and we're going to going to beat you.

Alex: Just wait and see... *smirks as he remembers something* Oh, but we also noticed something else from their promo right? I mean we got to see that the rumor about old Lukie boy is true, he's crushing on little Miss Abby... Wonder how Bray doesn't notice? I mean Sister Abby is the whole base of his group, surely relationships like that is a big no no, right? Against the Wyatt rules?

Chris: Pretty sure something major like that would be so against the rules, I mean if she is supposed to be special then movie logic says it is against the rules. And Luke would be in a lot of trouble with old Bray if he ever found out; I mean if we follow the same logic it makes perfect sense. Luke is treading a thin line I think.

Alex: Luke better hope Bray doesn't pay close attention to him or this promo...

Chris: *chuckles* Or the Wyatt family might not be a family for long.

Alex lets out a low chuckle as the camera slowly fades to black.


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Post by Westmore on Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:10 pm

The camera fades in as talking is heard, a group sits at a table. On the center of the table is a Jenga tower and at the end of the table is a young man with black hair sitting behind an interesting little wall. Dante Westmore stands up; he's got a unique design on his shirt, a fox head surrounded by wings.

Black haired man: Alright Dante, I need you to pull to get the door shut before the creatures arrive.

Dante: *nods as he feels around the tower* If I can't find a pull I can still push down the tower and have my heroic death help the others right Jayden?

Jayden: *nods* Yes you can...

The others at the table quickly start protesting, telling him he can make this pull. With a deep breath Dante carefully pulls one of the bricks from tower, he pauses when his hand started to shake a little before finishing the pull and placing the brick on the top. The group cheers happily as Dante flops into his chair, breathing hard.

Jayden: You force the door shut with a loud bang, collapsing against the wall you know you are safe for the moment. *laughs* How about we all take a break, I think Dante could sure use one.

Dante: *chuckles* Yeah Dante really needs one after that.

The group gets up from the table and Dante makes his way towards a kitchen area. A dark haired young man in another unique shirt and a blonde young man in a Bio Shock shirt follow him.

Blonde: Damn letting Jayden run this one shot RPG was a good idea huh?

Dante: Yeah Jason, he's really had us on edge the whole time.

Jason: At least no one has knocked it over, though Antonio over here was close.

Antonio: *grins* I have no sense of Jenga. We never played it as children at my house.

Jason: I and my twin sis played it sometimes, I'm just glad we're not taking our normal D&D characters through this game.

Dante: *chuckles* Yeah my Danth couldn't have handled mutant aliens; we probably would have to draw for every spell. *smiles* So how are you guys doing? Tonio I heard you’re signed at a company now?

Antonio: My Elf Bard could have so handled mutant aliens. Uh, I think at least. He can be a little timid. *wide smile* Actually, yeah. I got signed up with ROH and doing a duo thing with New Japan. I really have my boyfriend to thank for all of that though.

Dante: *excitedly hugs his best friend* Tonio that's great!

Jason: Congrats Antonio!

Antonio: *hugs Dante and high fives Jason* Thanks! It's...uh...well it's nothing like Dante is doing. Getting title shots left and right.

Dante: *softly as he lets go of the hug* Not doing that great Tonio... I lost to Ari twice and then I got outed...

Antonio: I still wanna kill the guy who did that. I mean, you didn't deserve that. *smiles* Ari Heyman is a prick. Apparently Dalton thinks so too, so, it's not just you guys over in NCWA.

Jason: Good to know we're not the only ones who think so, but at least you’re not facing him again this week.

Dante: Yeah I'm happier to be facing someone new this time.

Antonio: *small smile* That Rae girl right?

Dante: *nods* That's right, she's fairly new to the company and from her match with Mr. Rhodes she's amazing.

Antonio: I did catch her match with Cody. Thought it was pretty damn good. Not as good as your matches though.

Dante: You’re just saying that because you’re my best friend Tonio.

Antonio: I may be your best friend, but I'm still a competitor.

Jason: He's right Dante; you've always underestimated your skills...

Antonio: You're so good. So damn good.

Dante: *blushes at their words, but gives a small smile* Thanks guys.

Jason: You've got this match in the bag Dante, I know it!

Dante: Maybe... She's a highflyer like me, but she doesn't have a duo style and I'm hoping I can use that to my advantage. Use my technical side to keep her from flying at me so I can fly at her, so she can't go for that dropkick and I can go for my super kick.

Antonio: She's got that kick, reminds me of Shane McMahon doing his. *laughs* You've got this in the bag. So much.

Dante: *shyly* Alright enough about me... *beams* So you liked your shirt I made you for Christmas Tonio?

Antonio gestures to the shirt he is wearing and nods.

Antonio: I so do. It fits me and my D&D character perfectly.

Dante: I'm glad.

Jason: Dante's D&D shirt fits him pretty well too, don't you think Tonio? *grins* Now when are you going to finally make me one?

Dante: *laughs* When you finally settle on a character.

Antonio: A fox just fits Dante. They're smart and suave and know how to survive. Dante is all of that. *smiles* And he's right. Maybe if you'd stop changing character types every single time you come play, you'd settle.

Jason: But there are so many types to play and characters to create! *over dramatically* Maybe someday my heart will find the one D&D type meant for me, but for now I look!

Dante laughs before stopping as Jayden calls.

Jayden: Come on guys, break time is up.

Antonio: Oh god...does that mean it's my turn?

Dante: Only if you decide to make a move first Tonio...

Dante stops as Jayden's little wall falls forward and jolts the table enough to knock over the tower. The group at the table starts laughing and Jayden huffs and starts rebuilding the tower.

Dante: *chuckles* Well I wouldn't worry about it now Tonio, GM's at fault meaning we get a free reset! Our characters are safe for a while.

The three head back to the table as the camera starting fading to black.

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(Dante's shirt)

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(Antonio's shirt)


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Post by Westmore on Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:00 pm

The camera slowly fades in as the sounds of "Ospreay! Ospreay!" is heard chanted clearly. Leaning against a wall and smirking is a hooded Will Ospreay, his head tilted to the side slightly as if to hear the crowd better.

Will: They're already waiting for me, not even my turn to head out. They're just so excited for the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion. They just can't wait for The Aerial Assassin, they want Will Ospreay.

Will pauses with a grin, opening his coat to show the belt.

Will: Listen to them Barrett, have you ever had an entire crowd chanting your name before? Just listened to the roar as they call for you? I mean you were probably popular enough to get some chanting, but have you ever gotten the whole crowd on your side? I mean you've had such a long career... I mean you worked for WWE... But failed to ever get that big title, the crown of any wrestling company. I mean you did win that first season of NXT, but NXT as a contest was rather silly wasn't it? Playing games and maybe having a match every once in a while? Truly the best way to decide who works for a company...

Will laughs, crossing his arms.

Will: So I'm uninspiring huh? I have to say that's the first time I've ever heard that one said about me. I'm not sure how many would agree with you. Only 24 and already I've made my mark worldwide. Britain, Japan and even America... Ospreay is chanted every time I step into the ring, a sound that stays ringing in my ear long after the match is over. I'd call that pretty damn inspiring... *smirks* But maybe I'm a little biased. I'd ask my Bea, but she'd be even more biased then I. Maybe I should just ask the fans if that's inspiring, they might be the most unbiased about it.

Will gives a low chuckle.

Will: I am The Aerial Assassin, you can try and plan for me with your two hit plan Barrett... But it's going to fail; you'll never see me coming. Maybe I'll knock you on your arse and keep you down, or maybe I'll keep flying around you and confuse you. So many ways I could beat you, just one OsCutter and you'll be laid out for the three count. I do think I can beat you, in fact I know I can beat you Barrett. Your New Year is going to get off to a loss, but don't feel too bad... At least your losing to me, there is no one better to beat you.

Will turns his head as music starts and the cheering gets louder.

Will: Time to go; I've kept the crowd waiting long enough. I'll see you in the ring Barrett, sorry for your loss to me.

Will laughs as he hurries towards a ramp, the crowd manages to sound even louder somehow as Will steps out. The camera fades out to the sounds of "Ospreay! Ospreay!" as Will makes his way through a crowd.


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Post by Westmore on Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:32 am

The camera fades in from black on the inside of a large pub, it's a quiet night with only a few people at the bar and tables. Wrestling star Zack Sabre Jr. sits alone in a corner booth, frowning as he watches Marty's promo on his phone. He puts his phone down and picks up his drink as he leans back; drinking from his glass he finally notices the camera.

Zack: Ah you finally made it... I was beginning to think you'd gotten lost trying to find this place, I thought it'd be fitting to have my promo here. *smiles* Did you know I've wrestled inside this pub before? Early in my career I had an offer to wrestle a popular America Indy star and for some reason the best venue was a pub. I lost but we ended up having a hell of a match though and it was a great experience. Unfortunately I don't think we got any film of it, it would have been fun to show it.

He takes another drink from his glass.

Zack: But we're not here to talk about that match, you're here to talk about my upcoming match against Marty. One of my best mates... At least I thought he was… I'm beginning to wonder with everything he said in his promo. If he had a problem with us having another match then he should have come to me, I didn't set this up...

Zack sighs before leaning forward.

Zack: I also don't get why he seems to think I've gotten stagnant... I'm always changing when it comes to what I do to my opponents, but maybe he wasn't talking my in ring performance... I honestly don't know at this point. Marty has changed since he joined the Bullet Club, since he decided he was a villain... But Marty isn't the only one of my friends that has changed... Fergal... First he was a demon and now he's a fairy king? Jimmy as well, though honestly he's not that different... He's just harsher with our friends then he used to be... And Will's just become a brat... I feel like the only normal one sometimes, but I do admit I do have my own quirks...

He gives a small chuckle, but he has a frown on his face.

Zack: I guess all I can do is focus on beating my best mate; I'll make you tap out Marty. You may know what to expect from me, but the reverse is true as well. I know exactly what to expect from you, so what does that mean? That means we're going to have a hell of a match and may the best man win, but I'm sure it's going to be me.

Zack laughs softly before finishing his drink; he gathers his coat and phone before standing up. He takes a step, but then stops.

Zack: Oh right, I never did tell you who I fought here... It was Bryan Danielson.

Zack smiles and continues walking out of the pub as the camera fades out.


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Post by Shea on Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:13 am

A familiar Pug is seen, this time dressed as an octopus, rather than in Steampunk gear. It sniffs at one of the fabric tentacles before trying to chase it in circles. The camera then pans across to Becky Lynch, in her ring gear. She is grinning.

Becky: How many tickles does it take to tickle an octopus?

She leaves a silent pause for a moment, trying not to laugh as she speaks again.

Becky: Ten tickles! Get it?

She, of course, cracks up laughing, but a groan is heard off screen. The camera then quickly pans over to where WWE's Sheamus is sitting on Becky's couch, a gaming controller in hand. Beside him, lies another, presumably Becky's.

Sheamus: C'mon lass. Stop with the puns and get your arse back over here so I can beat yeh already!

Becky walks back on screen, waving a hand dismissively.

Becky: It's fun! Honestly, all you anti-punners never let me have any fun. *she fakes a pout* Besides, I was beatin' YOU fella. You're hopeless at these racing games y'know.

Sheamus: *scoffs* Hardly. And we're only playing the racing game because yeh couldn't beat me at the fightin' game!

Becky: *crosses her arms* If the fighting game had been Smash Brothers, like I'd suggested you wouldn't have stood a chance an' you know it!

Sheamus: Well maybe yeh should invite the Rhodes kid over and see how that goes?

Becky: Oh come on! My Samus can beat Mr Hero any day! And gimme Battlefront and I'll beat your butt with Rey!

Sheamus: *lets out a loud laugh* Alright, alright. I'm not making the mistake at laughing at your Rey again.

Becky: *as she sits back down beside him* Yeah. Well. Too many people do that.

Sheamus: Do what?

Becky: Assume that because Rey - or myself - are smaller, or nicer lookin', that we aren't so tough. Well, those bastards all learn the hard way that they're wrong. Very wrong. *she smirks* Like my match with Vitani. Oh, we sure showed 'em fella! *she claps her hands together* But now I've gotta face one of them again, one on one now.

Sheamus: Which one?

Becky: Nia Jax.

Sheamus: Ah. She's a strong lass. *quickly, as she glares at him* Not sayin' you aren't! Fergal an' I both know it!

Becky: *giggles* I know. I was just messin' with ya.

Sheamus lets out a sigh of relief and relaxes.

Becky: Seriously though. I am very much aware how strong she is. Heck, she's strong enough to toss poor Agatha around the ring like a dolly! I'm not surprised that lass went off an rethought her approach to things. Fergal kindly offered to help her out, much to Mr Bancroft's annoyance. *she shrugs* Back to Nia though...

She lets out a low whistle.

Becky: Boy, is this gonna be hard. Like- how do you get a hold on someone so much bigger than you? Gonna be hard to get a Clover on her. Best I can do is attack from above and try wear her down before she gets a hold of me.

Sheamus: *nods slowly* Sounds fine. But what if she does get yeh? What then?

Becky sits silently for a moment, lost in thought.

Becky: ...tickle her and hope she lets go?

Sheamus: *chuckles* I'm not sure that'll do it.

Becky: *sighs dramatically* I know, I know. Beyond wear her out though, my best hope is a good old four leaf clover for luck, 'ey.

Sheamus: Nah. You're strong too, like yeh said yourself. You've got a good chance of winning, trust me. *he smiles encouragingly*

Becky: Well thanks Stephen *she grins* Now, back to beating YOU at Mario Kart!

Sheamus shakes his head, but laughs as she picks up her controller, the scene fading as they go back to playing.

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Post by Guest on Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:05 pm

I've been staring at the edge of the water
'Long as I can remember, never really knowing why

The camera opens up on a small view of a beach, though hardly anyone has come out in the cold weather. The view trails until we see a small cafe on the beach, a male figure sitting with his back to the camera is seen. They look out over the waves, seemingly at peace, before the sound of a door opening is heard. When the figure turns around, we see that it is New Japan Pro Wrestling star Tama Tonga. His long black hair is pulled into a curly ponytail, with his clothing being a far cry from the usual Bullet Club garb we see him in. His red hoodie has the Dr. Strange logo on the front of it. He reaches out a hand to greet whoever is standing in front of him, the camera switching to a view of NCWA Queen's Champion Nia Jax.

I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try

Tama: I was wondering when I'd get to see you again, kasegi.

Nia pulls Tama in for a hug, grinning as she does so.

Nia: It's been way too long. Glad to see you could make it.

Every turn I take, every trail I track
Every path I make, every road leads back
To the place I know, where I can not go, where I long to be

We can see the ocean in the background as Nia takes a seat at the table, looking over a menu before placing a quiet order to a waitress who happens to be nearby. She turns back to Tama, a small smile on her face.

Nia: So. Bullet Club-

Tama: No. I know what you're thinking and no. I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about you and your Queen's championship.

Nia: We're here to talk about both of it, but I can see you don't want to talk about it. -smiles- I wish I could say I'm the longest reigning NCWA Champion, but I am most definitely not. That honor goes to the Heyman twerp. But, I'm up there.

Tama: -smiles when Nia gets that he doesn't want to talk about it- You're the champ, that's all that matters. Who are you up against next?

Nia: Becky Lynch. I think you've heard of her.

Tama: -nods- Yeah, yeah I have. She's...well you know who trained her. I was friends with him once, though I'm not sure he's still the same man as back then.

Nia: I'm not sure if any of us are the same now as we were so many years ago.

Every turn I take, every trail I track
Every path I make, every road leads back
To the place I know, where I can not go, where I long to be

Tama: Certainly not, you. You've always found your place to be.

Nia: In a lot of ways...I'm still the same woman now as I was back then. Just a lot more confidence in me then I use to have. -chuckles- Which is why what Becky Lynch said about me is very humorous.

Tama: Oh?

Nia: Well...she mentioned that the only way for me to let her go would be if I was tickled. Like, honestly? What are we four? I mean, I'm a video game fan on occasion and I do like a good pun, but tickling? It's almost as bad as Bayley was in the other company. I didn't actually think that Becky would ever sink to her levels.

Tama: She thinks that the way to get to a cousin of the family is to tickle her? Okay, maybe Ferg didn't train the girl as well as we hoped he would.

Nia: Right? She's assuming I'm ticklish, for one. Then she's assuming that 'coming at me from above' is going to help her. I will catch her. I will ruin her. I am the champion for a reason and that's something she won't be taking away from me. Especially not with her hesitated style of winning.

Nia stops, her eyes out on the ocean again for a moment. There is a look of longing, as if it's been far too long since she's been at this place.

Nia: I'm going to beat her. I'm going to make sure she can't lock one of her submission moves on me and then I'm going to make sure that she knows exactly who she hasn't prepared enough for. I am the champion. She likes to compare herself to straight fire? Well, I'm an islander. My blood is made of earth and water. Whatever she thinks that her fire can hope to scorch of my earth, my water will come and wash it away as if she is nothing. Which, here in this company, she is. I am the champion. A long time ago, in another company, I didn't think I'd ever hit this mark. I didn't think I'd ever be the one that the fans wanted to see. Now I am and I am never letting go of that.

The camera focuses on Nia's face, the sea just out of reach and the waves rolling over the sand line before fading out.

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me
And no one knows, how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I'll know if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go


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Post by Jimmy Havoc on Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:26 am

[ The camera rises to the familiar scene of the abandoned mental institution and glitching televisions as seen in the previous promo packages. However, Hospital For Souls isn't in the background as usual. Miseria Cantare instead plays in its place. ]

Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us
Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us

[ Jimmy sits upright in the middle of his hospital bed, Rosemary sitting in his lap with her legs wrapped around his waist. Both of them play with a broken piece of the restraints that once hung from the bars of the bed. ]

Rosemary: Oh Finn. [ She laughs ] Oh dear sweet, innocent Finn. How you cling to your little Celtic legends to explain the things you will never understand.

Jimmy: Escapism is what that is, Rose. It's what he's always done. Before now it was his costumes. Hiding in his adorable little fantasies to protect him from the reality that was just too dark for his innocent little heart to handle. If you want the truth, I never believed in that bloody fucking demon bullshit anyway. I was just a costume like everything else. That's all you've ever done, Finn. You hide in your costumes, and your fairytales because it helps you sleep at night. It gives you a scapegoat for the dark, and depraved lengths you've had to go to to get the job done. These are the kind of lengths you're goin' to have to go to to get rid of me, Finn. You and I both know that. So tell me this, without your fantasy to protect you, are you going to be able to get the job done, or is your conscience going to get the better of you?
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