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Post by Kai Anoai on Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:16 am

The camera opens up on the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, where our show for the night is taking place. Instead of then showing us a shot of the crowd, we are taken inside Kai Anoai's office and he looks very nervous, speaking rapidly on the phone in Spanish before nodding and hanging up. The camera pans out to show Iokua and Kai licks his lips.

Kai: So...he's going to be here later. He...he didn't sound very happy.

Iokua frowns and crosses his arms.

Iokua: What does he want?

Kai shakes his head, nervously adjusting his tie and trying not to look as nervous as he feels inside.

Kai: I'm not sure. He's going to speak to us later. No matter what, we are going to put on a damn good show. Right?

Iokua: *nods, looking determined* Of course. You always do.

Kai gives a nervous smile as the camera fades to our first shot of the ring for the night. "Hero of our Time" starts and as he comes out onto the stage, Cody raises a hand in greeting to the audience, waving to them. He then walks down the ramp, shaking hands with some of the fans. He enters the ring up a set of the steel stairs. Once in, he waves to the crowd again before climbing up onto one of the turnbuckles, where he poses. One hand is curled in a fist, tucked close to his side, the other is raised high in the air as if he's raising a sword. He gets off of the turnbuckle, looking at Dia Banks who stands in the ring in a zipped up leather jacket and blue jeans to interview Cody about the upcoming match.

Dia: Thank you for doing this impromptu interview for me, Cody. I wanted to get your thoughts on the upcoming match with Marty Scurll when we know Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks will be joining him at ringside.

Cody: Not a problem. I'm not quite sure what else there is to say that I haven't already though...

Dia: C'mon, Cody. We're friends, right? I think that you're in for a handful. I wanted to see how you truly felt about what Marty is doing, how he's acting.

Cody: Of course we are. -anger flashes in his eyes- I said what I think. Marty Scurll is a horrible person. A- A villain. He needs to be stopped. Sooner, rather than later.

Dia: As someone who has stood toe to toe with the Bullet Club, I can concur that he's a villainous rogue. You think you'll be the one to-

"One True Villain" plays, Marty Scurll coming out to the entrance ramp wearing his signature sunglasses and fur coat, holding his umbrella over his shoulders. He reaches up to take off his sunglasses, yells into the air, then stores his sunglasses into his pocket. On the entrance ramp behind him enters Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson. They are all wearing a different version of the Bullet Club t-shirt. Kenny's shirt says Kenny The Cleaner with the Bullet Club logo, while both of the Jackson brothers shirts say Young Bucks with the Bullet Club logo. Cody protectively gets in front of Dia, who backs up a little bit. Her hands unzip the leather jacket to show a Chicago themed Bullet Club shirt. The fans reaction makes Cody turn around, only to get hit with a superkick to the face. Everyone seems to be surprised, except for the group of men in the Club. Dia rolls out of the ring, leaning against the barricade with a deep smirk. Marty smirks and wraps an arm around Dia's shoulders, pressing a kiss to her cheek as she shrugs, feeling confident about what she has done. Cody has gotten to his feet and looks both angry and confused, yelling at Dia.

Marty Scurll w/The Bullet Club v Cody Rhodes
Marty acts as if he's going to wait for Cody to get his wits to him, before delivering a swift kick to the ribs. He smirks as he kneels next to Cody, taunting him with a slap to the face before the ref separates them. The ref asks if Cody is okay to continue, and Cody nods, Marty standing in his own corner and waiting for Cody to get ready to fight. The ref rings the bell and Cody paces, getting out of the ring to yell at Dia as Marty angrily paces the ring. After Kenny Omega places himself in front of her, Cody gets back in the ring. Marty signals for Cody to come fight him before the two men lock up. Marty locks his arms around Cody from behind, getting him in a side slam, before locking him in a grounded headlock and rolling him once, keeping a hold with the grounded headlock. Cody backs Marty into the corner, then pulls back to glare at Marty Scurll. While he is backed up, Marty mimes a gun motion and acts as if he is pulling the trigger on Cody with a deep smirk. Cody turns around, the crowd booing Marty immensely. Cody backs up, as does Marty, and the two men lock hands. Marty rolls onto the mat in order to reverse the hold, twisting Cody's arm up by his head. Cody screams in pain, as Marty backs him into the corner. Marty puts one of his hands on either of Cody's arms, before backing up in a bent manner with his arms outstretched in front of him with his palms down. It is clear that Marty is not taking this seriously as he dances back, before standing up straight and flapping his arm like bird wings before turning back to Cody and mocking him with a DX style crotch chop. Cody looks increasingly furious, He looks at the Bullet Club who stands on the outside, looking rather proud of themselves, before locking up with Marty again. Cody twists Marty's arm behind his back, which Marty reverses the hold of. Cody flips himself with one hand in a sort of cartwheel motion to reverse the grip that Marty has, grabbing a hold of Marty's opposite arm. Cody lets go of his arm and locks him in a side headlock, taking him down to the mat. Marty quickly reverses by locking his legs around Cody's head, attempting to make Cody tap out. Cody rolls so that he has both of his feet on the ground and his head between Marty's, who sits on the mat, legs. Cody pushes himself into a handstand position, flipping so that his back is against Marty's front. Cody attempts the pin but isn't lucky enough to get it. Marty rolls Cody and keeps a tight grip on his left arm as he pulls him up, twirling around Cody before hip tossing him back to the mat. He has Cody in a tight headlock, refusing to let the other man get a moment's rest. Cody pushes himself to his feet, bouncing Marty off of the ropes and hitting him with a hard shoulder when the Brit comes back at him. Marty looks furious as he stands up straight and delivers a hard slap to Cody's face. As Cody backs up in pain, Marty does the mocking bird arm motion again. Marty has his back to Cody for a moment but when he turns to face the man, Cody kicks Marty in the gut and then drops to where his back is on the mat and delivers his own hard slap to Marty's face. Marty stumbles to grab the top rope, Cody coming at him from behind and pulling his legs up while Marty has a grip on the top rope. Cody uses that grip to slam Marty back down to the mat. At the ref is checking on Marty, Cody backs up into the corner. This proves to be the finishing move as from behind Dia hits Cody as hard as she can in the back of the head with the umbrella that Marty usually carries to the ring. Cody falls to the mat, out cold, and rushes him for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Marty Scurll

Marty tosses his head back and laughs as he stands up from the pin, his laugh turning into a startled expression as an unrecognized woman rushes into the ring and starts delivering hard chops. The rest of the Bullet Club are caught off guard but instead of attacking back, they pull Marty to safety as the woman helps Cody to his feet and stands alongside him in solidarity. Dia heads to the back, looking over at the commentary table with a smirk. The camera then gives us the first shot of the commentary table for the night.

Colt: Can you believe her! She hates them in ROH and now she is one of them!?

Punk: Yeah, that doesn't make sense. But- you have to admit, they pulled that turn off pretty damn well!

Colt: That's what you focus on? Not that Dia just turned on us and the fans and Vitani, not the fact that there's a new woman here to help Cody? That the turn was cool?

Punk: Oh come on, how often are turns done well! Besides, I'm sure we'll find out who the new woman is sooner or later...

Colt: I...I guess you're right. -nods, though he still looks agitated- Up next we have our Young Lions Championship Match. I'm excited to see if Ivelisse Velez can defeat Ari Heyman and take that title away from him.

The camera shows the second shot of the ring for the night as "Problem" by Natalia Kills starts up as Ivelisse Velez makes her way to the ring. She has Angelico on her arm, but neither seems to be in the mood for kisses, though Angelico has a gentle but comforting hold on her arm. Angelico gets under the ring and hands Ivelisse a kendo stick, the woman tossing it up in the air and catching it with the other hand, waiting for Ari Heyman to come down to the ring. As Ivelisse waits in the ring, "The Man" by The Killers begins but Ari Heyman is nowhere to be seen for a few minutes. The crowd starts to boo wildly, alerting Ivelisse to something and she turns just in time to duck the punch that Ari was going to throw at the back of the head. She tsks and wags her finger at him, dropping the kendo stick and waiting across the ring as the bell rings.

Ivelisse Velez w/Angelico v Young Lions Champion Ari Heyman in a no disqualification match for the Young Lions Championship
Ari immediately goes at her again, Ive ducking under his arm to avoid the attack. She comes at Ari with hard fists, wanting to knock him off of his feet. Ari staggers backward, Ive grabbing his arm and trying to fling him into the opposite ropes, to which Ari counters and tosses Ive into the ropes instead. When Ive comes back at him, Ari tries to hit her with a hard forearm but she goes over his back, wrapping his leg for her first pin attempt. Ari kicks out and as the two get back to their feet, Ive is not shy to come at him with another hard fist to the face. She backs Ari into the corner with her kicks and her fists, not once letting up and moving from kicking Ari's gut to chopping him across the chest. Ari stomps his feet in pain, looking frustrated before Ive chops him yet again. She grabs his arm and attempts to toss him into the opposite corner, but Ari once again reverses it. Ari runs at Ive, trying to hit her with a hard splash in the corner, but Ive moves out of the way at the last second. Ari goes headfirst into the top turnbuckle and stumbles back in pain, Ive going behind for a roll up. It seems as if Ari is going to lose but then we realize that the referee is arguing with Paul Heyman, who during the match has arrived at ringside. Ive gets furious and grabs the kendo stick that she was originally going to hit Ari with, instead going after Paul. Paul gets quickly down to the floor, turning around to get caught with a kick from Angelico. In the ring, Ive gets tossed through the second and top rope onto the outside. Ari grabs the kendo stick that she was holding and goes after Angelico, walloping him with a few good hits to subdue the other man. After knocking Angelico to the ground, Ari picks Ive up by the hair. He tilts her head back with the hand gripped in her hair and hits her as hard as he can with the kendo stick across the chest. When she falls back to the ground, he grips her by the back of the head and the tights, throwing her into the steel steps. Ari pulls Ive up to look at her downed boyfriend for a moment, before tossing Ive back into the ring. When Ari gets back in the ring, he hits a hard kick to her back and when she rolls over, he hits a hard kick to her gut as well. Ari lands another kick to the gut and Ive rolls underneath the bottom rope. Ari grabs her by the hair and drags her to her feet, before putting Ive's head under one of his armpits and takes her down to the mat with a double-arm suplex. Paul is over at the apron, shouting encouragement to Ari who stands over Ive mocking her. He grabs her by the hair again, pulling hard, before landing yet another double-arm suplex. He rolls Ive into a pin, surprised when she kicks out. Ari gets up, arguing with the ref in anger, pulling Ive to her knees by the hair and shoving her throat up against the second ring rope, placing all of his weight over her in an attempt to choke her out. While having Ive in this position, Ari lands a hard punch to the temple. He attempts to pin her yet again when she lands on the mat, but it is to no avail. He pulls her to her feet again, this time getting behind her and delivering the City Limits to get the pin, purposefully placing his feet on the ropes in a mocking maneuver, getting the pin.
Winner via pinfall and still Young Lion's Champion: Ari Heyman

Ari gets to his knees, holding his title, as he slaps her hard across the face before rolling out of the ring, grabbing his title, and heading up the ramp to go backstage. Ive gets up, looking mad and going over to help Angelico up before the two head up to the back as well. It's black as a voice starts singing slowly, then clips start flashing on the screen. Clips of an alleyway, flashing lights and what looks like a rave.

Voice: All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse. All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse.

The screen then changes to show a slim figure wearing a black hoodie with the hood covering their face, the shot stays on it as the singing goes to the second verse.

Voice: We don't deal with outsiders very well, they say newcomers have a certain smell. Yeah, trust issues, not to mention, they say they can smell your intentions. You're lovin' on the freakshow sitting next to you, you'll have some weird people sitting next to you. You'll think "How did I get here, sitting next to you?" But after all, I've said, please don't forget.

The scene changes again, this time the hooded figure sitting in front of a chair. A distorted voice starts talking as just the music plays.

Distorted voice: Soon my little Heathens...

The camera then changes to stylized H as the voice sings again.

Voice: All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse.

It quickly fades to black."Me Against The World" by Simple Plan begins and Dante Westmore enters, followed by his mentor Christian. The young rookie has a big, excited smile on his face. He slowly makes his way to the ring, touching hands with as many fans as he can before jumping into the ring. He paces, watching the entrance ramp as he waits for Seth to come on out. The camera opens up to "Na Na Na" by My Chemical Romance playing as Seth makes his way to the ring. He pauses to pose on the stage, his manager Egan spinning before he poses. The duo makes their way to the ring before posing again. Seth gets into the ring, Egan staying on the outside, before Dante and Seth shake hands, the bell ringing to get underway.

Dante Westmore w/Christian v Seth Johnson w/Egan Archer
The two men lock up, Seth taking the advantage and backing Dante up into the corner. Seth delivers a hard shoulder into Dante's midsection before delivering two hard forearms to the face. As Dante goes down, Seth uses his foot to push Dante in between the second and bottom rope. The referee pulls Seth away from Dante, who is now sitting in the corner. Seth backs up, coming forward and pulling Dante up and tossing him into the opposite ring post. Seth rushes him, but Dante in an amazing moment flips over the top of Seth and then rolls in a somersault against the ring mat, before getting on top of the turnbuckle, jumping to the second rope before flinging himself at Seth and hitting a flying crossbody. Dante attempts the pin, but Seth manages to kick out. Dante wrenches Seth's arm up and behind his back, trying to get Seth to give up. Seth looks to be in pain for a moment but pushes himself to his feet, grabbing a slight hold of Dante's hair, using that grip to back Dante up into the ring ropes and tossing him into the ones opposite. Dante locks his arms around the upper ring rope, staying in his spot, which makes Seth look bewildered. Seth rushes him, Dante tossing him over the top rope. Seth lands on the apron, trying to deliver a forearm but Dante reverses it and delivers a forearm of his own. Dante turns around and Seth grabs a hold of Dante's shoulders and drags him down to the mat. Seth is crouched, holding his mouth, while Dante writhes on the mat. Seth launches himself over the top rope, hitting Dante with a hard shoulder to the gut. Seth gets to his feet in order to pin him, but Dante kicks out at two. Seth wraps Dante's head in a lock, flinging him to the mat before stomping on his chest. Dante locks him in a headlock from behind, trying to get Dante to tap out. Dante manages to push himself to his feet, and even stand, before Seth bring him hard down to the mat again. The headlock never breaks, Dante again pushing himself to his feet, hitting a hard hand to Seth's gut. Seth breaks the headlock and kicks him hard in the chest. This stuns Dante, allowing Seth to hit the Ego Driver and then the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Seth

As Seth stands in the ring, he offers a hand for Dante to shake. The fans begin to boo and Seth can't figure out what is going on until he turns around and gets hit with a hard hit from a mysterious figure. The figure is hooded and has a plain white mask on his face, standing over Seth as Dante looks on confused from the corner, the lights flickering as a distorted laugh is heard throughout the arena.

The camera fades to the ring as "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade begins, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin heading down to the ring. They look very confident, standing and waiting for their opponents to show up. As the camera is met by static which signals the arrival of The Wyatt Family. "Broken Out in Love" by Mark Crozer plays as the stage is filled with the light of Bray's lantern. He looks eerie, followed by Luke Harper and Abigail Wyatt. Bray kisses the top of Abigail's head as she sits in her rocking chair, but when Luke attempts to do the same thing, Abigail moves away. Luke and Bray both regard Alex and Chris very lightly, Bray signaling for Luke to step out of the ring. Luke nods, his eyes cutting over to where Abigail sits, though she looks away. Bray takes a deep breath and looks at Alex Shelley, who decides to start out for the MCMG.

Motor City Machine Guns v NCWA Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family w/Abigail Wyatt
Bray and Alex lock up, Bray using his strength to get the upper hand. Bray wrenches on Alex's arm, before Alex ducks under his arm and twists Bray's arm behind him. Bray again reverses it, Alex's arm getting wrenched up behind his back. Bray turns that into a headlock and Alex punches him in the gut a few times to try and get Bray to let go. It doesn't work and instead, Alex uses his momentum to back Bray into the corner and tosses him into the opposite ropes. Bray comes at Alex full speed, launching himself at Alex and taking the MCMG member off of his feet. Bray then goes for a pin, but Alex kicks out. Bray wrenches on his arm again, Alex flips to where his back is pressed up against the mat, kipping up and landing hard punch after hard punch to Bray's face. Bray grabs his arm and tosses Alex into one of the turnbuckles, charging him at full speed again. Alex stops a hit by kicking Bray in the face. Bray turns around and stumbles, before trying to come at him again and only getting hit with another kick to the face. Bray backs up one more time and runs at him, but this time Alex moves out of the way and Bray hits the turnbuckles. Alex lands a kick to the back of Bray's head, before moving back. He waits until Bray has stumbled to the center of the ring, before backing up against the ropes and hoping to hit Bray with a hard forearm. Instead, Bray lands a clothesline and knocks Alex off of his feet. He stomps on Alex once before bending down to pick the man up. Alex is on his knees and hits Bray hard in the ribs with a fist, fighting to his feet and backing up against the ropes and running at Bray. This time Bray lifts Alex over his head, but Alex slips out of the grip, quickly tagging Chris in and then getting behind Bray, hitting him again and again with fists. Alex drops and wraps his legs around one of Bray's ankles to immobilize him, which Chris uses the moment to hit a running bulldog to Bray from behind. Chris goes for the pin but Bray kicks out. Bray gets to his feet but Bray gets kicked in the gut, and doubles over. Chris locks him in a headlock and Bray hits him with a hard punch to the gut, backing him up in the corner where Luke waits. With a grip on Chris' arm, Bray tags in Luke. Luke gets in and hits a hard shoulder in the arm that Bray is holding. Luke then twists the same arm and then pulls it down hard to hit his knee. Chris is on his knees in the ring, Luke wrenching on it. Chris does a move similar to Alex's earlier where he drops with his back to the mat in an order for Luke to let go of the hold, kipping up in order to do so. Chris does a one-handed cartwheel, then flipping to try and get the upper hand, now wrenching Luke's opposite arm. Luke looks very confused by the flip, his eyes on Chris wide. He wrenches Luke's arm, but Luke does a somersault of his own and then hits an extremely hard punch to the face of Chris Sabin. He towers over Sabin, who has now taken a knee by the ropes, and pulls his arm until he is standing again. Chris retaliates with hard forearms of his own, reversing the hold so that Chris has a hold of Luke's arm and kicks him in the gut a few times. On the third kick, Luke sweeps Chris' leg and brings the man down to the mat in the center of the ring. He gets between Chris' legs and flings him over the top rope from his position on the mat. Sabin is on the outside and as Luke turns around to face him, Chris jumps off of the top rope to land a hard crossbody against Luke and take him down. Chris almost gets a three count, but Luke kicks out. Chris goes over to his corner and tags in Alex Shelley, the two standing on either side of Luke and hitting him with a hard kick to the front and back of Luke Harper. Luke pushes himself to a knee and stands, Chris having gotten out of the ring, and Alex running back against the ropes and launching himself at Luke. Instead of going down, Luke catches him and holds him close in a laid out position. Without being tagged, Bray comes in and lands a hard leg across Alex's chest. Luke backs Alex into the corner where Bray has returned, hitting a hard chop across his chest before Bray demands to be tagged in. Luke hesitates, but Bray yells at him until he does. Luke looks increasingly agitated but does tag in Bray. Luke then goes over to Sabin, knocking him off the apron on the other side of the ring and delivering hard kick after hard kick to his chest. In the ring, Bray Wyatt lands the Sister Abigail on Alex Shelley and goes for the pin.
Winner via pinfall and still NCWA Tag Team Champions: The Wyatt Family

As Luke gets back in the ring, he looks angry as Bray talks to him. Abigail gets the titles and, before she can hand Luke his own, Luke gets out of the ring and storms to the back. Abigail looks upset, but Bray wraps an arm around her and takes her to the back. The camera shows a shot of Wade Barrett in the back, getting ready to make his way to the ring for his match. He hears a voice clearing its throat and turns to see Elijah Bancroft.

Wade: Mr. Bancroft, it is so very good to see you again. *extends his hand*

Bancroft: And the same to you, Mister Barrett. *he shakes his hand*

Wade nods and crosses his arms over his chest.

Wade: So. Tell me. What are you needing from me?

Bancroft: A favour. I need you to help prove to the other one I manage that she is NOT ready for these professional matches. Beat her. Prove me right! She will not listen when I tell her.

Wade: *chuckles* You know...a favor usually means that I will get something in return.

Bancroft: Indeed. I agreed to manage you, but have not had the chance yet. Help me get her out of the way and our partnership can truly begin. -he smiles-

Wade smirks and gives a nod.

Wade: I look forward to finally start working with you.

Bancroft: Of course. I am sure it will be a much more professional partnership than the one Miss Agatha gives.

Wade: I am as professional as professional can be. Not only will I beat her, I will humiliate her.

Bancroft: Indeed. That is why I picked you. -he turns to go, but then pauses- Just... do not hurt her as Mister Scurll would.

Wade: I may be a ruthless cad, but unlike those associated with the Bullet Club, I have morals. I would never harm a woman in a manner such as Martin did.

Bancroft: Good. -he nods sharply- It is good to know some here have some sense of what is proper!

The camera fades to a shot of the ring. The opening piano bars of The Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" starts up as the arena goes entirely dark. The lights come up in a red hue, the outline of a man shown on top of the entrance ramp. As soon as the lights are fully up, the man turns around to reveal a grinning Wade Barrett. He walks down the ramp, haughtily ignoring the fans, and heading straight to the end of the ramp. He turns as Zack Sabre Jr's theme hits and he makes his way out to the ring, popping his collar as he comes down to the ramp. The two men regard each other lightly before getting into the ring, neither one turning their back on the other for a minute, despite being a team. Lindsey Stirling's 'Roundtable Rival' begins as Becky Lynch comes down from the rafters on a thick rope, as if dropping from an Airship. Onstage, she raises a hand to her forehead to look out at the crowd and two fireworks go off, like cannons. With a grin, she heads to the ring. She climbs the stairs and looks out again, hanging onto the post with one hand before waiting for Agatha Bancroft. Agatha's theme song "Touch The Sky" begins and Agatha does not come out alone. By her side is Finn Balor, dressed in his crown of twisted wood with a deep green coat and black trunks. Agatha is in her regular ring gear, though she does wear her crown which she hands to Finn before the match begins.

Wade Barrett and Zack Sabre Jr v Becky Lynch and Agatha Bancroft
Agatha and Becky start to slowly enter the ring, but Wade is not going to wait any longer as both he and Mandy Rose start beating the Champions up. Zack Sabre Jr pushes Agatha outside of the ring while Wade keeps on attacking Becky. The Bareknuckle Boxer finally retreats to his corner so the match can officially start. The bell finally rings and Wade has Becky by the hair, looking for a headlock but Becky quickly bends Wade by pulling his hair and kicking him on the shin forcing him to a one knee base. Becky quickly goes for a roll-up which results in a two count. Wade manages to kick out just in time. He looks around in disbelief that she almost lost to a smart roll by Becky, who looks at him and reminds him how close the match was from ending. Wade just shakes his head, getting back to his feet and locking with Becky once again. Wade goes for yet another headlock, this time it appears to last but apparently not enough as Becky powers out of it and drops Wade with an arm-drag. She goes for another cover but Wade kicks out before the referee can even begin to count. Becky picks up Wade by the hair and twists his arm, dragging him to her partner’s corner who has already recovered. Agatha gets tagged in and Becky Irish whips Wade to the ropes, both connecting with a back elbow to the face of Wade. Before Becky exits the ring she and Agatha connect with a double elbow drop on Wade much to the annoyance of Zack who starts to complain to the referee. Becky exits the ring and Agatha goes for the cover. Another kick out by Wade but Agatha is not going to waste any time as she picks the Brit by the hair trying to hit Wade with a right hand. She doesn’t connect as Wade manages to dodge that one and get behind Agatha, pushing her to the ropes and quickly rolling her up, using her arms to bridge and strengthen the pin. Agatha kicks out and now she’s the one who looks annoyed as Wade returns the favor by looking at both of them and taunting them about how this time he was the one who almost stole the win. Agatha goes for another strike, not liking very much being made fun of, but Wade trips her then connects with a low dropkick to the side of the abdomen of Agatha. He goes for the cover but Agatha manages to escape before the count can begin. Wade picks her by the hair and locks in another headlock. Agatha finally has had enough of Wade and his headlocks. She manages to grab her by the head then drops to the mat connecting Wade with a jawbreaker. She hurries to stand up just as Wade also makes his way to his feet, then hits her with a snapmare. Wade tries to recover quickly but Agatha comes darting with a jumping clothesline. The Brit gets up just to find himself on the end of yet another jumping clothesline. Becky picks him up and hits yet another snapmare that leaves Wade in a seated position. Agatha takes her time to measure Wade before hitting him with a hard kick to the back. Agatha goes for a tag on her partner to keep herself fresh. Becky goes on to continue her partner’s work, as she also comes running and hitting another kick to Wade’s back. Becky goes for the cover. Wade manages to kick out but there isn’t as much force behind that last kick out as the other ones. Becky picks Wade up. Becky has him by the hair as she keeps mocking him some more, but finally Wade finds it within herself to force her way out of this situation by hitting a clothesline on Becky. Becky tries to recover but Wade hits another clothesline. Wade sees a chance to tag in Zack and he starts to make his way to her corner, however, the less tired Becky has already tagged in Agatha who quickly drags Wade away from Zack’s extended hand. Wade kicks Agatha away, but she proves to be very persistent going for Wade’s boots again, this time Wade kicks her a few more times making Agatha lose her balance. Wade trips Agatha and helps herself to her feet. He’s about to tag him in but Becky has already made a run to the opponent’s corner on the outside of the ring, pulling Zack away from the apron, then hitting him with a right hand that knocks down the blonde. Becky mockingly waves at Wade who looks devastated by the grim situation she seems to be in. Wade somehow kicks out much to the annoyance of the two women. Agatha picks Wade again by the hair, but the crafty Brit goes for an eye rake that momentarily stuns Agatha. Wade climbs to the second rope waiting for Agatha to turn around then hitting her with a diving crossbody. Not satisfied and wanting some payback for what he has endured he picks Agatha up and hits a double underhook Suplex into the ring corner. Agatha’s feet violently hit the second turnbuckle. Becky Lynch illegally gets in the ring, trying to stop Wade’s comeback but she meets the same fate as her partner, as Wade hoists her up hitting another suplex into the turnbuckle. Thinking she can end this, Wade goes for a Wheelbarrow Suplex on Agatha, but she manages to reverse it into an arm drag. However, Wade uses the momentum from the throw to reach her partner who has already recovered. Wade finally rolls out of the ring, exhausted, as ZSJ enters the ring firing on all cylinders, trying to make up for how one-sided this match has been during the last minutes. ZSJ drops Agatha with a clothesline, then quickly elbows Becky Lynch on the face who was just standing on the apron. Zack twists Agatha’s arm and connects with a cross arm breaker,! Zack goes for the cover but is grabbed from behind. Thinking it's Becky, Zack turns around ready to attack. Instead, he see's it is Wade Barrett. Zack argues all the way into the corner, Wade suddenly getting in, hitting Zack with an extremely hard punch to the face, and then rushing in to pin Agatha.
Winners via pinfall: Wade Barrett and Zack Sabre Jr

Wade laughs as he stands over Agatha, smirking when he sees Bancroft heading down to the ring. He stands over her and backs her into a corner, yelling in her face about listening to her grandfather. Agatha is down and out, but Wade doesn't care. On the titantron, footage appears. It's from a WWE show, specifically Wade Barrett's last, where he is hit by a Brogue Kick. It plays over a second time, in slow motion. Wade stops, his eyes on the titantron. He looks helpless for a moment and then furious, getting out of the ring and screaming at the ring tech.

Wade: Turn it off! Bloody turn it off!

While Wade is distracted, Sheamus himself jumps over the ringside barrier in street-clothes. He charges at Wade, aiming to hit him with another Brogue Kick. Wade turns, fury in his eyes and the kick connecting with his face. Sheamus smirks as Wade goes down before crouching beside him.

Sheamus: -repeating Wade's own words- 'mention Sheamus ever again, I will hurt you...' -he shakes his head at him- You leave 'em all outta this. You take your anger at me out on ME, leave the others out of it!

The camera fades to black on the image of Sheamus standing over Wade Barrett. The camera comes up on Casey standing backstage with the woman had appeared to help Cody Rhodes. She has long, dark hair and a fierce look in her eyes. She's wearing dark pants and boots, her arms crossed over her single sleeved shirt.

Casey: So, uh...

Woman: I am -as you would say here- Rin Takahashi.

Casey: Alright then. -he smiles- Nice to meet you Rin. What brings you to the NCWA?

Rin: Where I was, I was a Champion. However, something more important brought me here.

Casey: And what is that?

Rin: Friendship. -she continues after Casey nods, agreeing- Vitani Summers is a dear friend of mine. I am not at all impressed that those already here allowed her to be injured.

Casey goes to speak, but Rin holds up a hand to stop him.

Rin: Where I was, I held the Women's title for months, undefeated. But, when I heard my friend was hurt; I willingly gave it up to come here. I am here to defend the honour of my dear friend. I intend to go after the one who calls himself 'Scurll'. I will make him wish he never even THOUGHT about approaching Vitani!

The camera slowly zooms in on Rin to show that, behind her scowl, her eyes show a serious determination.The camera switches to a shot of the ring as "Light It Up" plays. AJ Lee skips out onto the entrance ramp before pausing only for a second, then she continues to skip all the way to the ring. She climbs into the ring before skipping around it briefly, then sitting on the middle turnbuckle with her arms over the second rope. The camera switches to a shot of the ring as "Force of Greatness" by CFO$ begins, the eyes of Nia Jax's titantron being the very first thing we see. These eyes transition to the actual eyes of strong woman Nia Jax. She smirks for a moment, watching the audience before heading straight down to the ring. She has her Queen's Title over her shoulder, smirking as she looks at AJ. As Nia tries to get into the ring, AJ thinks quick and runs at Nia, connecting with a dropkick to the large woman, sending her tumbling back down to the outside. AJ gets up onto the top turnbuckle and hops off, connecting with Nia. AJ gets up, fans cheering her on as Nia gets back to her feet. Nia gets up, clearly pissed off now as AJ's eyes light up. Nia slides in and stares down AJ, the match bell finally ringing.

AJ Lee v NCWA Queen's Champion Nia Jax for the NCWA Queen's Championship
As it does, AJ runs at her, throwing lefts and rights, but Nia overpowers her, simply shoving her away from her. AJ gets back up, trying to do the same again, but Nia grabs a handful of hair this time and connects with a headbutt. She hits two more for good measure, before walking around the ring, taunting the fans as they boo her. Nia gets AJ up by the hair and tosses her across the ring, AJ yelling in pain as she lands on her back. As she slowly gets up in the corner, Nia runs at her, connecting with a giant body splash in the corner. AJ drops to the bottom turnbuckle and Nia walks backward before running at AJ and connecting with her ass to AJ's head. The black widow's head bounces off the turnbuckle, before she drops down to the mat below, Nia taunting the woman once again. Nia picks up AJ again and connects with the Samoan Drop before dropping down and pinning AJ.
Winner and still NCWA Queen's Champion via pinfall: Nia Jax

As "Confident" by Demi Lovato plays, Rae James walks out onto the entrance ramp. She smiles wide at the audience before running into the ring, taking a knee as soon as she's in. She pops the collar of her jacket before standing, removing the jacket and rolling her shoulders as she waits. 'Ain't no make believe', by Stonefree Experience begins as John Morrison makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He poses on stage, moving as if he's in slow motion before making his way to the ring.

Rae James v John Morrison
The two circle each other before Morrison goes for the lockup, grabbing Rae from an easy side slam. He goes for the quick pin, but Rae kicks out before the one count. Morrison immediately goes back for the pin, and again it is broken before the count of one. Morrison is up on his feet first, bouncing up and down on his feet in the corner as Rae gets up and the two circle the ring again. They go for the lock-up and Rae gets John Morrison in a side headlock. She applies as much pressure as she can but Morrison picks her up in a bridal style carry hold but Rae manages to get back to her feet. Morrison shoves a hand against her face, attempting to break the headlock, only doing so when he can back Rae up against the ropes and tosses her into the opposite side. When Rae comes back at him, he slides to his stomach in the center of the ring, Rae hits the opposite ropes and when Morrison tries to send her to the mat, she counters it to hit a hip toss of her own. She goes for a pin of her own but Morrison manages to kick out before two. She grabs him and rolls him into a cradle, trying to pin him once again. This time Morrison kicks out before two. When both get back to their feet, Rae kicks Morrison in the stomach. He doubles over and Rae jumps, wraps her legs around his waist, and flips John onto the mat for a pin attempt. Again, Morrison kicks out. The two stand and get in opposite corners, Morrison running at Ray and attempting to shoulder check her. Rae moves out of the way, which leads Morrison to the corner. Rae runs at him, Morrison running out of the way which Rae counters by getting onto the second rope, wrapping her legs around his neck, and tossing him into the center of the ring with a hurricanrana. Morrison gets tossed across the ring and when he stands, he runs at Rae who ducks down to send him over the top of the top rope. Morrison goes to the apron, attempting to launch himself between the top and second rope with a shoulder. Instead, he is met by a fierce kick from Rae. Morrison falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring, Rae running through and launching herself over the top rope in a suicide dive which she lands. After catching her breath for a moment, Rae grabs Morrison and tosses him back into the ring. While Morrison recuperates, Rae climbs the top rope, wrapping her legs around his waist and tossing him into the far turnbuckle. She climbs to the top of the turnbuckle directly across from that, landing her Eat My Boot finisher and then going for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Rae James

Rae looks ecstatic, running a hand through her hair. This is her first win in the NCWA and it shows in her excitement. She stands on the turnbuckle, raising her hand in triumph, before she hears the fans starting to boo. She turns around, expecting John Morrison to be ready to attack her. Instead, across the ring from her as she hops down from the turnbuckle, stands the same masked figure that was in the ring after Dante's match. The figure is hooded and has a plain white mask on his face, standing over Morrison as the start lights flickering as a distorted laugh is heard throughout the arena. The figure attacks, but as soon as Rae gets in between the two, the figure stops and instead retreats through the crowd. The camera fades from Rae's bewildered face to a shot of the dark Wyatt family's locker room. Bray stands with his NCWA World Class Championship on his shoulder and is getting ready for his match.

Bray: Are ya ready, Brother Harper?

Luke doesn't speak up, his gaze is simply on the title in front of him. He looks too lost in thought to even process that something was said to him. Bray turns to face the man, a scowl on his face.

Bray: Brother Harper, ah asked if ya were ready.

Luke: Ah ain't goin' out there.

Bray: 'scuse me?

Luke: Ah coulda won that match out there. Why didn't ya want me t'?

Bray: This again? Ah toldja, they need to know that the name Bray Wyatt is one t' fear.

Luke: Yes, Wyatt is a name t' fear, but so is Harper. We are the Wyatt FAMILY an' t'night...ya didn't act much like family. If ya were so set that ya could win that one alone...ah am certain ya can win this one alone.

Bray scowls at Luke again, taking a deep breath.

Bray: If ya so say. But SHE is comin' t' the ring with me.

Luke looks towards the other part of the room where Abigail sits. It is evident in his eyes that he doesn't want it to happen, but he nods.

Luke: Makes sense ya have her. Rosemary is gonna be there fer Jimmy.

Bray nods, reaching out for Abigail's hand, which she takes. She follows Bray out of the room, Luke tossing over the bench in anger as the camera fades to the final shot of the ring for the night. “Prelude 12/21” by AFI begins and is immediately preceded by "I Hope You Suffer" for this high stakes match-up. Jimmy has Rosemary wrapped around his arm and the two make their way to the ring, wasting no time as usual. Jimmy flips off the crowd as he gets into the ring, taking off the mask that he wears. When the camera settles it's on a black screen where the fans are using the flashlights on their phones to act as the fireflies. Lamplight fills the entrance ramp, Bray holding the lamp with Abigail to his left. They ease towards the ring, Bray rolling in and to his knees as Abigail stands behind him. Abigail blows the lamp out before taking it to ringside with her. Bray holds the title up mockingly, dangling it enticingly in front of Jimmy before the bell rings.

Jimmy Havoc w/Rosemary v NCWA World Class Champion Bray Wyatt w/Abigail Wyatt for the NCWA World Class Championship
Jimmy immediately launches himself at Bray, landing hard fist after hard fist to Bray's face. Jimmy rolls off of Bray before moving back to his feet. Bray comes at him with a hard forearm but Jimmy ducks under it. Bray again goes to hit the hard forearm but this time Jimmy uses Bray's momentum to send him to the mat. Bray gets to his feet and comes back at Jimmy, but the man hits a scoop slam on Bray. Jimmy gets to his feet, taunting Bray with a boot to his side, before backing off yet again. He comes towards Bray and tries to hit the Acid Rainmaker, but Bray pushes himself away and rolls out of the ring. Jimmy looks furious as Bray takes a rest against the barricade. Jimmy quickly rolls out of the ring, Bray trying to deliver fists to him. Instead, Jimmy meets Bray with fists of his own. He bounces Bray's head off of the announcer's table. Bray stumbles over to the steel steps, before Jimmy tosses him back into the ring. When Jimmy gets back in the ring, Bray hits him with a hard fist to the face. As he's doubled over, Bray runs against the ropes and knocks Jimmy to the mat with a very hard shoulder. Bray outstretches his arms in a taunt, glancing at the crowd. Bray goes into the corner, doing his little backbend so that he is looking at Jimmy, but something else takes his eyes. He sees Abigail at ringside, cowering away from Rosemary who is intimidating the young girl. Bray goes to the ropes to yell at her, turning around and being hit with the Acid Rainmaker before Jimmy lands the three count.
Winner and new NCWA World Class Champion via pinfall: Jimmy Havoc

Bray looks bewildered as he sits up, Jimmy rushing to the announcer's table and holding the title. He and Rosemary hug title, sharing a heated kiss as they head to the back. Abigail looks ashamed, Bray coming over to voice his opinion. Abigail cowers away from him and follows Bray, tears in her eyes as the camera shows a shot of the backstage area, Kai Anoai standing in the back in his best suit. He looks nervous and takes a deep breath as the door opens, an older man of Cuban descent entering the room. Kai extends a hand, looking very nervous.

Kai: Mr. Alvarez, it is so good to see you!

Rafael Alvarez keeps a stoic expression, smoothing his hands over his suit jacket before reaching out to shake the other man's hand firmly.

Rafael: Mr. Anoa'i.

Kai: -quickly, almost hard to understand what he is saying- Mr. Alvarez I apologize for anything I may have done wrong! I've been trying to run this show in a way that his both good for business and good for our fans.

Rafael: - can't help but crack a smile - Kai, take a breath.

Kai looks very confused, not understanding why his boss, the money behind Kai's face, is being so jovial about all of this.

Kai: You sounded disappointed on the phone. I'm sorry I haven't lived up to expectations. All I ask is that you keep Iokua on as a guard. He's a good man with a good head on his shoulders.

Rafael: Decepcionado? Disappointed? Mi amigo, no!

Kai: No? Then I...I'm not quite sure why you are here, my friend.

Rafael: Well, I suppose I will keep this simple then. I can't stay home and let you have all the fun -chuckles- I want in.

Kai is stunned but shakes it off after a moment.

Kai: I...you want in? As in your own show?

Rafael: A little friendly competition. What do you say?

Kai hesitates, but a wide grin breaks out across his face and he proclaims.

Kai: You're on.

The camera goes dark on the handshake between the two men.
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