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Post by Kai Anoai on Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:28 pm


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Post by Jekyll & Hyde on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:34 pm

The camera opens up in a well-furnished and beautiful study. The walls are filled with shelves of books, a desk sitting near the center of the room. A globe sits on the desk, as well as a small antique lamp. In fact, the only imperfection in the entire room is that the mirror behind the desk is cracked. Sitting at the desk, hunched over as he scrawls in a journal is Wade Barrett. His hair is graying at the sides, gray even in his beard. He stands, looking sharp in a blue three-piece suit.

Wade: Being a gentleman is about more than just acts of chivalry. The truth is, it's about dealing with man's greatest burden, his unfulfilled potential.

There is a knock on the study door and Wade opens it to reveal Elijah Bancroft. With a professional smile, Bancroft removes his bowler hat, respectfully bowing his head.

Bancroft: Hello, Mister Barrett!

Wade moves to the side, offering a seat as Elijah enters the room. Wade strides back to his seat, offering a hand but not sitting.

Wade: It's so very good to see you. And in a good mood, I hope? After all, I performed the task you set in front of me so very well.

Bancroft shakes his hand before taking the offered seat, placing his hat in his lap.

Bancroft: Ah, indeed I am. It worked brilliantly!

Wade smiles and gets into a drawer on his desk, producing a bottle of scotch and two small tumblers before sitting down.

Wade: -as he pours- I had to take my rightful pin from the hands of Zack Sabre Jr. That twit almost took the occasion from me.

Bancroft: -frowns- No, we can't have that. Why should he get the win, if he does hardly any of the work?

Wade nods as he sets one of the glasses in front of Bancroft, setting the other in front of himself.

Wade: Exactly! He and Will Ospreay act as if they are the only Brits who matter. They're wrong, of course. So very wrong.

Bancroft: -after quietly thanking him for the drink, he speaks sharply- Of course they are wrong! There are many of us on the rosters. And, if I thought they were the ones who will reach the top, I would have gone with them.

Wade: -sips his drink- Yes, well, I have to destroy Sabre. They have left me no choice. It is said that one needs a war plan that's ethical, moral, and honest. I'm sorry, but I refuse to do any of that.

Hearing that, Bancroft lets out a hearty chuckle; one hand on his chest.

Bancroft: My goodness! I never said I did not approve of doing what is necessary. -he shakes his head- No! You do what you feel you must. Miss Bancroft was a different matter.

Wade: -smirks- Good, because I prefer to break my opponents. The snap of his arm in my hands will be so very satisfactory. I want him to bleed.

Bancroft: Hm. Well, keep in mind the restrictions of your match if it's victory you crave!

Wade: -laughs and steeples his fingers as he leans against the desk- It's victory I crave, Mr. Bancroft, but it's retribution I crave. I want Zack Sabre Jr to realize how cruel I can actually be. You see, I think it's time Zack and the rest of the roster learned a very important lesson. I'm done holding back.

Bancroft: Hm. Well getting that should not prove too difficult. They already handed out a no disqualification match to Mr. Heyman and Ms. Velez.

Wade makes a sound of disapproval, pulling back to sit in his chair. He downs his scotch before slamming the glass on the desk.

Wade: No. Not for one match. My goal is to remind everyone just why I am bad news.

The camera fades out on the cruel smile on Wade's lips.
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Post by Guest on Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:57 pm

The camera comes up on what looks to be an old style battlefield. We see two figures. One is a red-headed woman who looks suspiciously like Becky Lynch, dressed in a set of chainmail armor with a blue cape, a sword in her hand. The other, we see, is Nia Jax. She sits on the back of a horse, dressed in a metal corset and leather pants, her brown hair pulled into a braid at the back of her head and a battle ax in her hand.

Woman's Voice: Of fourscore slaves forced to fight for our lives, knee deep in dirt made muddy with the blood of our fellow prisoners, only two survived: myself and this Goddess of Death in front of me.

The two women engage in swordplay, evenly matched with one another. The voice continues as the two women fight.

Woman's Voice: I consider her my sister. In that inescapable hell, we fought and stayed until only we remained. The next morning, we were scheduled to fight. Friend to friend, savage to savage. Sister to sister.

The other forces ease in until the screen is almost filled, but our focus stays on Nia and the woman who looks like Becky.

Woman's Voice: For a moment, we were eternal. We are every warrior forced to kill and die for a cause no one will remember in years to come, every adversary who ever felt blade cleave into bone. Every crimson-stained fighter who died for nothing.

The camera effect ripples and the view changes, showing instead a comic that resembles the scene we saw play out in comic form. Nia Jax is sitting in her hotel room bed, the comic, titled Red Sonja, in her hands. Her hair is frizzy around her head.

Nia: Pretty bad ass, huh? I was never a big fan of superhero comics, but I always preferred the sword-and-sorcery pieces and no one was ever cooler than Red Sonja. She doesn't need others to defend her and, on the rare occasions that a man was at her side, she was always proven to be far more capable than that man. Guess things aren't too different in our world here in the NCWA.

Nia puts the comic down and gives a small grin, focusing on the camera.

Nia: Becky reminds me a lot of Red Sonja, in more than just the way she looks. I mean, she's got the same small, pale frame and red hair, but there is more to it. Sonja, much like Becky, enjoys puns. All kinds of puns, though Sonja often used her puns as an attack announcement Just like Sonja, Becky's people are the Celts, though Sonja's were a fake society based on the Celts.

Nia turns to another page, a full page spread of the red-haired woman, who we now know to be Red Sonja, and a white-haired warrior woman dressed in leather armor in combat.

5-28-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo 45457710

Nia: Sonja was tough but even she had an equal. Her name was Dark Annisia and she didn't start out a villain. When she and Sonja were younger, they were both forced into slavery to fight in front of a vile king. They were mistreated badly by the king until Sonja and Annisia were freed by a kind king. Sonja swore fealty to him, but it was too late for Annisia. The pressure that was put on Annisia from those she had murdered in the pit for the king's amusement had driven her mad. She saw the spirits, heard them pressure her to take their revenge.

Nia's head lingers on the page and she gives a small smile.

Nia: Our story isn't dead as to that of Sonja and Annisia, but I can see the parallels. Our vile king we served like slaves under was Vince McMahon. We were mistreated because we were never treated as well as the other girls. We were always seen as second choices, even during our NXT days. She was better than that, I was better than that. We were rescued in our own ways. Becky found the company of her fellow Irishmen and a few Scots, swore to make everyone happy. I took a different route, swore I'd live for me only. I may not have the ghosts of others reigning down on me, but I have my bloodline to uphold. I'm going to prove that, even after the separation of the roster, I deserve to be the champion.

Nia goes back to reading, the camera fading out on the image of the two warrior women on the front of the comic.


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Post by Rae James on Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:39 pm

The camera opens up on the living room of the James/Amore home, familiar to us through one of her previous promos. Instead of being set up for a game night, however, we see that Rae is sitting on the couch with another young woman, who looks similar to Rae, with a little girl sitting between them. The movie Brave plays on the screen and Rae looks at the other woman.

Rae: I so needed this Delly.

Delly: You and me both.

Rae: Not being in the 'E anymore is hectic, especially when I'm the one booking all my hotel rooms and rentals. I owe you so much for doing that for so long.

Delly: You know I still will. Between picking up toys and making juice.

Rae: No, no it's fine. *shakes her head* I mean, you know you're always free to travel with us.  Kai or Rafael, either one would be glad to have you on their roster I bet.

Delly: I know. I might at some point, who knows.

The two are silent for a moment as the movie ends. Rae looks last in thought before she stands.

Rae: You put Scar to bed while I...I'll pour some wine.

Delly: *scoops her daughter up gently* You okay sis?

Rae: *hesitates for a moment, but then nods* I'll tell ya when ya get back. I...I'm fine.

Delly: I don't believe that for a second, but I'll be right back.

As Delly heads down the hall, Rae heads into the kitchen and we see her down one glass of wine before pouring herself another and pouring Delly one. She sits on the couch, focusing on her lap as she hears footsteps in the hall before Delly sits next to her.

Rae: How much have you kept up with my new job?

Delly: Haven't missed a show.

Rae: So you've seen that I've only won one match?

Delly: That what's buggin' you?

Rae: You heard Morrison? You heard what he thinks about me? What if that's how everyone thinks about me? What if my win against him at Heart of Glory was a fluke?

Delly: Rae, who cares what he thinks? Who cares what anyone thinks? You're amazing in that ring. Maybe you've hit a slump, but we all do. You've just got to find your rhythm again. Don't let pretty boy in your head without payin' rent.

Rae: He may be a pretty boy, but he's damn good. His style is hard to keep up with, even for us fellow high flyers. I barely won last time. I'm not sure I can do it again.

Delly: You've got this, Rae. I know you do.

Rae: I just...if I lose again, I'll just be proving Morrison right. I'll be proving I'm nothing but a loser.

Delly: And when you win?

Rae: If. If I win I prove that I can only beat John Morrison.

Delly: Don't look at it like that. Look at it as working your way out of the slump.

Rae: *nods* Fine. We'll try and stay positive. -deep breath- Whatever he wants to be this week be it Morrison, Hennigan, Mundo, or Impact; I can beat him. I have to make sure to make him Eat My Boot.

Delly: That's better.

Rae: Then there's the case of whoever's stalking me and Dante Westmore.

Delly: That's...I dunno.

Rae: Trust me, if I knew I'd handle it.

She sips her wine, seeming more like the confident Rae James that we know and love.

Rae: Whoever's doing this should be very well aware of the story of Rani Lakshmibai.

Delly sits back on the couch, content to just listen for now.

Rae: Lakshmibai was a young commoner who married a king as a child. She lost her first born, then her king died right after adopting a son. Meanwhile the British kept on imposing their rule and trying to stop most of the Hindu traditions. Lakshmibai stayed out of it...at first.

Delly: At first?

Rae: She became their leader. She led men and women just the same, as equals. Men would fight alongside women and in the woman didn't want to fight, she was welcome to try and make their kingdom better in other ways. Lakshmibai was fiercely protective of her son and even rode into battle with him strapped to her back. *smirks* Wanna guess how this applies?

Delly: *glances down the hall toward Scar's room* I can think of a few ways, but tell me how you see it.

Rae tosses down a familiar business card, the stylized H of the group that has been staking her.

Rae: I've got thing to take care of, like Lakshmibai. Morrison is in my way first. But like the British got too close to her son, the bastard stalking me got too close when they left this here tonight. They have until I beat Morrison to prepare, cause after that, they're mine.

The camera cuts out on Rae's angry face.
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Post by Shea on Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:38 am

The camera fades in on John Morrison, who is sitting in a regular armchair, wearing jeans and a hooded jacket, open over a fairly plain looking t-shirt. His arms are crossed, but after a deep breath, he relaxes them and rests his hands on his legs.

John: So here we are: New show, same match. Why am I not surprised? Being juggled between shows and having nothing change about what they're doing with me? Well it's not the first time it's happened, is it? *he rolls his eyes at the situation* It's not like I don't have skills. Plenty of fans are always pleading for me to be given the stage I deserve by those I'm working for, and does it ever happen? No. I just get pushed into the background, until I'm left jobbing, or leaving. Meanwhile, others do the same gimmicky thing for their whole career and everyone loves them, even if they're only of average talent! To quote Gregory Helms: 'What's up with that?'  

He raises his arms in an 'I don't know' gesture before resting his hands on his legs again, shaking his head.

John: And now I have tough girl thinking she can insult me by going after my stage name changes? Nice try, but the name is just that: a name. No matter which one I'm using, I don't change. I still have the same skills. If anything Rae, I have more now than I've had under some of those other names. And you know what else? You actually gave me this; a new determination to prove I'm more than just a guy with lots of names, or just a tag partner. You wanna make me 'eat your boot'? Well, you'll have to catch me first. You're going up against John Hennigan. High-flying master of parkour. And I'm going to prove to you, and our new GM, that I'm more than just a card-filling tag partner! *he pauses for a moment* ...I still enjoy being part of a team, of course, but I'm just so damn tired of being known as just that. And I'm going to show you all I'm so, so much better than that, even if it means pulling apart what I started...

He lets out a sigh, turning his head away as the scene fades.

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Post by Guest on Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:24 am

The footage before us is stylized as if in a fairy tale, a picture of a lovely castle being what we open up on. The castle sits on a rocky outlook by the water, large wooden ships with white sails unfurled sitting on the water. A familiar, heavily accented male voice is heard as we see this footage.

Male Voice: There was a prosperous, flourishing kingdom. It was ruled by a king whose wisdom was equaled by the love of his people. The king had four sons, each gifted in his own ways.

The footage changes to an ancient king upon his throne, four men standing in front of the throne, all looking familiar. As each son is mentioned, we get a better look at him.

Male Voice: The youngest was wise.

This son resembles Finn Balor, dressed in a red and black tunic over black leggings. His face is painted in the familiar demon king face paint.

Male Voice: The third was compassionate.

This son resembles Wade Barrett, making us as viewers question the morals of whoever is telling the story. Wade is dressed in a yellow and gold tunic over gold leggings. He wears a necklace that has a clasp on the front resembling the Nexus N.

Male Voice: The second son was not only extremely handsome, but he was just.

The camera shows the third son, who looks like Marty Scurll. He is wearing a black and white tunic over white leggings, his ever familiar plague doctors mask on the side of his head.

Male Voice: The oldest son was ugly and dumb and mean, but very strong. He mistook great strength for character.

The camera then shows the final of the four brothers, who looks like Sheamus. His orange hair is in its signature mohawk, he's wearing a green and black kilt but no shirt. The footage switches to what seems like an ancient funeral procession. The sons each stand by the bedside of their father, looking upset.

Male Voice: One dark autumn, the king grew ill. On his deathbed, he decreed that the crown would not pass to the eldest but that he would divide the kingdom. Through their combined gifts, the brothers would make an even great kingdom. But the eldest son felt disgraced.

The camera shows the son that looks like Sheamus sitting on a throne in a dark castle in a dark section of the kingdom.

Male Voice: Believing that he alone should be the sole heir, a seed of selfishness grew in him like a poison. To his brothers, he declared his claim, and demanded their obedience, shattering their bonds of brotherhood.

This is where the footage changes from stylized cartoons to live action. There is footage of Sheamus fighting against and pinning Finn Balor, then proceeding to mock him.

Male Voice: Words turned to war.

Footage from the day The League of Nations turned on Wade Barrett plays, Rusev and Del Rio holding Wade back as Sheamus hits him with a nasty Brogue Kick.

Male Voice: Brother fought brother and the fate of this great kingdom was forever changed. The dumb, ugly king may have commanded a powerful army, but the battle remained a stalemate as he met the strongest, bravest, most handsome of the brothers.

The male voice is finally revealed as we open on Marty Scurll sitting in a high backed lounge chair, the Young Bucks sitting on the floor in front of him as if they were children listening to their father tell a story.

Nick: Dude, this is fun and all but what's the actual point?

Matt: I mean, we all know the story of M'ordu thanks to that princess movie. Mean brother takes a potion, turns into a bear, and mauls his family to death.

Marty purses his lips, looking as if he's going to yell at The Young Bucks, but a smile breaks out over his face.

Marty: That is precisely the point. The brother only won because he cheated. His strength couldn't beat his brothers until he found a way to cheat. Sort of like Sheamus. The brute's good, don't get me wrong-

Nick: I mean, you have to be somewhat good to make it as an indy UK wrestler making it in the states.

Matt: Pretty sure it's a law that you have to be good to wrestle in representation of the UK.

Marty: Problem is, Sheamus has never really done it without cheating. I can respect that as The Villain, of course, but even I have had periods where I haven't cheated. But Sheamus? He cheated even as a face. I'm sure he's cheated on lovers, on tests, hell I'm sure he cheated on his way out of the womb.

The three laugh before standing, Marty discarding the book he was reading from.

Marty: Sheamus may love a good fight, but he's never fought someone like me. He may know every dirty trick in the book, but I perfected them. Just ask Cody Rhodes. Ask Vitani Summers.

Nick: We'll be by your side, even if we are with the other show. Bullet Club runs in a pack.

Matt: Sheamus won't stand a chance.

Marty: Of course he won't. That big, dumb bear of a man has to fight me. His story is going to be over before it even really begins here in the NCWA.

The camera fades out on the shit-eating grin of Marty Scurll.


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Post by Westmore on Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:02 am

The camera fades in on a small training ring; standing in the center stretching is Jay White with Alex Shelley giving him pointers. Both are dressed simply in gym clothes and are sweaty, having been working for quite a while.

Alex: Alright that’s enough for today, you've done great today.

Jay: *wipes sweat off his brow* Thanks again for taking the time to help, I know you've got your match coming up really soon.

Alex: No problem, it's been a while since we got to hang out and I was happy you called. *grins* I'm not too worried about my upcoming match so I'm glad to take the time and help.

Jay: *little smile* Feeling confident like usual huh?

Alex: Always!

Jay: You’re fighting Cody right?

Alex: Yeah, my first time getting to go up against him, kind of a little excited. Cody's good in the ring, so I'm expecting a great match between us.

Jay: Do you think you'll win?

Alex: Who knows, I know I have just as much of a chance as Cody does. We're both skilled in different areas of our ring work, so there is a pretty damn good chance I will win.

Jay: Well I think you will win.

Alex: *chuckles* Your just saying that because you were my roommate.

Jay: *grins* Well that and cause you're like my big brother.

Alex: *laughs* So you admit it! Come on let’s get cleaned up and go get some dinner, I'll call Chris and get him to join us.

Jay nods as they both roll out of the ring, chatting as the camera fades to black on them.


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Post by Westmore on Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:11 am

The scene fades in slowly, it's a simple shot of Zack Sabre Jr. sitting in a lone chair and the only thing behind him is a wall of darkness. He's wearing a simple hoodie and jeans; his face is cloudy as he looks at the camera.

Zack: This match isn't about proving just how good I am or putting on a good fight, this match isn't going to about winning... This match is going to be my sweet little taste of revenge, just a little taste of what I'm going to be doing to you every week until I finally break you down and anyone else who stands with you. I think it's time to turn tables, you’re too used to being the aggressor Barrett and now we're going to change that. Week after week we're going to be a thorn on your side; you’re going to regret starting this. All you had to do was just get through the match and we wouldn't have had to deal with each other again for a while, we didn't even have to win...

He pauses giving a little grin.

Zack: But your ego couldn't handle not getting the glory and your ego has started a war you can't win. We're going to make sure of that.

Two people step out of the darkness, Bea and Will Ospreay. They’re both grinning as they stand behind him.

Will: You should really finish your current war before starting another one, now it's going to bite you in the arse.

Zack: Sorry Bancroft, but you’re not going to be guiding Barrett to the top. He's going to be the first victim of our spreading Chaos.

Zack stands up before the lights quickly cuts to black, leaving an uneasy feeling behind.


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5-28-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo Empty Re: 5-28-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:14 pm

The camera opens up on what appears to be a hotel room, the only bed in the room has Kenny Omega of the Bullet Club sitting on it shirtless and in a pair of Bullet Club lounge pants, his hair curly around his head. He stretches and groans, which is barely audible over the sound of the shower running, alerting us to the fact that Kenny isn't the only one in the room.

Kenny: I'm getting ready to cut this promo, babe, so don't come on out without clothes on.

There is a female laugh from the other room, letting us know that Kenny's company is a woman. He turns back to the camera, a grin on his face.

Kenny: We proved to everyone how damn good the Bullet Club is. I had a woman on the inside from day one of this company, she found herself slowly bringing the rest of us in. Dia was the mastermind here. She got Egan Archer to abandon Seth Johnson in order to get Marty the win when they fought one another. Marty was the one who went off plan by attacking Vitani Summers. That one almost screwed things up, almost ruined everything...but it worked out. Dia used her announcer skills to get our interview with Cody. After that, it was nothing to do what we did.

He laughs, standing from the hotel bed and crossing over to the television. He pressed the on button before getting the Playstation controller that sits on the tv stand. The television shows and we see that he's been playing Tekken 7.

Kenny: *places the controller on the bed* But then she happened. Dia didn't see it coming. I didn't see it coming. Apparently, a little friend of Vitani's decided she needed help. How noble of her, no matter who she is. Rin Takahashi? I've known a few Takahashi's, beaten them too. After all, I am one of the most popular gaijn New Japan has. I mean...I'm allowed to compete there.

The sound of the shower stops as Kenny beings to play his game. He is extremely good, after all, he is a competitive player. He chooses Bryan Fury, the character that he mains when he plays competitively. Bryan is shown instead of in his normal gear, wearing a Bullet Club t-shirt and blue jeans.

Kenny: My main man Bryan Fury. Like me, Bryan was a North American abroad in Japan. Unlike me, he was killed in Hong Kong and then brought back to life as a cyborg. After he was driven to become the strongest and best fighter, Bryan started working simply for chaos. His style is a little bit more foot heavy than mine, but I respect his cause. I, myself, like to cause chaos. It's why I joined Bullet Club, after all, to cause a bit of mayhem.

The camera shows the screen again that he is fighting a beautiful young Japanese woman in a red and white kimono.

Kenny: Rin reminds me a little bit of Kazumi Mishima. Just like Kazumi, Rin is pretty but very serious and strong. Until she almost dies, however, she's passive. She's a loving, passive wife who never gets to have any fun. A proper Japanese woman.

Kenny keeps playing, his character of Bryan Fury easily defeating Kazumi Mishima. It is evident from the way he plays that he puts in a lot of hard work. As he wins, he places the controller on his lap and grins at the camera.

Kenny: That's just what I can do in a game. In the ring? Oh, I'm a lot better in the ring, especially against some little girl who can't hack it in the ring. I am a one-time IWGP Intercontinental, Junior Heavyweight Tag Team, and United States Heavyweight Champion. I am a two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight and Never Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion. I won the G1 Climax in 2016 AND I was New Japan Pro Wrestling's MVP in 2017. All that? That's just my New Japan accolades. I've had more 5 and 6-star matches than Rin Takahashi can ever dream of having! Does she really think she can beat me? I mean, come on! I lead the Bullet Club! I have no interest in fighting some half rate loser, but I will because I want to prove to her that just like I can make Bryan Fury beat Kazumi Mishima's ass, I can destroy her.

The bathroom door opens up and Dia Banks, wearing a Kenny "The Cleaner" Omega Bullet Club tank top and blue jean shorts, enters the room. She runs a hand through Kenny's hair before pressing a kiss to his temple.

Dia: WE run Bullet Club. And Bullet Club? It runs the world.

Kenny laughs, looking up at Dia with his bright blue eyes before looking at the camera.

Kenny: Oh. And there is one more little thing. Ryōme o aita mama ni suru. Anata wa dare ga watashitachi no hitoridearu ka kesshite wakarimasen.

Kenny laughs, resting his forehead against Dia's, the camera fading out on the two.


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Post by Westmore on Fri May 04, 2018 11:05 pm

The camera fades in slowly as the sound of a bass guitar being played is heard; it’s a simple hotel room. Sitting on the center of the bed in the middle of the room is Chris Sabin, he grins as he looks up. He stops playing and sets down his bass; shockingly he's wearing one of Ari's NCWA shirts.

Chris: So you all must be wondering just what I'm doing wearing this shirt. *smirks* Well I was hoping to see if I could get any insight on my opponent, see if it can help me get into his head. *chuckles* But all it did was make me feel like a snobby hipster, not helpful at all.

Chris pulls off the shirt and throws it into a corner of the hotel room before quickly pulling on a MCMG's shirt.

Chris: Now that's much better, I'm starting to feel more like myself again. Let’s hope wearing that shirt doesn't have any adverse effects on me or my ring skills this week, I'd hate to lower my skill to Ari's level. Though it would probably make it fairer for him, but I can't let the fans down. Everyone knows a Chris Sabin match is never anything short of a classic and that’s not going to change now.

He settles back against the headboard.

Chris: Ari better be ready for me or he's in for a rude awaking.

Chris smirks before reaching for his phone as it rings his smirk changes to a small smile as he answers. The camera then slowly starts to fade to black, leaving Chris to talk.


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Post by Guest on Sun May 06, 2018 4:30 pm

The camera opens up on the inside of a baseball stadium. The bleacher seats are all green, save for one red seat. In that red seat sits Ari Heyman. He's wearing a Boston Red Sox hat with a black t-shirt and khaki shorts. There are no others in the stadium, just Ari sitting in the lone red seat.

Ari: Fenway Park. Though I grew up in New York, I was never a Mets of Yankee's fan. I always loved the Red Sox better, mostly because of the superstitions and history. The curse, everyone knows about the curse. Not everyone knows about the chair.

Ari smiles and stands, removing his hat for a moment to run a hand through his hair. He looks proud and rests one hand on the red chair.

Ari: Picture it. Boston, 1946. Everyone in the seats is having a good time. Ted Williams steps up to the plate and smacks the ball five hundred and two feet, the longest home run ever hit at Fenway. No one had ever seen anything like it. Now picture it from the view of the crowd, especially Joseph Boucher. The ball sailed through the crowd, broke through his straw hat, and hit him in the head. Coulda killed him, and he didn't even get to keep the ball.

Ari smirks and sits back down in his chair.

Ari: So which one is Chris Sabin? Is he the Ted Williams, the hero of Fenway? Or is he the Joseph Boucher, the whiny man who couldn't appreciate history?

Ari leans forward, his hands on his knees and he turns his baseball cap backward.

Ari: Everyone in this damn company seems to think I'm just...what was it that Sabin said...that's right. A snobby hipster. He thinks he's 'lowering' his skill to my level? He could only hope to be as good as I am. He's good at tag teams, sure, but I have proved I don't need tag teams to prove my worth. I have been the Young Lions Champion for two hundred and seventy days. Doesn't that mean anything to you people!?

Ari has lost his cool and calm demeanor. He seethes, jaw clenched for a moment, before taking a calming breath. He licks his lips, before he continues.

Ari: I have faced every monumental challenge they have put in front of me. I have proven my cunning and my strength. It's why the CEO Rafael Alvarez picked me for his brand. He knows how amazing I am in the ring. I'm the head champ on this brand, not Jimmy Havoc. Chris Sabin? Sabin was only picked because the Motor City Machine Guns were picked. Chris Sabin is another wrestler who believes he is a one of a kind hot commodity, but in all truth, resembles every other reject who has to hash it in a tag team because he can't make it off of his own talent. I'll win, because he's just not man enough to.

The camera zooms out, Ari the only person in the arena in that historic red chair, before it fades out.


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Post by Shea on Tue May 08, 2018 5:53 am

Sheamus is seen dressed in his Celtic Warrior gear; the green trunks, dark boots, wristbands and knee pads decorated with Celtic crosses. He has the green cloak and his face is decorated with blue paint markings and his hair in his now usual mohawk. In one hand, he is practicing swinging a broadsword, the other holds a long, rounded rectangular shield that is decorated with Celtic designs. Seeing the camera on him, he pauses and lowers the sword and shield, holding them down at his sides.

Sheamus: Tá fáilte romhaibh! Ní fhaca mé le fada sibh. *he grins* That is: Welcome! Long time, no see, to yeh all. To those who've followed me career over the years, you'd have by now seen the Celtic Warrior a few times. I think now's a perfect time fer it's return. By chance, I was given a match that was desired by another, by a woman who wants to defend the honour of a friend. I can respect that.

He nods slowly; appreciatively.

Sheamus: See, Celts were heavy on the whole Honour thing. It was everythin' to 'em. They were very close. Generations stuck together, an' if yeh messed with one of 'em, yeh mess with 'em all. Much like that 'eye fer an eye' saying. If you cause any sort of harm or damage to a member of a family, then their family are able to respond with equal force. This applied to the women of their family too. They were defended just as fiercely by their family members when wronged; much in the way Rhodes defended Summers. Ah, a true hero, defending the lady.

He swings the sword before pointing the blade towards the camera.

Sheamus: Now. Scurll. YOU are a scourge on the term 'hero' when you try to call yerself one. You and yer cowardly gang you're a part of. Credit to the leader, bein' a tough woman who can handle yeh all, but the way you all act is anything but honourable. See- Celts charge into battle as a group, but they can handle themselves perfectly well when they fight one-on-one. So, guess what fella; now you've got ta face a Celtic Warrior, one-on-one, without yer dirty tactics. Sorry Scurll, no Tír na nÓg, or Otherworld fer you. You're more likely to come across a Dullahan.

He shakes his head in disapproval, frowning. Offscreen, a shout is heard, calling out for Sheamus.

Sheamus: Ah. That'd be my guest...

He turns as Becky Lynch steps into the frame. She too, is dressed up. Becy's firey hair is pulled into multiple braids and she wears a leather and cloth tunic type outfit, much like one seen on the show 'Barbarians Rising'. Her face is also painted with blue markings and she raises a hand in greeting to Sheamus as the scene ends.

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Post by Shea on Tue May 08, 2018 5:56 am

Sheamus turns as Becky Lynch steps into the frame. She too is dressed up. Becky's firey hair is pulled into multiple braids and she wears a leather and cloth tunic type outfit, much like one seen on the show 'Barbarians Rising'. Her face is also painted with blue markings and she raises a hand in greeting to Sheamus.

Sheamus: Fáilte! An bhfuil aon scéal agat?

The two grin at each other, Sheamus putting aside his sword and shield before they exchange a friendly hug.

Becky: 'ey! Hullo to you too fella! You betcha I've got a story to tell, an' it has to do with this- *she gestures to her outfit* Thank you kindly for yeh invite. I was stuck on what to do fer my promo until you let slip what you were up to!

Sheamus: *raises his eyebrows in disbelief* You were stuck? You?

Becky: Yes me. Even chatterboxes like myself can be unsure of what ta say every now and then y'know. Nia's promo was good, okay! Right up my alley, using characters like she did. *she smiles* I had no idea how I was going to respond- Until now.

Sheamus: Right. I have a good idea of who yer dressed as, but for those who don't, yeh might want to explain.

Becky: Ah yes! *excitedly, she turns away from Sheamus to face the camera, grinning. Her words come out fast as she explains* Right. So. This here- *she gestures to her costume* Is my- Well it's an interpretation of the famous Celtic Queen, Boudicca. She was part of the Iceni tribe -which was where Norfolk now is - and who were led by King Prasutagus. He was an independent ally of Rome's King Nero, and his estate was divided between Prasutagus's daughters and Nero when he died, seeing as he had no male heir. Romans attacked and annexed his land, and tore apart the ally status.

She takes a deep breath before eagerly continuing her story.

Becky: Boudicca protested this, but she was flogged and her poor daughters were... defiled. *she pulls a face at the idea* Boudicca was, of course, furious! She didn't just sit by and let 'em keep up; no. She started a rebellion. Her people were said to have killed about 70,000 Romans and Pro-Roman Britons, including the Roman 9th Legion...

She lets out a sigh of relief after getting out the information, then glances at Sheamus before shrugging.

Becky: Okay, so she was defeated in the end. We can't win all the time, can we? Point is; she's a woman who was furious at the humiliation she and her daughters suffered and rebelled. Nia. I looove the idea of gettin' ta go up against your amazing skills, but I can also see us leadin' a rebellion! *she brings her hands together with a clap* Both of us hated the way WWE humiliated us women, yeah? I know it. Why fight and let those catty games the WWE started continue here? We could stand together and show the others we don't need to put up with that! We don't need ta 'escape', only to have the games start here anyway. We can show 'em how things really should be done. WE can show 'em WHY we're called Queens, startin' with our match. You in?

She holds up her hands in a welcoming, friendly gesture as the scene ends.

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Post by Shea on Tue May 15, 2018 3:51 am

Rin, dressed in her ring gear, is seen sitting cross-legged on a thin cushion upon the floor. Her eyes are closed and she appears quite relaxed as she sits up straight-postured; hands resting in her lap. She does not open her eyes, but seems to sense the presence of the camera. When she speaks, her words are calm and clear.

Rin: I believe in unity, as opposed to division. The idea to split our show worries me. I understand they want to promote talents evenly, however, I am concerned that we will fall into repeating stories as time goes on, unless we swap talents, or grow in numbers. I am glad however, that fortune has left me with those I seek out. It taunts me at the same time though; by giving not who I seek to settle scores against, but his team member. This is a unity I do not agree with.

She lets out a sharp breath before continuing.

Rin: I do not agree with a group formed only to win by dirty tactics. What are you? Yakuza? Unlikely, given you are gaijn, but you still behave like a thug. I understand that to have good, we need bad to balance it and compare it to. After all, how do you know it is good, if you have no idea of what is not? But, there is enough bad out there, without such disgusting tactics as those used by this Marty Scurll.

She pulls a face at the name, then opens her eyes, which clearly reflect the hatred she has for the man.

Rin: It is rather unfortunate for you Omega *she scoffs at the name* Why not 'Alpha' by the way? Unfortunate that you should cross paths with me before I settle the score with Scurll. In any other situation, I would be honoured to go up against one who has risen the way you have in Japan. But now, you will just be part of my quest for vengeance for Vitani, seeing as you support your Club member in his attack. Perhaps, one day however, if you turn away from this awful Club, we can have the match we should. 'Til then, I just hope I don't end up hurting you too badly that you cannot do that.

Rin stands, flicking long, dark hair over her shoulder with one hand.

Rin: Do NOT underestimate me Omega. Unlike Vitani, I am not afraid to dish out punishments others deserve. You are lucky this is not a no disqualification match.

She glares at the camera as the scene fades.

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Post by Shea on Tue May 22, 2018 12:16 am

5-28-2018 Friday Night Salvation Promo Stonem10

The camera fades in on a grotesque looking, grey-coloured mask, which appears to be made of stone. It is an unsymmetrical shape, one larger eye at a higher position to the smaller one, though both are hollow, carved shapes. The mouth is a wide, carved hole. Hands carefully pick the mask up from where it sits, the camera slowly zooming out to show Cody Rhodes. He stands, quietly staring down at the mask for a moment before looking up at the camera.

Cody: Cool, huh? You can find some pretty talented people online who like to recreate such things... This thing, in particular, is a mask from - of course - the Zelda game Majora's Mask.

He holds the mask up for the camera to see again.

Cody: This one, for obvious reasons, is called the Stone Mask. Why am I showing it? I bet you're all wondering; but like with the Bremen mask story I told, this has a purpose.

He puts the mask back on the table he picked it up from and sits on the edge beside it.

Cody: My opponent for this show, Alex Shelley, is normally quite lively. Normally loud, cheerful and joking around a lot. This time, however... Well, when you first obtain the mask, it comes up with text along the lines of 'Wear it to become as plain as stone' so... It reminded me of Alex's promo. It wasn't like the Alex I'm used to seeing at all. It was, like the Mask, rather plain. It's worrying actually. Is something wrong? Normally there are jokes even when you're up against people you like. You say you're confident, but are you really? Are you worried about something other than whether or not you'll beat me?

Cody frowns slightly, looking concerned.

Cody: Look man, good luck in the match. I agree we both have a pretty good chance of winning. But- if there IS something else bothering you, and you need someone to talk to... *he pauses and gestures to himself* I'm here.

He gives a small smile of encouragement as the scene fades.

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