5-28-2018 Friday Night Salvation

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5-28-2018 Friday Night Salvation Empty 5-28-2018 Friday Night Salvation

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Zack Sabre Jr's theme hits and he makes his way out to the ring, but this time he's not alone. Behind him are Will Ospreay and Bea Priestley, cementing the things that were said in Zack's promo. Zack stops for a minute on the entrance ramp, popping his collar as he comes down to the ring. The opening piano bars of The Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" starts up as the arena goes entirely dark. The lights come up in a red hue, the outline of two men shown on top of the entrance ramp. As soon as the lights are fully up, the man turns around to reveal a grinning Wade Barrett and his new associate, Elijah Bancroft. The duo walks down the ramp, haughtily ignoring the fans, and heading straight to the ring.

Wade Barrett  w/Elijah Bancroft v Zack Sabre Jr w/ Will Ospreay and Bea Priestley
Wade takes in a moment to gauge Bea and Will before turning his focus back to Zack. The two circle the ring, Zack smirking as he stands in his corner, the crowd fully behind him. Wade, on the other hand, looks furious. The two men lock up, Wade using his strength to back Zack up into the corner. He slowly lets go of the hold and tries to land a hard punch, but before he can Zack has slipped behind him and delivers a few hard kicks to Wade's legs and chest. He then grabs Wade's leg, dragging him out from the corner and flipping him into the center of the ring. Wade rolls, grabbing the ropes in an attempt to get himself up. Zack then grabs Wade's legs, flipping Wade onto his stomach in the ring. He uses this position to put Wade into a submission hold. Zack stands on the backs of Wade's legs, Wade's legs bent in front of Zack's, before Zack grabs Wade by the face. Wade screams in pain, after all Zack has a hold on his face. The ref counts to try to let Zack break the hold. Instead of just letting go, Zack jumps, sending his feet crashing into Wade's legs. Wade pulls himself to his feet by using the ring ropes and, when he turns, is met by an uppercut from Zack Sabre Jr. Zack grabs his arm and attempts to toss Wade into the ropes, Wade reversing it and instead tossing Zack. Wade hits a knee to the gut, bowling Zack over who hits the mat. Wade takes a moment to breathe, before going in to stomp hard on Zack's back. He stalks Zack, picking him up and tossing him into the ropes, where he hits a couple hard kicks to the chest. Zack goes to a sitting position in the corner,  Wade hitting a few more hard kicks before grabbing Zack by the hair and tossing him into the opposite corner. Instead of Zack hitting, he uses his feet to push himself up and over, flipping over Wade as the other Brit runs at him from the corner. Wade almost hits but stops himself, turning around and trying to land his signature elbow to the face. Instead, Zack ducks under and hits Wade with a running lariat. The big man goes down, bouncing and using the ropes to lift himself up. Zack sees this and knocks Wade over the top rope with another lariat. Instead of exiting the ring to get to Wade, Zack runs against the opposite set of ropes and attempts to lead on Wade. Wade, in a moment of clarity, grabs Bea quickly by the arm and drags her into the position so that she is the one who gets hit. Will looks furious and it takes a moment of him yelling at Zack before he realizes attacking Barrett would not be worth it. This break has given Wade the moment he needs and when Zack gets back into the ring, Wade lands the heavy Bullhammer before rolling Zack up for a pin, grabbing the tights in order to do so.
Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett

Wade rolls out of the ring, going up the ramp quickly with Bancroft to do so. He raises an arm, looking victorious as if the win he just received on his record was honorable instead of a cheating victory. Back at the ring, Zack is checking on Bea and Will looks furious. Becky is seen backstage. She grins as Sheamus enters the scene, the two of them hugging.

Becky: Hey fella! Good ta see you! Well- I usually see yeh, but I mean, here. On the show. Actually competin'.

Sheamus: -laughs- I get what yeh mean lass, don't worry.

Becky: I love, being here!

Sheamus: I figured, or yeh wouldn't have kept suggestin' I join in.

Becky: True, true. Shame we couldn't all be together though...

Sheamus: A bit. he adds jokingly Can't have ALL the talent here in one place though can we? That would hardly be fair.

Becky: Ah! You're right. It'll be mighty craic all the same though!

Sheamus nods and the two laugh, still talking as the scene changes. The camera fades to black and comes upon a shot of the ring, the fans cheering for their match. "Force of Greatness" by CFO$ begins, the eyes of Nia Jax's titantron being the very first thing we see. These eyes transition to the actual eyes of strong woman Nia Jax. She smirks for a moment, watching the audience before heading straight down to the ring. She has her Queen's Title over her shoulder, smirking as she waits for Becky Lynch. Lindsey Stirling's 'Roundtable Rival' begins as Becky Lynch comes down from the rafters on a thick rope as if dropping from an Airship. Onstage, she raises a hand to her forehead to look out at the crowd and two fireworks go off, like cannons. With a grin, she heads to the ring. She climbs the stairs and looks out again, hanging onto the post with one hand before climbing into the ring. She skips around for a bit before posing again and removing her goggles and her long coat. The two women stare each other down before the bell rings.

NCWA Queen's Champion Nia Jax v Becky Lynch
The bell rings and Nia immediately charges Becky, who looks surprised for a moment and saves herself by going in between the second and top rope with her upper body. The ref gets in between Nia and Becky, telling Nia not to do that. Nia on the other hand, has other ideas. As soon as the ref moves, Nia again charges Becky. This time, however, Becky ducks under the forearm that is headed her way and feigns going to attack Nia. Instead, she rolls out of the ring with a cheeky grin on her face. Nia has had enough of Becky's playful nature and follows her to the outside of the ring. Nia rushes for Becky again and Becky sidesteps, sending Nia crashing into the barricade. Becky goes to help her up, in the spirit of friendly competition, instead, Nia uses the grip that she has on Becky's arm to send the other woman crashing into the barricade with her. They trade punches on their knees, neither paying attention to the ref's count. For a moment, Nia stands, using a boot to push Becky out of the way. She realizes that, if they are both counted out, it cannot be counted as a loss on her record. She mocks Becky with a taunt of her own, before flinging Becky into the steel of the turnbuckle. Instead of getting into the ring so that it's a win, Nia decides that the match is not worth her time and it goes to count out.
Double Count Out, Neither Woman Wins

Becky looks upset as she props herself up against the post, a heavy frown on her face as she watches Nia head to the back and the camera fades to black. The camera then fades to a shot backstage where Dia Banks, dressed in her Chicago flag style Bullet Club shirt and blue jeans, paces in front of Kenny Omega and Marty Scurll. Marty is standing, his arms crossed over his chest which obscure the words of his Villain Club style tee, his umbrella resting on the floor next to him. Kenny is taping up his wrists, his 8-bit Bullet Club tee on him.

Dia: Two matches tonight. Can we handle it?

Kenny: 's not gonna be that hard.

Marty: After all, what's one woman who's never wrestled in New Japan and Sheamus of all people.

Dia laughs and shakes her head, shooting them both a look. From the look in her eyes, she is planning something.

Dia: Rin looks like she could be a problem, but I wouldn't worry about Sheamus. I have a feeling we're going to get some help with that one. We win tonight, you boys prove you belong in a title hunt.

Kenny: Then it's just up to you and The Bucks.

Marty: -laughs- The Bucks never fail us.

Kenny: -smiles as he stands- Neither does Dia.

The camera fades to the ring as "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade begins, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin heading down to the ring. Alex looks very confident and hugs Chris before getting into the ring, waiting for Cody to show up. "Hero of our Time" starts and as he comes out onto the stage, Cody raises a hand in greeting to the audience, waving to them. He then walks down the ramp, shaking hands with some of the fans. He enters the ring up a set of the steel stairs. Once in, he waves to the crowd again before climbing up onto one of the turnbuckles, where he poses. One hand is curled in a fist, tucked close to his side, the other is raised high in the air as if he's raising a sword. He gets off of the turnbuckle and extends his hands to Alex, a smile as he shakes hands with the other man.

Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin v Cody
The two men stand across from each other, circling the ring, before they lock up. Cody gets behind Alex, locking him up in a tight hold before Alex grabs his arm and uses it to get leverage. He twists it for Cody, but Cody twists under it to get leverage of his own. Alex drops onto the mat, again twisting so that he has control of the arm. Cody takes a page out of Alex's book and flips onto the mat, twerking the arm so that he has the control. Alex slaps the arm to get the hold of the arm let go, and then he slaps Cody in the face hard.  Alex attempts to go for a move, raising his hand in the hair high, but Cody pushes him away. Cody comes at him, but Alex slips away and gets him into a back pin  crucifix position. Cody kicks out at just two,  Alex wraps Cody's arm under one of his arms and backs into the corner. Once there, Alex is forced to let go of the hold and Cody hopes to retaliate with a chop. Alex ducks under it, switching positions so that it is Cody's back that touches the turnbuckle and not his own. Alex chops Cody across the chest, flexing his hand at the pain in it, before again going for Cody's arm that has been the focus of this match. Cody uses said arm to fling Alex into the opposite set of turnbuckles, Alex jumping up, wrapping his legs around Cody's shoulders, turning him onto the mat. Alex rushes Cody, but Cody hooks an arm on his and tosses Alex to the mat. Alex gets up before Cody and brings him down to the mat. Alex again goes for the crucifix position pin, and once again Cody kicks out. Alex applies pressure on Cody's arm, hoping to get the hero to give up. Cody, however, has other ideas. He pushes himself to the ropes, looking like he's taking a breather. When Alex goes to attack him, Cody pushes him away and lands the Beautiful Disaster kick before going for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Cody Rhodes

Cody grins and helps Alex up, shaking his hand for a hell of a match, before leaving the ring. Chris taps Alex on the shoulder and the two leave the area arm in arm before the screen fades to black.

Voice: *singing*
All my friends are heathens take it slow
Wait for them to ask you who know
Please don't make any sudden moves
You don't the half of the abuse.

A familiar voice is heard singing, standing in front of the of the Young Lions locker room is a lean figure. He's wearing a jacket with the hood up, hiding his identity well from the camera.

Singer: Hello Miss James, my mentor sent me to clear the air a little.

The singer leans again the door of the Young Lions locker room.

Singer: You seem to think we're threatening you and Mr. Westmore, we're not. Quite the opposite, we want to help you two. Deep down you've got a heathen locked away and my mentor wants to help you let it out. He wants to help you reach greatness, he doesn't want to hurt you. Trust me, after all, he's helped me as well. But now's not the time for my story, good luck tonight miss James. My mentor will be waiting for when you're ready to join.

The lights go out and quietly the singing is heard again.

Singer: All my friends are heathens take it slow
Wait for them to ask you who you know
Please don't make any sudden moves
You don't know the half of the abuse.

As "Confident" by Demi Lovato plays, Rae James walks out onto the entrance ramp. She tries to shake the nerves she is feeling, smiling at the audience before running into the ring, taking a knee as soon as she's in. She pops the collar of her jacket before standing, removing the jacket and rolling her shoulders as she waits. "Ain't No Make Believe" by Stonefree Experience begins as John Morrison makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He poses on stage, moving as if he's in slow motion before making his way to the ring.

Rae James v John Morrison
As the bell sounds, Morrison quickly rushes Rae. He catches Rae with an uppercut before running with a tackle to take her down to the ground and land fist after fist after fist. Rae manages to roll out of the ring to get her bearings, surprised that he's doing so well. Morrison motions for her to come back into the ring, a smirk across his lips. As soon as Rae does enter the ring, she sees Morrison ready to fight and advises against it. She asks the ref to keep Morrison back, to which he concedes. Rae slides back into the ring, Morrison rushing by the ref to attack Rae as soon as she made it to her feet. Rae is met with a kick to the head, followed by an Irish whip into the turnbuckle. Her back hits and she falls to the mat face first. He smirks and kneels to one knee to mock her before standing back up. Morrison is in complete control of this match as he grabs Rae before Irish Whipping her across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Morrison runs across the ring to land another huge uppercut, but this time Rae is ready for him. She moves out of harms way, sending Morrison crashing into the turnbuckle. Rae doesn't go right to  the attack, instead she rolls out of the ring shaking her head no. She doesn't look like she thinks she can win until she turns her head to see who is sitting in the front row. It is her sister Delilah holding a small little girl. That seems to give Rae the confidence she needs and she goes back to fighting. Morrison heads out of the ring, only able to get partially through the ropes before Rae lands a heavy-handed hit and knocks him down. Rae grabs a hold of his head, pulling him out of the ring a little before hitting a DDT to the outside area. Rae hunches over to take a breather as the count gets higher, but Morrison makes his way back into the ring. Rae attacks with a knee as soon as Morrison gets back in the ring. She lands fist after fist to his back, but all this seems to do is anger Morrison. He beings to fight back with punch after punch, growling as he tackles Rae to the ground. They throw punch after punch and kick after kick as the two. The ref pulls them away from each other, forcing the break. Morrison only backs up for a few seconds before he hits a hard kick to Rae's temple. It looks like she'll be out of it, but Rae manages to kick out. She rolls out of the way and into the corner to push herself to stand. Rae stands, albeit shakily, before Morrison comes charging at her. She moves out of the way, Morrison hits his shoulder hard into the turnbuckle. He stumbles back and Rae grabs his leg, dragging him into the corner. She sets him up for the Eat My Boot before landing the move and going in for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Rae James

Rae runs a hand over her face, before making her way over to the spot where she saw her sister and the little girl. She climbs over the turnbuckle and takes the little girl in her arms, smiling before she notices the lights have gone down and the lights in the crowd form that stylized H of the group that has been haunting her. The camera then fades to commercial.

As his theme song plays, Marty Scurll comes out to the entrance ramp wearing his signature sunglasses and fur coat, holding his umbrella over his shoulders. He reaches up to take off his sunglasses, he yells into the air, then sticks his sunglasses into his pocket. He gets onto the ring apron, looking over the audience with a sneer, before getting into the ring and raising his umbrella over his head like a storybook villain holding a sword. He leans against the three ring ropes with fans on the other side, yelling into the crowd. After, he stands still in the center of the ring with the umbrella raised, before putting it to rest on his shoulders. He then removes his coat and hands his umbrella to the referee. He turns to face the entrance ramp, waiting for his opponent.  "Loyal To No One" by the Dropkick Murphy's begins as Sheamus heads out on the entrance ramp. The fans are cheering, but the cheers soon turn to boos. Sheamus turns only to be hit with a hard elbow from Wade. Barrett keeps his attack up, grabbing Sheamus by the neck. In the ring, Marty looks very impressed and grins as Wade tosses a weakened Sheamus into the ring. The ref checks on Sheamus, who tells the ref that he would like to continue.

Sheamus v "The Villain" Marty Scurll
The fans are still booing, Marty laughing as he goes to a cheap shot with a slap across Sheamus' face. Sheamus shakily goes for a guillotine from the bottom, but Marty is fresher and negates this into a full mount. He lands a few shots to Sheamus' head, wanting to hurt him even more from the attack that he suffered at the hands of Wade Barrett. Marty locks Sheamus into an armbar, but Sheamus manages to wriggle out of it and gets back to his feet. Marty follows suit and the two men trade punches in the center of the ring. Sheamus actually manages to get the upper hand in the stand-up and swings Marty into the ropes. Marty comes bouncing back off the ropes and walks straight into a stiff clothesline. Sheamus maintains the pressure by picking Marty up and planting him with a Spinebuster. He goes for the pin attempt, but Marty kicks out at two. Sheamus picks Marty up but Marty is able to catch him with a cheap shot to the midsection. Marty follows this up by swinging Sheamus into the ropes and he then lands a flying forearm in the corner. Sheamus stumbles forward out of the corner and Marty turns him around and drops him to the mat with a kick to the head. Marty looks down at his grounded opponent and smirks before doing his wing taunt, before turning to flip Sheamus off. He locks him in the Crossface Chicken wing and grins wide as the already injured Sheamus taps out.
Winner via tap out: "The Villain" Marty Scurll

Marty looks proud as he makes his way to the back, though his win against Sheamus wasn't exactly legitimate. He puts his umbrella over his shoulder as he looks at the man who stands before him, NCWA Salvation General Manager Rafael Alvarez.

Marty: I did good, yeah?

Rafael: By your standards perhaps, si.

Marty: I won. Isn't that what's important? A win is a win.

Rafael: My first show, are you trying to give me a bad name from the get-go?

Marty hesitates as if he's trying not to say something, clearly rethinking his words.

Marty: You're a good general manager. A good man. Me cheating won't ruin YOUR reputation. I'm the Villain, after all.

Rafael: It will if I allow such things

Marty: Come to reverse the win? Fire me? I'm an asset and you wouldn't.

Rafael: Consider this a warning.

Marty seems to pale for a moment as if the words have a higher connotation.

Marty: Consider me warned.

Rafael: Good.

The camera fades to photos of The Elite in various promotions fighting various enemies shows up in a comic book style across the ring before the lights go down. There is a moment as the song plays before Kenny Omega and Dia Banks are seen on the entrance ramp. The duo stands on top of the entrance, Kenny pretending to sing into the broom that he carries as a part of his "cleaner" gimmick. Dia looks proud, crossing her arms over chest as she follows him down. To the slow, piano tune, Rin appears on the darkened stage, kneeling. The lights come on and she gets to her feet, performing a slow, twirling dance in her flowing kimono before she makes her way to the ring. She ascends the steel stairs, where she poses with a spotlight on her, both arms in the air. Rin then gets into the ring, performing more of the twirling dance again before tossing her kimono out to the ringside crew to hold for her. She looks Kenny and Dia over, before nodding to signify that she is ready to fight.

"The Cleaner" Kenny Omega w/Dia Banks v Rin Takahashi
The two tie up and Kenny takes Rin to the ropes. Kenny gives him a heft chop, and Rin tries to battle out of the corner. Kenny plows her with a big boot, neither one of the competitors seeming to be able to get the upper hand. Rin is able to swat away a springboard attempt, and follows up with a dropkick out of the ring. Rin dives into Kenny, running them both into the barricade before getting to her feet and hitting a snap suplex. She immediately turns to come face to face with Dia, who was going to try to attack her. Dia is surprised and backs up, hands up in a defensive position. In this moment, Kenny is pulling up a part of the padding floor. When Rin turns around, Kenny slams her into the exposed concrete. He realizes that the ref is counting to ten and throws Rin back into the ring under the bottom rope. Kenny follows Rin in, but is hit with a front facelock suplex. Kenny rolls into a counter and hits Rin with a front facelock of his own. Kenny fights to the bottom rope, causing a break. He then charges Rn into the corner and follows up with some axehandle blows, before hitting a rolling hills, springboard moonsault combo. He goes to pin Rin, angry when he can only get a two count. Rin gets to her feet and nails a Saito suplex, before running into a hurricanrana from Kenny that takes her to the outside. Kenny stands in the center of the ring, flexing his pecs before making the gun hand movement that is used by Bullet Club, before landing his Terminator Tope Con Giro. He grabs Rin, tossing her into the ring and hitting his Kotaro Krusher before going for another pin...that only gets a two count. Kenny is getting angrier and angrier the more she kicks out. Kenny hits the cross-legged Fisherman's busted and tries to follow up with the V-Trigger, but Rin blocks it. Rin surprises Kenny with the downward spiral into a german suplex. Kenny tries to get to his feet, only to get hit with the Yari and get a pin put on him.
Winner via pinfall: Rin Takahashi

Kenny looks furious that he lost, but Dia takes him by the arm and shoots a look at the ring before escorting him out of the area. Rin's music cuts out as a Peter steps into the ring with a mic, he walks up to her and starts talking.

Peter: Congratulations to the newest Queen, Rin Takahashi. A lot of people are hoping you'll answer a few questions.

Rin pauses and slowly turns to look at Peter, eyeing him suspiciously.

Rin: What kind of questions?

Peter: They want to know just what your plans are here in NCWA.

Rin: -flicks her hair over one shoulder- Obviously, it is to get revenge on the man they call Marty Scurll. I have said it plenty of times now, I am sure.

Peter: For your friend?

Rin: Of course. For Vitani.

Peter: What will you do after your revenge?

Rin: Hm. -she pauses for a moment- We shall see. Depends how much I enjoy here. Now. Am I allowed to finish celebrating?

She gives him a dangerous look, leaving Peter no choice but to leave as she continues to celebrate her win. "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade begins, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin heading down to the ring. Chris makes some jokes to Alex, waiting for Ari Heyman in the ring. "The Man" by The Killers comes on as the lights come on gold and silver, celebrating the high class nature of Ari Heyman. His father/mentor/manager Paul Heyman comes out first.

Paul: Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman and you are in for a treat tonight, because heading to the ring is my son and the best thing about this sorry company, Ari. Heyman!

Ari then comes out, smirking and looking over the top of his sunglasses. He blows kisses to some of the fans, getting in the ring and listening to his father who stands in his corner.

Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley v Young Lions Champion Ari Heyman w/ Paul Heyman
The two men stand across from each other as the bell rings. Ari floors Chris with a shoulder block. Ari then forces Chris into the corner and tries to hit him with a punch, but Chris ducks and his Ari. Chris gets a roll up early on, but Ari kicks out at one. Ari gets to his feet and lands a few leg kicks. Chris goes for an inside cradle and again, Ari kicks out at one. Ari hits a vertical suplex and rolls it into a pin, Chris getting his shoulder up at two. Chris gets up and hits the ropes, but gets caught by Ari who hits a reverse powerslam for another two count. Chris goes out onto the apron and makes like he's going to climb the top rope, but Ari holds him back and elbows him. Chris knocks Ari back and gets into the ring, landing a jaw breaker. Ari responds with a body slam before going in for another two count. Ari floors Chris with a leaping neck breaker and again goes for another unsuccessful pin attempt. Ari is visibly angry now, reaching out to choke Chris with the bottom rope. Alex starts yelling at him, as does the referee, and Ari regretfully lets go of the other man. After breaking the hold, Ari tries to pull Chris over the ring ropes to send him to the floor, but Chris counters and sends Ari into the ring post. He follows up with a knife edge chop, but Ari surprises him with a thumb to the eye. Alex gets up on the apron and begins to yell at Ari, which distracts the referee. With the ref's back turned, Ari hits an intentional low blow and rolls Chris up into a pin.
Winner via pinfall: Young Lions Champion Ari Heyman

After he rolls out of the ring, Ari holds up his title victoriously as the crowd boos to end the show.
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