6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution

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6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution Empty 6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution

Post by Kai Anoai on Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:49 pm

The camera opens on a shot of the crowd for the night before switching to the announce team of Colt Cabana and CM Punk, without their third member Dia Banks since her reveal as the mastermind behind the Bullet Club coming to NCWA. Colt is dressed in a t-shirt that reads "Always Colt Cabana Classic" in the style of the Coca-Cola logo, while Punk's shirt says "Punk" in the style of the Pepsi logo. Colt looks at the empty spot between himself and Punk before he speaks.

Colt: So this is real huh? She's really in the fu...er....freakin' Bullet Club?

Punk: Of course it's damn real. If it was a joke, she'd be sitting here laughing about it.

Colt: Unbelievable. After all the talk about how bad they are, she's just...ugh...she's just like them. -rolls his eyes- Anyway, folks, this is Monday Night Revolution and we have the go home show before our next pay-per-view. Tonight we have Luke Harper, the prodigal son of the Wyatt family, going up against the man who took his leader's title, Jimmy Havoc.

Punk: -quickly- Yeah, it's shit, huh? But you'll get to see HER in a match this time.

Colt: I don't even wanna talk about that. I don't wanna talk about her. Nope. Not right now.

Punk: Right. -rolls his eyes- What about the Bucks then? They have a match too...

Colt: I'd just rather get this first match underway and not talk about anyone in that club.

Punk: -smirks- Whatever. You'll still have to SEE them.

Colt: I am going to close my eyes. The whole time. Might just go get a snack during that time. You never know.

Punk: I doubt it. -he laughs- what about the other matches then?

Colt: -grins- The other matches are going to be great. I especially can't wait to see the Fae King and Queen. Now let's get to the action.

Natalia Kills "Problem" starts up and Ivelisse Velez makes her way out onto the entrance ramp. She walks with Angelico a few steps behind her. He grabs her hand and turns her around to face him before kissing her hand with a smile. Ivelisse pulls her hand away before climbing into the ring, posing on one of the turnbuckles. When she turns around he's right there and steals a kiss with a grin, she kissing back passionately before pushing him away. "Touch the Sky" by Julie Fowlis begins and Agatha ends up on the entrance ramp. Along with her actual ring gear, Agatha enters wearing fake fairy wings, which this time are dark instead of her normally bright and bubbly colors. As she comes down the ramp, she alternates between skipping and twirling, much like a dancing fairy. The duo look at each other, obviously annoyed as the bell rings.

Ivelisse Velez w/Angelico v Agatha Bancroft
Agatha and Ivelisse circle each other as they size the other up. Agatha is the first to make a move as she lunges at Ivelisse. With her veteran where for all, Ivelisse locks up with Agatha and instantly transitions into a side headlock. Agatha flails her arms and screams as she looks around for the ropes. Agatha grabs a hold of the middle rope and wraps her arms around it. The referee warns Ivelisse who releases the hold on his command. Ivelisse backs away and poses for the crowd in order to show that she doesn't take Agatha seriously. Irate, Agatha storms up behind Ivelisse and spins her around. She gets into her face and begins to yell. Ivelisse looks out at the crowd and shrugs her shoulders. Ivelisse then brings her hand around and slaps Agatha across the face. Or, at least she attempts to. Agatha grabs Ivelisses arm and tosses her in into the turnbuckle. Ivelisse backs up and Agatha hits a superkick to the jaw. Ivelisse stumbles, only to run into yet another superkick. While she is dazed, Agatha goes in and locks her in position to land The Wrath of the Fairies, which she does, before going for a pin.
Winner via pinfall: Agatha Bancroft

Agatha gives a mocking curtsy to Ivelisse, giggling evilly as she heads back up the entrance ramp. Angelico tries to go in to comfort Ivelisse, but she pushes him away and heads up the ramp, leaving Angelico to sigh and head after her. The familiar yet distorted singing is heard, almost like someone is trying to sing underwater.

Singing: All my friends are heathens.....

Suddenly an image flashes onto the screen.

6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution 36492310

A new yet familiar voice to some fans is heard.

Voice: Rae... Dante... I'm happy to finally meet you at the new pay-per-view. We have a long partnership to look forward too.

The image starts to static and breaks up as laughing is heard before going out. Finn's theme song begins and while the lights still come on in their red hue, Finn does not come out as the demon and he does not come out alone. By his side is Agatha Bancroft, dressed in her decorated wood tiara and deep green dress. Finn is in a crown of twisted wood with a deep green coat and black trunks. As he gets into the ring, he hands Agatha his coat. Me Against The World by Simple Plan beings to play, Dante coming out with a big excited smile. He slowly makes his way to the ring, touching hands with as many fans as he can before jumping into the ring. He finishes by climbing the turnbuckle and raising his arms.

Finn Balor w/Agatha Bancroft v Dante Westmore w/Christian
Christian gives Dante a pep talk but leaves the ring before the bell rings. Finn watches them, his movements somehow colder and more precise than his time as the demon. Dante is reluctant to lock up, but Finn catches him with a waist lock and a half nelson before Dante breaks away. A leapfrog combo leads to a standoff between the men, and Dante lands a kick to the gut. Finn responds with a punch to the face which sends the crowd into a cheering frenzy. Finn goes for a rolling elbow, but Dante leaves the ring. Christian gives him another pep talk as Finn beckons him back in the ring. Dante goes back in under the bottom rope, and gains control with a few well-placed punches, backing Finn into the corner. He lands a hard chop. Finn is on the ropes, and Dante lays into him, driving both boots into his chest. He charges toward Finn, but the faerie king moves and the rookie hits the turnbuckle. Finn gets behind Dante and hits a move with forearms to the side of the head. Dante gets caught in the ropes by Finn before he breaks the hold. Finn tosses the rookie to the mat and climbs to the top rope to land his double stomp to the chest. He gives Dante time to get up, only for a moment, which gives the rookie a chance to try to get a roll up. Finn kicks out and there is pure rage in his eyes. He lands stomp after hard stomp to the young man before lifting him and suplexing him to the mat, again climbing to the top rope and landing his double stomp to the chest before going in for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Finn Balor

Finn stands over the young man, before kneeling to his level. From behind, Agatha Bancroft places the woodlike crown on Finn's head to crown him the fae king, before Finn stands and locks arm with her to move on out. Dante is in the ring, looking upset, the words of the group that is haunting him obviously getting to him. The camera switches to a scene in the Bullet Club locker room. Dia Banks is seen sending a text message to someone on her phony we, before looking up at Kenny who is helping Nick get his hair perfect.

Dia: You guys have to win today. It's imperative to the plan.

Nick: -smiles as he looks over his shoulder- Shouldn't you be worried about AJ Lee?

Dia rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, a smirk on her lips.

Dia: Worried about her? She honestly thinks she's going to get to join Bullet Club after the match. As long as she loses, we should be alright.

Kenny: We need all three of you in line for your titles. Dia, if you prove you're good enough then you could quite possibly be the next in line for the Queen's Championship. Bucks, you guys are champions everywhere else. Bring it back here.

The camera fades out on this scene.

When the camera comes back up, The Young Bucks are already standing in the ring. They bounce back and forth, joking every now and again. On the outside stands Dia Banks, dressed in her own ring gear, and Kenny Omega. "Na Na Na" by Fall Out Boy beings and Seth comes out to the entrance ramp. He pauses to pose on the stage, raising a fist, before making his way down to just before the ring. He turns as Green Day's 'Know your enemy' begins to play and out walks Egan Archer. He walks out onto the stage, where he performs his spin and pose he does when managing Seth. The crowd is going wild and for a moment, Egan just stands there in awe. He then pulls at his jacket in a smug fashion, making sure it's sitting right before high-fiving fans on the way to the ring. He pauses briefly at the end of the ramp before he and Seth slide under the ropes to enter the ring, where they pose in the center before Egan removes his jacket and the two stare down The Young Bucks.

Egan Archer and Seth Johnson v The Young Bucks w/Kenny Omega and Dia Banks
Nick and Matt play rock, paper, scissors to see who is going to so first, with Nick getting the win over Matt. Nick looks over and gestures that he wants to fight against Egan, before miming a falling motion. He turns to Matt with a laugh, the two laughing at the joke with Kenny and Dia on the outside, before Nick turns to get hit with a hard kick to the jaw by Egan Archer. Nick falls onto his butt in the ring, looking up at Egan with shock. Egan gives a mocking bow before gesturing for Nick to get up. Nick gets to his feet and rolls his shoulders, bouncing on the balls of his feet before the two men circle the ring. Egan makes a movement like he's going to superkick Nick again and when Nick falls, once again, on his butt in the middle of the ring, Egan laughs and turns to pose for the fans. Matt tags himself in, sick of Nick acting like he's afraid to get hit in the face. Matt and Egan grapple, Egan getting the upper hand and wrapping his arms around Matt from behind. Matt crouches himself out of the hold, turning and wrapping around Egan in the same fashion. Egan breaks the hold and twists Matt's arm up and back to try and get him weakened. Matt reaches an arm up and around Egan's neck, flipping Egan over his shoulder into a sitting position on the matt before he locks Egan in a headlock. It is locked in for a moment before Egan pushes himself to his feet and then locks Matt in another armbar. Egan uses his grip on Matt's arm to toss him towards one of the turnbuckles, Matt flipping himself over the top rope. Egan comes towards him and Matt thrusts himself between the top and middle rope to land a hard shoulder to Egan's gut. Matt flips himself over the top of Egan, who is doubled over in pain, before grabbing Egan's arm, jumping up and across the top rope, and using the momentum he has on Egan to flip the man halfway across the ring. Egan gets to his feet almost immediately and is met with a double dropkick to the jaw by Matt. Matt poses, getting in Egan's face as both men kneel on the ring. Egan is still kneeling in the center of the ring and Matt crouches, putting his hands on both of his knees to get to Egan's level and taunt him. When Egan gets to his feet, he tags in Seth and mutters as he paces on the apron, while Nick tags himself in on the other side. Seth and Nick lock up, Seth getting the upper hand. Nick backs up against the ropes, using the momentum to push Seth off of him, into the opposite set of ropes. When Seth comes back at Nick, he knocks the younger Jackson brother off of his feet. Seth runs against the other set of ropes in an attempt to land an elbow to Nick's chest, but Nick stands, only to get knocked back down to the mat with yet another hard shoulder. This time when Seth runs up against the ropes, Nick gets to his feet and knocks Seth to the mat with a double dropkick. Nick offers a hand to help the other man to his feet, which Seth looks at doubtfully, and he is right to do so. As soon as Seth grabs it to pull himself up, Nick slaps him across the face. Seth rolls his eyes but holds his mouth in pain. Seth spits at Nick and the other man tries to slam his foot into Seth's gut. Seth catches it and flips Nick over his shoulder. Nick hits the mat hard and Matt comes in to attempt to attack Seth. Egan, however, is right next to his friend and repels the other man's attack. He gets back on his side of the ring as Seth launches himself out of the ring and lands against Nick and Matt. Seth then tosses Nick into the ring and tags in Egan, grinning widely. Egan very shakily climbs to the top rope, standing there for a moment before taking a deep breath, and hitting Nick with Welcome To Paradise. Seth rushes to keep Matt on the outside of the ring, while Egan goes in for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Egan Archer and Seth Johnson

Kenny Omega gets into the ring and glares Egan down, mouthing off before Egan gets sick of it. He hits another of his finishers, Letterbomb, before rolling out of the ring with Seth and heading up the entrance ramp. Dia looks furious, helping Kenny to sit up against the ring post. It is at this time that "Light It Up" begins to play and AJ Lee skips out to the ring. She passes both members of the Bucks, who are sitting on the floor outside of the ring now, looking furiously at Dia for her comments earlier in the night. Kenny glares but rolls out of the ring, sitting on the ring steps as Dia and AJ stare each other down.

Dia Banks w/Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks v AJ Lee
As the bell rings, AJ rushes Dia and catches the other woman off guard. Dia falls face first against the ring ropes, with AJ landing fist after fist after fist to the back of Dia's head. Obviously, the other woman is irate over Dia denying that she would be allowed into the Bullet Club. AJ stands over Dia and starts to mock her, Dia clutching at the back of her head in pain. AJ lifts her by her hair, then grabs her arm and tosses her into the ring ropes. When Dia comes back at AJ, AJ knocks the woman off of her feet with a lariat. She stands and skips around Dia, before grabbing Dia by the head to lift her. She backs off from Dia and Dia grabs her, attempting to land a DDT. AJ has other ideas and, in the middle of the ring, locks Dia into the octopus hold that she calls the Black Widow. Dia goes to her knees, unable to get to the ropes at first as AJ weakens her. For a moment it seems that Dia is passed out, but suddenly her hand shoots out and she grabs a hold of the bottom rope. AJ lets go of the hold, looking shocked. Dia is trying to get back to her feet, but AJ hits a Shining Wizard. Again, she locks Dia in the Black Widow. Again, Dia shows no signs of tapping out but AJ keeps her in the center of the ring. Instead of tapping out, Dia lets herself pass out.
Winner via knockout: AJ Lee

AJ gets up and begins kicking Dia in the gut and sides before Kenny Omega puts himself into the ring. He gets between AJ and Dia, making sure that the Black Widow doesn't attack his girlfriend again. Miz's music hits and he walks out onto the stage, dressed for his match, complete with his coat and sunglasses. He looks smug as he makes his way to the ring and pauses at the stairs, going to get a microphone before climbing into the ring.

Miz: Will, Will, Will. -he smirks- I know I've already tore into you, but really, I can't help it...

He chuckles, leaning his back against the ropes, looking up towards the stage.

Miz: Don't go getting too bigger head though, this isn't ALL about you. You, however Will, are part of an incredibly disappointing Roster split. Great, two shows, less strain on the talent. But Anoai, REALLY? You got ripped off in this deal man. You've got... Myself and ... Banks. And the Bucks. You gonna rely on just four of us to carry your show for you? The rest of your show is full of creeps, hobos and losers. Salvation on the other hand...

He shakes his head, cursing under his breath.

Miz: Scurll, Omega, Jax, Morrison, Barrett... Fucking Ari Heyman. WHY Anoai, would you give these guys away? I-I mean that whole show is like, most of the good talent that helped carry this company to begin with! What do we have beside us? A washed-up High-flier who doesn't fly. A kid who should be backstage designing our T-shirts. A fairy who thinks fairies can be scary? Ha! And we all know already how much I 'care' about the Wyatts...

He rolls his eyes.

Miz: And then we have the Bird man, who can't even spell the damn name of the bird right. Damn Anoai, what happened? Setting yourself up for failure against the competition when you have a TRUE talent of four of us. -he lets out a dramatic sigh- Guess we'll just have to save and carry the show ourselves then.

He shrugs and tosses the microphone to the ringside crew, ready for his match. Miz's posing and preening is interrupted by the theme song of one Will Ospreay. Will is accompanied by Bea Priestly as they make their way to the ring. Bea kisses Will, who flips off the Miz as he kisses his girlfriend.

Miz v Will Ospreay w/Bea Priestley
Miz and Will lock up and Miz applies a headlock before taking Will down to the mat. As Will hits the mat, Miz tries to keep the hold locked in, but Will breaks free and both men get to their feet. Miz and Will lock up once more and this time Will applies an arm twist, before whipping Miz into the ropes. As Miz runs back towards him, Will hits a dropkick and both men get to their feet once more. Will goes to whip Miz into the corner, but Miz blocks it, then pulls Will towards him and takes him down with a clothesline. As Will gets to his feet, Miz takes him down with a drop toe hold, then stomps on him several times. Miz then turns Will over and hits a knee drop, before making the cover. The referee counts to two only for Will to kick out. Miz pulls Will to his feet and whips him against the ropes, then runs after him and clotheslines Will as he hit the ropes, sending Will to the outside. As Will gets to his feet outside the ring, Miz runs towards the ropes and goes for a suicide dive, but Will moves out of the way! As Miz gets to his feet, Will hits an exploder suplex, and Miz cries out in pain as his back slams against the metal ramp. Will then re-enters the ring as the referee begins to count Miz out. By the count of five, Miz has re-entered the ring, and Will takes him down with an arm drag, Miz gets to his feet and Will hits a spin-out powerbomb, then hooks the leg. The referee counts again only to a two count before Miz can kick out. Will pulls Miz to his feet and hits a series of punches, then whips Miz into the corner. Will then runs at Miz, going for a corner clothesline, but Miz gets his feet up and kicks Will away. As Will staggers backward, Miz runs behind him and attacks with his infamous Mic Check before going to the pin.
Winner via pinfall: The Miz

Miz raises his hand, looking cocky and smug before blowing a smug kiss to Bea, obviously only to make her angry as he is married, and exits up the ramp as the camera changes to a shot of Kai Anoai and Rafael Alvarez sitting together in Kai's locker room. Kai pours himself some water and then does the same for Rafael.

Kai: So. I think it only fitting that we put Ari Heyman into a free for all. He thinks he's so good with that title? Why not put him against each eligible opponent?

He looks to Rafael for his thoughts, wanting to know about his boss and friends thoughts. Rafael nods, smiling warmly at his friend.

Rafael: I like the way you think, my friend.

Kai smiles and drums his fingers along the desk.

Kai: That brings me to Jimmy. Despite his inability to show up to tonights show, I need to put him against someone. He is my champion.

Rafael: Have you spoken with his psychiatric team? Perhaps they refused to release him? Could give you some important insight as well.

Kai pauses and shakes his head, he never wanted to reveal the mental state of his champion to others, but here it is out in the open.

Kai: No, I never managed to ask. -hesitates- Maybe tossing him against someone familiar will help him?

Rafael: Perhaps. Someone who knows him well, understands him - he pauses- will know how to handle things if he's...too far gone.

There is another hint of hesitation from Kai, who is scanning over a paper.

Kai: Will.

Rafael: I agree. The fans will enjoy it, as well

Kai: So then its settled. Will Ospreay versus Jimmy Havoc.

Rafael: Sounds perfect.

Kai nods, scanning the paper. He seems very nervous about something.

Kai: I...I do have another question. One I am not sure if I want the answer to.

The look on Rafael's face is somewhere between confusion and hurt.

Rafael: Are you questioning my integrity, Kai?

Kai frowns, noticing the look on his friends face.

Kai: I simply want to make sure because of your love for him.

Rafael: I am capable of separating my personal and professional lives from each other.

Kai gives a solemn nod and the show ends on the two gms of each brand looking at each other.
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