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Post by Kai Anoai on Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:15 pm

Promos are due here by July 31st at midnight

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Post by Guest on Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:33 pm

The sound of waves crashing against rocks is heard before the camera shows us a shot of a beach. Three men stand on the beach, standing behind a woman. Their motions are done in perfect timing and we instantly recognize these motions are the haka, a traditional war dance of the Samoan people. It is then that we recognize the three men and the woman. New Japan's Bad Luck Fale, Tonga Lao, and Tama Tanga stand behind the woman, NCWA's Nia Jax. As the haka ends, Nia turns to face the other Samoans.

Nia: Never fails, any time I have nervous energy, the haka calms my nerves. Makes me feel like I could climb a mountain.

Lao: *grins* Nervous? Why are you so damn nervous?

Nia: Always slightly nervous before a title match. Not nervous, just filled with nervous energy. It happens to the best of us, right Tama?

Tama: *nods in agreement* I know the G1's got me filled with it.

Fale claps a hand to her bare shoulder, a simple look on his face before giving her a nod.

Fale: You'll do great. Who do you have?

Nia: Ivelisse Velez.

The three boys snicker, looking at Nia with raised eyebrows.

Tama: Ivelisse? You're worried about-

Nia: Stop. I don't want you three to mock someone without a pedigree like ours. I may have been around this as long as I can remember, but she's been wrestling since she was fourteen. I didn't actually step foot into the ring until 2014. She's got more in-ring experience than I do.

Fale: Experience means a little, but it's not always everything. You have heart.

Nia crosses her arms over her chest and rolls her eyes, seemingly fed up with the trio.

Nia: You can't look into that woman's ringwork and tell me she doesn't have heart. Ivelisse puts everything she had into this craft, same as any of us. She's gone up against monsters like Mil Muertes without batting an eye. She pursues everything she wants with the same boldness and confidence that I do. It's why I have such a target on my back. I'm not stupid, she wants my title. Every woman wants the title, the title I've held since day one of the NCWA.

She takes a deep breath, coursing a hand through her dark locks. She takes a deep breath, before grinning at her family.

Lao: What about the fact that she has Angelico in her corner? Plus there's always Son of Havoc, Matt Cross, who could show up.

Nia: Why should I be worried about them? I've got you three. As long as she brings the talent that I know she possesses to this ring, I don't have a problem. I chose her because I know she can fight. Now let's just see her do it.

The camera closes on Nia's calm face, no trace of nerves or even nervous energy on her face or in her movements.


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Post by Guest on Thu Jul 26, 2018 10:39 pm

The sight in front of us is the porch of the Wyatt compound. Bray sits on the porch, eyes surveying the land, while he rocks in his chair. Next to him sits Abigail in her own chair, her eyes darting from Bray to the man standing behind him. She takes a shaky breath, before speaking.

Abigail: Damn this heat. Hottest summer ah can remember in a long while.

Bray: Language, mah darlin' sister. No need t' sully that sweet mouth of yers with such profanity.

Abigail blushes and looks down at her lap, fanning herself off with her hand. Once again her eyes cross to Luke before she stands out of her chair.

Abigail: Ah am gonna make all of us a glass of lemonade. Luke, ya wanna take mah seat?

Luke glances from Abigail to Bray, who simply nods his approval. Luke moves to sit as Abigail moves into the house. The two men sit in complete silence for a moment before Bray speaks up.

Bray: Ah know we have not seen eye t' eye lately, Brother Harper, but ah gotta say that even ah am impressed that Jimmy Havoc was t' afraid t' show up t' fight ya. Ya prove yerself t' me each and every day.

Luke: *bows his head* Thank ya, Bray. Means a lot t' me.

Bray: So ya understand how important it is that we win this fight against two unimportant tag teams?

Luke: Yessir, The Motor City Machine Guns and Agatha Bancroft and Finn Balor.

Bray: Agatha and Finn are an odd pairing. *chuckles* Why oh why do they hide from the truth? Is it because they're afraid? Is it because they're embarrassed to show the world who they truly are? They pretend to be monsters, faeries to be exact. I s'pose I can understand.

Luke: You do?

Bray: Of course I do. Reality can be a very, very difficult pill t' swallow. That does not change the fact that they are guilty! Guilty! Truth is, somewhere in their painted up bodies, deep down, they hate the people that they have become. Little Agatha, yer sweet demeanor is tainting. It's festering. Ya are, deep down, a scared child who simply needs t' lie t' herself, t' give in t' yer delusions because yer unhappy. Given yer family, I can understand. Yer grandpappy despises yer flights of fancy and ya have ended up in the arms of a man so like the devil that he has fallen int' his own demonic delusions. Ya have fallen fer the lies of Balor, haven't ya? The pretty words of the former demon prince have swayed ya. He's convinced ya that he knows yer plight, an' he does. He knows yer plight because little Fergal lives yer plight. He's got an ashamed family, he plays his little games of dress up. He's every bit of a child as ya are. An' like children, Luke an' I will put ya both in yer place. Yer facade will fall and all the two of ya will be left with are yer fairy tales.

The two men sit in silence for just a moment, Luke's eyes cutting over to the door and licking his lips before he begins to speak.

Luke: Then, of course, we gotta worry about The Motor City Machine Guns. City boys ain't nothin' t' be proud of. The city is full of liars, of cheaters. Of snakes. No man ever fit that bill like Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Alex is the straight man, the good of the two. Softly innocent. He lives with his demons: the abuse he suffered at the hands of Austin Aries fer instance. He also has how he views himself. Then, of course, there is the rumors spreadin'. -chuckles- I've heard them, I'm sure as much as yer hidin' from Chris, he knows. They say yer time is up, Alex. They say ya whisper about steppin' out of the ring. Do us all a favor. Do it before ya step int' the ring with Bray an' I. Do it before you let Chris down by taking the pin. Do it before ya prove Austin right.

The camera focuses on the door, Abigail emerging onto the porch demurely. She hands both men their glass of lemonade, though her and Luke's fingers linger on each others. Bray seems not to notice, but Luke quickly stands to give Abigail her seat back.

Abigail: Ah got faith in ya boys. Ah know yer gonna keep them titles.

The camera fades on the amused expression of Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, and Sister Abigail.


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Post by Westmore on Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:07 am

The camera fades in slowly as the soft sound of talking, Zack Saber Jr. stands leaning against a wall of lockers. He's dressed in shorts and a work out shirt; he chuckles as he talks into his cell phone.

Zack: Of course, I'm always ready.

He pauses as the person on the other side speaks.

Zack: I'm ready for our plans; it's just waiting for the right time to spring it into action. He's not going to know what hit him. *smirks* Well he'll know when my fist hits his face.

Zack chuckles softly.

Zack: But first I've got to focus on Miz, should prove to be an interesting match. He's pretty damn good, not on the level of some guys I've faced... But he's had a pretty good career, that late start didn't have too much of an ill effect. He was truly wasted at his old company, but now we get to lock up in the ring and that should be fun.

Zack laughs at something the other person says.

Zack: Of course I'm not scared of his figure four, he gives me any limb and I'll have him tapping out within minutes. All I have to do is wait and pick my moment.

Zack has a faint smirk on his lips as the camera starts to fade out.


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Post by Shea on Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:37 am

Miz is seen in his coat and sunglasses, looking ready for a match. He's standing with his arms crossed, leaning against a wall. Seeing the camera, Miz smirks and unfolds his arms to reveal a t-shirt that says 'One man show' on it.

Miz: Well! Here we are again. Another Pay Per View. But it's now the first one to feature the separate Salvation and Revolution rosters. Exciting. *the word comes across incredibly sarcastic, especially after he rolls his eyes* Normally  I'd be thrilled, but I can't honestly say I am for this one - at least not for my own match. The Young Lions tournament? Now THAT looks exciting. I hope Heyman proves again just how... AWESOME he is.

He grins and steps away from the wall.

Miz: If I didn't already have a Tag partner... *he goes quiet for a moment before shrugging* Doesn't matter. Not important right now. What DOES matter is that I have - I'm assuming - another easy match to win. Which is why I'm not particularly excited about my own match. I mean - WHY would Mr Will Birdman's best buddy be any different to Will himself? Now it's Zack Sabre Jr. REALLY?

He throws up his hands, looking fed up.

Miz: Are you even a Junior to any other Zack Sabre? Do you just think it's cool to grab random titles? Did you meet Chris Jericho once and think when he insults people with 'Junior' that he'd actually been giving you a personal nickname? *he snorts and laughs* Whatever. I don't actually care why the name. It's stupid anyway.

He lets out a dramatic sigh and takes off his sunglasses.

Miz: My point is: I WILL win this match. It'll be so damn easy it'll be hard not to fall asleep while I'm pinning 'Junior'.

He fakes a yawn before smirking.

Miz: Remember that time when Zack Sabre Jr carried a whole big TV show? *he holds up his free hand to his ear as if listening for a response* What's that? He hasn't? Oh. And who has? *he listens again for a moment* That's right. It was ME. *he gestures to himself* The Miz! I have held up Raw over the years and I will do it here too. I will once again go out there and show you all why I am 'Mister A-lister', the 'Awesome one'. I am... THE. MIZ.

He puts on his sunglasses again and raises his head smugly as the scene ends.

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Post by Westmore on Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:58 pm

The camera slowly fades in on what looks to be a dark old abandon building, faint familiar theme music plays as a figure in a long black coat and a mask over his face stands in front of a window. Everything seems to point to this being Jimmy Havoc, the NCWA champion, but it's not the voice of Jimmy Havoc that starts talking.

Familiar voice: Well how did I do Jimmy? I like to think after all the years of us being rivals I've gotten to know you very well.

He pauses and pulls the mask off, confirming that it's Will Ospreay. He smirks and takes off the coat as well.

Will: Well Jimmy we're in very familiar territory, you and me. You've got the title and I want that title. This takes me back to Progress and when you were the champion... But Then I came along and took the title from you, remember that Jimmy? No matter what you tried I beat you and I became the champion. Do you remember what it felt like to lose the title to me? Well if you don't then I'll remind you when I once again beat you and take your title.

Will pause’s as he pictures it, a big smile as if he hears the three count.

Will: Don't worry Jimmy, I'll try and make sure that the match doesn't go on too long. I'll hit you with the Oscutter as soon as I can and get your embarrassment over with. Keep my title warm for me okay?

Will smirks with a chuckle, the camera slowly fading out on the cocky young man.


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Post by Shea on Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:17 am

The scene opens with an instrumental version of 'Waltzing Matilda', fading in on Seth, who is dressed in an outfit that looks a lot like the late Steve Irwin's sandy coloured clothing. He's standing beside a sign that indicates he is at the Tasmania zoo. Seeing the camera, he grins.

Seth: G'day mates! How's it going? Today, I've got a real treat for ya all. You'll get to see some real, live Aussie animals! Originally, I was visiting home before heading off to the big Boom or Bust, but then I learned that the Tassie zoo here has a few cool animals that our Melbourne zoo just doesn't have. So, here we are!

He gestures to the sign before heading off down a path, the camera following.

Seth: *looking over his shoulder at the camera* Now, while we're here I thought I'd have a bit of fun and show you all a few of our friends here who remind me of the Young Lions lot I'm gonna have to face...

He pauses outside an enclosure, pointing at the animal within. The camera zooms in to who a tall, black-feathered bird. Its scaly head and neck are a bright blue and on top of its head is a hard crest. The camera pans down to show the bird's feet to show they have large, raptor-like claws. The camera then cuts back to Seth, who stares at the creature in awe for a moment before turning back to the camera.

Seth: Check out this beauty! This my friends is the Southern Cassowary. Not the largest, or heaviest bird in the world, but certainly the most bloody dangerous. You saw those claws, right? Those things are capable of disembowelling dogs and humans so... don't go near 'em unless they're in the zoo, yeah? *he pulls a face* They're only found up in Queensland in Australian wild so most people'll never see one.

He glances at the bird before turning back to the camera.

Seth: This particular birdy reminds me of our female Lion, Rae James. Why? Well, it's simple. See, it's not the male Cassowary that's all that dangerous; it's the territorial females. Until breeding season, they even fight the males out of their territory... even if that male's raising the chicks the two had in the last season. So, beautiful, but deadly. Not to be underestimated just for being a woman. Sounds like Rae to me.

He chuckles before heading down the path again. He walks for a bit before finally stopping at a free-roaming animal; small and two-legged. It looks much like a Kangaroo and is grey in colour besides a sandy coloured patch of fur on the back of it's neck and shoulders. It looks at Seth curiously before hopping a short distance away.

Seth: *laughing* And here's my next animal; the Wallaby. Small and shy, it likes to hop and jump around a lot. It is, however, quite friendly if ya know how to win it over...

Seth quietly crouches and pulls a small paper bag out of a pocket, from which he pours a small handful of grains. He holds it out, waiting patiently. After a moment, the Wallaby hops over and eats from his hand, allowing Seth a chance to pet it with his free hand.

Seth: This little guy reminds me of Dante Westmore. Again; small, shy and jumps around. Can get you with a good kick though, these Kangaroos and Wallabies though if they're threatened, like Dante.

He finishes feeding the Wallaby and gives it another pet on the head before getting up and walking again. Soon, he pauses at another enclosure and looks through the glass at an Echidna.

Seth: Look at these guys! A bit odd, the Echidna. They're mammals, but the females lay eggs. They have those long noses for eating ants and thick fur and spines for defending themselves. And no, they don't detach spines like Porcupines. They're also excellent at digging. So, this one might not be as obvious a connection, but this little guy I'd put with Egan. Why? I like 'em for a start. They're a bit odd but very likeable and ...they can be a bit prickly when they feel threatened. Egan's also pretty guarded at times and can be rather good at digging, but instead for information, not for ants.

He smiles and heads down the path again to one last enclosure. In this one, there is a black creature about the size of a small dog. It has a thin tail and a rodent-like face with white markings and whiskers.

Seth: Now these... *he lets out a low whistle* This is the Tasmanian Devil. This guy's a carnivorous marsupial who is unfortunately endangered. It's known to be strong, has a bit of a ...smell and has been described as having a 'loud, disturbing screech'. It's a solitary creature, can be quite fast, and quite a bit of endurance. And seeing as there's only one opponent left on my list, this one should be obvious. This one reminds me of the Champion, Ari Heyman. Like this guy, he's dark-haired. He's strong, obviously, or he'd already be beaten. He's loud, in terms of his opinion of himself and how he holds himself above us all. All Heymans disturb me, so... *he pulls a face* That goes with the screeching. He's solitary and he endures all the insults and put-downs everyone aims at him. And, most importantly, he's endangered. In a tournament like this, there's no bloody way he'll be able to hold that title much longer. I mean- who ISN'T out to get him? Even if I don't win, there are still three others against Heyman who all seem to hate him too, so, endangered...

With a sigh, he looks down at the black marsupial in its enclosure.

Seth: See ya champ...

He chuckles at his own choice of words, walking off as the scene ends.

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Post by Guest on Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:05 pm

The camera opens up on a picture of Cody Rhodes, dressed in his ring gear. It's familiar to the audience, the green open jacket with white full-length trunks, designed with the Triforce, and brown boots. It's a true hero outfit..and then the camera pans out to show that Dia Banks is holding the picture in gear eerily reminiscent of Cody's. She wears a black jacket in the same style over a black midriff top, her full-length trunks are black and designed with a red triforce with black boots. She looks the opposite of Cody, a smirk across her face as she crumples up the printed out picture of Cody Rhodes.

Dia: Like it, Cody? This here is designed based on you. Almost every single one of your beloved Zelda games has included a version of Dark Link. Fans of the series each have their own theories about it too. Some say that it's just a creature, same as an Armos or a Stalfos. Others say it's a manifestation of the darkness in Link's heart. Personally, that's the theory I like.

The sound of her heeled boots clicks against the tile as we follow Dia, the woman sitting in a chair. She pushes a strand of hair behind her ear, taking a moment as she leans with her forearms on her knees.

Dia: Each person has two sides. There is the hero, the gallant and charming one who does what they can to help their fellow man. The hero is one side, the version we see as our best selves. Then, of course, there is our darker side. That's the side that seems to take over. It's the side that is there when we, oh I dunno, lie to our friends and coworkers about our involvement with the greatest stable in recent history. -chuckles- A great actor once said, "I think there is a great sadness in villains". That's a bunch of bullshit. Sadness, real sadness, is in the face of every self-professed hero I've ever seen.

She pauses, chewing on her lower lip. Taking a deep breath, as if to steady herself against whatever she is about to say, Dia continues.

Dia: I see that sadness in you, Cody. It's a very obvious thing with you. It's not only visible in the cutting out of your last name for the ring, but also in your eyes. I get it, you lost your dad. Dusty was a great guy, one of the few who wanted to vouch for me when I attempted to go to NXT. I owed him and I never got a chance to repay him. You? You put aside his name. I get that it hurts. I get that you don't feel worthy of the name, which you're not. But your sadness isn't just that, is it? You doubt your skill in the ring. You doubt that you're as good as your brother or even half as good as your dad. Again, true. I may not ever reach the level of greatness your dad achieved, but I know I could beat Goldust in a ring one on one. It's how I know I can beat you.

She stands, stretching her arms in front of her. She looks like she's preparing herself for the match, or a match in general. After a few moments, she stops again.

Dia: You think you're a hero, Cody. You've done some pretty heroic stuff. You once gave a damn good pep talk to Dante Westmore. You did come save Vitani when my numpty of a friend Marty overstepped his bounds. And then...well..that's preeeeetty much it. What have you done about that mysterious duo stalking Rae James and Dante Westmore? Hm? Nothing, that's what. And what have you done about AJ Lee running amuck? Again, the strong answer is not a damn thing. -rolls her eyes- Cody, I gotta tell ya, you are a shit hero.

She switches arms now, stretching out the other.

Dia: Now, no one else may have noticed this, but I have. I see the slightest hints of a villain in you. In your promo against Marty at Heart of Glory, there was such...rage. It was there, in the way you swung the sword and in the words you spoke. I've seen slips of that rage in the ring too, Cody. Give in. Let that rage make you what you could be. Once you give up on this whole hero schtick, you could be happy. You could also be a hell of a villain. In another world, you would have made a good soldier for the Bullet Club. Hell, you might have even been the leader of the Bullet Club. But in this world, well, you're just another helpful hero who refuses to realize that he'd be better off casting aside those helpful aspirations and giving in to that other side.

She looks straight into the camera, almost as if she's talking to Cody.

Dia: Realize it before someone else does it for you.

The camera turns to static before curiously switching to a different scene in black and white. A time stamp shows us that it is January 1st, 2016. In the Ring of Honor ring stands Dia Banks, dressed in the same manner as Colt Cabana, who stands in front of her. She smiles, wide and happy and proud.

Colt: -raising a microphone to speak- Sometimes you have to look yourself in the mirror and know exactly what you want to be remembered as. I don't...I don't want to be known as somebody's friend. I don't want to be known as somebody's lover.

The last words leave his mouth and we see Dia's once happy face turn crestfallen, then sad, then she goes expressionless. The words repeat as if on a track before the screen cracks, as if someone has shattered a mirror. It then goes black.


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Post by Rae James on Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:40 pm

Before the camera comes up, we are alerted to the sound of music. Though it sounds like a rap tune at first, the lyrics are not.

So men say that I'm intense or I'm insane
You want a revolution? I want a revelation
So listen to my declaration
We hold these truths to be self-evident
That all men are created equal
And when I meet Thomas Jefferson
Imma compel him to include women in the sequel!

The camera then shows us where we are, the living room of Rae James' home. Rae is on the couch in a pink shirt that says Mind at Work and blue jean shorts. She's sitting with her sister Delilah on the couch. Her niece Scarlett crawls out of her mother's arms and across the couch to Rae. Delilah chuckles.

Delilah: Well, we see who she favors.

Rae: She just...I'm sure she can tell her Auntie Rae is a little off.

Delilah: You wanna talk about it?

Rae hesitates as if she's nervous for what she's about to say to her sister.

Rae: He just...he wasn't the man that I fell in love with. It's better this way.

Delilah: You deserve better. So much better.

Rae: It doesn't matter, Delly. I...I've got other stuff to worry about. You and Scar for one. -ruffles Scarlett's hair- My match for another.

Delilah: -nods- It's good to have other things to focus on.

Rae smiles softly and nods, looking down at Scarlett. She has an idea by the look in her eye.

Rae: Who wants to hear a story?

Scarlett: Meeeeeeeeeeee!

Rae: Hmmm...what about the story of Sybil Ludington?

Scarlett tilts her head to one side in a curious manner.

Rae: Sybil was a little girl, who lived during the darkest days of the American Revolution. That's the reason for the big bbq Uncle Drew and Mr. Tony throw, remember?

Scarlett: -nods- Uh huh.

Rae: Sybil's daddy was a local commander of rebel troops. One time she was confronted with bad men who wanted to hurt her daddy. She and her siblings lit plenty of candles all throughout the house and then marched in front of the windows, making it look like they were defended by plenty of soldiers. That was before her infamous ride.

Scarlett sits listening quietly.

Rae: Armed with only a stick, Sybil undertook a mission for her father. While he stayed put at his camp, Sybil was the only one familiar enough with the area to make the ride. She fought off bandits as she rode through the treacherous wooded territory, screaming that the British were coming. In a world of male military and political idols, Sybil proved girls were every bit as good.

Scarlett: Wow...

Rae gives a warm smile, ruffling her niece's hair. It's obvious she's deep in thought before she begins talking, addressing both Scarlett and Delilah.

Rae: I connect a lot to that story. Sybil is more often overlooked for Paul Revere. She was brave and resourceful and passionate. I like to think of myself like that. I'm often overlooked in the division, but I'm brave and resilient.

Delilah: You'll make them notice you. Remember you.

Rae: -nods- It starts with the match at Boom or Bust. Ari, Egan, Seth, and Dante. Truth be told, the only one I'm worried about is Dante. Ari, he won't come near me. He knows I can beat him. I've been talking to Seth. I think we have an alliance. If I'm in an alliance with Seth, I'm in one with Egan. But Dante? He's beaten me before.

Delilah: -chuckles- Seems a fitting crew for you.

Rae: I'm serious! Ari is like Burr, conceited and always laying in wait. He's in business all for himself, doing some pretty duplicitous things. He's the name everyone remembers, and not for a good reason. If he ever tells me to smile more, I'll kick his teeth in. -chuckles- Then again, I'll kick his teeth in just for shits and grins.

Delilah: Please do. I can't stand him.

Rae: -laughs- You never could. -smiles- Then we have Egan. The flashy dresser, a proud foreigner, doesn't take well to the authority that Ari exudes. He reminds me a lot of Lafayette. Good guy, gets his shit done, but at the end of the day he's gotta pack up and go home.

Delilah: He seems like a decent guy, what I've seen.

Rae: He's a great guy, absolutely wonderful. Just let me keep on. -playful roll of her eyes- Then there's Seth. Brash, playful, another someone people take for granted. He's, that's right, Hercules Mulligan. I may have an alliance with him, but at the end of the day, he's just filler.

Delilah chuckles.

Rae: And then there's Dante. The Laurens. Young and confident, ready to go. Just like Laurens, though, he's gonna be the one to fall. I'm gonna pin him. I may be Sybil Ludington, but just like Hamilton, I am not throwing away my shot.

The camera fades out on the James girls: Rae, Delilah, and Scarlet.
Rae James
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Post by Guest on Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:03 pm

The scene fades in to show the back of a man dressed in a white suit, his hair tied up into a man bun. He is holding what looks to be a katana in one hand, the area that would be the blade pointed to the ground. Cutting to a shot of the man from the front shows his eyes are shut. It is from the front shot that we can see it's "The Villain" Marty Scurll and he is mocking the first ever promo that Rin Takahashi cut for the NCWA.

Marty: I've been wrestling Japan for, oh, a year now. I've learned so many wonderful things. Sure, I'm still not fluent like Kenny, but I'm learning. I love the culture, especially the stories. The Japanese have so many bloody demons! -laughs and opens his eyes- They have one called the Akoname that is a disgusting little thing with a super weird tongue that cleans bathrooms. I mean, really, a monster that just cleans bathrooms? What sort of culture has that?

He tosses his head back and lets out a sharp bark of laughter before looking back at the camera.

Marty: There are quite a few favorites amongst the oni but I have to say my personal favorite is the Yuki-Onna, the Snow Woman. She's described as a beautiful Japanese woman with snow-white skin and long black hair in a white summer kimono. The most well-known story featuring one states that a man went out of his house one snowy morning and saw a beautiful, unusual woman. The man attempted to speak to her, and she vanished. My favorite story is that a father and son duo of wanderers were trapped in a forest when a blizzard struck. They found a cabin, stayed there, and late that night a beautiful woman crept in and over to the father and sucked up his soul. She was captivated by the son and spared him. The son went on for ages never speaking of it, as he promised the Yuki-Onna. He ever saved a woman from cold conditions as an adult and they fell in love. They had children together. But one day the man thought of that strange day in his childhood and told his wife, who revealed herself to be the creature. She then disappeared into nothing but snow.

He stands, twirling the still sheathed katana in his hands. He looks proud and his lips hold the slightest hint of a smirk.

Marty: No one fits the description of the Yuki-Onna more than Rin Takahashi. She's pretty enough on the outside, sure, but deep down? Deep down she's a cold-hearted old bird. She claims to be this sort of avenging angel, trying to make sure that what I did to Vitani Summers gets avenged. Deep down, I think it's more than that. I think, deep down, Rin feels a little jealous of Vitani. I mean, who started wrestling in this company first? Vitani. Who had the love and adoration of the fans first? Vitani. Who is Cody Rhodes obviously madly in love with? Vitani.

Marty gives a true smirk and a shrug of his shoulders. He puts the still sheathed katana over his shoulders as he often does with his umbrella. He paces, a smirk on his lips.

Marty: Contrary to popular belief, I am not afraid of Rin Takahashi. She's not wrestled for nearly as long as I have. So she was an undefeated Shine Champion? So what! She was a champion in a wrestling company where most well-known alumni are a hugger, an NXT housewife, and a former member of a cult belonging to one of our announcers. She's nothing but a temporary thorn in my side. Me? I'm a former Progress Champion. I'm a former ROH Television Champion. I've got more talent in one pinky than she does in her entire body! I know how to physically break my opponents down. I know how to work the ring to use every available part to hurt her. So it's a lumberjack match? So what! From what I understand, the only friends Rin has got in her life are Vitani Summers and Cody Rhodes. Even without The Bullet Club, I've got more people willing to be there for me. It's what your cold-hearted nature gets you, Rin. Your chances are as good as the fleeting snow.

Marty finally unsheaths his katana, which turns out to be an umbrella. As he opens it, the camera fades to black, curiously leaving eight shining orbs which almost look like red, demonic eyes.


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Post by Shea on Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:08 am

The tune 'Song of Healing' from Majora's Mask plays softly as the scene fades in on Cody Rhodes, dressed in his Link-inspired ring gear. He's sitting on a tree stump and leaning against the stump is a replica of Link's Hylian shield. At Cody's feet lies the Master sword seen in a previous promo. He is sitting with his head bowed, hands clasped in front of him. After a moment, he lowers his hands and looks up at the camera.

Cody: Nice one Dia, real nice. *his voice is sincere* You know, despite how many other 'gamers' have been popping up in the industry, I still haven't come across anyone who tries to use my favourite games against me; until I came here. But, the problem for all of you is: You don't know the games as well as me. I COULD simply point out that, time and time again, that Dark Link ALWAYS loses to Link. I could simply point out you're wrong about why I dropped the Rhodes. Yeah, I miss my father; why wouldn't I? But, I would never drop it in such a disrespectful way. No, I leave Rhodes out to test people. Many generational people always struggle with the problem of 'are they cheering for me, or just the name?' Sometimes it's both, and that's great, but I wanted to test while I'm in a new place. Plus it gave me a chance to experiment with the new 'Hero' thing, without the name overshadowing the new. People see 'Rhodes', they expect the black and gold.

He shrugs his shoulders and glances down at the sword and shield.

Cody: Did you know, Dia, that it's entirely possible to be a Hero even with a darkness within you? You CAN do it without becoming like the evil you fight. You can channel it, let it fuel you, then put it aside for the next time. See, while you have Dark Link, you're forgetting another 'evil'. A being labelled as a 'Bad Guy', but Link then uses to become stronger and defeat the true evil; Majora...

The scene fades, with a rushing wind sound. As the screen goes black, silence falls. After a moment, an eerie laugh is heard and on screen appears the words: 'You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?' The scene fades in on a standing figure. Cody again, but his clothes are sightly different. The vest is a light blue and still features the gold trimming, but also has a golden, crescent moon on his right side and a triangle on his left. His long, blue hood is up to look like an alternate coloured version of Link's hat. His pants are a dark blue, the knee decoration is a greyed colour with golden edging and his boots a dark brown. His face has paint on it now, however; a dark blue 'v' shape on his forehead and two red, almost boomerang shaped lines on each cheek. There's no longer a shield at his feet and the Master sword has been swapped for a very different blade. This one is made from a grey metal and a bluish one twisted around each other to form a helix edge. His expression is dark. The song of healing from the beginning is now softly playing in reverse.

Boom or Bust Promo Area 1200px12

Cody: Have you, Dia, ever heard of the Fierce Deity? In the Majora's Mask game, Link is able to confront the Majora-controlled Skull Kid on the third night and - provided you have beaten all the other Temples and gained the correct song - you can summon the Giants to stop the moon falling. Despite all this chaos, when Link follows Majora to the world inside the moon, he finds himself in a... rather peaceful looking field. Below a tree, four childen play, while a fifth sits waiting. If you play the 'games' of the four and give away to them all your precious masks, the sitting child will give you a mask...

He reaches a hand up to gesture to his outfit.

Cody: The child beneath the tree suggests you play 'good guys versus bad guys'. Despite what you'd think, the child suggests LINK be the bad guy and gives him the Fierce Deity mask. When you get it, some rather concerning words appear on screen: 'Could this mask's dark powers be as bas as Majora? Tremendous power is emanating from within...' Majora is disturbing. He's also difficult to beat, unless you harness the dark powers of the Fierce Deity. *he smirks* So, that darkness you said I had? THAT is my Fierce Deity. Instead of falling to darkness like you and your horrid Club Dia, I will channel my darkness to become stronger, to defeat the true evil: The Bullet Club. I will beat you, cast aside my darkness, then remain a hero...

The song of Healing plays again, once again in its original, forward version as the scene ends.

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Post by Jimmy Havoc on Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:25 pm

[ The screen is still dark as we open, the familiar sound of Hospital for Souls is the first thing to greet us, but as the camera fades in on Jimmy's hospital room, the song doesn't start with its usual opening notes. This time we start somewhere in the middle of the song as the camera focuses in on Jimmy writhing and struggling on his hospital bed. He's restained in a straightjacket. ]

How are we on a scale of one to ten?
You can tell me, what do you say?
Do you wanna talk about it?
How does that make you feel?

Jimmy: Will. Ospreay. It's always Will fuckin' Ospreay innit? 'Oh, Jimmy isn't following the rules, put 'im up against Ospreay, that'll teach 'im.' 'Oh, Jimmy 'avoc's gone soft. Wanna prove it? Put 'im up against Ospreay, you'll see.' Some would say Will is my measuring stick in this business, but we've already covered my opinion on who that is, and it isn't fuckin' Will. Will is a control device, a punishment if you will. Think of 'im as a shock collar or, [ he pauses, struggling momentarily. It's then we see Rosemary for the first time, peeking out over Jimmy's shoulder. ] a straightjacket. [ he grins ] Sure, Will, you've beaten me for a title before, subdued me before, but it won't 'appen again.

[ We hear the sounds of the belts at the back of the straightjacket being unfastened, and Rosemary pushes it off Jimmy's shoulders. When it falls to the floor in front of the bed, we can see the name Will Ospreay scrawled on the inside of the jacket. Rosemary moves to rest in Jimmy's lap; the title draped over her shoulder ]

Rosemary: You people have tried to control James for far too long now. The shadow does not like being controlled. The shadow will not allow this any longer. [ She laughs ] The shadow has what it wants, and we are not going to let it go so easily. William thinks he knows what he's getting into, step into the darkness, little bird. The shadow has been waiting for you...

[ The camera fades to black as Rosemary laughs ]
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Post by Westmore on Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:42 pm

The camera fades in slowly, a circle of candles gently light up the simple room. It’s almost quiet; a soft hum is the only sound. The hum is coming from the young Dante Westmore; he sits in the circle of candles with five pieces of paper laid in front of him. His eyes are on the papers as the camera moves closer, he takes a deep breath before stopping his humming and looking into the camera.

Dante: You know as an artist I often people watch, I will watch a person going through a part of their day. When I was younger my brothers would join in with me and we used to compare the people watched to characters from TV or books. I remember once we saw an old man that reminded us of old Obi-Wan, he had been wise and helping out people on the street all day.

He pauses before joking.

Dante: No cool Jedi powers though, which sadden us as kids.

Dante looks thoughtful before continuing.

Dante: I think if you really look at some people you know then you'll realize they can very easily fit into the mold of some fictional characters. Like a teacher or boss can fit greatly into either the wise mentor character or a lady you many know may fit into an Effie trinket role. And all my opponents fit into the molds of different characters.

He picks up the first of papers; it is a drawing of Rae as the comic book hero Wonder Woman.

Dante: Take Ms. Rae... She's brave, bold and willing to take care of her family. A role model for girls and she's a strong fighter. She fits the role so well; she is just like Wonder Woman. She's also a great wrestler, truly one I've got to watch out for in this match. I've beat her once, but she is good enough to use that against me and beat me this time.

Dante puts the first picture down before picking up another picture, this time it is Egan and he is drawn looking like the Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who.

Dante: And Mr. Egan reminds me of the Tom Baker Doctor, he's bold and colorful. He has bright personality and his own vibrant style, he has his secrets. I don't know much about his ring style and that makes his a wild card in this match. And honestly that really exciting to me, it means it harder to tell how this match is going to end.

He sets that drawing down before picking up a third one, this one is Seth and he's drawn as the X-Men's Gambit.

Dante: Mr. Seth is very much like Gambit from the X-Men, he's quick to make a friendly joke and he's lively. He's friendly, handsome and willing to help his close friends if he can. He's also great in the ring; our match together was really good even if I lost. He has probably one of the best chances to win the match.

Dante puts the picture down before letting his hand hover over a different piece of paper. Taking a deep breath he picks it up and shows that it's a drawing of Ari as the Pokémon character Gary Oak.

Dante: This is who Ari reminds me of, Gary Oak... An arrogant rival… Someone that just wants to brag and humiliate whoever he wants. He's good in the ring, can't deny that and he has beaten me before... As he'll no doubt remind me often... Most likely he's going to try and pin me again, he really enjoys trying to push me down...

He lays the paper back where it was, looking thoughtful again.

Dante: Maybe someday he'll change or at least become polite... Honestly I'm being naive, not all people can change... But it's only improbable, not impossible.

Dante sighs and finally picks up the last piece of paper; it’s just a simple drawing of Dante. He's not drawn as any character, nor is there anything special about the drawing. It's just him.

Dante: I asked all of my friend’s family the same question, who I reminded them of? Everyone had all these different answer to the question... But none of their answers felt right... I didn't feel like I fit the answers. Everyone they said was brave or selfless... Traits I don't know if I'm fit to claim. I feel like I'm almost a blank slate...

Dante takes a drawing pencil from his pocket and starts drawing on his picture, he continues as he works.

Dante: I thought that was a bad thing for a while, but my buddy Remy said something that changed my mind. He said that means I can still decide just who I want to be and that I'm not confined to the same molds as everyone else.

He stops drawing and looks back at the camera.

Dante: This isn't going to an easy match, four other people means it's going to be crazy. Everyone is going to be going for everyone else, trying to stop each other from pinning. There is really no way to predict just what's going to happen... But I'm still going to do my best and I'm going to do try my hardest to win. I want that title, I've wanted it since my first match and I want to walk out of Boom or Bust with the belt.

Dante pauses and holds his drawing back up, this time his picture is wearing the Young Lion's belt.

Dante: This is who I want to be after the match, I want to be the NCWA Young Lions Champion.

He sets the paper down before smiling, he seems confident.

Dante: This is going to be me after the match.

The camera focuses on the drawing of Dante with the title as the candles slowly are blown out, slowly making the room darker before finally leaving the room black.


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Post by Westmore on Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:45 pm

The camera fades in on an old building, it’s in an advanced state of decay and in the middle of the room is an old wrestling ring. Ivelisse stands in the ring, dressed simply in jeans, a cut up tee shirt and leather jacket. She smirks at the camera, yet there us a hint of remembrance

Ivelisse: This ring, you want to know the story behind it?

She pauses, looking around the small ring.

Ivelisse: This is where I started... Where I started my training, started my career. This old building is where I honed my craft and it felt right to return here. Felt right to remember my humble origins, to remember everything that lead up to this match.

Ivelisse leans forward on the old ropes.

Ivelisse: Hard to believe this building can even still be standing, thought they'd tear it down before I'd ever return. But I'm glad it's here, this is my home in its own way. A tiny wrestling school in Puerto Rico... Helped birth the future Queen of the NCWA.

She smirks proudly.

Ivelisse: Nia's had her reign, proved herself and now it's my turn. It's my turn to hold that title and I'm going to do my damnest to take it. This is just a fact Nia is going to have to get used to, this is my time.

Ivelisse stands up and climbs under the ropes.

Ivelisse: And I'm going to do this all on my own, no friends, no Angel, just me.

The camera starts to fade slowly as Ivelisse walks away from the ring.


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