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9-25-2017 Monday Night Revolution Empty 9-25-2017 Monday Night Revolution

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The camera pans over the arena in Salem. Oregon; before showing the fans inside chanting for the NCWA. After showing the ring, the camera shows NCWA announce team Dia Banks, CM Punk, and Colt Cabana.

Colt: Welcome to Monday Night Revolution and what a show we’ve got for you tonight! In our main event it will be The Demon King Finn Balor vs Zack Sabre Jr! For the NCWA World Class Championship even!

Dia: What does he get to announce the main event?

Punk: *smirks* Someone is jeaaalous!

Dia: I’m just curious.

Colt: Because, fun fact, I have fought Zack Sabre Jr and I almost beat him!

Phil suppresses a laugh, but by the look on Dia’s face she is about ready to scream.

Dia: *bites at her upper lip before taking a deep breath* Can we just go to the first match of the night? Please?

The camera switches over to a shot of the entrance ramp as we wait for the first competitor of the night. The beginning bars of Ke$ha’s “Stuck Up” begin as Vitani Summers appears on stage, dancing briefly before she heads down the ramp where she interacts with fans. “Problem” by Natalia Kills starts up as Ivelisse Valez makes her way to the ring. Her boyfriend Angelico is a few steps behind her. He grabs Ivelisse’s hand and turns her around to face him before he kisses her hand with a smile. Ivelisse pulls her hand away before climbing into the ring, posing on one of the turnbuckles. When Ive turns around, Angelico is right there and steals a kiss with a grin, Ive kissing back passionately before she pushes him away.

Ivelisse Valez w/Angelico v Vitani Summers
As soon as the bell rings, Ivelisse rushes Vitani and takes her to the mat on her back. She brings fist after fist after fist to the face of Vitani Summers until Vitani rolls over and delivers her own punches. Vitani gets off the top of Ivelisse before coming back at her. Vitani looks Ivelisse in a side head lock, which Ivelisse breaks with a few hard elows to the side. She tosses Vitani into the ropes, dropping to the mat to allow Vitani to hit the opposite side, before standing and trying a hip toss. Vitani manages a hip toss of her own, Ive falling to the mat before coming back at her, only for Vitani to hip toss her again. Ive stands, hitting a tough punch to the head which drops Vitani. Vitain gets back to her feet, before getting hit in the face again as Ive grabs her arm and tosses her into the opposite ropes. Ive attempts another hit, but Vitani ducks down to avoid it and hits a side kick. Ive hits the rope behind her, to which Vitani answers with a hurricanrana. When Ive gets up, Vitani rushes her, only to end up getting hit with Ive’s Desert Eagle finisher and a pin.
Winner via pinfall: Ivelisse Valez

The camera focuses on Ivelisse as she celebrates, before fading to Wade Barrett is seeing backstage, knocking on a door simply marked Bancroft.After a moment, the door opens just enough for Bancroft to stick his head out.

Bancroft: Can I help- *sees who it is* Ah! Mister Barrett. How can I help you?

Wade grins gently, giving a polite nod of his head.

Wade: Mr. Bancroft, I must say this is an honor of the highest degree. I was hoping we might speak?

With a smile, Bancroft steps back and opens the door further.

Bancroft: Yes, of course! Come in!

Wade enters the room, clasping his hands behind his back.

Wade: I have been a fan of your work in the British independent scene, Mr. Bancroft.

Nodding, Bancroft gestures to the sofa he has in the room.

Bancroft: Thank you, please sit.

Wade takes a spot on the couch, watching Bancroft move.

Wade: I was thinking…you and I could benefit from one another?

Bancroft pauses, arms behind his back as he studies Wade.

Bancroft: Oh? How do you think that, hm?

Wade: Well…I am in need of a way to get my point across. You are in need of someone who knows this business…no offense to your gorgeous granddaughter.

Bancroft: *lets out a dramatic sigh* Ah, yes. There is only so much that can be done with someone so…new.

Wade: It’s her bright eyed optimism that brings the problems. This career is not for the likes of her.

Bancroft: Alas, that is true. However. I do not have the heart to simply crush her dreams. *he shrugs* So, what is it you propose?

Wade: Allow me the honor of being managed by the illustrious Elijah Bancroft.

Bancroft: You are after a manager? Well! You have certainly come to the right person. *he grins*

Wade; I would come to no one else. You’re brilliant and hard working. *small chuckle*

Bancroft: Well clearly you are a smart man, Mister Barrett.

Wade: And I must offer my services as a future champion.

Bancroft: Yes, of course. It is indeed a shame you are not already.

Wade: Thank you, Mr. Bancroft, but I lost fair and square Well…somewhat. I wouldn’t ask you to stand at ringside for me tonight, you worry about your granddaughter. But…next week? At the pay per view?

Bancroft: *nods politely* Mister Barrett it would be an honour.

With a smile, he offers a handshake. Wade smirks and offers his own hand to shake as the camera fades to the static reception of the infamous Wyatt family. When the camera settles its on a black screen where the fans are using the flashlights on their phones to act as the fireflies. Lamplight fill the entrance ramp, Bray holding the lamp with Abigail to his left and Luke to his right. They ease towards the ring, Bray rolling in and to his knees as Luke and Abigail stand behind him. The lights come up in the arena, Bray waiting for Miz and Morrison to show up. Miz and Morrison make their way to the stage, pretending to move in slow motion, their sunglasses secure on their faces, before they both pose. The crowd is lighter on them this time, having to either cheer the Wyatts or Miz and Morrison. They pass through the blue ring ropes, the duo removing their sunglasses and Morrison his coat. Miz stands on the floor in Morrison’s corner, Luke doing the same on Bray’s side.

Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper and Abigail Wyatt v John Morrison w/The Miz
The two stand across from each other, a taunt leaving Bray’s mouth as he comes closer to him for a lock up. Morrison slips behind Bray, taking him in a headlock as soon as he turns around. The bigger man lifts Morrison in an attempt to break the headlock, but Morrison wiggles out of his arms again. Bray pushes him to run against the ropes and when Morrison comes running back, Bray knocks him to the ground with a hard shoulder. Bray drags Morrison to his feet, only to knock him back down with a hard punch to the head. Morrison rolls into the corner, trying to pull himself up as Bray kicks him in the head. Bray them moves his foot down to the gut, before pulling Morrison by the leg. Morrison hops on one, Bray holding the other, before Morrison drops to hit Bray with a kick with the free leg. Bray stumbles back, Morrison getting his bearings in the corner. As Bray comes near him, Morrison hits a powerful insiguri. Bray stumbles back and as he charges to knock Morrison out of the ring, Bray himself falls out when Morrison moves. The ref is distracted by Morrison, leaving Miz to stomp on the legs of the downed man. Luke comes around the side, putting himself between Bray and Miz. Bray gets to his feet, gets into the ring, and is immediately met by the Moonlight Drive and a pin.
Winner via pinfall: John Morrison

Bray looks livid as John quickly rolls out of the ring. Luke gets in, being yelled at by Bray, as the camera fades into commercial.

When we come back to the ring, Luke Harper is standing inside of it across from The Miz who currently has his back turned to chat with Morrison. The ref asks if Miz is ready and he waves him off, the ref ringing the bell.

Luke Harper w/Abigail Wyatt and Bray Wyatt v The Miz w/ John Morrison
As soon as Miz turns around, he is met by a big boot from Luke. This drops Miz and Luke stalks the man as if he was a downed animal. He lifts Miz by the head, delivering a hard slap to the mouth that sends Miz into the corner. He moves for the head again, applying pressure, to which the ref has to pull Luke away. Luke yells at the ref before pulling Miz out of the corner again and hitting a bodyslam. The impact makes Miz sit up in pain, Luke watching carelessly before picking Miz up yet again. He tries another bodyslam but Miz wiggles out of his grasp, delivering a hard chop to Harper’s chest. He delivers a series of chops before Luke gets fed up and pushes him back into the ropes. Instead of Luke downing him, Miz gets the upper hand with a dropkick. Luke gets to his feet to be met by a forearm, before The Miz backs into the ropes to try another hit. Luke goes for his discus clothesline, which Miz ducks under, and instead Harpter gets met with another kick to the face. Miz pulls him into the corner and climbs the turnbuckle as he keeps a hard grasp on Luke’s neck. Just not hard enough. Luke uses Miz’s momentum against him for a hard body slam. He backs into the rope and as soon as Miz shakily stands, Luke lands the discus clothesline and goes in for a pin.
Winner via pinfall: Luke Harper

Luke smirks triumphantly and gestures to Abigail to hand him something. Morrison tries to get in to help, but Bray stops him. In the ring, Luke holds Miz hard as he slips the sheep mask that once belonged to Erick Rowan on The Miz. He can be heard shouting.

Luke: Titles belong to us!

The arena goes black and when the lights come back up, The Wyatts are gone. The camera switches to a shot of the announce team. Colt’s eyes are wide and he looks like he is completely done. Punk is suppressing a smirk and Dia is leaning back against her chair.

Dia: I hate those hicks!

Punk: You’ve never enjoyed a good scare.

Colt: No such thing. All scares are bad scares.

Punk: That’s your guys opinion. Now it’s probably Miz and Morrison’s too. I hear we’ve got a moment with these guys in the back.

John Morrison is shown backstage, a look of irritation on his face as he ties his hair back. Footsteps can be heard approaching and he looks up as Miz enters the scene, carrying a bottle of water.

Morrison: *stiffly* Oh. There you are.

Miz: Excuse me? What's with the attitude?

Morrison: You should know why.

Miz: *he looks annoyed* Because I lost? Because of them and their stupid mask?

Morrison: No. Because you called me bitter.

Miz: When did I-?

Morrison: *snaps* You know when! On camera. On the phone to your wife after whining about storms.

Miz's expression goes blank as he recalls the moment, realising he did.

Miz: Okay...so I did.

Morrison: Why? Why the hell would you-

Miz: *cuts him off, snapping back at him* You want to know why? Because you are John! You. Are. Bitter. You have been since we started training together to bring the team back! How do you not notice it yourself? Maryse even picked it up at the one and only training session she's been to.

Morrison: *after a silence* I…

The camera switches to a shot of the ring as “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars beginsto play. Ari Heyman, without his father by his side, makes his way to the ring. Ari looks confident, his Young Lions Championship on his shoulder. As he gets into the ring, he hands his title to the ref. Idina Menzel’s “A Hero Comes Home” begins and the crowd erupts into cheers. As he comes out onto the stage, Cody raises a hand in greeting to the audience, waving to them. He then walks down the ramp, shaking hands with some of the fans. He enters the ring up a set of the steel stairs. Once in, he waves to the crowd again before climbing up onto one of the turnbuckles where he poses. One hand is curled in a fist, turned close to his side, the other is raised high in the air as if he’s raising a sword.

Young Lions Champion Ari Heyman v Cody Rhodes
Ari and Cody stand toe to toe, seizing each other up and down. Both men do not seem impressed with the other but back up for a moment before locking up. Cody gets the upper hand, locking Ari in a side headlock. Ari uses his strength to push Cody into the ropes and as Cody bounces back, Ari hip checks him. Ari rushes to try a pin attempt but Cody lifts his legs and pushes him away. After getting to his feet, Cody body slams Ari and tries to lock him in a leg lock but Ari kicks him away. Cody and Ari stare at each other again, circling. The fans cheering pulls Cody’s attention for a moment, but Cody gets closer and the two lock up. Cody twists Ari’s arm behind him. Ari looks very pained before elbowing Cody in the jaw to break the hold. Cody stumbles back before being backed into a turnbuckle by Ari. Ari lands a chop and then grabs his arm to toss Cody into the opposite turnbuckle. As Ari rushes him, Cody jumps over the top and rolls Ari into a successful pin attempt.
Winner via pinfall: Cody Rhodes

Ari looks shocked as he pulls away from Cody, running his hands over his head. He looks like he’s going to attack Cody, but Cody is one step ahead. He hits Ari with a dropkick and the young man falls out of the ring. He slams his hands against the floor before standing and grabbing his title, heading backstage. Ari looks furious as he storms backstage after his loss, knocking into Dante on his way to his room.

Ari: Watch where you’re going!

Dante: You’re the one knocking into people…

Ari: Person. And you’re barely that. I’d be careful if I were you. You’re heading to your second and final match. Barrett and Havoc are going to mutilate you.

Dante: *frowns, almost angrily* I have a name and it’s meant to be used. And unless you can see the future, you don’t know how my match is going to turn out, Mr. Heyman…

Ari: A snot nosed rookie like you is about to walk into the ring against two grizzled vets. *laughs* I’ll make you a deal. You actually win, and you get to face me for the title at the pay per view.

Dante: It doesn’t matter that they’re vets, I’m here to prove myself. *looks him in the eyes confidently* I’ll take your deal, just don’t back out if…no, not if…when I win. *holds his hand to shake on it*

Ari laughs and shakes his hand, before using the same hand to slap Dante across the face. Dante’s head turns at the weight of the slap, it takes a short moment before it turns back to Ari. Dante steps one step closer, anger visible in his eyes. Ari smirks, raising his Young Lions Championship before stepping back and out of camera focus. Dante takes a deep breath before walking away from the camera.

When we get back to the ring from commercial, Dante Westmore is already standing in. He looks ready to fight, but as “Sympathy For The Devil” begins, Dante looks a little more nervous. Wade smirks as he heads down, not noticing as Jimmy Havoc runs down right behind him. Jimmy cracks Wade in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Wade drops and Jimmy straddles his chest, delivering punch after punch to the face. Havoc pulls Wade to his feet, dragging him backstage to leave a confused Dante. Dante knowns he has won, evident by the smile on his face, but the camera follows Jimmy and Wade. Wade is still not moving from the baseball bat to the head, and Jimmy has him laid out on a production box, hitting him with a kendo stick to the chest. Though there is no microphone, we can hear him.

Jimmy: Is this fake, Barrett!? Does this feel fucking fake to you!?

He grabs Wade by the hair, a deviant smirk across his lips.

Jimmy: Kai has granted me a match. Against you! And guess what, Barrett! It’s a death match!

The camera focuses on Wade laying on the ground as we hear Jimmy laughing before fading to Dante coming back after his match, tired, but smiling. Cody, still in his ring gear is standing backstage, seemingly waiting for Dante.

Dante: *stops, surprised* Mr Rhodes?

Cody: *chuckles* Please, just Cody.

Dante: *almost shyly* I'm Dante Westmore, sir... I mean Mr... Uh.. Cody... It's a huge, huge honor sir.

Cody: I know. *small smile, holding his hand out* Nice to meet you.

Dante reaches out slowly before shaking his hand, giving a warm smile.

Cody: How are you doing?

Dante: tired *little laugh* a bit sweaty after my match, but good.

Cody: *nods* I imagine you'd be a bit tired. But you did good.

Dante: Thank you sir... And thank you for what you said... In your promo.

Cody: You don't need to thank me for that!

Dante: It was really meant a lot.

Cody: It did?

Dante: It's rare to meet someone standing up for a total stranger.

Cody: Well it shouldn't be. People need to step up instead of watching others suffer.

Dante: *smiles* World needs more people like you.

Cody: You think so huh? Unfortunately, there's few 'like me'.

Dante: But at least there are a few and not none.

Cody: True, true...

Dante: *smiles* Like a real hero.

Cody: *lets out a small laugh, putting a hand on Dante's shoulder* Not quite. I haven't got to do much in the way of actual helping yet.

Dante: *soft chuckle* i guess your right, but you'd be started on your path is this was a comic.

Cody: Perhaps, but it's not. Although, you did accomplish a pretty heroic feat out there of your own!

Dante: I really just wanted to prove Ari wrong, standing toe to toe with some of the toughest guys out there... I hope I managed to do that.

Cody: I'm sure you did.

Dante: *smiles and nods* Hope so.

Cody: Keep up the good work, okay?

Dante: I will, I will!

Cody: Good. *with a small smile, he turns and leaves*

Dante continues walking to the locker room. The camera switches to a shot of the ring, Nia Jax standing with her championship over her shoulder, waiting for her opponent to show up. “Touch the Sky” by Julie Fowlis begins, but Agatha Bancroft doesn’t make it out to the ring. Nia is growing impatient and turns to watch the entrance ramp. She never sees the woman run into the ring until it is too late. Nia hears cheers and turns to get hit, and dropped by AJ Lee’s Shining Wizard. The fans cheer as AJ Lee stands over the top of Nia Jax, holding Nia’s Queens Championship.

The camera comes up on the final shot of the ring for the night. The upbeat rock theme of Zack Sabre Jr starts and the young man comes from behind the curtain, popping his jacket collar before he walks to the ring. Once there, he removes his jacket and waits for his opponent. The lights flicker before going completely black, flickering a red light. Smoke rolls in as the theme song of one Finn Balor begins. Through the smoke crawls a figure, wearing red and black braids, that crouches before the theme son picks up. The figure stands, The Demon King revelling in all of his glory. He lowers himself to crawl again, the whole sight intimidating as he poses as the red lights flash. Finn heads down the ramp, his eyes devoid of their usual mischieviousness. There is no Finn Balor to be seen, only The Demon King.

Zack Sabre Jr v Finn Balor for the NCWA World Class Championship
The match starts with Finn and Zack shaking hands and exchanging a few friendly words. Finn quickly flings Zack towards the ropes, however Zack quickly turns it around and counters Finn's attack. The two grapple, repeatedly gaining the upper hand over each other before Zack quickly pulls off a Cross Armbreaker. He tries to pin, but Finn kicks out just after a two countand quickly sits up. The arena lights flicker. Something changes then and Finn in his face paint, looks furious, as if he's a totally different person. Zack tries to ask if he's okay, but Finn does not respond, just slowly gets to his feet as he glares at Zack. He backs off, but Finn persues Zack and begins wearing him down with his attack. He stops and Zack looks relieved, only to be hit by a sudden Dreamcast kick. Finn covers him for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Finn Balor

The championship is handed to Finn and, at first, the man just looks at it carefully. He doesn’t seem very impressed by it at all. He snarls as he raises the championship over his head, the camera fading to black as he does so.
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