6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution

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6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution Empty 6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution

Post by Kai Anoai on Fri Jun 01, 2018 7:54 pm

Promos are due here no later than midnight on June 24th.
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Post by Guest on Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:18 am

The camera comes up showing a pool at a hotel in Las Vegas. Sitting poolside are five very familiar faces. On the far end of the group lays Dia Banks, thick sunglasses over her eyes and wearing a retro red bikini with white polka dots. Next to her lays Kenny Omega, wearing trunks inspired by Son Goku from DBZ and the same thick sunglasses. The Young Bucks, with Matt next to Kenny and Nick next to Matt, swimwear is similar to their ring gear, minus the tassels, but they also have the same thick sunglasses on. Finally, in the last chair, lays Marty Scurll. He is wearing his normal sunglasses and black trunks. All five lay in the same position, one hand behind their head while the other holds a Being The Elite water bottle with their right leg crossed over the left. There is a collective content sigh between then before they, in unison, uncross their legs and cross the other one over the top. They then look over the top of the sunglasses at their wrists, not at watches, but at their wrists and look utterly concerned as in unison they declare.

Bullet Club: Shit!

They all jump off of their chair as the opening of the YouTube show Being The Elite plays. It's a sitcom like opening with each member doing something they are known for. Kenny Omega plays video games. Marty Scurll hits his signature pose and does his villainous laugh. The Young Bucks count merch money. Dia Banks plays with action figures on the floor with her son Louis. After the opening plays, we cut to The Young Bucks sitting in their car together on the road.

Nick: Our first NCWA show and it's all the way in Vegas.

Matt: Closer to our houses than, say, Japan.

Nick: But in Japan, we're already recognized as the tag team geniuses we are.

Matt: We will be here too. I mean, who has NCWA got? Motor City Machine Guns?

Nick: Beat 'em.

Matt: The Wyatt Family?

Nick: Better suited for the freak show, not a ring.

Matt: Miz and Morrison?

Nick: Isn't it hard to be on the tag team circuit when you're not even on the same brand?

Matt: And then there are our opponents for our upcoming fight, Egan and Seth.

Nick: Isn't that an indie girl group?

Matt: No, no, no. That's Sarah and Teagan. Seth and Egan are much less cool.

Nick: To be fair, Egan and Seth are both names we know. I mean, I remember watching the fight were Egan fell and hurt himself. I think we were in, what, high school?

Matt: He was so cool back in the day. Now he's just, well, he's sad. I mean, believe it or not, we looked up to Egan. He did moves that just dazzled. He's probably one of the best high flyers we've ever seen.

Nick: No doubt!

Matt: But Egan, c'mon, that was like, so many years ago!

Nick: Ten years.

Matt: If either one of us were actually wrestling during that time, we would have been the ones making a name for ourselves, selling out arenas. We would have been the ones beating Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. We would have taken that cruiserweight belt.

Nick: And then there's Seth. I don't think our paths have ever crossed, even though we wrestle in the indies. Most of our time on the indie scene is spent fighting people who matter, not second stringers. Guys like The Hardy Boys.

Matt: Beat 'em.

Nick: The Briscoes.

Matt: Beat 'em.

Nick: Even Los Ingobernables de Japon and Chaos.

Matt: Definitely beat 'em. Just like we'll beat a should be retired high flyer who can't high fly and a boy from the indies who wasn't even good enough to get recognized.

The two laugh and the camera cuts out on this scene.


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Post by Guest on Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:30 am

The camera opens up on a shot of a Ring of Honor ring, the arena surrounding it empty. Inside the ring, Dia Banks is running the ropes, Kenny Omega watching from the outside. Dia is dressed in a Chicago style Bullet Club shirt and black jeans, Kenny's own outfit of his Kenny Omega Bullet Club shirt and black jeans mirroring hers. She stops, wrapping an offered towel around her shoulders before smiling at Kenny.

Dia: I don't remember the last time I actually had a match. Especially in a Ring of Honor ring.

Kenny: Was with us, I think. Now you've got two matches in the same week. Back in ROH, you've got a tag match with you and the Bucks versus SoCal Uncensored.

Dia: And back in NCWA I've got AJ Lee.

The duo makes their way to the audience, sitting front row. Dia props her feet up on the barricade as Kenny wraps an arm around her shoulders.

Kenny: I know she's one of your dream opponents.

Dia: She is actually. I never made it in WWE, they never wanted me due to me being a little too...headstrong. But AJ Lee? Oh god, she held her own. She is strong, powerful. I mean, all you gotta do is look at how long she was their Diva's Champion to see what she meant to the company.

Kenny: Meant to the company?

Dia: I mean, that's probably how she kept it so long. She's good but she's not that good. I mean, the only real competition she really had in the WWE was Natty Neidhart and Paige. Here? Here she's got actual competition.

Kenny: You think you got this?

Dia: I know I got this. I may be returning from a brief hiatus, but I'm still strong as hell. I've trained in the ring for this match, my return, and I don't want to be disappointed. I don't want the AJ Lee she's been lately. I don't want someone who's become a joke of who she was. I want The Diamond in the Rough to meet The Black Widow face to face in the ring. I want to feel the ever-present fear that I might tap out because I know she'll have that same fear. It's my Shine versus her Black Widow. She's just forgetting one very simple thing.

Kenny: And what would that be?

Dia: *smirks, standing* I've never tapped out in my entire career and I'm not going to start now. She can want me to tap, tap, tap all she wants, but I'd rather pass the fuck out than tap out. I'm ready for her, I just don't think she's ready for me.

The camera fades to black on the confident look of Dia Banks.


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Post by Shea on Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:06 pm

The scene fades in on the inside of the Las Vegas arena, empty of crowds at the moment, with the exception of one person. On the ringside barrier, facing the ring sits Egan Archer. He is dressed in his new ring gear, which features a much more sombre looking rainbow of colours on his pants, compared to his usual flashy managerial outfit. His boots are a dark red, almost maroon in colour and he has elbow covers of the same colour. Beside him, a coat is hung over the barrier. It is again a dark red colour, with purple on the collar. Egan is staring at the ring in front of him, deep in thought.


Egan jumps at the sound and has to quickly grip the barrier to stop himself from falling. He shifts to look over his shoulder, the camera slowly zooming out to show Seth approaching from down the stage ramp.

Egan: *lets out a sigh* Bloody hell! Was that really necessary?

As Seth reaches him, the camera cutting back to show them from the front, he pats Egan's shoulder before leaning against the barrier beside him.

Seth: Sorry mate. *he smiles after a moment, realising Egan is already dressed in his ring gear* So. Excited?

Egan: *smiles after a moment* Nervous mostly. But I AM looking forward to this, yes. *he lifts a hand to gesture towards the ring* I know the show's not set to start for more than an hour yet, but I figured I'd get in just a bit more training before the crowds start pouring in...

Seth: Think you can do it?

Egan: *he lets out a sharp laugh* Of course I can! I've been working real hard to get back in there. Despite what that Club moron thinks, he didn't scare me off. Quite the opposite in fact. I was going to wait a few more months before joining the Roster, but I went and spoke to Mr Anoai to bring it forward. And here we are.

Grinning, Egan gets to his feet, Seth watching as he climbs the steel stairs and gets into the ring without hesitation.

Egan: See? Fine.

Despite him still grinning, the word sounds a little forced, rather than genuine.

Seth: *jumps up onto the stairs and stands on the outside of the ring, holding onto the ropes as he watches* ...are you sure?

Egan: Yes! I'm fine. I'm doing this. *he looks annoyed* You going to start trying to scare me off like everybody else fucking does?

Seth: No, of course not. *he looks around, trying to think of a way to change the subject as Egan starts walking around the ring* ...does James know you're doing this?

Egan: *suddenly stops and turns to face him* No, he doesn't! *he smiles, genuinely* It'll be a surprise. He's been great about helping me get this far though. Actually, I had something I wanted to- *he stops, brushing a hand through his curly hair* Ah, but we have a match to talk about! I'll fill you in on that later, eh?

Seth: *smirks* Riiight. We DO have a match. I'm not gonna forget you just changed the subject though mate.

He gets turns to sit on the edge of the ring as Egan climbs out to sit on the stairs.

Seth: We're gonna give it a red hot go?

Egan: *chuckles* Are you going to stop using Aussie jokes no one gets until you explain them all?

Seth: *mockingly* Yeah, nah. Not happening.

Egan: Idiot. *he smiles and shakes his head at him* Yes though. We're going to give this all we've got. We'll show 'em how awesome we can be as a team.

Seth: Of course we will Flash! And now that you're offically back in the ring, we really can be the next Awesome duo. How long's it been now since the business had a real comedy duo like Edge and Christian?

Egan: Don't forget Angle helped them out too!

Seth: Of course I won't. But, I mean, there's been some great teams and all, but I don't find myself searching THEM on Youtube for a laugh. I still go back to good old 'E and C'.

Egan: *nods* True, but we aren't here just to 100% copy them. We're still Seth and Egan. There's a difference between 'inspired by' and copied. *he smirks* Reminds me of when I first saw a certain team. What was their name...? Ah, yes! Generation ME. To me, when I first saw them, I just thought they were trying too hard to be the next Hardy boys. Funny that they happen to be our opponents, isn't it?

Seth: As the Young Bucks now though...

Egan: Yes, they've learned too not to just copy, thankfully. They're too talented to waste it being just a Version 2 of someone else. Same as you.

Seth: *smiles* Thanks. So you think we can win huh?

Egan: *laughs* Think? I KNOW we can. I didn't spend all this time training for a return just to lose to kids who want to be Hardys. I didn't come back just for nerds in suits to think they're able to scare me off. Scurll and Banks didn't scare me off like they thought, and I'm definitely not going to let their minions get to me. We'll go out there and show everyone that, while we make jokes, Seth and Egan are still serious competitors on the roster.

Seth: *grins and nods* Damn right we will! Now. How about we practice that move before you finish explaining that thing you wanted to distract me from...

Egan: Alright, alright.

Egan laughs and shakes his head at Seth before climbing up towards the turnbuckle as the scene ends.

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Post by Westmore on Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:07 am

The camera fades in on a small hotel room, laid out on the bed is a dark brown bomber jacket. A figure steps towards the bed, their dressed in a tight fitting shirt with a gun harness over it, cargo pants with an another harness over one of the leg's, black fingerless gloves and black combat boots. Turning around shows it to be Young Lion Dante Westmore, he sets down obviously fake guns by the jacket before sitting on the bed. He flushes a little, but smiles warmly as he starts.

Dante: Sorry about the costume, but a new friend of mine invited me to a local convention and I decided to dress up this time. He's going as Cloud and I decided to go as Leon from Resident Evil. He was always my favorite from the games and I'm pretty excited to finally get a chance to.

Dante pauses, giving a shy little chuckle.

Dante: But I'm far more excited about my upcoming match... Finn Balor... I'm going to be wrestling Finn Balor... That doesn't even sound real; it doesn't even feel real... I swear it’s so hard to believe it, but I'm really going to wrestle him. He's had a career I could only dream about, he's one of the best in the company and he's going to wrestle me, a rookie. He's worked all over the world and won belts, he was our first NCWA champion.

He toys with one of the straps of the harness, trying to find his words.

Dante: And I have to beat him, it’s an enormous task to even think about. But I have to win and I will... Will try my hardest to beat the legendary Finn Balor. But I think I picked an appropriate character for my cosplay, after all Leon faces enormous odds in every game he's been in and he started out as a rookie just like me. Granted fighting zombies is vastly harder than wrestling, but I think it still works.

Dante chuckles softly.

Dante: Watch out for my super kick Mr. Balor; it'll only take one to give me a chance to win. This match is a huge honor for me and my chance to really test my skills.

A knock at the door causes Dante to look away from the camera, he smiles before standing up, starting to holster the prop guns.

Dante: That’s my friend, time to go.

Dante finishes with the guns before sliding on the jacket, completing the look for his Leon cosplay. He smiles at the camera before walking out of the view of camera, opening the door as camera fades to black.

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Post by Westmore on Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:02 am

The camera fades in on a room with a loveseat in the middle and sitting on it is Bea, she's holding a small Pug puppy.

Bea: Come on William, time to get started.

Will: I know, I know... Did you have to bring her though?

Bea: My little Poppy is too little to stay alone by herself yet.

Will huffs, but he smiles a little as Bea coos at her puppy.

Bea: Now we have to get down to business, you have to talk about your NCWA match.

Will: You mean my match against Mr. Hollywood himself, Mizanin?

Bea: That's right babe.

Will: Well this should be interesting, if probably easy.

Bea: Easy? Feeling cocky as always I see.

Will smirks and nods.

Will: Of course, why shouldn't I feel cocky? I know just how good I am and I'm better then Mizanin, come on babe you know I am.

Bea: Of course you are, but are you going to promise to be careful this time?

Will: What? I'm always careful!

Bea: You almost got hurt in your match last week and he won't be happy if you get hurt, you've got to be ready for any attacks.

Will: Your right, your right.

Bea: Oh course I am babe, I'm always right.

Bea smirks before standing up, holding her pug close.

Bea: Let's go, we've got to meet up with Zack.

Will nods and stands up, wrapping his arm around her. He grins at the camera before walking away with Bea before the camera fades quickly to black.


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Post by Guest on Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:49 pm

We see an apple being tossed into the air and then coming back down to be caught by a large, masculine hand. As the camera pans out, we see that the hand belongs to Luke Harper. His normally wild black hair is pulled into a tight top knot, though his beard is still long and unkempt looking. He wears a red and black plaid shirt open over his normal white tank top, complete with jeans. He seems lost in concentration, before licking his lips to begin speaking.

Luke: There is a constant battle in my mind with the demons inside, but I've made peace with them now. Now they know me because I have new eyes and I can see what true evil is. Do you know what that is like, Jimmy Havoc? I can see the fear in you, I know what the inner battles of a broken man can do to his psyche. It will turn a good man into a mad man. I am a madman, a broken man, and in the same sense, so are you.

The camera pans out to show us where Luke currently is: the woods outside of the Wyatt compound. We hear the splashing of water and realize Luke is near a body of water. By the sound of laughter, we can tell that he is not alone.

Luke: The difference is in how we handle our demons, isn't it Jimmy? You succumb to them, allow your demons to turn you to anger. I was taught just how to harness my rage, harness my hatred. You, on the other hand, succumb to that anger. You let it blind you, warp you in her name. I may have that same anger, but I have found other outlets for it. You found your Rosemary and I...well...I found...

It's almost as if he can't bring himself to say it and we hear a girlish giggle. In the water, we can see Abigail Wyatt splashing another female member of the Wyatt family. Luke stops tossing the apple, a soft look in his eyes.

Luke: I know that Rosemary whispers darkness in your ear. I know that she tells you that she is your one true savior. She's wrong. She's been lying to you. Abigail is the one savior of this world. I will destroy you for her. She was very upset to see her brother destroyed, stripped of his title at the hands of such a dark, sinful man. I will not let a demon and his mate strike fear into the heart of Sister Abigail. I shall decimate you, prove to you that demons should be cast out both from your mind and by your side. The world has no need for the likes of you. The world has no need for your darkness.

The sounds of the giggles have gotten closer and we can see Abigail and the woman making their way up the path from the water. Abigail smiles kindly at Luke and takes the apple that he holds as the camera fades out on the look that the two share.


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Post by Westmore on Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:07 pm

The camera fades in slowly as the sounds of fists hitting a bag are heard, a female figure with a hood up is hitting hard strikes against bag as a lanky male holds it for her. The female stops with a deep breath, pulling down the hoodie showing it to be Ivelisse. She smirks at the bag before turning towards to camera.

Ivelisse: Agatha Bancroft, the so called fairy princess. Agatha Bancroft, the prim granddaughter.

She chuckles and strikes the bag again, the sound loud in the quiet room.

Ivelisse: Agatha Bancroft, not ready... That's right she's not ready for this match with me.

Ivelisse chuckles again, staring at the punching bag.

Ivelisse: She's not ready to take me on, shes got natural skills I'll admit. But natural skills isn't enough to beat me, not when I'm laser focused. Not when I've been training... But I suppose it's not her fault, after all I'm pretty sure she didn't ask to get her ass kicked. Unfortunately she's stuck with me and I'm not going to go easy on her like Barrett... After all I'm not under Grandpa's contract and I don't go easy on people I like, let alone people I don't like.

She throws her head back and laughs before turning to show the bag has Agatha's name on it.

Ivelisse: Sorry princess, I'm going to knock you down and make you tap out. I'm sure grandpa will at least make sure you get some ice for your bruised dignity.

Ivelisse grins before starting to strike and kick the bag, each one has purpose behind then. The camera lingers for a moment on Ivelisse before fading slowly to black.


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6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution Empty Re: 6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution

Post by Westmore on Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:35 am

A soft giggling is heard as the camera fades in, sitting crossed legged on the floor of the empty is a small figure with her back to the camera. Long black hair pulled into low pigtails and cut up shirt means it could only be AJ Lee, a fact confirmed as she turns her head to the camera. Slowly she half turns her body to the camera and tilts her head in a curious manner as she smiles.

AJ: Dia... *giggles softly* Dia... I heard you've been having some very silly thoughts about me, that I've become a joke of my former self? *a low angry chuckle* So I've become a joke have I? Well I've got to change that now don't I? After all a Black Widow is too deadly of a spider to be a joke.

Despite the low angry tone, AJ remains smiling.

AJ: Do you know why I choose the Black Widow Spider? Because for such a tiny form its the most graceful of the deadly spiders. One bite is all she needs... Just like me... Tiny and dangerous. That's why I choose to do a submission, to show just how deadly my bite is... *another soft giggle* You've never tapped out before? Then it's nothing short of an honor to be your first. You'll always remember that AJ Lee made the Bullet Queen tap out.

AJ finally shifts all the way towards facing the camera, showing her shirt to the camera. A painted spider's web covers the front and in the corner is a black widow wrapping up her prey. But it's not a bug painted onto the shirt, it's a bullet. A bullet being wrapped up by the spider.

AJ: I'd say it's painless, but that would be a lie after all a spider's bite is never painless. Such a pity that this is how it has to turn out... Me in the center of the ring, making you tap out. But at the same time I feel such a thrill, adding another victim to my web.

She giggles softly as she looks wistful.

AJ: Bullets may kill with a bang, but spiders kill silently.

The camera slowly fades out as a soft tapping noise is heard, slowly more sounds of tapping join the first before the sound of a bell cuts them all out and the screen is left black.


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6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution Empty Re: 6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution

Post by Shea on Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:11 pm

The scene fades in on Agatha, who has dressed again very different from her usual Disney-ish fairy style. Instead, she looks much more mature in a darker outfit. Her long, flowing gown is dark, and a little more revealing than usual. Her hair is pulled back and styled into a more elegant, braided bun. In her hands, she holds a flute, which she raises and starts to play, closing her eyes as she does so. The tune starts softly but then transitions to one that could easily be danced to. It sounds fairly cheerful, but as she continues playing, the tune grows steadily darker. It holds the attention, picking up speed until suddenly, she stops.

Agatha: *opens her eyes, a mischevious grin on her face* All across the world, there are stories of the Fairies. All Fairy stories come hand in hand with cautionary tales; don't eat their food, don't stand in a Fairy ring, don't disturb the forts... Do NOT listen to their music. Ha! Foolish humans have been told to get lost, lured by the Fairy music. Once they hear it, they are drawn in and find themselves dancing. The victims lose all sense of space and time. Days, weeks, months...even centuries could pass while they are dancing. Those who escape aren't all that lucky either; the music stays in their ears. Some become very ill, others will go insane!

She lets out a little chuckle as if she finds it all amusing.

Agatha: Poor Ivelisse, having to go up against me now! What will she do? No insults about me and my career will work, so how on Earth will she threaten me hm? After all, I've already heard them all. Many have tried to humiliate me, even my Grandfather! It'll be like SHE has heard the Fairy music. IT could be weeks, months or even years before she finds a way to intimidate and beat me! Perhaps, try something new dear? I'm tired of the 'you don't belong here' crap. I will not let you win. Instead, I'll continue playing my tune. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll drive all of you mad, and you'll back off!

With her mischevious grin again, she holds up the flute and then begins to play the dark sounding tune.

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Post by Shea on Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:37 pm

The Miz is seen standing in front of a zoo enclosure. Just on the other side of the enclosure, sitting on a branch is a large bird. It has a hooked beak and yellow eyes with a dark, winding pattern across its white head feathers. Miz glances at the powerful looking bird then looks back at the camera.

Miz: THIS is an Osprey. A pretty awesome bird of prey, from the Raptor family of birds. It's one of the few species seen almost worldwide, besides Antartica. They eat mainly fish, and they're pretty awesome at spotting things that are underwater, while they're flying. The Osprey of the Northern hemisphere tend to migrate for the winter, with the European ones going all the way to Africa...while Australasian ones...stay at home.

He shrugs, glancing back at the bird.

Miz: Why talk about the bird? Well, it's interesting for a start. Unlike my opponent; a boring loser who sounds like he named himself after the bird, yet can't even spell it right. I mean Will Ospreay of course. How long has this guy been around, and what's he done? You've won...three Championships? Really? *he rolls his eyes, tone dripping with sarcasm* Congratulations. Loser. And you think you're a great heel, do you? I agree you're a brat. But that's about it. *he scoffs* Come back when they actually vote YOU most hated wrestler of the year because I HAVE done it. I mean, jeez, I've won more WWE Tag titles alone than you have any sort of Championships on your little resume!

He throws his head back and laughs.

Miz: Seriously dude, I'd rather fight this bird here. Which uh- there's no 'A' in its name by the way. But whatever. I'll add another easy win to my list, build up my heel power a bit more when I humiliate you. Perhaps you should go study Ari Heyman's work. Man, THAT guy is a good heel, and I don't think he even tries to be one. Now THAT is awesome.

With a smirk, he pulls sunglasses out of his jacket pocket and puts them on as the scene ends.

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6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution Empty Re: 6-25-18 Monday Night Revolution

Post by Shea on Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:24 am

A shape rises out of the mist: Finn Balor in his long coat and thorny, wooden crown.  His eyes are dark, but his expression is otherwise blank, unreadable. The tone of his voice is emotionless when he speaks.

Finn: So, a young Prince has come to challenge the King, has he? Dante Westmore. The young rookie, quickly rising in popularity, fighting the top villains, but being harassed by some mysterious, dark entity. He's held out quite well against these cowardly messengers, but now he'll face a true dark entity: Finn Balor!

He raises his arms up into the air.

Finn: Whether Demon or Fairy King, the darkness prevails! I will not allow my throne to be usurped!

He crosses his arms and lets out a sigh.    

Finn: I will not fall to a Simple Kick. The move may have been popularised by the legend Shawn Michaels, but now the move is sadly overused. No, instead, you will fall victim to the Dreamcast...

The camera slowly zooms on his face and finally, he shows an expression. It is one of malice. He grins.

Finn: Goodnight, Prince.

He lets out a cold laugh, seeming to disappear back into the mist.

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