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4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area Empty 4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area

Post by Kai Anoai on Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:05 am

Promos are due by 4-24 at midnight!
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4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area Empty Re: 4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area

Post by Shea on Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:44 pm

Miz is seen sitting in a hotel lounge, a look of concern on his face as he watches someone beside him on the sofa. He looks as if he’s only recently woke up, wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts, hair unstyled. The camera slowly zooms out to show the person he’s sitting with is Casey Johnson, who is dressed neatly in a shirt and jacket with dark pants. He looks anything but happy as he holds a damp cloth to the left of his mouth.

Miz: ...how’s it doing?

Casey sighs and lowers the cloth, showing a cut on his lower lip and the beginnings of a bruise forming nearby.

Miz: -frowns- Luckily not too bad. Who the hell…?

Casey: -cuts him off- Egan. It was bloody Egan who did it.

Miz: -looks a little surprised- ...why?

Casey: -shrugs- He saw the video, I guess? He was pretty mad.

Miz: You didn’t...?

Casey: -firmly- No. He came and found me.

There’s an awkward silence before Casey looks up at him.

Casey: You don’t have worry now. I’m staying far away from that ass.

Miz: -raises an eyebrow- Last show you used that Peter guy to get back at the guy because you were upset.

Casey: And made the video because I was pissed off after bloody Spud thought he could tell me what I can and can’t do. -he shrugs-

Miz: ...and now?

Casey: Now I want to stay away from him. I’m not stupid, I’m not going to hang out for someone who thinks it’s okay to come and do something like this. -he gestures to his injury- Spud can fucking have him.

Miz smirks before reaching a hand out, hesitating for a moment before resting it on Casey’s shoulder.

Miz: Right. Well...this works out then; I just happen to have my first match against ‘Rockstar Spud’. -he says the name with disgust, pulling a face afterwards-

Casey: Oh, you do?

Miz: I do. ...will it make you feel better if I kick his ass, in the ring?

Casey: -small nod- It’d be better if it was Egan himself though, but in the ring is fine.

Miz grins and gets to his feet.

Miz: Great. I’ll kick his ass, both because his partner is a loser and because there’s a stupid Brit who needs reminding why I always have and always will be better than he is!

Casey: Stupid Brit…? -he looks confused-

Miz: Barrett, of course.

Casey: Ah.

He looks confused again as Miz holds a hand out to him.

Miz: Come have some breakfast?

After a moment, Casey nods, taking his hand as the scene ends.

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Post by Joey Ryan on Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:50 pm

The camera opens up on a lavish hotel room, the bed sitting with blankets askew and messy. We hear the sound of a shower running before the bathroom door open and Joey Ryan strides out, rivulets of water running down his bare chest. He is dressed in a pair of tropical print shorts with a towel around his neck. The outline of a woman is seen in the white shower curtain before Joey shuts the door behind him.

Joey: Tsk, tsk, tsk. A gentleman never kisses and tells.

Joey goes to the bed and sits down on the edge of it, a smirk playing across his lips. He runs a hand through his wet hair and lets the water roll down his chest.

Joey: N.C.W.A. I’ve worked a lot of wonderful companies with a lot of wonderful talent. I have to say NCWA is the most….eclectic. In my division, we have an actor, a goth, a second genner, a machine gun, a rookie, and whatever the hell Egan Archer considers himself. Am I forgetting anyone? *mocks thought* Oh. Yeah. A demoness.

Joey chuckles as he stands again, using the towel around his shoulders to gently dab at his chest. He makes a show of it, mouth slightly open as he dabs at his chest. When done, he licks his lips.

Joey: Rin Takahashi. Now, she may not know it but that is a name I know. I have a friend who once worked for the same company as Rin, Shine, back in 2014. Miss Takahashi is good, great even, in the ring. I mean, just look at all the amazing things she’s done in the NCWA like…er…wait. Has Rin done anything in the NCWA? Has she? She’s had exactly one match in the NCWA against a rookie and, yikes, she lost. She lost against a rookie. Isn’t she supposed to be this end all be all bad ass? Losing to a rookie is not at all bad ass.

Joey gets into his bag, grabbing an ice blue shirt with the words Legalize Sleaze on them in white lettering. He goes to get into the gray bag on the other side of the hotel room bed and pulls a pair of ladies blue jean shorts and a black tank top with the Jurassic Park symbol on it. He lays them on the bed before continuing.

Joey: Rin used to get called Izanami no mikoto. Now I don’t know much about Japanese mythology but a quick Wikipedia search shows me that Izanami was a goddess of creation and death. Izanami and her brother Izanagi were given a spear decorated with jewels, named Ame-no-nubokio. Yeah. Cute story to think about…until you realized she mated with her brother and had deformed little incest babies. -makes a disgusted face- Ya know, Rin thinks that was a cutesy little nickname given to her because she created an opportunity for herself in this business instead of giving up, which I can respect, especially when women's wrestling in Japan is dying. I just don’t think getting a cutesy nickname based on a spear-toting incest lady is a positive thing.

He smiles and unwraps a red lollipop to put in his mouth, taking the comb laying next to his mirror to run through his hair. He starts in his hair before running it through his mustache and then his chest hair.

Joey: Ya know, even being an incest lady would be better than what Rin is. I’ve heard that Miss Rin is just a taaaaad bit of a prude. Rumor is she’s very old fashioned when it comes to love and relationships. It’s cute but, uh, ah who am I kidding. It’s not cute. It’s hilarious! This woman, who's supposedly a badass, is just a little girl when it comes to love. Surprising from a woman who has patterned herself after the yuki-onna.

Joey smirks and sits back down on the bed, still not having put on a t-shirt. He absentmindedly runs his lollipop over his lower lip.

Joey: Now the yuki-onna, I know the story of the yuki-onna. It’s pretty sexy. The yuki-onna is a vampiric spirit who shows up either in a pure white kimono or sometimes naked. It’s not afraid to use its beauty to tempt men into having sex before slowly draining the man of his life force, pleasuring the man until he dies. *waggles his eyebrows* Hot. Hot and so, so not like little Rin. *smirks* So. Our match. I know Rink thinks highly of herself, but honestly, how is she going to react the second I grab those perky boobs for a Boobplex? And how does she expect to counter my dick? She can’t. She can’t counter my dick. No one’s ever countered my dick. *beams* However, if she wants to try other things with my dick, I’m always down for it.

The sound of the shower finally stops and the brunette from his intro, face still obscured as the camera fades to black.
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Post by Peacock Rock on Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:04 pm

The camera opens up on the image of NCWA Tag Team Division star Rockstar Spud. His fade is nicely combed and he wears a gray sweater with black slacks, not his normal colorful flair. He sips from a mag before setting it on the counter. Overall, this does not feel like the happy-go-lucky attitude Spud usually gives off.

Spud: I don’t see why you didn’t tell me sooner.

Egan, who is sitting on a stool at the counter, is not so neat-looking. He looks more like he’s just woken up and is wearing a Dalek t-shirt and track pants. Slowly, he looks up from his own mug which is held in both hands.

Egan: -sighs- I didn’t intend to just leave it. I’d meant to bring it up after the show…

Spud: After the show? You intended to wait that long?

Egan: I’ve been busy.

Spud: Egan, I love you, but that’s no excuse.

Egan is quiet for a moment before shaking his head.

Egan: No, it’s not. I should’ve told you straight away.

Spud gives a soft sigh, pressing a kiss for the top of Egan’s head gently.

Spud: I don’t blame you, of course. He kissed, or tried to kiss, you. You did not kiss or try to kiss him. I love you.

Egan: I’ve never been interested in him that way. -small smile- I love you.

Spud beams and kisses Egan on the cheek again before going to the oven to pull a tray of biscuits from it. He puts them on the counter before turning back to Egan.

Spud: -sheepishly- I bake when I get nervous. And this match has me plenty nervous.

Egan: I have noticed that. -he frowns slightly- I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much. why nervous? It’s only The Miz.

Spud: Yes. The Miz. Who has beaten the likes of John Cena to win titles. The most impressive competitor I ever defeated for a title was Low Ki. What have I got compared to him?

Egan: Okay, he’s done that. -he shrugs- But he’s gotten those chances by being an insufferable loudmouth. I bet if they actually gave you a chance, you’d be able to too.

Spud: I suppose so. -hesitates- I…I guess I can face off with him. I may not be John Cena, but I am Rockstar Spud. He’s never faced someone quite like me before.

Egan: -smiles- No, he hasn’t. Which you can use to your advantage.

Spud smiles and takes one of the biscuits, biting into it thoughtfully.

Spud: Everyone seems to forget that I am a singles wrestler first and foremost. Yes, I agreed to come here with Dalton but I started as a single. I am Rockstar Spud for Pete's sake!

Egan: You did pretty well for yourself, from what I’ve seen.

Spud: I did, I still do. Besides, I think I’m not the only Brit Miz has to worry about.

Egan: I know you do. -smirks- Definitely not. There’s something of a queue it seems.

Spud: Precisely. -smiles- So Miz can say what he wants about me and you. At the end of the day, he is either going to eat defeat courtesy of a Five Stone Spud Splash or face the retribution from another man’s Wasteland.

The camera ends on Spud giving his usual charismatic grin as he takes Egan’s hand.

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4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area Empty Re: 4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area

Post by Peacock Rock on Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:09 pm

The camera opens on an ornate living room, filled with ornate bird imagery. A large hand carved peacock is the focal point above the mantle but our attention is drawn instead to the peacock lounging on a chaise lounge in the center of the room: NCWA Tag Team Division star Dalton Castle. Next to him on either side are his beloved Boys. Boy #1 has a fan, decorated with beautiful peacock feathers. Boy #2 holds a bunch of grapes, feeding Dalton when he asks for one. Dalton looks to be in the lap of luxury. He waves of Boy #2 before grinning directly into the camera.

Dalton: Welcome to my home! Casa del Pavo Real!

Dalton offers a hand out and Boy #2 takes it to help Dalton to his feet. He stands, crossing to the back patio door, which gives us the view of an opulent manor ground.

Dalton: A man’s home is his castle. Casa del Pavo Real is my castle. It’s where I go when I need to think. And right now I need to think about a lot. I need to think about how I am so far 0-1-1. I need to think about how this time I am on my own with only my boys. Most importantly I need to think about Lucky Carson.

Dalton gets a wide grin to his face, his fingers trailing over his lips as if remembering the show before where he asked Dani for a kiss and received a slap, or as if he’s thinking about what he wants to do to Lucky. His hand trails down to his chest and he chuckles.

Dalton: Lucky is a spitfire. Any man who stands toe to toe with me while I make my advances has to have that fire. I tested it when I told him I thought him handsome. He proved it by not backing down. And I loved it.

Dalton laughs and crosses his arms in front of his chest.

Dalton: This world needs more people with that undeniable fire in their bellies. People who won’t back down when faced with their adversity. Those people, people like me, made the world go round. I tell people the key to my success is my boys, but that is only half true. The full truth is that fire in my belly drives me and the boys only help. But…do you know what happens when two people with that unquenchable fire meet in that ring? That fire, well, it engulfs everything around it.

Dalton chuckles, his eyes glancing from the sprawling backyard back to the peacock that sits above the mantle, before glancing back at the camera.

Dalton: We all know I am the party peacock, but there’s a more mythical bird I fancy every bit as much. I always have, and always will be, a fan of the legend of the phoenix. Lucky, being someone who claims to be a warrior, this story should be very familiar to you. See, way-way back before cell phones or cars but just after the dinosaurs was the mythical land of Greece. In this mythical land, there was this beautiful, colorful bird called the phoenix. It stood out from all the other drab, boring birds. Now this bird, the phoenix, would rise every morning to greet the day with a song so beautiful that it made Apollo jealous. At the end of the phoenix’s life approached, it would build a pyre of aromatic branches and- poof!- burst into flames. Just three days later, it would be reborn.

The fire that is in Dalton’s eyes is unmistakable. It is that drive that compels so many who have ever wanted more than they currently have.

Dalton: I was the reason we failed against The Warriors, Spud and I. If I hadn’t been so preoccupied with wanting to prove Dani had that same fire, we would have won then too. The phoenix may have been a bird reborn from the ashes, but this week it isn’t a phoenix rising. It’s a peacock rising. I hope you’re ready Lucky because I am.

Dalton snaps and the Boys bring their fans to frame Dalton’s face, the camera fading to black on that signature smirk and that fire in his eyes.

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Post by Westmore on Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:33 pm

The camera fades in what is becoming a familiar room, now two couches sit in the room. Sitting on the back one of the couches is Jaylee, her cousin Jaxx sitting on the couch proper beside her and on the other couch is Liv. All three look annoyed and the room feels tense, but far too quiet without Remy.

Jaylee: He's late...

Liv: As you said five minutes ago...

Jaylee: I'm only saying...

Jaxx: Stop chopsing you two, I'm not in the damn mood for it and neither is he...

The girls go quiet with glares for Jaxx; the quiet doesn't last long as footsteps are heard. Jimmy walks towards his Heathens, his face unreadable and instead of his cane he's holding something smaller. Jaxx stands up, growling lowly as he asks.

Jaxx: Tell me we're going for blood? I had that match and all I had to do was lock my Crossface in one more time and Riddle would have tapped, they took that from me! Promise me we're going for blood!

Jimmy: Of course we're going for blood, they took your win away and they attacked me. One action is enough to make me angry, both is unforgivable... Blood is an inevitable outcome for this fight, but this time I intend to spill it first. They made a mistake; they just don't know it yet. Or maybe they do know and are just stupid enough to not to care, doesn't matter which is true. All that matters is they are going to pay.

Jimmy lifts up his hand, a delighted smirk in place as we finally get a good look at the long spike in his hand. Liv looks a little scared when she sees it, while the Jaylee gives a dry chuckle and Jaxx is still just angry.

Jimmy: Time to bring my old friend back, it’s been far too long since I've had to pleasure of using it and I know just who I want to cut. Drew Parker... Jaxx you can have any of the others, but Drew is mine.

Jaxx: You can have him, I don't care which one I take down. All I care about is making them bleed, leaving them broken in the ring. Be it Chuck or Spike, all I want is my fist in somebody's face and either one will make my fist very happy. Maybe after I get bored with beating them up I'll let one of them tap out.

Jimmy grins approvingly at his angry Heathen; he then turns his attention to Liv.

Jimmy: Sorry to say my dear, but you and Remy aren't meant to join us on this venture.

Liv: *shocked* But...

Jimmy: No. Remy has his own match to worry about and I need you to continue to prepare for phase two.

Liv: *manages a small nod* I understand...

Jimmy nods approvingly and watches as Liv leaves the room, he looks at Jaylee.

Jimmy: I don't want to assume...

Jaylee: *interrupts him* All this talk of blood is ych a fi, but I've never been one to act squeamish or scared. *smirks* Besides I'm looking forward to getting to have some real fun, I'm all in for taking them down. I don't care about who I get my hands on; I'm going to destroy them. They are going to regret messing with Heathens; they're going to wish they had just stuck with picking on Limitless Smiles when we're done with them.

Jimmy beams with pride at the Karden cousins before looking back at the spike, an almost sadistic look in his eyes.

Jimmy: Do Not Resuscitate, you little boys made a big mistake... I hope you’re ready to pay for it, because the cost is very high. Bring your bat Drew, bring whatever weapons you want. All I really need is my friend here... See you in the ring boys.

Jimmy sticks the spike in his mouth, like a dog holding a bone. Jimmy smirks as the camera starts to fade out on his crazed eyes.

4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area 1heath11


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Post by Limitless Smiles on Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:25 pm

The sound of voices chattering amongst themselves is head before the camera ever opens up. When the camera does reveal it’s view, we see that we are in a bar. The walls are decorated by pictures of acclaimed writer Edgar Allen Poe, different newspaper articles about the man’s life framed around the room. At a table near the back, we see Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, and Kelani Johnson. Kelani is wearing a red t-shirt with the words Boom Boom in comic style lettering. Matt simply wears a green shirt with his yellow baseball cap. Keith is in a blue New Day t-shirt. Noticeably missing is team manager Colt Cabana. The team seems more somber than usual, even as the waitress brings their food.

Waitress: I’ve got the Amontillado for the bro.

Matt: -small nod- A wrong is undressed when retribution overtakes its redresser.

Waitress: The Tell-Tale Heart for the lady.

Kelani: It is the beating of his hideous heart! -takes her burger-

Waitress: The Annabell Lee for the older gentleman. -smiles-

Keith takes the crab cake without looking at the waitress, his gaze locked on Kelani.

Keith: Our love, it was stronger by far than the love of those who were older than we.

There is a fourth plate that the waitress reaches for and the trio looks confused.

Keith: Ma’am? There’s only three of us-

Male Voice: Three? Cause I count four.

The trio turns to see a familiar face to Progress Wrestling and wxw fans. Standing just behind the waitress, wearing a black t-shirt sporting a nickname cheat sheet is the cream in your coffee, your favorite wrestler’s favorite wrestler, the Jewish cannon, the physical embodiment of charisma, the most entertaining man in professional wrestling, the Bernie Sanders of professional wrestling, the best of the best, Mr. Americanranna, Davey Wrestling, Davey Deathmatch, the 104 minute man, the main event, the man who’s really good at Twitter, the king of taunts, the product; otherwise known as-

Kelani: Oh my god, you’re David Starr.

David helps the waitress by placing his plate on the table, scooting into the booth next to Keith. He playfully elbows Keith in the side with a grin.

David: You were right about her, Keith.

Keith ducks his head like a shy teenager. Matt beams and gives David a high five.

Matt: Long time no see, bro! How’d you find us?

David: Colt told me where to meet you. So here I am. I know you guys could use the extra set of eyes.

Keith: Outside of the ring this week. I’ve got a fair play opponent inside the ring this week.

Matt: *around a mouthful of burger* You got that new bro this week, don’t you? Ted…uh…

Kelani: Jordan.

Matt: *nods in agreement* Jordan. Yes. That.

Keith: *nods with a smile* Largest guy on the roster. The new kids' manager, Odessa, wanted a challenge and, welp, here I am. Willing to help.

Kelani: You worried?

Keith: Worried? Not really. I’ve got the advantage of experience on the kid, that much is obvious. He seems just a tad doubtful, but I mean, all rookies start out that way. When I was a rookie, I had a giant chip on my shoulder.

Matt: I was a shy bro with a failed UFC career in my rearview, bro.

Kelani: And, god, I’m still scared to fail. I’m still a rookie.

David: I wasn’t always the man of a million monikers…-grins- I like that. Let me jot that down.

Keith: *rolls his eyes playfully as he nudges David* Gotta focus on the kid. Just because I’m not worried doesn’t mean I’m not taking this seriously. I want to see what Ted has going on. He may be new but Egan Archer has trained these guys. They have to be at least a little bit good.

Kelani: I’ve seen them wrestle at the training center. Ted is a little unsure sometimes but when he is sure, he is on fire. I know he can give you a hard time if you go in with the on fire version.

Keith: Gee, thanks, kid.

Kelani: *playfully rolls her eyes* Well it’s true. His Firebolt is amazing!

Matt: Wait, wait, wait. Bro calls his finisher the Firebolt? And wears yellow and black? *chuckles* Bro is a Potterhead.

Keith: A Hufflepuff. And like most Hufflepuff’s he’s eager to please. As a fellow Hufflepuff, I’m gonna have to agree and oblige. I hope the kid brings me his A game. I never give anything but my best, that much I assure you.

David: While you face him, I’ll make sure that you guys have eyes on the outside for DNR.

Keith: And the help we asked for when we face DNR at the PPV?

Kelani: *looks confused* Help? We asked for help?

Matt: *wide-eyed with a happy grin* Did my bro agree? We gonna ask him for help?

David: He’s ready when you need him.

The camera fades out on the four friends enjoying their meal.

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4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area Empty Re: 4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area

Post by Shea on Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:45 pm

The scene fades in on a shot of Marco Ellis, dressed in boots, jeans and a biker-style jacket. The camera follows him as he heads inside a club, although it’s clearly not open for the evening yet. A slow drum beat can be heard, with guitar and bass trying to fill in a tune that seems to be missing something. As Marco enters the main room, he stops and looks over at the stage on the far end, vocals now audible.

And there’s so many things
So many things you do
And there are many things
And many things are true
And they hold onto nothing
Don’t ever let it go
Your guidance is poison
The followers are so

The music changes to a more intense guitar tune briefly before they let the song fade out. The three men on the stage turn to each other and exchange a few quiet words before the lead vocalist and guitarist - Jacen Westmore - puts aside his instrument and hops down from the stage. He nods in greeting to Marco, who offers a handshake. After a brief hesitation, Jacen firmly shakes his hand, Marco responding with a small smile. Behind them, the other two band members begin quietly talking to each other.

Marco: Interesting sound you’ve got there. But...I thought you said there were four of you?

Jacen frowns, glancing over at the stage for a moment before turning his attention back to Marco.

Jacen: There is…

Marco: [he raises an eyebrow] So where is he?

Jacen: ...She isn’t here, obviously. We haven’t been able to practice as much recently. Too many arguments. Wanted to see if one less made a difference.

Marco: Ah. I see. [he smirks] And why is it the lady misses out, hm?

Jacen: [mutters, looking away] Drop it.

Marco: I was just curious-

Suddenly, Jacen’s expression turns dark as he turns back to Marco.

Jacen: I said drop it!

In the background, the other two stop their conversation to look at Jacen. A tall, thin blonde puts aside his guitar as he watches Jacen anxiously. The other has short, dark hair and he clenches his drumsticks in one hand, gaze jumping between Jacen and Marco, and the other band member, as if wondering if they should intervene, as if having had to do so before.

Marco: [raises a hand in a calming gesture, unfazed by Jacen’s response]  Look, I was just asking. [he looks around, searching for a distraction, before his gaze stops on the other two] How about you introduce me to these two gentlemen then?

Jacen turns to his bandmates, who both look relieved as he seems to calm, but remains tense.

Marco: [gestures to the blonde] Who is this?

Jacen: [slowly] Riley… Known him since we were in school.

Marco: [nods and turns to the drummer] And he is…?

Jacen: Howl. Haven’t known him quite as long.

Marco nods and the other two look surprised as Jacen seems to relax, hands unclenching.

Marco: We seem to have something in common. You seem to keep just a couple of close friends, yes? [he watches as Jacen nods] I tend to do the same. Far less troublesome than trying to keep up with dozens of acquaintances who have little care for you.  

Jacen: [nods again] I doubt the other two will have much in common.

Marco: [shakes his head] No, no. I don’t see how mister goth and the tough girl - which… I do actually mean seriously - will have much in common. Which will be a problem. If you can’t connect on any level, how are you supposed to work as a team?

Jacen: [bitterly] Certainly makes it hard if they lie to you…

Marco watches him, gripping Jacen’s shoulder firmly when his attention seems to slip, the younger man quickly focusing again in response, although he frowns.

Jacen: ...why call Remy such a thing if you’re teaming with...well, me?

Marco: [is quiet for a moment, studying Jacen as he considers this] I don’t quite see you in the same way. There are some similarities, of course.  To me, however, you seem more… complicated. Remy seems to just be a nerd who’s angry about something, and ended up caught in a group of angry kids and Jimmy Jacobs.

Jacen: [smirks] His entrance theme is even an anime song. He really did miss the point when I sarcastically called him scary last time.

Marco: [laughs] See? I don’t see you as just a misguided nerd. Rae on the other hand…

Jacen: Is not one to laugh at.

Marco: No, no. Tough, yes. But she’s going to have to step up her game if she wants to keep up with us. We’ve both beaten her. You’ve even won the Maverick’s Championship.

Jacen: [nods] Yes, but she’s also the first woman to win the Cruiserweight Championship.

Marco: I did hear that. Impressive, but she hasn’t quite lived up to that hype here yet.

Jacen: I suppose not…

Jacen shrugs and goes to say something else, but freezes when his phone begins ringing. After a moment, he pulls it out, tensing when he sees who is calling him.

Jacen: [mutters] Sorry…

He turns away, moving out of earshot as he answers the call, the scene ending.

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4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area Empty Re: 4-25-19 Monday Night Carnage promo area

Post by Nolee Angle on Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:25 pm

The camera opens up on two bouquets of flowers. The first is a bouquet of yellow irises, white roses, and orange roses. An attached card only shows us what appears to be a bedazzled E, shining gold in the light. The second is a bouquet of red, white, and blue roses with rosemary interspersed. Between them sits the NCWA World Class Championship. Small, feminine fingers run over the nameplate which reads Nolee Angle. As the camera pans out, we can see Nolee watching the title with reverent eyes. A smile crosses her red painted lips, her eyes not looking into the camera.

Nolee: Watching my dad win titles as a kid, I always used to imagine myself in his shoes. What would it be like to stand before the crowd and hoist the title up in victory? When I won the NXT Women's Championship, sure it was important. But this? The NCWA World Class Championship is THE championship and I am the company’s champion. I will be the champion this company deserves. I will.

Nolee smiles and sits softly on the edge of the hotel room chair. She lets her hand touch the rosemary in the bouquet with the red, white, and blue roses before grinning at the camera.

Nolee: Flowers have meaning. Take, for instance, the white rose. It’s a symbol of purity, innocence…sympathy. It’s fitting for this bouquet. Red means love, blue means obtaining something once thought unobtainable. And rosemary? Rosemary is for memory…

There is a mischievous smirk on her face as Nolee removes one of the sprigs of rosemary from its vase. She brings it to her nose to take in the scent before giving a small chuckle.

Nolee: Rosemary is good for your memory too, isn’t she Jimmy? When you have your Rose, you seem much more at east. I was still watching Impact closely when you tried to free her from The Decay. You had unfinished business with her. How did she repay you, Jimmy? By coming with you? No, no, no. She repaid you by feeding you to Abyss. Is that what someone in love does? Is that what someone who cares does?

There is another moment as Nolee glances towards the card that sits with the other bouquet. She brushes her hair behind her ear, shaking her head with a blush before looking back at the camera.

Nolee: Memory is all too important. After all, I seem to remember that you’ve only been Progress Champion once and only because you attacked an already injured man. You do your best with a partner at your side or with no rules at your disposal. But I don’t see Mark Haskins. I don’t see Paul Robinson. And this certainly isn’t a no disqualification match. You can’t bring your beloved ax to the ring because the temptation to use it will be too great for you to handle. You can’t even use it as intimidation because I’m not afraid of it. I’m not afraid of you.

Her hands gently touch the rosemary sprig in her hand before holding it up so that the camera can see it plainly.

Nolee: Rosemary is such a dainty, gentle thing. When put among other beautiful, vibrant flowers it shines just as bright. Unlike the rose, however, it has to rely on others for its defense. Rosemary hides behind Jimmy because she is so very fragile. One little bend and *she snaps the sprig of rosemary in her hand* she breaks. If she breaks, Jimmy goes back to being nothing but a broken little boy hiding in the shadows of his asylum. I’m not afraid to take her out to get to him. After all, it’s just self-defense.

There is a knock on the door before the camera shows Kurt Angle enter the room. He’s wearing a black jacket and jeans, a melancholy look on his face. It is then that we can see what Nolee is wearing: a gray three I’s shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Kurt: You about ready to go, kid? We gotta get to Metlife.

Nolee: *gives a small smile and nod* As ready as I’ll ever be. Sure this is what you want to do?

Kurt regards the other bouquet and scowls for a moment before he turns back to face Nolee, resting a hand on her shoulder.

Kurt: As sure as I am that you are gonna beat Havoc. C’mon there are people who are gonna wanna congratulate the new champ.

The camera fades to black as the duo pass the calendar hanging on the hotel room wall, showing the days date: April 7th, 2019.
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Post by Shea on Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:43 pm

Ted Jordan is shown sitting on the steel steps of a training ring, dressed in his new black and gold ring gear. He’s a bit red faced, panting a little as if he’s just finished training. He brushes a hand through his ginger hair, pushing it away from his face. He looks up as an older man approaches. The man has thinning hair combed to the side and is dressed in shorts and a tank top that has a Captain America shield on it. Ted moves over so the man can sit on the steps beside him after handing Ted a bottle of water.

Ted: Thanks Mister Carlisle.

The elder man smiles and shakes his head.

Carlisle: It’s just water. And you really can just call me Arthur.

Ted: [shrugs] It’s polite. And I mean the training, not just the water.

Carlisle: Ah. Well I’m only part-time. Harper’s not gone, just dropped back a bit to give himself time for his own.

Ted: [slowly nods, but he lets out a sigh afterwards] I get that, but still not the best timing, right before my debut match and all…

Carlisle: I’m sure you’ll be fine. You did real good today.

Ted: Have you seen my opponent? [he looks up at Carlisle with concern]

Carlisle: I have. Miss Earle seems to think you can handle him.

Ted: Yeah. I heard about that.

With a huff, Ted leans forwards, resting his elbows on his knees, head down.

Ted: ...does she hate me?

Carlisle frowns, reaching out to put a hand on Ted’s shoulder.

Carlisle: Quite the opposite Ted. She believes in you and asked Keith to help you see that.

They are quiet for a time as Ted takes in the words and thinks it over. Eventually, he nods and looks back up at Carlisle.

Ted: I can see that… I assume the guy’s alright. I have noticed some of his friends checking out our training. If they had ill intentions I’m sure we’d have seen it by now. Like the other teams… [he grimaces]

Carlisle: [nods and gets up] See?

Ted: Yeah. [he smiles and sits up straight] Yeah, you’re right. I’ll do my best to remind her why she believes in me. Even if it turns out I can’t beat Keith Lee, I’ll make sure I at least make a good impression before I’m out.

He gets to his feet too, drinking from his water bottle before continuing, looking determined now.

Ted: No, I’ll do better than that. I’ll win and show everyone else why Miss Earle believes in me!

He raises his free hand to shoulder level, clenching his fist in determination.

Carlisle: That’s the spirit.

He grins and gestures for Ted to join him back in the ring as the scene ends.

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Post by Shea on Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:35 pm

Egan is walking down a pathway in a park, seeming to be looking for someone. He still has a  tired look about him, but is at least dressed neatly, wearing a dark jacket open over a shirt and vest. He pauses as he reaches a fountain and closes his eyes as he listens to the splashing water. He jumps slightly and opens his eyes when he hears someone call out ‘hey!’. Egan then turns to look, calling out when he spots the person.

Egan: Seth!

At first, Egan looks happy to see the sandy-haired man, but his smile fades as Seth approaches, scowling. Seth glances at the fountain before hooking an arm around Egan’s shoulders, leading Egan away from the fountain, to a quieter spot by a tree. To passersby, the two appear to be having a friendly catch up.

Seth: [voice low, but clear]  What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Egan: I don’t-

Seth: Yeah you do mate. Pissing off the Havoc guy, messing with Casey and upsetting-

Egan: I didn’t mess with Casey.

Seth: [hisses] I mean by hitting him. Don’t you think we have enough going on without you doing that? I get he can be trouble, but that’s pushing things too far!

Egan: I- It did what I wanted. It got him to stop chasing after me.

Seth: I don’t care, you don’t do that. Just like you don’t go around making fun of bloody Jimmy Havoc!

Egan: ...was that not a good idea?

Seth lets out a frustrated sigh and steps back to look at Egan properly, crossing his arms as he does so.

Seth: Mate. You don’t go joking about guys who love death matches and have no sense of humour.

Egan: So...he’s probably mad at me?

Seth: [mutters] Bloody hell. [he nods] Yeah, more like IS mad and you’re bloody lucky he didn’t do anything other than warn you yet.

Egan: Oh. [he frowns] ...How is she by the way?

Seth: Well she’s not particularly happy with you.

Egan: She normally isn’t. [he shrugs] But how is she?

Seth: [sighs and brushes a hand through his short hair] Recovering. Staying with my mum for now, wasn’t up to travelling yet.

Egan: [bitterly] She never wanted to stay with ours even when we were nearby.

Seth: Yours.

Egan: [looks annoyed] Biologically, yes. I know she gets frustrated with me, but she’s still my sister. Unlike her, I don’t care if she’s adopted.

Seth: ...look, I’ll talk to her.

Egan nods and the two fall quiet for a bit. Eventually, Seth speaks up.

Seth: Who you up against this time?

Egan: Hm? Oh. Alex Shelley.

Seth: Nice. Two high-flyers.

Egan: [small smile] Yeah, it’ll be tiring. At least I’ll be able to keep up with him. Others struggle with Shelley’s speed.

Seth: True, true. But the Flash’ll be able to keep up with him! And beat him. [he grins]

Egan: Oh, we’ll see. Shelley’s plenty skilled. It’s more endurance than skill here. And who can hit their finisher first.

Seth nods and puts a hand on Egan’s shoulder, suggesting they go and grab some food as the scene ends.

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Post by Westmore on Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:58 am

The camera fades in on vibrant interior of local club, Art Bar. The camera focuses on a table in the back, moving closer to show Remy Brooks sitting and tuning his guitar. He pauses in his work and looks up as someone approaches the table. The camera shows us Rae James, wearing a black tank top with the Jurassic Park logo on it and blue jean shorts. She doesn't seem to be too trusting, eyes scanning the bar for the presence of the other Heathens members.

Rae: Just us?

Remy: *small frown* They're having a meeting of their own... It’s just us tonight.

Rae nods and sits, blood red painted nails drumming against the table as she glances around the room.

Rae: Nice place you picked out. Gotta say, I was surprised Mr. Anoai teamed us up together.

Remy: I suppose it is pretty surprising, maybe he's expecting us to gel well as highfliers.

Rae: -nods- I suppose so. I'm just not sure that I can trust you.

Remy: *chuckles* Trust... I suppose neither of us have any reason to trust each other, but we have too.

For a moment, Rae looks like she's going to make a quip, but instead she simply gestures to his guitar.

Rae: You play?

Remy raises a curious brow, but just nods and answers her.

Remy: Yeah I play, write music sometimes as well.

Rae: -nods- One of our opponents for the week does to. Jacen.

Remy: He has a whole band if the Rumor Mill is true.

Rae: -nods- It’s got a pretty good track record so far. Ya know...he's beaten both of us so we know Jacen has to be good. And Marco was quick.

Remy: Both have to be good to have been hired; it’s not a question of being good. Mr. Anoai thinks all of us in this match are good in the ring, they've just have been better the last two shows. Maybe we hope for complacently, but I doubt that's going to happen just yet... Maybe we hope they don't get along, but there's no guarantee that would affect their ring work... A lot of maybes have been racking my brain about this match honestly.

Rae: Something tells me Marco nor Jacen are the type to settle and be complacent. As for not getting along, you don't have to get along to be part of a team. -shakes her head- You can't live on maybes and what ifs. You have to look at the facts here.

Remy can't help a fond smile from crossing his face.

Remy: Pretty sure my sister has said something similar to me before, though it was about something different... Your right though, the facts are more important. But the facts don't bode well for us and I want to change that. Neither of us have the best records so far, as much as it pains me to say it... I want to change that.

Rae: -sullen look on her face- Last week was a mistake. I should have been keeping an eye out for that Hades Descent. It’s every bit as deadly as his mentors RKO. -sighs- But you're right. Neither one of us have the greatest records yet. What do you think we should do to fix it?

Remy: *is silent for a moment* Honestly it’s a hard question to answer; I think my downfall last time was letting Jacen get me angry at the beginning of the match. I need to keep a clear head; I got too focused on just trying to get back at him... You wrestled beautifully last time; honestly I liked how you managed to make him uncomfortable right before the finish. But I'm not sure you picked the right person to try it on, with Marco's power advantage it was pretty risky...

Rae: I know it was risky. My...er...mentor told me it's best to use the psych advantage against bigger enemies, it helps bring them down. -thoughtful- What if I focus on Jacen and you focus on Marco? It would be less of a size difference between the two of you and I'm less likely to get mad at Jacen.

Remy: *nods* I think that could work actually, it's a good strategy and could play to our different strengths. *smiles* I like it.

Rae: -nods- Watch out for the Hades Descent. I'm not kidding when I say it felt like the move came out of nowhere.

Remy: Just like his mentor... Will definitely keep an eye on that... Make sure you don't let Jacen get under your skin, alright?

Rae: -small nod- I don't think he can. So far he hasn't done much that worries me.

Remy: Looks like we have a game plan for the show, one that could work.

Rae gives a nod as she gestures to Remy's guitar again.

Rae: Know any Rosetta Thorpe.

Remy: *picks up his guitar* A piece or two I think, why?

Rae: A song before our victory.

The camera fades to black as Remy begins to play.

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Post by Westmore on Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:21 am

The camera fades in on the sight of NCWA Tag Team Champion Lucky Carson covering a sleeping Tommy Hart with a throw blanket. The self-proclaimed brat and other half of the tag team champion’s looks happy in his sleep, his title belt barely visible under the blanket. Lucky just gives a quiet chuckle as he walks into the kitchen and goes to the kitchen island, covered completely in different vegetables. He picks up some carrots and his cutting knife, starting to chop at the vegetables.

Lucky: Going to have to keep it quiet, the brat spent the day with his boyfriend and wore himself out. Meaning I'll hopefully be able to get through this promo before he wakes up, maybe even all these vegetables.

Lucky goes quiet for a moment, gathering his thoughts as he continues chopping.

Lucky: Well we did it, first ever NCWA Tag Team Champions... *small grin* Tommy has been so happy and smug about it, the brat even called the company we first teamed at to brag.

He chuckles quietly and shakes his head at the memory.

Lucky: Together we proved them all wrong, Peacock Rock, Jekyll & Hyde and everyone else who didn't think we could do it. We didn't end up a footnote and we showed just how memorable we are, so what's the next challenge they give us?

Lucky pauses, putting the carrots aside to start on some celery.

Lucky: Now they want to see how we do on our own, the next logical step I suppose. A chance to show off some individual talent of your tag teams, let people see how one piece of the machine moves and they decided put Dalton and I into the ring together again.

He stops chopping, glancing towards the living room and his still asleep friend.

Lucky: I could say I'm not intimidated at all, but this is Dalton Castle. The man has had a great career so far in wrestling, a former world champion... *grins* But then again I seem to recall he didn't have much luck doing anything to me the first time we fought, so I don't really feel that intimidated.

Lucky puts down the knife and raises his fist.

Lucky: All it'll take to end the match is one Knock Out Punch and it can come out of nowhere. A great chance to show the fans just how I end matches on my own, the fans should have a fun time. Not so much for Dalton though...

He pauses again, muttering to himself.

Lucky: Tommy would know what to say next... He'd make some witty insult or something...

Lucky thinks before looking right at the camera as an idea comes to him.

Lucky: Dalton, I have to admit I liked your use of the phoenix. The Greek version was fitting for your analogy, but I prefer the Asian version myself. See while the Greek and Egyptian version burns to rebirth itself, the Asian phoenix is a bird made of fire itself. It doesn't need rebirth because it never turns to ash; the fire is part of it and only makes it stronger. I'd have to say it's very fitting you choose the phoenix because you'll have to rise out of the ashes again after I beat you.

Lucky grins, looking at his still raised fist.

Lucky: How about after you wake up from my punch we go for those no hard feelings beers I offered last time?

Tommy: See you didn't need me to help with your promo after all.

Lucky looks to where his partner stands. Tommy walks towards him, a sleepy grin on his face and tag title held tightly.

Lucky: *shakes his head* How long have you been up brat?

Tommy: *chuckles* Long enough to know you think I'm witty.

Lucky: *rolls his eyes* Of course you heard that... Go back to sleep so I chop my vegetables in peace.

Tommy just sticks his tongue out as the camera starts to fade out, leaving the tag champs alone.

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Post by Westmore on Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:29 pm

The camera fades in on the doorway of a small side room, the door is ajar and the voice of Alex Shelley is heard as the cameraman carefully pushes the door open. Alex is on his cellphone and is looking strangely shy, not a look usually seen on the cocky wrestler.

Alex: Thanks again for the update Artemis, I'm still pretty worried about him... *pauses* Yeah I'll call back tonight... Thanks again for letting me talk; it means a lot to me. *small smile* I'll talk to you again tonight, goodbye Artemis.

Alex sighs softly as he hangs up; he worriedly mutters his young rookies name as he leans against the wall. He notices the camera after a moment and slips back into his cocky persona.

Alex: Well I was wondering when you guys would get here, I've been waiting for a while. But you’re not here to talk about the wait time, your here to talk about me vs. Egan aren't you? Surprisingly our paths have never crossed in the past; I've wrestled for TNA, ROH and NJPW. *bored look* Egan mostly wrestled in WWE and a few other places, we both took very different paths in the wrestling world.

Alex stretches as he stands up straight.

Alex: It'll be interesting to see which one of us will win; we're both about equal in most categories. *smirks* I'm younger and I'd say I'm the fastest of the two of us, so the match favors me over Egan. I'm going to win and probably pretty easily. If I was a betting man I'd place on myself, it'll be easy money. One Sliced Bread #2 is all I need to hit and I’ll win or maybe I’ll dust off the Border City Stretch. Doesn’t really matter, I’ll decide when we’re finally in the ring. *chuckles* All I ask is that if Jimmy wants to beat Egan up that he waits until I win the match.

He pauses, his smirk starting to turn into a frown.

Alex: I've got a bone or two to pick with Egan... First about the disregard he showed my rookie last time, Dante deserved better than that and it really annoyed me... *sighs* The second thing... I've had mixed emotions about, I've been carefully watching the Casey situation... I'll admit first I was mad when I saw the bruise on Casey... I don't know him too well, but he's been nice enough to me. Then I watched Spud's promo and I just felt bad for everyone, you can't help who you do and don't have feelings for. I thought that was the end of the situation...

Alex takes a deep breath, his eyes dark.

Alex: Then I watched Egan's promo... "It did what I wanted?" You’re seriously saying that? That is a fucked up thing to say, is that how you deal with all your damn problems?! That is bullshit and what makes it worse is you hurt someone who doesn't know how to fight! Fuck you remind me of…

He suddenly puts his hand over the camera and it cuts to a little while later. Alex is sitting on the ground as he leans against the wall; he's on his phone again.

Alex: I'm sorry again for calling, but it really means a lot that you listened... *soft smile* Thanks Artemis...

Alex hangs up and takes a deep breath; he looks up at the camera. He realizes they turned it back on a little early and he looks embarrassed for a moment before looking confident again.

Alex: No matter what I think or feel about my opponent I know I'm going win, Egan better be ready to lose.

Alex smirks and stands up, walking out of frame as the camera starts to fade out.

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Post by Shea on Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:55 pm

A living room of a modern-looking apartment is shown, clean except for a pile of photos spilled across the coffee table, illuminated by the orange sunset shining through the window. Most of the photos are of Rin, happy with her friends, especially one with shorter, dark brown hair. There are a couple that appear to be with her family; a small, thin woman who appears to be her mother, and a her larger, stern-looking father. As the camera moves back from the table, Rin slowly walks into the shot, holding another photo. She holds it up to show herself and a man, whose face is covered by her thumb. She looks angry as she tosses the photo down onto the pile.

Rin: So Joey Ryan thinks I’m a prude does he? Thinks it’s hilarious I’m guarded? [she scoffs and shakes her head] Oh please. My father is the overly-traditional idiot, not me. You know what comes of going along with someone you did not take the time to learn about? Pain. He set me up for an arranged marriage and right before...Well let me tell you, it is not fun to find out they are truly horrid and you have to-

There is a knock at her apartment door and Rin stops to go answer it. She opens the door to find the shorter haired woman there, Rin smiling and hugging the woman after letting her in.

Rin: Hello Vi. How are you doing?

The two go over to the coffee table. Vitani sits on the sofa, while Rin kneels on the floor, feet tucked underneath her.

Vi: [glancing down at the mess on the table] How am I? What about you girl? You aren’t the type to pull those photos out for fun. [she points at the pictures of the man and of Rin’s family]

Rin: [huffs] I am fine. Just making a point. Someone insulting my choice in how I date.

Vi: Ah. I wouldn’t listen to them. Sounds like a moron.

Rin: I am sure he is.

Vi: Who is he?

Rin: Joey Ryan. [she scowls]

Vi: That jerk with the lollipop? [she pulls a face]

Rin: [puts a hand to her mouth, trying not to laugh] Excuse me? Isn’t that word a bit harsh coming from you?

Vi: [shrugs] I’ve heard about him and he deserves it.

Rin: Oh, I’m not disagreeing… [she smiles] How is Vera doing?

Vi: [grins] Busy. Very busy. Still looks great though, considering the lack of sleep.

Rin: And her man? [she raises an eyebrow]

Vi: [quiet for a moment, thinking on it] ...adjusting. Still very hesitant. You should come visit next time.

Rin: [nods] If I’m nearby.

The scene cuts to a little later on. The table has been cleaned to make way for tea and the curtain is now closed and a light switched on.

Vi: So Joey Ryan…

Rin: [lets out a deep sigh] He had a point earlier. I had a real good run before coming here. And then I lost my first and so far only match, to a rookie. I don’t give a damn what he said about the myth, because being named after one part does not mean I’m exactly like the whole story of it. [she shrugs]

Vi: [soft smile] Nothing to be ashamed about. Think of it this way- By beating someone with a record like yours, the rookie would have gotten a good boost to being recognised, instead of a scripted burial like some other shows do…

Rin: [frowns, but nods] True. And it does not mean that I will be losing every match from then on. I will even prove that by wiping that smug look off Ryan’s face.

Vi: [slides off the sofa to hug her friend] That’s the Rin I know! You go kick his butt.

Rin: [laughs] Oh, I will. I will kick his ass and show him I do not give a damn about his attempt to throw me off. I will show him not to make fun of my caution…

The two continue happily talking as the scene fades out.

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Post by Jimmy Havoc on Sun Apr 28, 2019 5:48 pm

[ The camera pans down the familiar halls of the asylum. Rather than stopping in Jimmy's room, we continue down the halls to a private therapy room. Rosemary sits on the psychiatrist's desk, while Jimmy lays on a cot in the corner. Jimmy holds his phone in his hand, a phone he's only allowed to have for NCWA business while on hospital grounds, and he isn't supposed to have it in the therapy rooms.  ]

Jimmy: While we wait on this fucking cunt, why don't we see what little miss priss had to say, love?

[ He watches his opponent's promo on the NCWA website, fuming more with every second. After a moment, however, he sits up silently, takes a breath, and looks up to regard Rosemary ]

Jimmy: Rose, swet'eart, I think I can 'andle this one on my own. If that's alright with you?

[ Rosemary nods ]

Jimmy: Nolee. Angle. [ he leans forward on the cot, his elbows resting on his knees ] You try to make it look like you know a lot 'bout me, an' my Rosemarie. It's cute really, that you think you can psychoanalyze us. Look around, princess, I'm payin' people to do that. I don't need your bullshit dime store shrink routine. Maybe Rosemarie and I have an unconventional relationship, maybe our past isn't perfect, but I'm not out here looking for my Buttercup, and Rosemarie would eat Westley alive. This isn't a fuckin' fairytale, this is the real fuckin' world. [ he smirks ] Up until now, you didn't really 'ave that much pressure on your shoulders, did you, princess? Sure, you're an Angle, but everybody was always going to be paying more attention to dear old daddy than they were you. That was your safety net. You didn't 'ave to be perfect, just so long as dear daddy was. Well, now, dear old daddy 'as hung up 'is boots, 'asn't he? Now the focus is purely on you. You're the last of your name now, at least for now, and every little mistake you make is goin' to reflect on him, and his good name. I don't think you can handle that kind of pressure.

[ He stands up from the cot, moving closer to the camera ]

Jimmy: That's where you and I are different. You're petrified to make a mistake, to make dear old daddy look bad. Me? I don't care if the whole fuckin' world hates me. I was the most hated wrestler in the UK for years, and I thrived on it. I don't care if I lose because Rosemarie decides she wants to beat your brains in. I don't care if I 'ave to cheat to win. This isn't a bedtime story; the bad guys don't get punished in the end, not in the real world. I don't care what I 'ave to do, princess. I will goad you into putting that title on the line against me if you can 'andle the pressure of 'aving it, that is, and eventually, it will be mine. For now, I don't give a fuck what 'appens, as long as people know who the fuck Jimmy Havoc is.

[ There is a knock on the office door, and Jimmy quickly shoves the camera down before it fades to black. ]
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Post by Do Not Resuscitate on Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:40 pm

[ The camera opens up on yet another luxurious hotel room, Spike Trivet is sorting laundry, and putting it into the corresponding suitcase. In the corner of one of the suitcases, an LGBT flag blanket just barely peaks out. Off camera, the sound of water can be heard running in the shower, along with Chuck Mambo badly singing along as his phone plays The Beatles' Come Together. ]

Drew: What's tha'?

Spike: *tucks the blanket the rest of the way in* He dropped it off when he was here. [ scoffs ] you're lucky I lo- I mean, I put up with you lot. This is the most laundry I've done in my entire life. [ he points to the table by the door ] He left you a note, Drew.

[ Drew walks over to the table and picks up the neatly folded piece of stationery, chuckling at the frying pan sticker that held the note closed. With a surprisingly careful hand for someone with as brutal a history as Drew Parker, he separates the top fold from the sticker without tearing either. ]

Drew: It's our gameplan moving forward with those Limitless Cunts, but we'll meet with him to talk about that later. Right now we've got these little...

Spike: Vermin. They're vermin.

Drew: Right, these little vermin in Heathens to deal with. Apparently, we pissed ol' Jimbo off, but to be honest with ya, lads? I don't fuckin' care. Honestly, I feel bad for Jacobs. He was a fuckin' legend once upon a time; there was a time when even though he's an...old timer [ he shudders ] I woulda been honored to have 'im join our ranks. Now though? Now he's just a glorified babysitter clinging desperately to a group of younger talent trying to relive his glory days. What are ya gonna do when we exterminate your little heathens, Jimmy? What then? Are ya gonna come try to leech off our talent next? I'll admit, your little ragtag group of misfits is pretty good, but us, we're just a little bit better. Look at the absolute carnage we've created, and we 'aven't even brought out our fourth yet. [ Drew sits down on the end of the bed ] I don't wanna do this Jimmy, I really don't. You were my hero once upon a time, but I have very clear orders. Take your little heathens out, put you out of your misery, and do...not...resuscitate.

[ Drew smirks as the camera fades to black. ]

Do Not Resuscitate

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