9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

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9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty 9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

Post by Kai Anoai on Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:25 pm

Promos are due here no later than midnight on 9/24.
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9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty Re: 9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:51 pm

Voice: Ometeotl created itself.

The camera comes up on a very stylized animation, like something seen on the walls of an old Aztec pyramid. The figure in question, Ometeotl, is created out of abstract shapes and colors.

Voice: Ometeotl was both male and female, good and evil, light and darkness, judgment and forgiveness. Ometeotl gave birth to four children. The cardinal directions. Over the west presided the white feathered serpent Quetzacoatl, the god of light and mercy.

The figure shown is a long, emerald snake with beautiful feathers protruding from his head and back.

Voice: Over the south presided the blue feathered hummingbird Huitzilopochtil, the god of war.

The next figure shown in the animation has beautiful wings and a matching feathered headband, holding a dagger carved out of bone.

Voice: Over the east presided the red painted Xipe Totec, the god of gold and farming.

The next figure shown in the animation is a man wearing the flayed open skin of another man.

Voice: Over the north presided the black-hearted Tezcatlipoca, the god of the dark and sorcery.

The final figure seen is a tall, imposing figure wearing a leopard skin around his muscular shoulders. Together the four beings look imposing, their styles clashing but all the while seemingly going together.

Voice: The gods came to create. They created the gods, the world. But...before they could create...well...they had to destroy.

The animation on camera turns darker, the four gods standing on what appears to be a teetering slab of rock above a lake below. Through the lake swims a shape, ever fearful. A crocodile pops from the water to snap it's fearsome jaws as the animation slowly fades to real life. We see an alligator, sitting against the wooden floorboards of a home, a small girlish hand running down its back. As the camera pans back, we can see it's Abigail Wyatt.

Abigail: Ya know all about destruction, dont'cha Morrison?

She giggles as the alligator lays its head on her lap, looking towards where Bray sits gazing into the fireplace.

Abigail: He knows destruction. He has seen and caused more destruction than ya, mainly t' keep those he loves safe. T' keep me safe he-

Bray: Enough.

Abigail falls silent, looking up at Bray, who kneels to be at her level.

Bray: John Morrison, ya are very familiar with the stories of Aztec mythology. After all, ya spent yer time masquerading as Johnny Mundo. Ya were the bane of Lucha Underground fer a little while, weren't ya? But ya did not begin that way. Ya were a hero, wronged by those who ya so wanted t' be adored by. Ya never found that adoration, didja Johnny boy?

Bray's large, gloved hand runs down the rough hide of the alligator.

Bray: Like the gods themselves, ya felt pride until someone came fer ya. Ah am comin' fer ya. Ya took somethin' important from me. Because of yer hubris, yer pride, ya chose t' purposefully anger Brother Harper. How did it feel, Morrison? How did it feel t' know ya cost yerself and yer...friend...the title?

Bray smirks, watching the camera for a moment, before scratching the large alligators chin.

Bray: Cipactli, the earth itself, destroyed everything the gods created, according to the Aztec's. The Earth devoured. Ah am one with this world, Morrison. Ah am a destroyer, ah devourer. If ya so dare step int' mah way, int' mah world, ah will destroy ya as well.

The camera fades out on the face of the alligator, it's every grinning maw reminiscent of the sickening smirk that usually crosses Bray's own lips.


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Post by Guest on Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:19 pm

The scene before us is in itself both beautiful and horrifying. The trees and skyline are straight out of an old country song, green and fresh meeting with blue and crisp. The horrifying comes from the wreckage on the road. It is an 18 wheeler truck, turned over onto its side, cops pulling someone from the wreckage. They put the man on a board with a bracer as we scan up the broken and battered body. We reach his eyes, closed, before they quickly pop open...on an entirely new scene. These eyes are open and we recognize them as the dark, almost broken eyes of Luke Harper. The camera pans out to show Luke is in an old barn, working on something.

Luke: He healed me an' ah failed him.

He continues to tinker with whatever is in his hands, for a moment. After he is satisfied with whatever it is, Luke looks up at the camera.

Luke: Bray Wyatt gave me the chance t' prove mahself. Ah was no one, nothin', an' then he showed me the wisdom of her words. Sister Abigail spoke t' me, guided me. They gave me a purpose. All ah have t' do is help them. Last week, Bray counted on me t' help ascend our names t' great heights. Mah rage got in the way.

He slams the hammer he was holding onto his work table, a snarl spread across his lips.

Luke: Didja think it was funny, Miz? Didja think that the way Morrison taunted me was funny? Ah know men like ya, Mizanin. Ah know men like ya are so caught up in themselves that they won't take any advice. Is that why he left the first time? Ya were so blind t' the needs of yerself that ya fergot his? Ah've heard that was a problem in the past.

There is more sound, like a grating sound that metal makes against metal. The sound grows louder and louder before, just like that, it ends. Luke looks up, a sick smirk spread across his lips.

Luke: Ya will be destroyed. If ya step int' mah way, if ya show up t' our bout, no one will ever be able t' save ya. Ah will leave ya t' lay in a mess of yer own blood, bone, an' sinew. A man like ya must be made an example of. Yer reckonin' is comin' fer ya, Mizanin. An' ya will never be ready.

Luke turns, heading for the door of the barn, as the camera pans down to show what he was working on. It's a mangled truck steering wheel that the camera fades to black on.


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Post by Shea on Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:00 pm

The scene opens on a familiar sight to WWE fans: a dark coloured wooden throne, in a dark room that is otherwise empty. The scene flickers and when it comes back into focus, it appears there is a sharp toothed monster sitting in the throne. The monster lowers its head to look back at the camera properly, red and black locks falling around his shoulders. It's Finn Balor in his paint and headdress.

Finn: *his voice slow, almost as if in a trance* It seems, in a strange turn of events, that those who sought to even the score with each other have pushed me into a match against a friend of Finn's. Zack Sabre Jr. For the very title those fools were enraged at each other over. While Balor has no quarrel with Sabre - Sabre must understand that this will not give him a simple match. No. The Demon King will give it all he's got. And Sabre, I advise you do the same. It'd be a shame to have you withhold your own skills for the sake of friendship. *he frowns, the painted monster mouth distorting into a more sinister expression* That could turn out... rather badly for you.

With a dark grin, the scene fades out.

It appears as if the promo has ended, but after a few seconds, static interferes with the black screen. Amidst the static, children's whispering can be heard, gradually growing louder. The scene goes black again and the whispers can then be heard clearly. Warnings.

He is back.
Do not anger the Demon King.
He is back.

The whispering begins to overlap, the voices becoming increasingly fearful.
Briefly, silent footage of Finn and Wade. Confusion and outrage as Jimmy Havoc slaps Finn and forces the match to end. Static. Blackness.

He is back.

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Post by Jekyll & Hyde on Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:03 pm

The camera opens up on what appears to be a barren field in the middle of nowhere. While we cannot see anyone, a heavily British accented woman's voice can be heard over a faint pounding rock beat.

Voice: The ring shall be made on turf. That's rule one.

The camera shows a small group forming. One one side of the ring stands a familiar face to the fans of Progress Wrestling: James Davis. He's sans the rope that marks his newest turn as "The Strangler" and is instead in just a black tank top and blue jeans. Next to him stands his former tag team partner, Rob Lynch. The camera then switches angles to reveal Wade Barrett. Wade is shirtless and in blue jeans, leaning back as a man with sunglasses and a fur coat on whispers into his ear.

Voice: Each man shall be attended to the ring by a second. That's rule two.

Wade hands over a red handkerchief, James handing over a black. They are tied together and held by the man acting as referee.

Voice: Each man shall be provided with a handkerchief of a color suitable to his own fancy, and that handkerchief shall be entwined at the upper end and held. These are the colors and the winner of the battle at the conclusion shall be entitled to their possession, as the trophy of victory. That's rule three.

It is quiet for a moment, no voice and no music, before the faint sound of a heartbeat is heard before the ref signals for the fight to begin. In that moment, the two fighters begin and the music picks up. Fist after fist is thrown, until Wade manages a hard fist to the jaw and a hard knee to the gut. Once James is down, Wade lands kick after kick until the ref pulls Wade off of James. He laughs as he is handed both handkerchiefs and a wad of cash. He turns to walk off, followed by the man in the fur coat.

Man: You made bloody light work of James. I heard you were tough, I didn't imagine that tough.

Wade: Martin, I told you I was. I very distinctly remember telling you, Mr. Scurll,  that I wanted you to bring me his strongest friend. I expected Mark Haskins. That was NOT Mark Haskins.

Marty: Well yes but Haskins wouldn't come.

Wade: Next time, it's Haskins.

Marty: Of course.

There is a silence as the two walk before Wade begins to speak.

Wade: So. Have you decided if you'll be joining our ranks yet?

Marty: Not quite. I'm awaiting to see how one of your own ends up first. To see if a villain is needed in his narrative. *chuckles* But enough about me. Tell me about your upcoming triple threat.

Wade: Ah. Yes. Against Jimmy Havoc and Dante...er...Wetmore? Westmore? Dunno. I've never heard of the bloke before last week.

Marty: He's a rookie.

Wade: *smirks* Obviously. I feel sorry for the poor kid. He's had, what, one match and that was a losing effort against the Heyman boy. Does the lad really believe he can stand toe to toe with me and Jimmy Havoc? He's fresh faced and doe eyed, a bright lad. I am going to end that. I am going to give that lad a chance. I say, if he steps into that ring and helps me dispatch of Havoc, I'll allow him to leave the ring unscathed. However, if he steps between myself and Havoc, I will do to him what I just bloody did to James Davis.

Marty: Brutal...*hesitates* And Jimmy?

Wade: *laughs* Oh Havoc is a special case. Havoc has infuriated me. You see, I was merely scoping out my opponents. A man like Havoc, a man like Sabre, they were both worth watching. It wasn't my fault Havoc got distracted or that his constitution is so week that he taps out. It was, however, his fault that I lost. Had Jimmy not hit Finn Balor, I would have made light work of the so called demon king. He caused that one in my loss column. I have a plan for him.

Marty: Oh?

Wade: Not only am I going to be the second mark in his loss column, but I am going to be the reason he never steps into the ring ever again. *laughs* I am going to make those gimmicky, fake bouts he calls death matches look minuscule in comparison.

Marty: Gimmicky? Fake? Barrett are you implying--

Wade: I am simply saying I think it odd that the death matches he's been in were against not so unfriendly enemies. For instance, his opponent at Progress 55 was Mark Haskins. A bloody friend of his. Maybe he wasn't as challenged throughout his career, maybe he doesn't deserve a place as one of the best wrestlers in Europe. *laughs and claps a hand to Marty's shoulder* Now come along, I have a new co-worker I very much wish to meet.

The camera fades out as the two head to Wade's car, a shot of bloody, bruised, and broken James Davis being helped up by Rob Lynch being all that we see.
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9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty Re: 9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:09 pm

The camera opens up on the footage of last week, Ari Heyman clutching the Young Lions Championship as he stands over Dante Westmore. The sound of the audience booing is almost deafening, but the camera switches over to a new scene. Ari is dressed in a three piece suit, looking cocky with his title over his shoulders, standing in what seems to be a locker room.

Ari: Dad I was thinking...

As the camera pans out, we see that Ari is talking to his father who stands next to the familiar face of Brock Lesnar. Paul and Brock are deep in conversation, Ari standing behind them as a seeming after thought. Paul holds up a hand at Ari, showing that he heard but doesn't necessarily care.

Paul: *turns his head* Yes Ari?

Ari: For my next fight. We sho-

Paul: I'm not sure if I'll be able to go with you. I've got to worry about Brock and Braun at No Mercy the night before. I know you understand.

Ari looks a little disappointed but he nods, tightening his grip on his title and exiting the room. He takes off his sunglasses, putting them in his front jacket pocket.

Ari: Typical fucking day at the Heyman household. *shakes his head and runs a hand over his face* That's not why you're here though, is it? You're here to talk about MY career. I won the NCWA Young Lions Championship, whether Kai Anoai and his little bodyguard like it or not. Dante got distracted, yes, but any real wrestler knows how to handle a bit of ringside presence. Maybe he'll decide he wants to try again soon. I mean, we're the only two people in the Young Lions Division.

Ari sits on a stack of boxes, leaning aback against the wall behind him. He chuckles as he checks the messages o his phone, before shoving the cellphone back into his pants pocket.

Ari: But Dante isn't my opponent this week, is he? No, no, no he got himself into some deep shit with Barrett and Havoc, dunno why. Maybe boss is putting him into too much shit so he can prove himself. This week I have Cody Rhodes. THE Cody Rhodes. If he's even going by Cody Rhodes this week. *laughs* Lets see first he was just Cody, but then he was "dashing" and quickly after he was "undashing". Then he had that weird mustache thing going on. Then he was Stardust. Does Cody even know who he is? I mean, gimmicks are one thing, but Cody changes his mind so much I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know what he wanted.

Ari gets to his feet, pacing. It is evident that he's not too confident in his promo skills alone and is using actions to distract from it.

Ari: Cody, Cody, Cody. Maybe you should just stay at home and play Ocarina of Time some more. You've been out of the ring so long, you probably don't remember what it's like to be against decent opponents. For gods sake, they had you feuding with people like Zack Ryder and Apollo Crews on shows that didn't even get watched. And you were losing! *sudden anger* How do you lose to Zack Ryder! You come from wrestling royalty! You are better than that! For Gods sake, you could have gone to any promotion you wanted to in the entire world! Depression or not, for the love of God why would you just drop off the face of the Earth!

Ari stops himself, knowing he was getting too worked up in his own emotions. He takes a deep breath, letting it go after a ten count.

Ari: The point is, instead of manning up you stepped aside. You hid. I've been here and in the indies stepping up, not aside. I am a champion, you are nothing. So if you think you've got the balls to step up to me, be my guest. This isn't one of your super hero stories where the supposed avenging hero gets his way. This isn't one of your silly video games where you get chance after chance after chance if you lose. 1. 2. 3. That's it, your done. You've got one shot to prove to me, and to the world, that you are worthy of the Rhodes name. But, ya know, no pressure.

The click of a door opening is heard as Brock exits the locker room, followed by Paul.

Paul: Get changed. You're going to train with Brock in the gym.

Ari: *looks apprehensive* Dad...I...

Paul: Now Ari. I won't tell you again.

The young man sighs and nods, the camera fading out on the last name Heyman.


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Post by Shea on Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:00 pm

The scene opens on John Morrison, who is in the middle of some Parkour training. He's dressed in a tank top and track pants, his hair tied back to keep it out of his face. Seeing the camera, he looks angry and quickly crosses over to face the person holding it.

Morrison: God you guys show up at terrible times, don't you? *he lets out a frustrated sigh* Fine. Let's get it over with seeing as you've already interrupted. So Bray Wyatt thinks he can scare me does he? *imitating Miz's voice* Really?

He gives an 'are you serious' look and shakes his head.

Morrison: Sorry Dirty Hobo. The only way you're scaring me is with your lack of hygiene. Nice try though. *he crosses his arms* You know what you HAVE done though? *he glares at the camera* You've pissed me off. Bad move.

He gestures to the Parkour training area behind him.

Morrison: Tell me Dirty Hobo; have you ever been in  a match against someone who knows how to use almost anything around them to their advantage? Did you forget I spent time in ECW before it was killed off? Or that I can hold my own, and beat the top Luchadors in the World? Did ya? You're a real idiot you now; you AND your 'brother' crying over a damn Sheep mask. We're on only week two here and you've already made yourselves enemies. *he adds sarcastically* Smart.

He reaches up to brush aside a stray piece of hair that's come loose from his ponytail.

Morrison: What exactly is wrong with you to make you feel like you need to scare everyone? It's not cool 'bro'; it just makes you an asshole. And you, Dirty Hobo, are gonna pay for it.

He reaches a hand up to push the camera away.

Morrison: Now get outta my face and let me finish.

The scene cuts out.

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9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty Re: 9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

Post by Westmore on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:59 am

Me Against the World is heard playing as the camera fades in on a training ring, a figure in a dark green t-shirt, black shorts and a pair of black sneakers is running back and forth against the ropes. A zoom closer shows it to be Dante Westmore, he's been at this for a while and it shows. He slows and stops; only taking time to push his hair out of his face before running towards one of the corners.

The scene quickly switches to Dante sitting in the locker room; he's holding an ice pack to his arm. His face is calm, but disappointment is visible in his green eyes. The door opens and his manager Christian enters quickly, giving his rookie a look over to make sure his isn't too hurt.

Christian: Dante... Kiddo, I'm so sorry... I should have been out there with you! At least then Ari wouldn't have been able to use Paul to distract you and maybe he wouldn't have been able to sneak attack you before the bell even rung! I failed...

Dante: *interrupts him* You had something important to deal with, you didn't fail me. I'm the one who failed; I should have played it smarter, realized he wasn't going to play clean. I was naive enough to think he'd wait until the match started and I let myself get distracted by his father, now I know it's better to mindful of where everybody is. *little smile* A lesson learned the hard way, but better to learn now. So I guess I have to say thanks to Ari for that.

The scene switches back as Dante quickly climbs to the top rope before turning to face forward, he jumps like he would if someone lay on the mat. He moves his body so he rolls instead of hitting the mat, getting to his feet he turns and rolls again.

The scene changes once again, Christian is fuming as he shows Dante a paper.

Christian: This is bullshit! First Ari gets to cheat and now they're doing this to you!

Dante: Calm down... Doing what? *looks at the paper*

Christian: Trying to get you hurt! A triple threat against the two more dangerous guys on the roster! Against Jimmy Havoc and Wade Barrett! What the hell are they thinking! Your second major match and...

Dante: *cuts him off* And they want me to prove myself. It's quite a way they want me to do so... Jimmy Havoc, King of the Death matches and Wade Barrett, the Bareknuckle Boxer... Quite the match I'm in for. *smiles*

Christian: And I'm going to make sure you’re ready for this one Kiddo, lets see what Ari thinks after you win this match. *gives a grin to Dante*

It cuts back to the ring again, this time there are two punching bags hanging there. One has the letter J taped on it while the other has a W taped; the letters are about at the height of both of his opponent’s heads. Dante is giving hard leg strikes, first the J one then the W one and then back. After another few strikes he stops, wiping the dripping sweat off his face with the back of his hand. He looks at the camera, his face filled with determination.

Dante: I've only got one thing to say to my opponents, don't you dare underestimate me. Yeah I'm a rookie, but there is a reason I was hired by Mr. Anoai and I'm going to show you both. This match is me proving myself to management; this match is going to show I deserve to be here. Win or lose... You're going to remember Dante Westmore.

He turns back to the punching bags, hitting two quick and powerful superkicks, the first right on the J and the second right on the W. The camera starts to fade as the final lines of Dante's theme plays.

"I'm gonna prove them wrong! They'll never bring us down! We'll never fall in line! I'll make it on my own! Me against the world!"


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9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty Re: 9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

Post by Shea on Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:14 am

The scene begins by showing a tiny, hotel room coffee table. The only light in the room is from a couple of candles on the table, and light shining in through an uncovered window. Outside, wind and rain can be heard. The scene remains empty for a bit, the candles quietly burning. A rumble of thunder is heard, followed by a flash of lightning that briefly brightens the room. A door slams shut and hurried footsteps are heard before Miz enters the scene, muttering angrily under his breath as he sits on the floor at the table. He checks the candles before looking at the window as thunder rumbles outside.

Miz: Stupid storm. *he sighs and looks up at the camera*  Thankfully, not a hurricane. *jokingly* Could be witches though, out here in Salem.

A loud crack of thunder and flashes of lightning make Miz jump slightly.

Miz: And yet, this damn hotel can't keep up with a regular storm. Damn power outs. *he rolls his eyes* Just my luck. *he adds quickly* And before any of you losers watching this think I'm scared of a storm, I'm not!

He crosses his arms, absentmindedly staring out the window.

Miz: I just... have a lot on my mind. Old friends asking out of the blue to reform a tag team, pregnant wife, Swamp people harassing me.

He lets out a sharp breath and gets to his feet, camera zooming out to fit him onscreen as he begins pacing in the dimly lit room.

Miz: This was definitely not how I expected any of this to go. At first I'd applied to NCWA alone, but then got a call. 'Oh hey, I'm headed there too...' Right before we start, news from my wife. *he smiles* Not saying this is bad, just unexpected. The 'tag match' and the Wyatts however...

He pauses, looking at the camera. Miz then mouths the word 'yikes' before pulling a face.

Miz: Creepy bunch they are. I'm used to going against imitators, cheerleaders, gangsters. Kofi Kingston, bloody John Cena - but these guys *he suddenly remembers* And their creepy Sister! *he brushes a hand through his combed-back hair, unintentionally messing it up* I can't say I'm particularly fond of them. But hey! They do their thing effectively.

Another rumble of thunder and Miz rolls his eyes at it.

Miz: *mutters* John says he's not scared of these guys, but it's a total lie, I know. He just won't admit it.

As if he only just realised he'd actually made the comment out loud, he looks worried for a moment before quickly working to hide it.

Miz: *claps his hands together before holding them in front of him, fingers interlocked* The match! I can't even remember which guy it is against. Uh... What'shisname? Harpist? The one who's not the leader! *he smirks* That's right. Follower Harpist. The one John made mad. So... slightly less creepy, which is good for me. Being able to give someone a Reality Check, or a Mizard of Oz'll do me good I think. It's been a busy, stressful, but also at times exciting beginning to this new show.

A ringing sound is heard and Miz quickly pulls his phone out of his jacket pocket, smiling at the caller id before answering.

Miz: Hey babe, how're you doing? *he turns his back to the camera and responds after a silence* I'm doing good, but the weather sucks. And HE is bitter...

As he continues his phone conversation, the scene fades out.

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9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty Re: 9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

Post by Westmore on Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:31 pm

It starts with a short clip of Zack Sabre Jr. talking to reporters in a Japanese locker room after a match.

Zack: *holding one of his belts* And now that I've defended my title I turn my focus to NCWA, where I look add a fourth title to my waist. Now if you excuse me I'll got a plane home to catch.

The clip ends and changes to the scene to a small pub, Zack is in casual street clothes. He carries three glasses of beer to a table where a tattooed man sits. Zack sits down as he sets down one of the drinks in front WWE's Aleister Black.

Zack: Marty is late, wonder what's keeping him?

Aleister: He mentioned wanting to spend time with Barrett. He's become very interested in the boxer.

Zack: You mean that bloke that's so full of himself? *chuckles* And is stupid enough to think a blood feud with Jimmy is worth it?

Aleister: Men do odd things. *kind smile as he sips his drink* The important part is Marty seems to no longer be infatuated with Bullet Club.

Marty: *sitting at the table* Once Bullet Club, always Bullet Club gents.

Zack: *smiles widely* About time you showed up, was beginning to think you wouldn't show.

Marty: I have a new friend. Wanted to spend some time with him.

Zack: Barrett right? How did you two get so close huh?

Marty: Met him at a pub. Man is fascinating.

Zack: Fascinating huh? Still haven't formally met him yet, even though we're both in the same locker room.

Marty: He helped you get to where you are now, mate.

Zack: *rolls his eyes* Jimmy got distracted and Barrett was the cause, but it was still my submission that made Jimmy tap. Jimmy knows better than to let take his eyes off me; I just took my opening like I always do. It's my win, not Barrett's. Fat lot of good it did Barrett though, pissed off Jimmy bad and Jimmy did what Jimmy always does. Started a bloody war.

Marty: *grins and holds up a finger* Ah but Jimmy didn't start a war with Wade. It was Fergal that got attacked. Jimmy only infuriated Fergal.

Aleister: Enough you two. Let's not have a row like a couple of twats.

Zack: *laughs* But he didn't cost Fergal the title shot, out of the two who do you think is pissed off more. Barrett who's in a triple threat this week? Or Fergal who got the other half of the title shot? I think it's your new friend who lost more. *takes a drink* But Aleister's right, don't want to have a row. Tonight I want to have drinks with some of my mates; after all I just defended one of my belts twenty hours ago. And in just a few days I'm going to add another belt around my waist.

Marty: *smirks and nods* Better you then Fergal. Win it for us.

Aleister: Win it for you.

Zack: *grins* I'm looking forward to this you know, first time in ages I get to face Fergal again. Feels Like I was still a kid in our last match... Only had just started to make a slight name for myself, nowhere near the level of Fergal and look at me now. Known worldwide just like Fergal and three beautiful world titles to my name. It's going to be a hell of a match, even harder than my match with Jimmy. *leans forward a little bit, serious* Fergal is a friend... But this is finally my chance to surpass him, my chance to prove to myself I'm not in his shadow. I'm not going to go easy on him or expect him to go easy on me. I'm going to beat the demon king and I'm going to make him tap out. *grins cockily again* I'm going to do it, going to beat Fergal clean and become the first ever NCWA champion. Just you wait and see.

Zack leans back in his chair before lifting up his glass for a toast; the camera fades out quickly as the three friends join glasses together.


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9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage Empty Re: 9-25-2017 Monday Night Carnage

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:41 pm

Woman's Voice: Once upon a time, long ago, a war never seen before was waged in Savai'i between warriors from the East and warriors from the West.

The camera comes upon on a beautiful island view, two lines of men in traditional Samoan garb standing across from one another. On the east side, in front, stands a handsome young man with thick tribal tattoos and long black hair. On the west side stands an older man dressed who looks unamused with this young upstart.

Woman's Voice: The East was led by High Chief Liloma'iava, who wanted to claim all of Savai'i. He overwhelmed and claimed all of the west's warriors from the village of Fualuga. Those he enslaved he forced to take a cruel punishment.

The screen shows the captured warriors climbing coconut trees feet first, their heads pointed to the ground. Among these men is the older man from before, who lets out a loud sigh.

Woman's Voice: So loud was the sigh of Tai'i, the leader of the west, that it even reached the depths of the Underworld, Pulotu. Lilioma'iava had unwittingly sent Saveasi'uleo, the god who ruled Pulotu, to his brother's aide. Knowing he could not leave, Saveasi'uleo sent the one person he trusted most to help his brother.

We cannot see the face of the long haired figure furnishing weapons from the bark of a tree. One is a paddle that the figure uses to move from the inky blackness of Pulotu to the living world. The figure is found by a loving couple, to whom the figure gifts two clubs, the long haired figure choosing a club of her own. As they progress enemies who do not stand aside are struck down by the club, those who surrender are spared. The figure drives Chief Liloma'iava and his men to the cliff of Fualuga. It is there that we see the figure from the front. It is a woman with facial features very similar to NCWA Superstar Nia Jax. The camera focuses on her eyes, a close up, and when we pan back out, the view is different than that of traditional Samoan Warriors. We see Nia Jax dressed in her ring gear, her Queen's Championship draped over her shoulder, and a smile on her lips. She feels confident, her body language proving that.

Nia: My opponent for the week, regardless of what her grandfatherly manager wishes, would probably love that story. Nafanua was a warrior goddess who deserved her place among the tales spun by the Samoan people. A warrior queen like me. Last show I cemented my place in NCWA history by becoming the first ever NCWA Queen's Champion. Vitani Summers was a valiant opponent, but in the end she fell to a Samoan Drop.

Nia smirks as she adjusts her grip on her title, before letting out a small chuckle.

Nia: Agatha Bancroft, a new comer to the sport. She's young, which would normally make me feel better. It's that last name that gives me trouble. Bancroft. It's almost as legendary as Anoai. She's dangerous because of who she's learning her craft from, not that she's learning it. To her, all of the world is full of magic and beauty and wonder. To her, stories like that of Nafanua are unchallenged facts, as much a part of the heritage of my people as the Anoai family itself. The world needs people like that. The world needs people who believe in the good and pure so that it can seem less dull. The true way of the world is much closer to the feelings of Elijah. Only the strong survive. Only those powerful and fierce enough to take what they want out of life can thrive. I proved to Vitani Summers last time we fought. I'm sure Ivelisse will find out in the future. For now, Agatha, it's your turn. Taʻi ma le faʻaaloalo. Faaali le alofa. *smirks* Strike with courtesy, show no mercy.

The camera fades out on Nia's confident smile.


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Post by Shea on Fri Sep 22, 2017 6:02 am

The scene fades in to show a dark haired woman dancing barefoot in a grassy yard, the borders decorated with rosey hedges. She looks perfectly happy as she dances, her sundress flowing around her. Over the scene, a song can be heard.

Have you ever seen the sky
So beautiful, colorful, wide and wonderful

Have you ever felt the sunshine
So brilliantly raining down over you and me

Have you ever wanted more?
Wanted more--  

You've got to keep your mind wide open
All the possibilities
You've got to live with your eyes open
Believe in what you see

Think of all the days you've wasted
Worrying, wondering, hopelessly hoping
Think of all the time ahead
Don't hesitate, contemplate
No, it's not too late
Have you ever wanted more?
Don't you know there's so much more?

The scene fades to a slightly different one, where she's now sitting, kneeling in the grass, her lap full of small flowers that she's making into a flower crown. Now that she's not dancing, the woman can be identified as Agatha Bancroft. Still focused on what she's doing, Agatha does not look up when she speaks; her voice clear and obviously English.

Agatha: I suppose you're here for the NCWA? *absentmindedly* My first real promo... without Granddaddy. He's been teaching me for months on how to do these 'properly', but I don't believe there is such thing as 'properly' when it comes to these promos. Not from what I've seen. That's part of what drew me to the business. I love seeing everyone express themselves in such unique ways! I mean, I appreciate him teaching me his way. It comes in handy, but - like - I don't want to always be doing it his way. I can't always be doing it his way. I need to be able to be myself to.

She lets out a dramatic sigh.

Agatha: See, we already have one Elijah Bancroft. We don't need someone just like him. We need something different. Not another blonde. Not another blonde-trashing tough girl. There's too many of those. I want to be ME. Agatha Maureen Bancroft. Sometimes, a nicely dressed rich girl; sometimes a fun-loving girl who loves stories of Faeries and magic! Surely there's nothing wrong with that?

Finishing her flower crown, Agatha puts it on her head and gets to her feet. With a grin, she twirls and then brushes a piece of hair away from her face before speaking again.

Agatha: So... my opponent. My first, official opponent out of training ...is a little scary. I wasn't expecting a big tough champion woman. Nia Jax. Wow! *nervous laugh* I watched her and Vitani's match from the first show - and the rest of the show of course. It. Was. Amazing. I am definitely going up against a real challenge here.

She takes a deep breath, an excited look in her eyes.

Agatha: While this'll surely be one of my toughest matches I'll have, it's not a problem. I mean, how many stories are there out there where the underdog manages to come out on top? *she smiles* Actually, there was a Manager I met while visiting the Indies with Granddaddy. He put it as 'an underdog can always find somewhere soft to bite'. As much as I detest his overly-flashy outfit, he was right. *she shrugs one shoulder* Sure, they like to reference the whole David versus Goliath thing in Wrestling, but that's not the only one out there! Jack versus the Giant, Hansel and Gretel versus the Witch... Oh, and a real one: Rey Mysterio! He was nearly always the underdog in matches, but quite often came out on top! *she grins* I want to be able to do that. And with 'Mister Bancroft's' help, and a bit of my own touch; I think- No; I know I can!

She lets out a lighthearted laugh and twirls again, moving off screen as the scene fades out.  

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Post by Shea on Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:10 pm

Vitani Summers is seen in the reflection of a mirror, concentrating as she curls her chin-length hair. She's wearing a grey, floral sweater and black floral skirt with pink stockings and brown boots. Rather than being backstage again, she appears to be in her home. Spotting the camera crew and interviewer Casey in the mirror, she turns and grins at them.

Vitani: Well hello there! Nice to see you showed up before the show this time. If you'd come any later actually, you'd have missed me.  

Casey: Where are you off to?

Vitani: Dancing actually.

Casey: With a boyfriend?

Vitani: *she chuckles* No, no. With a friend from Shimmer.

Casey: Oh really?

Vitani: Yes, we're still close. *she smiles*

Casey: What about the NCWA ladies?

Vitani: What, am I friends with them? I barely know them. I have not even spoke to any of them backstage yet.

Casey: No?

Vitani: No. *she turns to pick up some earrings off her dresser, putting them in as she turns back to face the camera* But I am happy to hear Mr Anoai was pleased with my match against Nia Jax. I may have lost, but it seems I won his approval, so I don't mind.

Casey: What about Ivelisse?

Vitani: I am set to face her this time. Another challenge surely.

Casey: Why do you think that?

Vitani: She comes from Lucha Underground I believe. They're all quite tough there. Some women even compete against the men. I suspect we'll be doing that here eventually...

Casey: You do?

Vitani: Mm. *she nods* There are so few of us that we'd have no choice but to go up against the same woman every other show otherwise. We'd get bored.

Casey: Yeah, I guess you would. Makes sense to do it that way then.

Vitani: Indeed. So, Ivelisse. She may not be the Queen's Champion, but that doesn't mean I'll be taking her any less seriously. If anything, I'll be taking her more seriously. See, whichever of us wins, or even just a great performance could get us 'number one contender' kind of attention. Ivelisse better watch out, because I'm going to make her first match her anything but easy. *she smirks* Now uh, if you don't mind, I need to finish getting ready. My friend Rin does not like waiting around.

She waves goodbye to the camera, the scene ending when she turns away.

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Post by Shea on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:43 am

A man is shown from the side, waiting for his cue to go through the curtain and out onto the stage. He has a green, sleeveless jacket, the hood longer than most; it is stylised to look like the hat of a particular video game character. He has white pants, with a bird design on the right leg that's facing the camera. The knee pads are stylised to look like the video game's currency. His boots and wrist guards are a dark red-brown. A dramatic, instrumental begins; the opening of his theme music. The crowd cheers and applauds as he makes his way out to the stage. As he poses on stage, the scene fades out, though the crowd can still be heard cheering a name.

Cody! Cody! Cody!  

The man, Cody Rhodes, is then shown without the jacket. He is in the ring, where a referee is raising Cody's hand as the victor of the match.

Cody! Cody!

A new scene shows Cody at a training arena, sitting on the outside edge of the ring. Again, he is minus the jacket, but now has a towel hung around his neck, having just finished a training session.

Cody: Ari Heyman. ...boy have I heard that name thrown around a lot over the years. I bet you thought it was funny, that promo of yours huh? Well I'm not laughing. I'm not going to lose it and start raging like Orton either. Perhaps I didn't phrase it properly when I re-introduced myself? Just because I haven't been competing in any show's matches for a while, doesn't mean I haven't been in the ring at all until now. And you think it's somehow wrong to take time off when you need it? You'd prefer people work themselves to death, or get themselves hurt because they aren't focused?

He scoffs and shakes his head at the idea.

Cody: I did not hide. I did what was best for myself, and for others actually. Which, if you really knew my father like you claim, you'd know he'd approve of me doing so. He doesn't appreciate the fools who step in the ring without regard for their, or anyone else's safety! God! You think YOU have the right to say who is or isn't worthy of my father's name? You, who can't even have a real conversation with your own? *he lowers his voice* That is sad.

He gets to his feet, tossing his towel onto the ropes.

Cody: You think it's funny that Dante lost the way he did, only to be thrown into a match against two guys who have a grudge against each other? You think it's okay to come into a man's company and disrespect his employees and methods of dealing with chaos? Again, you have no clue what my father valued. He valued that thing we call respect. Like I do. And standing up for those who get treated the way you treat Dante.

He tilts his head a little to one side, considering something.

Cody: Oh, and what was that other thing?: Do I know who I am? Of course! I always have, regardless of what lame gimmick I've had pushed onto me in the past. I. Am. Cody. Rhodes. Son of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. And the man YOU are going to have to prove yourself against. *after a brief pause* I have a question for you Ari: Do YOU know who you are? Are you a worthy Young Lion's Champion, or are you just another tool in the Heyman chest; invisible until needed...?

He lets the question hang, walking off camera.

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Post by Westmore on Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:33 am

The camera fades in on a dark and dingy locker room, only a single light shines in the center of the room. A single chair with its back to the camera sits empty, the sound of slow footsteps is heard before a woman's figure steps under the light. As she sits facing forward in the backwards chair it's seen that she has a bandana over her lower face and she's wearing wrestling gear. As she pulls down the bandana with a grin it's easy to tell it's the proud Luchadora Ivelisse.

Ivelisse: Vitani Summers... My very first opponent her in the NCWA is a former Shimmer Champion, something that I could respect... *laughs* If it was in my nature to respect my opponent, but I never have and never will respect blindly. See where I come from respect is earned and Miss Summers... You haven't earned my respect at all.

Ivelisse gives a mock look of horror.

Ivelisse: Oh no you’re all thinking, "How can she say something like that, Vitani went against Nia Jax!" *laughs* So what? She lost her first match here, she isn't the champion. So has she really earned my respect? *smirks* Let’s see if she can after this match, see I'm not going to go easy on her at all. *lifts her chin high* I am a Luchadora; I know how to use the entire ring to my advantage. I can also make her tap out of my black little heart wanted too... It all depends on how easy she makes it for me. Better hope she enjoyed her dancing, after facing me she isn't going to feel like dancing anytime soon.

Ivelisse leans forward over the chair back.

Ivelisse: Nia better watch out, I might have my eyes on taking away that pretty little belt of hers. She may beat all the other girls here, but she'll have her hands full with me. Or maybe I'll hop over and face me some young lion's, Ari's belt looks even nicer... Let's see if Ari can beat anyone on an even playing field... *chuckles* if he brings daddy I'll bring my Angel and let’s see if he can cheat. Nia... Ari... Better watch your back's, they might have targets on them.

Ivelisse laughs as she stands up; a moment goes by before she throws the chair hard out of the light. The sound of metal hitting against metal is heard. She walks out of the circle of light still laughing as the camera fades out


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