1-29-2018 Monday Night Revolution Show

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1-29-2018 Monday Night Revolution Show Empty 1-29-2018 Monday Night Revolution Show

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The camera comes up on a wide shot of the arena in Helena, Montana, before showing the roaring crowd inside. They seem excited about the show, though the crowds cheer quickly turns into boos as "I Hope You Suffer" by AFI begins. Jimmy Havoc enters the arena, the painted Rosemary at his side. They walk with purpose down the ramp, Jimmy getting into the ring while Rose stands on the outside. Finn's theme song begins and while the lights still come on in their red hue, Finn does not come out as the demon and he does not come out alone. By his side is Agatha Bancroft, dressed in her decorated wood tiara and deep green dress. Finn is in a crown of twisted wood with a deep green coat and black trunks. As he gets into the ring, he hands Agatha his coat.

Finn Balor w/Agatha Bancroft v Jimmy Havoc w/Rosemary
Jimmy poses to taunt Finn, mocking his look, to which Finn takes great offense. He kicks Jimmy in the chest, which drops Havoc, and then grabs his hair and pulls his head back, raking a hand against Jimmy's face hard. The ref yells at him, pulling Finn away. Finn moves back towards Jimmy, doing the exact same thing. The ref again pulls away and Jimmy rolls into his corner. Finn climbs up to the top rope, coming down at Finn with the Coup De Grace. He attempts to pin Jimmy, but Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy rolls out of the ring, Rosemary holding on to her beloved. After a moment, Finn rolls out of the ring to grab Jimmy. He sets Jimmy up again the barricade, running and landing a dropkick. He attempts to do the same a second time, but Jimmy is pulled to the side by Rosemary and Finn crashes into the barricade. Jimmy takes this time to get into the ring. It takes Finn a moment but he gets back into the ring, but Jimmy rushes him. Finn moves out of the way and Jimmy goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Finn rolls him up from behind, using a grip of the tights to get the pin.
Winner via pinfall: Finn Balor

Jimmy looks furious and rushes Finn but Balor rolls out of the ring, Agatha moving to the back with him. Jimmy paces before the static that signals the arrival of The Wyatt Family. When the camera comes onto a view of the ring, Bray stands with Luke Harper and Abigail Wyatt on either side of him. However, Jimmy and Rosemary are standing toe to toe with them.

Abigail: Another loss. Maybe ya ain't got proper motivation.

Jimmy: Maybe you need to shut your fucking mouth, yeah?

Abigail looks offended and Luke quickly goes towards him but is stopped by Bray's hand.

Bray: Ya don't gotta talk t' her like that. An' if ya do it again, ah will rescind the offer ah am about t' give.

Jimmy: You got our attention.

Bray removes the title from his shoulder, holding it tight.

Bray: Wouldja like t' face me fer it?

Jimmy smirks, fingers twitching at his side.

Jimmy: You sure you're up for that?

Bray: On one condition. Ya bring her. Do we got a deal?

Jimmy: Rosemarie? *he takes her hands in his own, and kisses her knuckles* The choice is yours, love.

Rosemary grins, giving a quick nod.

Rosemary: Bring that title home to the hive, James.

Jimmy: You heard the lady, Wyatt.

Bray laughs and puts the title back on his shoulder.

Bray: One can't help but wonder...would Persephone still love her Hades if he fails her again.

The static is heard yet again and the camera switches to a shot of the announce table. Colt Cabana looks like he's trying not to laugh, as does CM Punk, but Dia Banks looks so completely fed up.

Dia: Well I guess we have a new number one contender.

Colt: As long as it's not you, huh?

Punk: She doesn't wrestle anymore, but we have two ladies main eventing tonight in our first woman's main event.

Colt: And a match I'm looking forward to is seeing Ivelisse Velez whoop the snot out of Ari Heyman.

Dia: And the match I can't wait to see is up next. Let's return to the action, folks.

The camera switches to a view of the ring, Marcy Scurll already standing inside, his coat removed and his umbrella being twirled in his hands. Zack Sabre Jr's theme hits and he makes his way out to the ring, popping his collar as he comes down to the ring. He extends his hand to his friend, Marty hesitates but shakes his hand.

Marty Scurll v Zack Sabre Jr
The two friends circle each other before locking up, Zack moving to behind Marty and bringing him down to the mat with a rear waistlock. Marty counters, only to be countered, and having Zack wrap his arms around his neck and applying pressure. The two roll on the mat before Marty gets the upper hand, only to be tossed over and rolls until Marty gets to his feet and backs off. The two friends look at each other as Zack pushes himself to his feet. The two lock up yet again in a collar and elbow tie up, Zack pushing Marty against the ring ropes closest to the entrance. Marty pushes him back and locks his arm in a hold, Zack pushing himself to his feet and switching the arm lock by wrenching Marty's instead. Zack wrenches on Marty's arm, but Marty attempts to wrench Zack's behind his back. Zack drops to the mat to avoid that, the two men standing in separate corners to stare each other down. They circle yet again, Marty locking Zack in a full nelson. Zack cleverly breaks it by bringing his arms straight up as well as bringing a knee up. Zack tries to lock him in a hold, only to be locked in the full nelson again. This time Zack elbows Marty before raising his arms and dropping down to the mat. He tries to roll away, only to yet again get locked in the full nelson. This time when he breaks, Marty grabs a wrist in either hand. Zack flips in the hold but hits the mat and Marty stretches his arms, a foot on either shoulder. Zack tries to roll to get out of the hold, but Marty uses this to get access to his neck with a well-placed foot on either side of his head in a vice. He uses this to get his pin.
Winner via pinfall: Marty Scurll

Marty quickly lets go of the pin and rolls out of the ring, grabbing his umbrella. He twirls it in his hands before pointing it at Zack, laughing sinisterly. He heads back to the back, blowing a kiss to the announce team. Backstage, Seth and Egan are seen in street clothing, talking to Iokua. After a moment, the bodyguard nods and walks off, leaving the other two to continue talking. Seth is in jeans and an AC/DC t-shirt, while Egan's shirt features Tom Baker's Dr. Who in his coloured scarf and hat. Egan looks a bit brighter than he had in his last appearance.

Seth: So you're really gonna go for it then mate?

Egan shrugs before giving a small smile.

Egan: Seriously considering it. Other than the last show, I've been doing good!

Seth nods enthusiastically.

Seth: Yeah, you have, but... that's simply being in the ring.

Egan: *smirks* That's what you've seen, yes. But since that's been going well, I've been doing some other training. *he hesitates briefly* Er- The old High Flying tricks are still tough, but that doesn't mean I can't work around it, hey?

Seth: Nah, that's still bloody brilliant Flash! *excited* We could train together and be a full on Tag Team!

Egan: Maybe we could... *chuckles* You have Spud to thank for it by the way?

Seth: Who?

Egan: *beams* You'll have to meet him...

"Problem" by Natalia Kills starts up as Ivelisse Velez makes her way to the ring. She has Angelico on her arm, but neither seems to be in the mood for kisses, though Angelico has a gentle but comforting hold on her arm. As Ivelisse waits in the ring, "The Man" by The Killers begins as Ari Heyman exits to the ramp. He has his Young Lion's Championship on his shoulder and a smirk on his lips. He looks as confident as ever before he enters the ring, kissing the title before handing it over.

Ivelisse w/Angelico v Young Lions Champion Ari Heyman
Ari looks unimpressed but as the bell rings, Ive tries to land a kick to Ari’s legs. Ari laughs and backs up, shaking his head as the two circle. They lock up and Ive gets the upper hand, grabbing his wrist and kicking Ari in the leg to take him down to the mat, while still maintaining that hold on Ari’s wrist. Ive wrenches Ari’s arm behind his back, to which Ari tries to get out of, but Ive wraps an arm around his neck and takes Ari down to the mat. It is obvious in the Young Lion’s face that he is not happy about the easy way that Ivelisse seems to be getting the upper hand on him. There is also a moment of doubt in Ari’s face, and when she comes back at him, Ari jabs a finger into her eye. The ref is furious and Ari attacks the ref, intentionally getting himself disqualified.
Winner via DQ: Ari Heyman

As Ari heads up the ramp with his Young Lion’s Championship hanging on his shoulder, the theme music of General Manager Kai Anoa'i begins. Ari turns to end up face to face with a very angry Kai, who brings the microphone in his hand up to his lips.

Kai: You know, this isn't the first time you've cheated to either keep your title or win. I'm getting sick of it. Miss Velez, how would you feel if I made your title shot at our February show, our pay-per-view Heart of Glory, a no disqualification match?

Ivelisse smirks from the ring, nodding to Kai before yelling at Ari.

Ivelisse: No escape Brat.

Ari snarls and practically pushes past Kai as the camera cuts to commercial.

As "Confident" by Demi Lovato plays, Rae James walks out onto the entrance ramp. She smiles wide at the audience before running into the ring, taking a knee as soon as she's in. She pops the collar of her jacket before standing, removing the jacket and rolling her shoulders as she waits. "Me Against The World" by Simple Plan begins and Dante Westmore enters, followed by his mentor Christian. The young rookie has a big, excited smile on his face. He slowly makes his way to the ring, touching hands with as many fans as he can before jumping into the ring. Rae gives her friend a small handshake and half hug before she pulls back, cracking her knuckles and ready to fight.

Rae James v Dante Westmore
The two friends stand in their separate corners as the bell rings, shaking hands once more. Rae turns around, before quickly turning back and running at Dante to try and hit a spear. Dante was obviously expecting something along those lines and moves out of the way, letting Rae go right over the top rope. Dante looks at her with an amused grin, Rae having landed on her feet on the outside simply gives a shrug and a playful laugh. While she is laughing, Dante launches himself through the middle rope, hitting a tilt-a-whirl neck breaker on the outside. He quickly gets up, pulling Rae to her feet and tossing her into the ring. Dante gets back in the ring, Rae standing shakily on her feet, and attempts to rush her. Rae attempts a clothesline, but Dante ducks under and uses the ropes to jump and land a backward dropkick. Dante attempts a pin, but Rae kicks out at two. Dante kneels and lands a couple punches to Rae, trying to wear her down. This time when Dante backs up and attempts to land a move using the ropes, Rae stands and bring Dante down hard on her knee. Rae falls backward again, but this time its to rest, while Dante is down in the center of the mat. Rae scoots over towards Dante, attempting a pin of her own, but Dante kicks out at two. Rae gets up before Dante does, landing a hard punch to the back of Dante’s head as he attempts to get to his feet. Rae pulls Dante to his feet and punches him hard into one of the corners, Dante falling to where he is sitting on the mat grasping the second rope on either side of him. Rae gently picks him up to a standing position, using her shoulder to drive him into the turnbuckles. The ref gets a three count before Rae pulls back, only to jam her into the corner again with her shoulder. Again, the ref gets to a three count, and again when Rae separates, she drives him into the corner with her shoulder. This time she allows Dante to fall back down to the mat, backing up before trying for another pin attempt. Dante, somehow, manages to kick out again. Rae argues with the referee for a moment, seemingly surprised that it was only a two count. She pulls Dante into a sitting position in the center of the ring and drives one of her knees into his back. She does it a second time before backing up before then driving her boot down on Dante’s back. Rae pushes Dante into the corner, turning to hit a hard elbow to his face. Rae tries to toss her into the opposite turnbuckle, but Dante has other ideas. Rae bounces back against the ropes as Dante tosses her, landing straight against Dante’s superkick and pin.
Winner via pinfall: Dante Westmore

Dante sits next to Rae, looking at her with a small smile. Rae lets Dante help her up but then pulls away, an upset look on her face. She storms to the back, not paying any attention to Dante. It's black as a voice starts singing slowly, then clips start flashing on the screen. Clips of an alleyway, flashing lights and what looks like a rave.

Voice: All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse. All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse.

The screen then changes to show a slim figure wearing a black hoodie with the hood covering their face, the shot stays on it as the singing goes to the second verse.

Voice: We don't deal with outsiders very well, they say newcomers have a certain smell. Yeah, trust issues, not to mention, they say they can smell your intentions. You're lovin' on the freakshow sitting next to you, you'll have some weird people sitting next to you. You'll think "How did I get here, sitting next to you?" But after all, I've said, please don't forget.

The scene changes again, this time to pictures of Rae and Dante. A distorted voice starts talking as just the music plays.

Distorted voice: Little Dante, congratulations... Little Rae, you did well... My young Heathens, soon you'll be able to join us and take your place in our family. I'm going to help you reach into your inner heathen and turn you into strong wrestlers.

The camera then changes to stylized H as the voice sings the chorus one last time.

Voice: All my friends are heathens take it slow, wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves, you don't know the half of the abuse.

It quickly fades to black. When the camera comes back up, it's on Rae with a towel around her neck and a sour look on her face. She hears laughing and turns the corner to come face to face with Miz and Morrison watching the show on a screen in the back.

Rae: Think my loss was funny, huh?

Morrison: *smirks* You bet I do. Lots of tough talk, but... *he pulls a face* Yikes.

Rae looks like she wants to punch Morrison, but instead, she smirks.

Rae: Ya know...at least I'm not the one who cost my tag team partner a match because I somehow ended up tied up to a chair.

For a moment, Morrison hesitates, but then quickly hides it with anger.

Morrison: No, the WYATTS cost us the match with their cheap scare tactics. Playing haunted house. You had fair matches and STILL lost girlie.

Rae's eyes flash in anger as she's called girlie.

Rae: Yeah, I lost. But I put on a better match in one night than you have ever put on in your entire career.

Morrison: I earn what I have gotten! I don't demand things simply because I have different body parts, then make a fool of myself and lose both times!

Rae looks furious for a moment before shaking her head.

Rae: First off, when have I demanded things? Second off, it's better to lose and do a damn good job than to stay in a worthless tag team. At least I'm doing what I can on my own.

Morrison: *clenches his hands into fists* We are not worthless. We simply aren't here just to win. Ever thought perhaps some of us actually do this because we enjoy it?

Rae: Tell ya what. Prove you're better than me.

Morrison: *raises an eyebrow* What, you want to fight /me/ now?

Rae: Unless you're too much of a coward.

Morrison: *hisses* I am nothing of the sort!

Rae: Then fight me at the pay-per-view. Let's see who the better competitor is.

Morrison: Fine. Just try not to cry when you lose.

Rae: Only if you promise not to.

The camera fades to the ring as "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade begins, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin heading down to the ring. They look very confident, standing and waiting for their opponents to show up. They are caught off guard when the static sounds and the Wyatt's theme plays, but the Wyatt's do not come out. Instead, the static is heard yet again and this time, the Wyatt's are standing behind Alex and Chris. They catch the two men off guard, a brawl breaking out. There is mass chaos, Bray getting the upper hand against Alex Shelley but Chris Sabin getting the upper hand against Luke Harper. That is, until the entrance music of Kai Anoa'i starts up again for the second time that night.

Kai: *as he enters the arena* Since I have started this company, these damn tag titles have given me nothing but trouble! You know as well as I do that you boys gotta get punished, right? I'm canceling this match...until the pay-per-view. Again. And it's gonna be a title match.

The group pulls apart, growling at each other before the static is heard and again, the Wyatts have disappeared. Alex and Chris look very frustrated but exit the arena, the camera showing a shot of the announce table, before going back to the ring. Vitani Summers stands in the center of the ring as she waits for AJ Lee. "Light It Up" begins as AJ Lee skips down to the ring. She skips around it once before getting in, looking at Vitani as if she's very unimpressed. As she stands there, Nia Jax enters the arena, sitting at the announce table. She seems interested in the match as it begins.

AJ Lee v Vitani Summers
The two women circle the ring together, before they lock up. AJ easily pushes Vitani away, before mocking her. The two go to tie up again but Vitani gets behind AJ and takes her down to the mat with a waist lock. She picks AJ back up, but AJ breaks her hold by hip checking the other woman. AJ then locks Vitani in a headlock. Vitani tries to break the hold, by pushing her against the ropes but AJ keeps a hold on her arm and uses it to pull her in for a side headlock. She flips Vitani onto the mat, but Vitani takes a leg around her neck, smirking as she tries to pin her. AJ breaks out of the pin, kicking Vitani in the side as both stand up straight. AJ grabs Vitani’s arm and tosses her into the turnbuckles, running at her only to get hit with a hard elbow to the face. Vitani tosses AJ headfirst into the top turnbuckle, slamming it in a few times. When Vitani comes back at her, AJ hits her with a hard kick to her gut. AJ does the exact same to bounce the other woman’s head off of the turnbuckle. As soon as Vitani is down, AJ skips around her, mocking her opponent. Her attention is drawn to Nia at the top, sneering at her. AJ then straddles Vitani, punching her in the face, before going for the pin.
Winner via pinfall: AJ Lee

As AJ Lee gets back up, she turns to attack Vitani Summers in an effort to make Nia mad. Instead of Nia Jax running down to the ring to help Vitani Summers, Marty Scurll comes down to the ring instead. He stands between Vitani and AJ Lee, trying to intimidate AJ. The young woman shakes her head, rolling her eyes and skipping off through the crown. Marty turns to help Vitani up, Miss Summers looking grateful. However, when Marty doesn't let go of her arm, she looks very confused. Marty taps his cheek with two fingers, signaling that he was expecting a kiss for saving Vitani. However, when she doesn't agree, Marty looks furious. He tosses her to the mat, where she lands hard on her arm and instantly winces in pain, and holds his umbrella as if he's going to hit her with it, only to find that Cody Rhodes has run down to the ring and is standing between the two intimidatingly. The two men yell at each other, the camera fading to commercial as they do.

When the camera comes back up, Will Ospreay is standing in the ring. The opening piano bars of The Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" starts up as the arena goes entirely dark. The lights come up in a red hue, the outline of a man shown on top of the entrance ramp. As soon as the lights are fully up, the man turns around to reveal a grinning Wade Barrett. He walks down the ramp, haughtily ignoring the fans, and heading straight to the ring.

Will Ospreay v Wade Barrett
Wade circles the ring, his eyes on Will and furious, even though he can hear the fans cheering for his opponents. This seems to grate on him as he wraps Will in a headlock, applying as much pressure as he possibly can. Will doesn’t let this bother him and backs Wade up against the ring ropes, causing the hold to break and flinging Wade into the opposite ropes. When Barrett comes back at the other Brit, however, he knocks Will to the mat with an extremely hard shoulder. He raises his arms above his head in a triumphant manner, screaming even though the fans boo him. He signals for Will, who is on his knees by the ropes, to get up and dare to do something. Will gets to his feet, shaking his head at Wade’s hubris. The two men stand, circling one another before they lock up. Wade has the size advantage, getting Will in yet another headlock with Will pushing him against the ring ropes yet again, this time Will drops to the mat when Wade bounces back at him, Will attempts to flip Wade over but the taller Brit stands tall. He mockingly smirks before being taken down to the mat in a surprising hold and being pinned, Will having a small grip of the tights in the back.
Winner via pinfall: Will Ospreay

Wade looks furious and grabs Will in a hard hold, only to be kicked in the gut and tossed out of the ropes. The two glare at each other, signaling that this might not be the end of Will v Wade. The camera then switches to a shot of the announce table, Dia and Colt's fingers linked on top of the table for once.

Dia: I am so excited about our next pay-per-view folks. This February, we will be having our Heart of Glory show.

Colt: And we are so glad to be able to tell you where we are having it.

Punk: *grins at his friend* Folks, our pay-per-view is in none other than our stomping grounds of Chicago, Illinois!

Dia and Colt both grin wide, looking very excited about it.

Dia: That's right, and our major titles matches have been set. Ivelisse Velez will be facing Ari Heyman in a no disqualification match for the Young Lions Championship.

Colt: The Motor City Machine Guns will be facing our NCWA Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family.

Punk: And our NCWA World Class Champion will be facing off against Jimmy Havoc. It's bound to be a hell of a fight. Let's get back to our action.

The camera comes up on our final shot of the ring for the night, the fans cheering for their final match up of the night. "Force of Greatness" by CFO$ begins, the eyes of Nia Jax's titantron being the very first thing we see. These eyes transition to the actual eyes of strong woman Nia Jax. She smirks for a moment, watching the audience before heading straight down to the ring. She has her Queen's Title over her shoulder, smirking as she waits for Becky Lynch. Lindsey Stirling's 'Roundtable Rival' begins as Becky Lynch comes down from the rafters on a thick rope, as if dropping from an Airship. Onstage, she raises a hand to her forehead to look out at the crowd and two fireworks go off, like cannons. With a grin, she heads to the ring. She climbs the stairs and looks out again, hanging onto the post with one hand before climbing into the ring. She skips around for a bit before posing again and removing her goggles, and her long coat. The two women stare each other down before the bell rings.

Queens Champion Nia Jax v Becky Lynch
Nia immediately pushes Becky against the ropes and when the other woman bounces back at her, Nia lifts Becky over her shoulder in a tight hold. She brings Becky down hard on her shoulder, slamming her down on the mat hard. Nia then drops a hard elbow to Becky’s chest. She stands up and crosses to the other side, dropping the other elbow to the chest. She lets Becky crawl to his hands and knees, before grabbing the back of her neck and flinging her into the turnbuckle. Nia then brings her entire body weight against the other woman, before grabbing Becky in her arms and landing her infamous Samoan drop before landing a leg across the neck. In a display of dominance, Nia pins Becky using her foot as if she’s nothing.
Winner via pinfall: Nia Jax

After the match, Nia stands dominant in the ring, her eyes on the entrance ramp where AJ Lee stands dominantly as the show ends.
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